Raheel Exposed Tiktok Video Leaked Viral

Who is Raheel exposed and what is the full story behind it? Once again the Raheel exposed tiktok video leaked and has gone viral. Here is the answer as who is Raheel tiktok and what is this minor thing which has propelled it to through the skey. Raheel expose story is quite interesting and is full of fun and drama. Following is the complete Raheel tiktok viral video too and nessataha.

This raheel exposed tiktok are still happier than our individuals that God created completely but they are still far happier than some of us cause we decided to make ourselves sadist because of some trivial issues. This is good example of life. They don’t have half body. They are not defeated, they are not blaming anyone. To whom God has given the whole body, still weeps, blames someone, this is a good example for them. Be strong. After watching these? Now I can have sweet dreams while sleeping . Whom ever shared this, thank you for making my night.

You are not always there with them! You only see the happy sides on the internet. They just have to show the world,that regardless you can be fine. Just like almost everyone does. Anyone please care to explain to me. Are this guys born like that or something bad happen? Please would like to know. You guys are wonders of God creation, honestly I’m still trying to understand these two happy guys,what they must have gone through living in a society that most people body shames others. This is awesome raheel exposed and they are so happy and proud of themselves. You are symbol of courage and confidence.

They probably don’t body shame in east and west unlike Africa that is a norm. Those dudes had all excelled in their various field of endeavours. I can see that,this is awesome I tell you. I wish to meet any of them someday. It’s so touching to watch such enthusiast trying to live as normal life as possible , in spite of there physical, psychosocial constrains.. Thank you Raheel exposed for inspiring others, God bless you all, do keep up with the good works. If they were to glue their bodies together, they could do the cleanest cartwheel mankind has ever seen. They inspire people with caudal regression syndrome to fight with the situation they are in.

Just watching this incredible and positive people gave me an insight and taught me a lesson. Thank you so much for being amazingly amazing. There are things that i actually want to ask out of curiosity but i don’t think its appropriate. Anyway you guys are wonderful people, keep doing what you love. So cute and cool awwwwww they got to meet and bond. Not everyday you’d meet someone like raheel exposed that looked like you if you’re born like that. Love it so much. God is great,even despite all odds,room for thanksgiving is still limitless. God bless you guys.

People different like them should be embraced and celebrated to the hardest. I’m very much impressed with the message you conveyed to the world at the time of crisis’. Despite his physique and his state of health, he was able to carry out his own projects courage still. Criticising Raheel exposed this way or another is not an issue, it is actually a basic right. The issue here is hypocrisy. You are absolutely right ! Double standards ! I am so glad you stick to your principles. If people cannot accept it they don’t have to come. You are doing very well so far.




Najiba Faiz Viral Video Leaked Very Hot

Another latest video of Najiba Faiz is here. Najiba Faiz viral video leaked is very hot and worth watching for everyone. She is not only pretty and graceful but she is also very engaging and is free of any obstacles and she shares everything online on whatsapp and twitter.

Najiba Faiz is a big soccer fan too and enjoying the world cup in Qatar and sharing her sentiments. Network effects are incredibly hard to break and Twitter, built on a follow graph rather than on a friend graph, has the most powerful network effect in social. Twitter isn’t going anywhere unless they shut the site down and keep it off. It’s more pure (no social pressure to follow), has more edges, takes much longer to build, and is based on genuine interest across cyberspace rather than from pre-existing real world relationships. But once built it’s a more accurate information router and harder to replace.

Side note, to all of you who subscribed to my Youtube channel, thank u. I’m currently working on my blueprint, it’s gonna take some time, but once I’m up and running I can guarantee u lots of entertainment, insight and fun. Stay tuned. Didn’t expect you of all people to call it soccer. If we are going full American. we should call cricket World cup..
Not Baseball World cup.

Not only Americans, south africans, canadians, kiwis often say soccer too. Here is favorite of list of Najiba Faiz viral video favorite:

  • Bukayo saka
  • Mo.salah
  • Sadiyo mane
  • Messi
  • Ronaldo
  • Ronaldo nazario
  • Pirlo
  • Xavi

Most powerful? Doesn’t Instagram and YouTube have the same “follow graph”? What makes Twitter’s network effects stronger than other platforms? Twitter has less users (which is telling) and a lower barrier to competition (YouTube requires more infrastructure). Thoughts? I don’t think the argument is that Twitter will shut itself off. Twitter is software and under-maintained software software tends to break. The question is if they’ll be able to keep it running given their staffing levels. They will, it’s not hard. Just takes a few good engineers. More engineers is not equal to better when some are literally 1000x more capable than others.

