Two Pakistani Girl Viral Video Hot Leaked

Who is Sapna Sappu Bhabi and Leaked Video

Mia Khalifa, a former ad*ult film star, was invited to speak at Oxford University. Two Pakistani girl hot video has gone viral now. The invitation has sparked controversy, with some people arguing that she is not a credible speaker and others saying that she is a role model for young women. The one and only Mia Khalifa is here to tell you something special about her life. Mia Khalifa was invited to deliver a lecture at Oxford University. Perhaps that is why Oscar Wilde had said: “Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.” Life will give you a second a chance no matter how bad your past was. Just embrace new you. As a woman i feel happy to see other women coming out of darkness.

She made a conscious choice to do what she did, choices have consequences, her getting to speak at Oxford means nothing. And this too. Little unnecessary here but I had this screenshot saved for a long time and now is the time for two Pakistani girl. Past is subjective ,you are looking it through Islamic Lenses. Through western lense it’s different. Oscar’s saying has insightful meaning that excellently fits the situation Mia going through. Well said. Hope Oxford did not award PHD degree or some Dr Etc ! But she is doc for so many on old n young generation around the globe. Dear women, shame on you for supporting this. She still has only fans where she gets bare for money. She is still a star. No. Never in my life i will support a girl like this. And yes there are so many women out there worthy of this respect. But not her. Never her.

She herself had chosen that darkness. No one has compelled her to do so. It’s okay that she has now get out of that mess for whom she was famous for. But don’t idealize her. If oxford university has invited her that doesn’t mean she has become saint now. She left the Adult industry but still post on onlyfans. So the future of the sinners isn’t come yet. We should appreciate her for what she is doing now and she withdrawn herself from past. I have heard about that now she had left whatever she was doing before. May Allah show her the right path. Everyone has right and obligation to come out of ignorance. It’s directions f Islam to try your best to come out of ignorance and sins at any stage of life. Yeah, no. She has never apologized for her actions nor has she made any real attempt to distance herself from it. So no sir.

What she does now still doesn’t make a role model or worth enough to be invited and speak to audience but west has already gone crazy. So not surprised. The world is doomed every other frog faced girl has mia khalifa as her role model.


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