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hareem shah shower toothpaste video

Watch full Hareem Shah New Video Dailymotion here for free and you can download it and then also see it on tiktok. Hareem Shah is very famous now due to this new video. Hareem Shah liquid video in shower and Colgate toothpaste is more than her leaked video foreign office stuff.

Being single and refraining from random hook ups/flings, opens your mind to true independent skill building, a new self control level, and low tolerance for relationship hardships. Sometimes I cringe at the thought of dating because the pros of singleness outweighs most cons. Really it’s about our peace. A lot of us found joy in our own company. We’ve learned from our solitude that if a partner isn’t adding and building on to what we’ve already built up for ourselves they are not needed or worth losing the work we’ve done to get to where we’re at. I had one funny experience. We were talking, and he gets called away by someone else. He promises to call me back, and he doesn’t for two days. The overthinking that took ahold of me.

I’d rather be alone than mortgage my peace, joy & happiness or allow myself to be taken for granted. This life is too short to gamble or settle for less. If true love is not being served, I walk away, quietly. That’s why it’s important to heal you past relationship traumas before getting into another relationship. It doesn’t matter how long the break was, if you don’t do the internal work- you’ll always be projecting your fears onto your new partner. As someone who is single for 2 years, I can say that I’ve been so independent since my last break up that when I’m with new dating situations if they do the smallest thing, I’m ready to throw in the towel cuz I’m still exhausted from the last one. Honestly. We’ve been in really bad relationships and once we see tell tale signs, we remove ourselves immediately. It’s a trauma response/defense mechanism; sometimes, we’re spot on, other times, we’re dead wrong.

This is my relationship playbook in a tweet. Because, if I’ve dedicated so much of my time and energy to loving myself in the best way possible, then it’s not worth it to me to be half assed cared for by anyone else. Would rather be single than disappointed and def not in a place of wanting to teach manners, respect, affection, listening to some grown up man who acts 17. My personal experience has been that those who have been single for a long time tend to appreciate another person more. They know the feeling of being on their own and they went easily go back to lonely Friday evenings, solo dates and solitary confinement. Being single makes you so indifferent to others it’s kind of liberating. Also means you don’t have to put up with caring about anyone less of an inconvenience. For someone with a decent schedule being single can actually act as a break.

Guy I’m talking to asking “how have you stayed single for so long, how have u not gotten snatched up yet”. Because I refuse to settle. A “small” mistake can actually be a deliberate decision to disregard you and your feelings, because that’s how they’re used to moving. It’s not because they’ve been single too long. It’s because they haven’t healed and they are overly guarded and defensive. It’s the fight or flight mentality, takes a lot of internal reflection and growth to move forward in a healthy fashion. It’s not about making “mistakes” – it’s about being someone they want vs someone they’ll settle for. Once a person feels confident & truly feels their value as a single person they’re less willing to “tolerate” or settle for someone who isn’t a good fit or treats them badly.

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