Network Effect + Anthimeria. “Anthimeria or antimeria is the use of a word in a new grammatical form, usually using a noun as a verb. If this happens, it is usually a sign that your brand or product has become a household brand and chances are you are dominating the industry.” Follow graph spreads like wildflower. Nobody controls anything. Friend graph spreads like a controlled burn. Each friend limits what can be burnt. Very interesting indeed. You’re a great person. You have changed several young minds and made them more focused on money. They’re so scared to be in the Matrix and work like rats…at least now everyone’s trying. Also your dad would be really proud of you how you re strong against the entire matrix alone.



انٹارکٹیکا پر پاکستانی موجودگی

انٹارکٹیکا پر کون رہتا ہے؟

زمین کے جنوبی قطب پر موجود چھٹا برِ اعظم انٹارکٹیکا جہاں سارا سال برف رہتی ہے اور درجہ حرارت منفی 60 ڈگری سینٹی گریڈ سے بھی نیچے چلا جاتا ہے وہاں کون رہتا ہے؟

اسکا جواب ہے وہاں مختلف ممالک کے تحقیق کرنے والے اداروں کا عملہ اور سائنسدان

رہتے ہیں۔ انٹارکٹیکا پر اس وقت مختلف ممالک کے تقریباً 90 ریسرچ سٹیشن قائم ہیں۔ ان میں انٹارکٹیکا کی گرمیوں میں (یعنی دسمبر میں) کم سے کم 4 ہزار افراد رہتے ہیں جبکہ سردیوں میں (جون میں) یہ تعدا 1 ہزار تک رہ جاتی ہے۔ اسکے علاوہ یہاں سیاحت کے لیے بھی گنے چنے لوگ آتے

ہیں(یہاں سیاحت کے لیے جانے کے لئے جیب میں ہزاروں ڈالرز ہونا ضروری ہیں).

انٹارکٹیکا پر دنیا کے قریب 46 ممالک کے سٹیشنز موجود ہیں۔ ان تمام ممالک نے “انٹارکٹکا ٹریٹی” پر دستخط کیے ہوئے ہیں۔ ان میں دنیا کے تمام بڑے ممالک جیسے کہ امریکہ، چین، روس، جرمنی وغیرہ کے علاوہ بھارت

اور پاکستان بھی شامل ہیں۔

انٹارکٹیکا پر بھارت کے ریسرچ سٹیشن کا نام ہے “بھارتی” جبکہ پاکستان کے رہسرچ سٹیشن کا نام ہے “جناح”. بھارتی سٹیشن 2012 میں قائم کیا گیا اور پورا سال فعال رہتا ہے جبکہ پاکستانی سٹیشن محض گرمیوں میں ہی کام کرنے کے قابل ہے۔ یہ 1991 میں قائم کیا

گیا تھا۔ اسکے علاوہ پاکستان کی طرف سے انٹارکٹیکا پر ایک موسمیاتی سٹیشن بھی قائم کیا گیا جسے اقبال آبزرویٹری کا نام دیا گیا۔

1993 کے بعد یہاں پاکستان کا کوئی عملہ، سائنسدان یا محقق انٹارکٹیکا نہیں گیا کیونکہ حکومت کی طرف سے کوئی فنڈنگ مہیا نہیں کی گئی۔۔2020 میں پاکستان

کی سائنس اور ٹیکنالوجی کی وزارت جسکے ماتحت یہ ریسرچ سینٹر ہے، نے ارادہ ظاہر کیا کہ پاکستان دوبارہ انٹارکٹیکا پر اپنی تحقیق شروع کرے گا مگر فی الوقت اس پر کوئی پیش رفت سامنے نہیں آ سکی۔
ڈاکٹر حفیظ الحسن (6/6)


Muqadas Usman ki Baatein Video K Saath

Muqadas Usman ki Baatein in Urdu and English video k saath. You can watch Muqadas Usman kissing and enjoying herself with her boyfriend. So who is Muqadas Usman and what is she saying and why is she so popular that she has left behind others too?

