Hareem Shah Colgate Video Leaked Watch Here

Watch hot and sizzling Hareem Shah tooth paste video as hareem shah Colgate video leaked with a bang out there. Hareem Shah knows how to remain in the news and limelight always and now she is doing free marketing for that Colgate tooth paste.

Everyone is talking about Hareem shah leaked videos but nobody appreciating the efforts of the photographers. TikToker star Hareem shah viral video Leaked again in the shower and then also on the commode in the washroom. Hareem Shah seems to be in Dubai at this time. Hareem says that the videos are personal and they were stolen from her mobile phones but the sources say that she was feeling ignored and did this to remain in the limelight of the media. Im from the institute of leaked videos and would appreciate you sending me the video in dm so that we can watch it (and do research on it) obviously. This is just a joke and you can find this Hareem Shah Colgate toothpaste video in shower on Twitter.

We all do sins but not openly and on social platforms. She is dancing in a non-cultural wedding dress. And there is almost no difference between a bikini and this dress. To whom our celebrities are impressing? Do Hollywood and Indian actresses marry in our cultural dress? What has happened to the traditional bride dressing of our culture!?! Ain’t we following what has not to be followed!? Happiness is not thing for showing off. I had seen a couple they want hide face and their happiness on their wedding night but their face told whole story of their happiness. All the lehenga sharara gharara sari ghonghat sherwani kurta etc. has come from India. Only niqab is not the part of Indian culture. So are you expecting her to wear niqab on her wedding? Looks gorgeous. All the happiness to the bride and groom. Stay happy forever.

After her naked videos became viral, Hareem Shah says that immorality can only be cured by Islamic laws. This is actually quite sad, how many women have so little space to live life their own way. is this before or after her girlfriend leaked the videos? (which I heard is just hareem shah taking a bath, made by her friend who is no longer a friend apparently). Whatever one says … She has found holy remedy to unholy acts. Whether some Mulla going to enjoy while performing remedial acts … any holy book prescribes that way? Please enlighten your followers. She is the most powerful women of Pak. She has videos with every politician. She can do anything in Pakistan n your politicians don’t have the balls to mess with her. Bangladesh/Pakistan has one thing in common. Number of religious fanatics & corrupt two faced people are on the rise now. Overdose of religion & religious rituals increasing this trend. Compromising good quality education plus no moral education is the route cause of the problem.

Which is immoral here? Making naked videos or airing or viewing it? Islamic law what is that? In Islam women are seen how? Extra living item for the pleasure of men, then what is the moral here? Body & not soul. Then, all women have bodies & all men have eyes & lust. Not to break heads. Examples like you should be celebrated. Really appreciate the long journey. I would to see you helping others at some point in life where you hold hands of the underprivileged at take them to this journey because Hareem is our darling. Self confidence and determination of the right kind never fails to impact. Hijab is not Imprisonment but hides the beauty that deserves to be hidden so that only those who deserve to see this beauty can see it. Hareem Hijab is another level now. More power to you! Stay blessed.




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