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For the first time in history, Pakistan will be represented for the title of ‘Miss Universe’, the world’s longest-running and most watched beauty pageant. For the first time, the finalists of Miss Universe Pakistan have been announced. The top 5 finalists for Miss Universe Pakistan 2023 are 24-year-old Erica Rabin from Karachi, 24-year-old Hira Inam from Lahore, 28-year-old Jessica Wilson from Rawalpindi, 19-year-old Malika Alvi from the American-born Pakistani state of Pennsylvania and 26-year-old Sabrina Wasim from Punjab is involved.

The five contestants, selected from a pool of more than 200 applicants from around the world, also took part in a photo shoot in the Maldives, dressed by Filipino designer Fern One, among the five on Thursday. A winner will be crowned, who will represent Pakistan at the Miss Universe pageant to be held in El Salvador this year. Josh Ugan, National Director of Miss Universe Pakistan said, “For the first time in the history of the biggest pageant of its kind, an empowered woman will carry the name of Pakistan in her heart. is selecting these hot Pakistani girls.

Yugin’s company, Yugin Group, which is based in Dubai, also owns the franchise rights for Miss Universe Bahrain and Miss Universe Egypt. Here are the top 5 finalists for Miss Universe Pakistan 2023. Erica Rabin, 24, is a fashion model in Pakistan. . Belonging to Christianity, she says she wants to be an instrument to see positive change in Pakistan and highlight the country’s diversity, advocates for education and women empowerment. Hira Inam, 24, says success is her life’s goal, hoping to raise funds and awareness and help end poverty through education for the underprivileged in Pakistan.

28-year-old Jessica Wilson is a cyber security engineer, she is also an avid traveler, public speaker and performing artist. 19-year-old Malika Alvi is the youngest finalist. He believes that success is defined by the multiple identities that one can embody. Pakistani-American, Alvi is a student, entrepreneur, content writer, dancer and fashion designer. She wants to show the world that Pakistani women are capable and leaders.

Sabrina Wasim, 26, is a property consultant, choreographer and event host. It was a meeting with Harnaz Sindhu of India, Miss Universe 2022, which she was hosting, that inspired Waseem to apply for Miss Universe Pakistan. Wasim wants to change the narrative about Pakistani women. She wants to highlight that the women of Pakistan are strong, dynamic, courageous and deserve to sit in a room where their voices are heard and their opinions count enough to bring about change.

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