Muqadas Usman ki batein koi aam baatein naheen. She is an icon now.

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WOW something similar happened to an ex coworker .Her step dad placed a hidden camera in her room and one day she found it and told her mom idk what happened. All I know is they moved out and the mom left the guy. So sad Yeah, well people around Twitter think that this story is impossible, and that this scenario could never possibly happen ever in time. They gon have fun with him once they get his paperwork. It’s possible authorities aren’t doing anything so she wants the public to raise their voice. Or she just wants attention.

I’m wondering why Adam blocked me two days ago for something I said on a post, but then today I’m not blocked lol I do appreciate you though Adam. If I was rich, I was going to come up to the offices and ask you personally. This should’ve been dealt with privately. Taking this too social media for the world to know your daughter is the victim of this horrible act there’s no good outcome, It went from a hand full of ppl knowing to now everybody knows.




capcut Template New Trend in Pakistan

The mania of capcut template new trend in Pakistan is on all times high as more and more people are adopting it in very high numbers from Karachi to Islamabad and from Lahore to Rawalpindi. It’s raging high even in the towns and villages of Pakistan. Capcut template new trend is going to stay here for a long time.

So what is this capcut template new trend anyway? The answer is simple. 

capcut is going crazy with these templates omg. You should try using capcut it has a lot of intro template like this one. Capcut template is so funny now I understand why some young and old people like it. capcut templates are the best thing to ever come to this app. I don’t usually share my edits anywhere besides my TikTok but here are some of my better edits that don’t use templates. I use CapCut for all my edits. These CapCut templates are getting out of hand. Capcut templates are mad goofy it’s so bad and I like it. discovered capcut templates it’s over for me.

Well, it’s an edit template made by a creator from tiktok/capcut. multiple people/editors have used it. Use a CapCut template to create your 2023 photodump. And me looking at the people i know post themselves with capcut templates on tiktok and trying not to laugh. Well I am gonna cry what are these templates capcut keeps making and they are at the zenith of the innovation and not climaxing anytime soon. This is what is good about them. And at this hour, I am tired but atleast i found another cool capcut template i can edit myself in and I am excited again.

Spread the Christmas Spirit by doing Snow flower challenge, using Snow flower sound on Tiktok! Plus you can use this template from capcut. Why do capcut templates always use the wrong your and your face? You can download free capcut templates in Pakistan from here as they are cool, latest and updated. You don’t have to register and you don’t need to enter any personal information. Not me stressing out trying to figure out how everyone got so good at editing on Capcut only to find out there’s a template and a very easy to user interface which even a dummy can use.

apcut templates I have put certified penny lamb moment into; a very necessary thread because its funny. I must say here that this tiktok era of capcut edits and readymade presets and templates needs to improve a bit now. Hey friends, now watch me make a dongren edit on every capcut template i see on my fyp. That one capcut template looks like a cleaner version of the edit I made for my birthday. No matter what the occasion is you can easily get a catcut template on Tiktok in Pakistan. 


Mask on Eyes Viral Video of Girl

Mask on eyes viral video of girl on Twitter and social media is quite popular. Mask on eyes viral video adds a huge spice to the video. Watch here full hot uncut video for free. The girl is quite beautiful and young and very much willing to entertain. She is also very lively and bubbly and wants to make sure that she performs well. Mask on eyes viral video is an icon these days.

Tell Elon if he takes his badge and swipes it really hard, over & over, it should work. It’s just him. Not trying hard enough. He’s not putting in the long hours. interesting. I remember one of my colleagues tightening the security on his own hard drive by setting the “deny to anyone” access on the full c: disk. Guess what happened. Elmo being locked out might be the only thing that saves Twitter. I run a coffee shop near the HQ and I can vouch seeing Alex running excited with a badge strapped around his neck. How does one “Accidentally locked themselves out” even possible? Aren’t they connected to the system? This is what happens when you have a boss for an amateur to work in a high company that has not experienced anything in it.

