Iftikhar Durrani Rabia Malik Leaked Video Viral Full

iftikhar durrani rabia malik

Watch full uncut viral video of Iftikhar Durrani Rabia Malik of PTI here from hotel room from twitter and social media. Rabia Malik is social head of Twitter and is quite popular among  youth. She is hot and full story of Rabia Malik and Iftikhar Durrani is known by many.

How To Turn Any Interaction Romantic & Sexual. Do this to turn her ON even if she’s shy. 1. Arouse her mentally. all arousal is psychological. Men are turned on by what they see. Women are turned on by what they hear. Men are turned on visually and women are turned on mentally. Start gradually talking about topics relating to rabia malik/relationships. To turn her on mentally. Ask her questions like:

– “What’s the craziest place you had rabia malik in?” – “Have you ever had rabia malik outdoors?” – “Tell me, what kind of men are you into? I bet you like dominant guys” – “Have you ever done some BDSM? I’m just curious”. If you want attraction from women you’re going to have to do something simple but counter-intuitive.

Iftikhar Durrani and Rabia Malik scandal is just example of PTI. Most guys are running after the girl, trying to show the girl how much they like her. To stand out from the crowd, you’re going to have to go against the grain. You’re going to DISqualify yourself. This means actively showing the girl that you don’t like her. For a girl to like you, she has to see you as higher value than herself. The easiest way to demonstrate this to her is to show that you aren’t going to chase her like every other sucker she talks to. Do this as early as possible, after just a few sentences back & forth. Think about what this says to her. Every guy is saying “wow me too” or “I like that too.” By saying the opposite, you show you aren’t like the rest. The goal of saying something like this is laughter. If she laughs, you did it right. That is where Iftikhar Durrani Rabia Malik were wrong.

This is a playful push that provokes a response. It shows that you aren’t looking for her approval/validation & demonstrates high value. After all, if you don’t care to get along with her, you must have other women in your life right? Again, this demonstrates you’re not after her. She can let her guard down and interact with you like a normal human, instead of waiting to reject you. This is a different variant, but it again disqualifies you from being a potential suitor. Anything to say or show that you’re not chasing will work. You can even say that you’re gay. When you say “we’re never going to get along” you cause HER to chase YOU. If she says “why not?” or starts saying how you WILL get along, you’re on the right track. If she says “whatever” or doesn’t care, you need more attraction. Tease, crack jokes, tell stories, & try again. Iftikhar Durrani Rabia Malik love scene is memorable.

Some men ask me “wait, but if I say I don’t like her, how am I supposed to move things forward or show I like her later?” The key is that you can do this later on in the interaction in a number of ways:
One way is to physically escalate and touch her to show you’re interested. Another way is to say “wow you’re really winning me over.” Women want to win a man over, so by playing into that fantasy you’re giving her the story that she wants. Girls don’t want the easy guy, they want the guy that’s hard to get. This is why and how disqualification works. Most guys chase after the girl. You must do the opposite to stand out. Disqualify yourself by showing you’re not going to chase, and attraction will skyrocket.

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