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Despite having the largest youth population in the World, no dating site has worked in Pakistan. I launched perhaps the first dating site in Pakistan: DhakDhak two decades ago. it got huge traction but we shut it down due to spam issues. Why hasn’t it worked in Pakistan? Thoughts? Tinder, Bumble and Hinge are quite popular here. Do you mean Pakistan apps haven’t worked? Meaning success, is what I think Rajesh wants to say. There’s recent data that in the US market, the no. 1 way people meet is on dating apps, followed by introduction thru mutual friends. In Pakistan, that still hasn’t happened. Apps work only on the top 3-5% population in metros. 3-5% in Pakistan = populations of entire countries. Enough for sustainability. It hasnt worked out for the rest cos most of Pakistan still lives in rural areas.

Well at that time internet connectivity was not very deep. Loads of dating sites today are working just fine, Users however in Pakistan are more addicted to free stuff and hence no premium model of subscription will work with Pakistan crowd. Advertisements revenue will work. Bumble has 4 million users, tinder might be in the same range, and then there’s others. Assuming some overlap of men, it should be that about 1 crore people are on dating apps. That’s ~1% of the population: living in cities, living progressive and young enough. Numbers match. Cause eventually, it all ends up with family matching not. The actual people matching. Understanding human behaviour is hard. Open to funding in this space by a contrarian VC firm. The prior investors I approached, were likely of mainstream category (eg: good looking). It would have been harder to sell to them.

Sex ratio is the main issue -mindset( looked down upon by girls ) – most people using tinder to get instgram followers. Most people haven’t thr first close of how dating works. People use these apps for validation. They don’t seem to want to make any effort, exceptions notwithstanding of course. For a society where marriage is still a prevalent goal of any sort of dating and only 3% of Pakistans would do a “love marriage”, existing apps already serve the user base which believes in dating. In Pakistan, true dating isn’t really part of the culture except in metros, that too limited to elites. Dating in small towns is limited among high school or college friends circle.. for that you don’t need apps. The steps of dating culture dont sync with expectations of such apps in Pakistan. There is not much difference in the flow of a dating app vs a matrimonial app. Dating culture as in general is hopping from one partner to another to have a good LTV, in Pakistan its not like that.

Isn’t it simple? Online Dating is not simply Pakistan culture. Love affairs / marriages are on the rise, no doubt. But it happens between persons who are familiar or somehow connected with each other through – place / people / relations. Hardly any one want remote relationship. Only in Pakistan, Dating Apps are used as FB! 90% of bio says, only here for friendship. Girls don’t want to come out & accept the dating culture. Appetite for taking risk to meet stranger is too low comparatively. Spamming and scanning is common issue globally on dating apps. Probably for the reason that you didn’t sign up Madhuri Dixit as a brand ambassador. With that app name, in that period, it might’ve clicked and helped draw some traction.

Because Dating even though may sound familiar but still is not that familiar a concept for the society, and apart from this I feel that many people aren’t honest about themselves that makes it a less reliable option while finding a partner.

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