I heard Ligma & Johnson were stuck in the cafeteria, unable to badge out, and all of the breakfast staff have of course been laid off. Are you leaving them locked out or charging $10,000 per minute? is this a hostage negotiation situation or a salary negotiation? I hope this is true. I don’t know why EVERY Twitter employee just doesn’t walk out and leave Musk hanging with a $44B mistake. I was laid off from Twitter today. Oh wait, I laid down and took a nap. Now I’m back on. Twitter is going nowhere, much to my demise. I was working late. The security guard locked me in. Could not get a hold of boss. Called the police. They came pointing guns at me. It was unreal. Twitter employees good luck. Dave from Customer Experience got shot because they thought his stapler was a gun.

I don’t know what is true anymore here on Twitter. You believe a tweet and later find out that it was a prank. It says a lot about your character that you went back to help out despite being in a tough situation (I’ve been there). I wish you the very best in your future endeavors. It sounds like a lot of you do not support or respect the new owner. The only option open to him in these circumstances is to get rid of you. I’d do it in an instant too. A new boss has got to be able to steer the ship with hearts and minds behind them and its surreal. Someone got angry and started sabotage maybe. Yea sounds like there will be issues next, few months whilst they employee new people. Not sure why people are leaving. Maybe do what he says and they’ll be very rich on next public offering.

Make him sign a contract where he cannot let you go under any circumstances or risk paying a very very high penalty fee that is sufficient for you to retire comfortably. Well you can go in make a few bucks to pay the bills or you say no thanks. I’ve learned a long time ago it’ll get done with you or without you. I don’t get why you would help him. He laid you off without considering the consequences and you just taught him there are no consequences. How will he learn? A couple of years ago, the company my husband was VP of Finance/Treasury at let him go to save on payroll. They had 50M of loans go into default because they didn’t realize no one else had treasury clearance. Penny wise, pound foolish and bad.

Good one. Once I was laid off replaced by contractors from India. They sold to the company that my position should be outsourced and they could do it. After showing the guy what I do, as I was leaving he said, can I have your phone number? I said. What? No, in this country when you leave a job you’re gone. I heard later they replaced me w/4 people, they had no clue how much work I did & I heard the companies managers who relied on me were mad because no one in person could help them and they had to call India for assistance. You’re lucky you didn’t get real-fired (no severance) for complaining publicly like this. The manager of managing badge access sounds more professional. And I too was laid off from Twitter today with no notice. I was the lead software engineer responsible for pushing random adult content when you are using Twitter at public places. Wish me luck.

Except in this case it’s more like you locked yourself in the coffin and fired the guy whose job it was to dig you up when you rang that tiny bell.



Muqadas Usman Viral Video Hot Leaked

Muqadas Usman viral video leaked in a very hot way on social media. So who is Muqadas Usman and Nadia Noreen. So who is Muqadas Usman and where she lives? Who is father of Muqadas and who is the family? Here is the full story of Muqadas Usman with biography and biodata.

Markup accrued on the loans granted by the federal government to provincial governments, local bodies, financial institutions, non-financial institutions, commercial departments and government servants is one of the key sources of the federal government’s revenue stream. There’s like 50 people stuck in a Twitter parking garage in Sunnyvale right now – the barrier arm won’t go up because their badges are disabled. Someone in facilities management is supposedly bringing them a sawzall. I’m sorry for what employees are going through but this is crazy how does one person take down a 44 billion dollar company in what less than 2 weeks. I am flabbergasted.

2 weeks folks. Took him 2 weeks to absolutely demolish a website that’s been around for like 15 years. And I too was laid off from Twitter today with no notice. I was the lead software engineer responsible for the feature where you’re reading a tweet and the screen automatically refreshes and you never see that tweet ever again. All Ex-Twitter employees should banned together with all their combined talents and build a brand new Social Media platform. That all the employees own. Set it up sorta like a democratic community where they elect who the want to run the company. Just a thought.

My friend who worked at Twitter called asking if I knew how to best remove a glass door because he and 6 other employees have been locked in the break room for the last 78 minutes. i’m so sorry to hear this. we are hiring at my company. $400k starting pay, fully remote, you can work multiple jobs at once. after you hit 1 month you get unlimited PTO no questions asked. I was never really on either side but all the whiny and posting by Twitter employees who cry about everything has made me say Go Muqadas Usman. Make it a company again. magine you are on Muqadas Usman’s Mars colony and he’s fired the essential staff for oxygen delivery. He finds out he doesn’t have a remote idea how to keep the oxygen pumping. He pleads for the return of the oxygen providers. The colony is running out of air.

