Nora Fatehi and Moonis Elahi Scandal

Moonis Elahi paid millions of dollars to Moroccan and Indian dancer the hot Nora Fatehi in his palace in Spain. Moonis Elahi escaped Pakistan few months back after he was about to be picked by officials on corruption charges.

Why is modern dating so miserable? Why is our culture’s view of sex so broken? One of the biggest influences on our understanding of sex today is Alfred Kinsey, one of the “fathers of the sexual revolution.” His lifelong mission was to destroy the family. Kinsey was on a mission to upend sexual morality and the family unit. He opposed traditional marriage and taught that all sexual activity was normal. It’s only this complicated at the higher levels; the level of the arrogant and well-off. We rednecks still just get together, do our thing and go our separate ways. We don’t make a big deal of it like they do. It’s complicated for them because their egos are completely out of proportion to their actual worth as human beings, which is low. So the middle and lower classes don’t have these problems.

I’ve held the same view as you for years. The hook-up culture has ruined us. I always encourage young men to wait, and I explain to them, practically, why it matters & the benefits. Many of them find a lot of encouragement in it- no one tells them that. Good counsel. Absolutely right about Kinsey. This book dives deep into this topic and outline how his fraudulent work influenced a change in policies and laws. Without reading the thread, it’s because of woke BS and a lack of morals and respect. A lot of people want to play games and feel good instead of building a real foundation. A lot of people are scared of commitment long term.

I see it all around my. Young people who are empty and broken. Bisexual, promiscuous, unstable. Self-harming and self-destructive, often with mood disorders. The eyes are the key to the soul.⁣⁣ When people wonder if you’re authentic or not, or confident or not, they will stare into your eyes to look for incongruence. ⁣⁣ Be comfortable in your skin.⁣⁣ Take up space when you walk & sit.⁣⁣ Be deliberate in your moves, and avoid fidgety moves. ⁣⁣

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