Bathroom Leaked Video of Pakistani Girl Viral

Another day and another bathroom leaked video of Pakistani girl is going viral on tiktok, twitter and reddit. Sometime I really wonder where do these people get time for these sort of things but then viral is viral.

Bathroom leak video in India is also popular but in Pakistan it’s at another level it seems. I always used to say this – When other countries see the population like India, systems will start collapsing. It’s easy to keep everything structured when population is less. There’s definitely a lot .of scope to improve, but we highly tend to underestimate how amazingly we manage in India given the huge population! Foreign systems are mostly not built to handle scale

Drop your favourite desi English words. Mine are: Fast- Someone who’s lifestyle doesn’t conform to your notions of morality. Mod Squad- Any independent woman. Understanding- When you’ve spoken ill of everyone who found love but realize your own son is dating someone. Unintentionally mispronouncing divorce in a Freudian way. I was actually thinking about “shut up call”, it’s right there with “I damn care”. hanky panky- an umbrella term which could describe doing anything taboo or illicit affairs. “I love You”: “behaya na hu tu” and also taking as “he/she wants marriage with next one”.

Can you do a thread consisting of all Indian Jerseys wore by Indian team dating back from 90s..I know it will be tough..but I think worth in this time of lockdown. It was mostly desi carats. You remember when that thread came out that claimed about several members dating. in it, won woo was in a relationship since he was 14 (as far as i remember). so desi twt took it and ran with it. wonu teen bacho ka baap jokes basically. What exactly was the benefit of this thread? It’s very obvious that this woman didn’t know that her husband had an unhealthy relationship with his mother. From my understanding, desi Muslims don’t spend much time in the pre-marriage/‘dating’ stage, how would she have found out?

ead the whole thread. Anna University didn’t do the dating. Was done at one of the most prestigious world renowned centers in USA. I’m never going to write it but I want y’all to know I have an entire thread in my head about the expectation vs. the reality of dating as a black woman with dark skin in a majority black city as compared to other cities where I am a minority. It’s a doozy. I dated a married woman last 2 years of marriage, 10 years after divorce. Both in love, one still married, I moved on. Few years later, husband passes, wifey wants me to move in months later! She still got pics of him in bed’s headboard! I couldn’t do it, her and him looking.

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