Business school professors will be using this for generations to come as a case study of all the ways NOT to run a corporation. As much as I would love for this to be true I doubt that only one person was in charge of entire physical building access. I worked security for 6 buildings. It’s not hard. A computer houses the software for the card readers. The software tells the card readers which code allows access. You can put restrictions on the card (access m-f till 6pm no weekends). We have multiple buildings running through one system. About 20 buildings with varying degrees of access. I hope you told him that there would be a very large fee now that you don’t work for them anymore and are an independent contractor.

Were u rehired or just helped out cos the big guy called & the smaller guys generally don’t refuse to do what the big guy asks in the hope that some day the big guy will return the favour. so Muqadas Usman accidentally fired the one guy who’s in charge of the keys/access to the building no wonder everyone’s freaking out. Not “accidentally.” He fired the guy on purpose. He just fired him without considering what the guy does or what will happen at the company when his tasks aren’t being done. Better adverbs might be: precipitously, foolishly, or ridiculously. This exact scenario happened to me at my last job. I helped them though and didn’t burn the bridge. Emailed them the file with the how to fix the issue. Never hurts to do the right thing. It was a glorious 3 months while I put in *exactly* 8 hrs a day, not a second more, and did zero “lifting” and just pointed “you’ll find the info there”.

Always difficult but Muqadas Usman’s history of corporate management is good so one has to believe he knows what he is doing with Twitter. As for the comments, Facebook is going through the same firing season & not much is said about what’s his name (honestly cannot remember) that runs. Honestly, every time I hear a story like this, I think the only answer is something like “I’ll come back for one month for a year’s salary, paid in advance.”


جیو پر نظر رکھیں

دوستو ! آپ کو اپنے کسی سیاسی رہنما یا سیاسی نظریات کی وجہ سے جیو سے اختلاف ہو سکتا ہے مگر جیو پر نظر رکھیں یہ حقائق رپورٹ کرتا ہے آپ کو حقائق کا پتہ چل جائے تو سچ خود سامنے آجاتا ہے۔ویسے آج جیو پر خصوصی طور پر نظر رکھیں

جیو سے غلطی ہو سکتی ہے لیکن جیو غدار نہیں ہو سکتا
آپ اپنےگریبان میں دیکھے کہ آپ نے جیو (میر شکیل الرحمان) کو ناجائز گرفتار کروایا اور اب آپ توقعات رکھتے ہیں کہ وہ سچ بھی نہ بولے گا

جتنے حقائق تیرا پیو جیو دے رہا ہے سب کو پتا ہے عمران خان کے دور میں روز معیشت کا رونا روتے تھے اب کیا دودھ اور شہد کی نہریں بہہ رہی ہیں ملک ڈیفالٹ کے قریب ہے پھر بھی کوئی پروگرام نہیں یہ ڈیٹا خود دیکھ لو 2021 میں معیشت برباد 2022 میں مشکل فیصلے ،ملک ڈیفالٹ کے قریب ہے اس پر خاموشی

شام 6 بجے کی ہیڈ لائن سننے کے لئے جیو نیوز لگایا پہلی خبر ابھی تک ثانیہ مرزا نے شعیب ملک کی برتھڈے وش کا جوابی ٹویٹ نہیں کیا اور پھر گانے ۔
جیو نیوز بند کرکے یو ٹیوب پر ٹاک شاک سننا شروع کر دیا ۔ اور رات کو بس شاہزیب کا پروگرام سنتا ہوں ۔

ازاز بھائی اصل میں جیو شروع سے ہی کنٹرورشل ہے آج سے نہیں، ناجانے کتنے برسوں سے۔

بس وہ حقائق ن لیگ اور زرداری کے نہ ہو پھر بات ہوسکتی ہے
اگر حقائق پر بات کرنی ہے تو اج سے ایک سال پہلے جو ملک ترقی کررہاتھا ۶% سے اج ۸۰%ڈیفالٹ کیسے ؟ کیوں؟ کس کی کرتوت؟ حقائق پر بات کرنی ہو تو توشاخانہ سے زرداری نوازشریف نے کاریں نکالی جو قانوناً غلط ہے بات نہی کرسکتے ہو

جیو ہمیشہ سے ایجنڈا بنا کر کام کرتا ہے …اسی جیو نے اپنے آقاؤں کے حکم پر عمران خان کو پروموٹ کیا..اسی جیو نے امن کی اشا پر ہندوستانی ٹاؤٹ کا کام کیا…آج یہی جیو اپنے آقاؤں جن کی گانڈ پر بقول حامد میر بیگم نے گولی مری تھی کے حکم پر ایک نے ایجنڈا کے ساتھ سرگرداں ہے.

