Areeka Haq Leaked Video Viral Very Hot

Famous TikToker Areeka Haq’s close friend has confirmed that the hot and bubbly Areeka is on the move again and she has revealed some facts regarding the video leak issue. Last week, Areeka Haq blamed two of her friends for stealing her phone and leaking her private videos on social media. Don,t discussed these Pathetic vulgar people, leave them and promote positive & main issues of our nation.

The TikToker said that the videos were leaked by her friends who also threatened her multiple times before uploading her videos. Haq had said that both her friends were very close to her and they used to live together and had access to her mobile phone. Speaking to a private TV channel, Areeka Haq responded to the allegations and said that Haq should file a case against her. “Why isn’t she filing a case with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in this matter?” “Why would we do this with her? She should file a case against me, or Ayesha or her boyfriend but she should file a case,” stressed Haq. She said that if Areeka fails to prove the allegations, then she will file a damages case against her for levelling false accusations.

This is getting funnier and absurd day by day. “Areeka told me that her videos were filmed by her boyfriend but now she is saying that her husband had filmed them. She claimed that her phone was hacked but iCloud cannot be hacked,” said Sandal. Areeka has said that its the right of everyone to get fame no matter how it comes and then she continued to allege that the person who filmed Hareem’s video was her boyfriend. She says that her boyfriend is just there for the money and chuska. “A video getting leaked is a normal thing for Areeka,” she added.

The alleged friend also said that Areeka Haq leaked her own video for fame and is blaming others now. This story is very similar to Hareem Shah. Hareem Shah statement after another leaked video, accusing Sandal Khattak running prostitution in Saudi Arabia. This seems and sound absurd. Third class women. Bundles of cash have gone to their heads! Shameless gang. My inappropriate videos are leaked by my ex female friends, Areeks says and same is coming from Hareem Shah. The latest controversy surrounding TikTok star Hareem Shah emerged after some obscene videos of her, which she alleged were leaked by close friends Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naz, started circulating on social media.

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