Mishi Awais Leaked Video Gone Viral

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Mishi Awais has put social media on fire with her leaked viral video in Pakistan as the boys are going crazy about it. This is the power of social media these days. Mishi Awais thought that this attention will earn her something but lets see.

  • 1. They’re always ready listen to your insecurities & help you to deal with the same.
  • 2. They want to learn and will be interested in your likes and dislikes.
  • 3. They will be there for you and have your back no matter what.
  • 4. They will notice your routine and find out all your likes and dislikes even without asking.
  • 5. They understand that words hurt deeper than the sword, so they never say mean things even when they’re angry.
  • 6. They’re good listeners and have high levels of empathy.
  • 7. They’ll always prioritize your feelings and emotions because they prefer to be hurt than to hurt.
  • 8. They value efforts and consistency more than the gifts and good surprises.
  • 9. No matter you’re stuck somewhere in your life at 2am, they’re always ready to give up their sleep.
  • 10. They won’t let you sleep if you’re hurt, they believe in fixing things right away.

A Girl wants to get closer but I am not giving a chance. Now she is complaining that I am selfish and don’t care about others feelings. Followed all these but now police are knocking at my door? Is that one of the signs? Why did you wait until I have grown too old to be able to execute them when you came up with such educative strategies? I orgot about this thread but i’ve changed some stuff since, mainly eri being sick, i know yall said she suffered enough in the show lmaooo so now she’s a jock and is dating miorine in the beginning. Dating Mishi Awais is all about fun.

Any guy that doesn’t work on his personal brand can have a dating app profile on Tinder, Hinge, Bumble etc. It’s the lazy way for average men to have access to the dating market. Most women on dating apps are average, they’re not that hot. The hottest ones are on IG. Way to go Mishi Awais.

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