جھوٹا چینل ہم نے جیو کو دیکھنا ہی بند کردیا اور اس کو آپنے ٹی وی سے ہہ ہٹا دیا

آج گھڑی چور کو مزید ذلیل کیا جاوے گا ۔وہ عمر فاروق کے آفس میں گھڑی کی ڈیل والی ویڈیو آرہی ہے

گانڈو اور گٹر صحافت کرتے ہو پھر عوام کو کہتے ہو جیو دیکھیں۔تمہیں دیکھنے سے بہتر ہے بندہ ٹی وی بند کردے۔سالے گند رپورٹرز

کہیں نہ کہیں پولرائزیشن تو صحافیوں میں پیدا ہو چکی ہے تا ہم جیو میں پولرائزیشن قدرے کم ہے اے آر وائی تو باقاعدہ ایک سیاسی جماعت کا چینل بن چکا ہے

ہم جھوٹ پھیلانے پر اختلاف رکھتے ہیں حقائق سے ھٹ کر خبر چلانے پہ اختلاف رکھتے ہیں ہم آپ کی فکری بددیانتی کیوجہ سے اختلاف رکھتے ہیں

پروپیگنڈہ بیسڈ صحافت میں aryاور geoدونوں برابر ہوتے تھے پھر جیو بازی لے گیا،aryکو شروع سے نہیں دیکھتا تھا جیو کی خبر پہ یقین کچھ تسلسل واقعات اور رپورٹنگ کے بعد اٹھ گیا، جیو فیس ہے کچھ لوگوں،اداروں کے نظریات اور انکی چوہدراہٹ کو قائم رکھنا کالیکن طریقہ مختلف ہے کیسے ہے یہ

یہ ہلکی پھلکی مخالفت کرکے تاثر دیتا مخالفت کا مگر اندر کھاتے بیانیہ بناتا ہے جیسا حکم ملے۔صحافت غیرجانبدار ہوتی ہے اور بتانی نی پڑتی عوام خود سمجھ جاتی ہے،عوامی مفاد کے کتنے پروگرام اور سیاسی لانڈری کے کتنے پروگرام؟ وقت کے ساتھ خود سامنے آجاتا ہوتا ہے

جیو پاکستان کا پاکس نیوز ہے ۔۔دن رات پروپیگنڈا کرتا رہتا ۔۔پہلے سوچتے تھے یہ آرمی اور اسٹبلشمنٹ مخالف ہے اس لیے کررہا ملک میں جمہوریت لانے کے لیے لیکن اب دیکھ کر لگتا یہ پاکستان مخالف ہے

سیاسی انجینیرنگ کی سب بڑی پلیٹ فارم جیو اور جنگ گروپ رہی ہے۔ حال اور ماضی قریب سے تھوڑا آگے ہو تو لگ پتہ جائے۔ ایک صحافی اپنی صحافت کی دفاع کرے تو ٹھیک لیکن کسی گروپ کی دفاع کہاں کی صحافت ہے۔ وویورز اگر آپ کے وویوز سے اتفاق کرے یا نہ کرے اس میں نیوز گروپ کیا انپوٹ

جیو سر بصد احترام گزارش کر رہا کہ میں بھی یہی سمجھتا لیکن جنگ اخبار کا ایک کارٹون نظروں سے گزرا تو یقین ہوگیا کہ یہ گروپ پاکستان تحریک انصاف کے خلاف باقاعدہ فریق ہے اور عمران خان کے خلاف خبروں کو خصوصی کوریج دی جا رہی ہے یہی وجہ کہ آج بول جیو سے کافی زیادہ دیکھا جا رہا

اگر آپ اصول کی صحافت کرتے تو آپ کو صفائیاں نہ دینی پڑتیں۔
کیونکہ سب میڈیا کا رخ ایک بندے کی سیاست کے گرد گھوم رہا ہے تو اس لیے آپ مشکوک ہو رہیں اور صفائیاں دے رہے ہیں۔



What is Onlyfans Meaning in Urdu

Pakistani girls are getting famous on Onlyfans website. So what is onlyfans meaning in Urdu and why everyone in Pakistan is getting crazy about it? Why people want to know about what is onlyfans meaning and what are there intentions behind it.

