Harim Khan Pakistan Video Leaked Watch in India

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Harim Khan Pakistan video is ultra viral in India too. Harim Khan who is also known as Harim Sha has leaked video on Twitter. Harim Shah says that her video was leaked by her best friend Sundal Khattak and the friend denies it vehemently.

As my placard from this year’s Aurat march has gone viral, I want to share the story of my mother. It’s not the story of an individual; it is the story of millions of women in Pakistan and around the globe. When my mom was 10 years old, she was fond of reading and writing. And wanted to go to school like her brothers. One day, she expressed her desire to her grandmother, who agreed and purchased a “Takhti” for her. My mom went to school for one or two days, and when she returned home, she cleaned her “Takhti” with mud so she could use it again the next day. Harim Khan Pakistan Video is one example of that.

One day, a relative who was a Molvi and member of a religious political party, Maulana Fazal Rehman, came to visit their home. He saw my mom’s Takhti and asked her grandmother about it. She told him that it belonged to her granddaughter, who goes to school and wants to learn. The Molvi became infuriated when he heard this and said that there was no need for girls to study, as it was against their culture and religious values. He claimed that if she learned to write, she would write letters to other men and violate the honor of their family. Thanks for that poster and for the story; proud of your mum who raised a son like you because your genuine message is so far reaching for millions of out of school girls.

From that day, she was never allowed to go to school. Whenever my mom tells me this story, I can see the tears and helplessness in her eyes, which breaks my heart, but I can’t do anything to help her. Her dreams were shattered, and she was deprived of the fundamental right to education, with no one to assist her. This still happens in Pakistan and around the world today, where women’s basic rights are taken away because of their gender, and nobody seems to care. That’s why I decided to carry this banner on International Women’s Day, so that no other women would be treated like this. She may have been deprived to learn how to read or write, but raising a son like you shows that she didn’t let society stop her from gaining knowledge and wisdom may Allah make you sadqa.e.jariya for her and you contribute in helping other girls in getting education. Harim Khan Pakistan Video is a must watch in India for free.

This is such a sad story. And also salute you for highlighting an important issue. Give your mom a hug from my side and tell her she’s an amazing woman. So thankful that my Nani was given the opportunity to education. This, in Hyderabad-e-Sindh, 1920s. She later raised 2 daughters alone in India, as a single mother, after walking out of her marriage, being fed up with the shit she got from her in laws for not having a son. My mother is a retired school teacher and I’ve never seen someone enthusiastic as her. She convinced the parents of the girls for their middle and high school education. Even she used to buy gifts for her students from her own salary on the result day. Once she heard that some. Your mother sounds like an amazing person for raising you to be a strong advocate for women’s rights, and for helping you resist the pressure to conform to a culture of religious patriarchy.

I was so inspired by this poster I make it my WhatsApp status. It is profound and thought provoking. ALLAH bless you and your family brother. We need to educates our females for inclusive prosperity and intellectuality. My Nani was a brilliant woman, a genius, who was not allowed to study past middle school. If she had the opportunity for higher ed, I can bet she would have some life changing invention or discovery to her name. This story is heartbreaking. But her story will live on, in your words. Thank you for taking the time to pen it down. The world needs more real allies like you. can feel her heartbreak in the words you’ve written. Please tell your mother she’s amazing and that I am deeply sorry her birthright was taken away from her by the curse of these moulvis and the unfortunate influence they are extended in this country.


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