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Why your desi parents don’t like you dating because hareem shah ki video got leaked. This I know doesn’t sound too logical or reasonable but then what in a desi household makes sense? Especially when the whole family is confused.

Hareem Shah ki video viral latest hot in the shower and Colgate is released new with dialogues with boyfriend. The sooner you understand this truth the better, otherwise you will keep pestering yourself and searching for Hareem shah ki video here and there and everywhere.

Dating is an anti-virginity-retention tool, and hence loathed by Indian parents. It opens doors that they would rather tightly lock and have the keys thrown away. We now look at Indian society. People here tend to be more closely knit and follow the elders-are-always-right rules. For countless years, the elders of the clan have taken all important decisions on behalf of the entire clan. This has helped the clans to stick together. From time unknown, Indian parents have taken marriage and life decisions on behalf of their children. And, for the most part of it, this setup seemed to work perfectly. The magic word here is “seemed.” This is where they all should watch Hareem Shah ki video.

For the conservative elders, the rebellious kids are the ones who question this setup and *create* a whole lot of issues for the parents and for themselves. The general perception is that your level of wisdom is directly proportional to the number of years you have spent since you kicked your way out of the womb. Fewer number of years equates to lesser wisdom, which in turn equates to the inability in taking important life decisions. Time for me to roleplay as a conservative indian parent. Allowing your child to “date” someone of their choice can open few unwanted doors. Assumptions made: Desi mummy papa think that you date only to shaadi. Families not being compatible: Marriages in India are less of a union of individuals, and more of a union of families. If your child chooses someone from a family that you either completely detest or have nothing in common with, then it will be a source of pain for a lifetime.

Caste: The way indian parents are obsessed with caste. Caste is a big factor in Indian marriages. Allowing your child to date can put people from other castes/religion onto your, beloved and closely guarded, family-tree, which apparently makes your ancestors go boo-boo. The log kya kahenge angle. Extended families, neighbors, colleagues, general acquaintances, etc have the right to poke their noses into your family matters. Having a kid who decided to choose their own life partner can invite endless questions and countless chide remarks. “Nahi jam raha hai yaar”. Selecting a “life” partner, marrying them and then realizing how incompatible you are, can end in an unhappy or broken marriage. Shaadi is permanent, legal separation is embarrassing.

For Hareem Shah ki latest video, marriage is not “starting your own family”, it’s “adding to your existing family”.

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