List of desi girls on Onlyfans website is increasing day by day as more and more girls are joining it and ther are some free features too where you don’t need a credit card and you can get a free preview. Onlyfans meaning is quite interesting as this is for only entertainment. You just need to enjoy and relax and view the videos of Pakistani girls on Onlyfans. But as with everything else, this is a pleasure and maza thing and must not be spoiled. You need to make sure that you are only using this fabulous medium for enjoyment and for nothing else because this is what we are here for and this is what we need to do.

Onlyfans videos of Pakistani girls are getting lots of views and traction as the leaked videos are increasing. Some people are making videos of their girlfriends, bhabis, and even wives and then mistakenly they get leaked and someone uploads them on the Onlyfan or darkweb, which is not really cool and must be catered for and should be taken down. I think its high time that awareness is raised among the masses about this that entertainment is one thing but leaking videos of girls is not cool at all and not permissible. You have to remain in the confines of social taboos and social requirements of all this stuff.

Just a friendly reminder there’s some new content to see and purchase on my onlyfans in Pakistan. Onlyfans Pakistan is not blocked and can be accessed easily. It’s also amusing to note that Karachi girls onlyfans and Lahore girls Onlyfans accounts are getting lots of views and they have decided to upgrade their content everyday. How can one join Onlyfans in Pakistan is the question. Well, depends on if you can handle weekly parties without getting jealous. My lifestyle isn’t going to change. And that is the fact and not going to change.

Onlyfans is nothing but a social platform revolutionizing the creator adn fan connections. It’s an inclusive site and caters for every taste. So do’t worry about it really as it only depends upon as how you would use it and how you would be responsible. You must not fell for the tipsy turvey nature of it. For a housewife, there is nothing to be seen. Only a heart that is to be loved! When love is involved the way a woman looks to her man will forever be the most beautiful of all women alive, no matter what she looks like to others. Yes are wife material and that means anything he wants it you will give it to him.

Would you mind if I used you as a reference for art?


6 Rules for Productivity in Pakistan Elon Musk

If you want to be successful in Pakistan then follow these 6 Rules for Productivity in Pakistan no matter what you do. This is a way to get rich, happy, and healthy and of course famous. There is no shortcut or quick overnight way to do that for sure.

In summary they are:

1) Avoid large meetings
2) Leave a meeting if you’re not contributing
3) Forget the chain of command
4) Be clear, not clever
5) Ditch frequent meetings
6) Use common sense

1) Avoid large meetings

Large meetings waste valuable time and energy.

– They discourage debate
– People are more guarded than open
– There’s not enough time for everyone to contribute

Don’t schedule large meetings unless you’re certain they provide value to everyone.

2) Leave a meeting if you’re not contributing

If a meeting doesn’t require your:

– Input
– Value
– Decisions

Your presence is useless.

It’s not rude to leave a meeting.

But it’s rude to waste people’s time.

3) Forget the chain of command

Communicate with colleagues directly.

Not through supervisors or managers.

Fast communicators make fast decisions.

Fast decisions = competitive advantage.

4) Be clear, not clever

Avoid nonsense words and technical jargon.

It slows down communication.

Choose words that are:

– Concise
– To the point
– Easy to understand

Don’t sound smart. Be efficient.

5) Ditch frequent meetings

There’s no better way to waste everyone’s time.

Use meetings to:

– Collaborate
– Attack issues head-on
– Solve urgent problems

But once you resolve the issue, frequent meetings are no longer necessary.

You can resolve most issues without a meeting.

Instead of meetings:

– Send a text
– Send an email
– Communicate on a discord or slack channel

Don’t interrupt your team’s workflow if it’s unnecessary.

6) Use common sense

If a company rule doesn’t:

– Make sense
– Contribute to progress
– Apply to your specific situation

Avoid following the rule with your eyes closed.

Don’t follow rules. Follow principles.

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