Subhan and Iram Imran Hot Viral Video Leaked

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Subhan and Iram Imran leaked video is so hot you cannot even touch it but watch it here in full. So watch it, share it and enjoy it but its strictly for educational and fun purposes and don’t take it too seriously.

I could really use a thread on how to find love on Twitter. These testimonies are beautiful. I want to testify too. And listen are you the one that tweeted that thread with screenshots and instructions on how to interpret the letters? i lost track of it and would love to find it again. I love finding beauty in least expected places. Places that have been written of & excluded from human attention because they feel “Nothing good could come out of here”. For a great (free!) thread on how to find your Ikagai, the Japanese how-to of aligning what you love with how to serve the world and what the world needs and get paid for it.

Doing what you love is what everyone desires. It is the soul purpose of society. Most alter thier mind to love something when in reality, it is altered and unrealistic. Finding a true love takes time. Rushing it won’t help. The main thing anyone can do is just try new things. Write a thread, read a book, go volunteer, maybe try a new job, travel, watch different videos/movies, etc. Once again, I am young so I do not know the world wide wisdom but once again, my opinion. Keep trying until you look forward to doing something. I always look forward to writing threads. Always. I learn an extraordinary amount of knowledge creating them and learn new vocabulary.

Do you find yourself wondering how you can help foster a love of music in your children, or your nieces, nephews, or members of the next generation? First, it’s important to understand that parenting is a balancing act, and it depends on age. Younger kids take you more at face value, older kids will separate themselves from you more. When kids are little (through 4yo) let them see you singing, playing instruments, dancing. When kids are younger, get them doing lessons in piano, violin, or whatever works for your family, but choose something and stick to it. When discussing with kids, treat it like school, as “part of the education that of course every kid should have.”

While you make the musical education required, don’t treat practices like a chore. While you can incentivize it, NEVER show a frustration if it’s not happening. Don’t force it. Kids go through dry spells musically, let them rest and rediscover. Breaks from lessons can be good. You want their motivation to come internally. For their music to be a personal means of self-expression. To foster that, make an instrument readily available. Make the practice room welcoming and cozy. Keep the room cleaner than the rest of the house. Leave doors to it open.

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