How to Increase Breast Size in 7 Days at Home in Pakistan

Free and quick way to increase breast size in 7 days at home in Urdu without any side effects or medicine is here. You should avoid getting surgeries and also paying high fee to doctors in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and other cities of Pakistan.

While obesity and dense breasts increase the risk of breast cancer, there is no scientific evidence that breast size does. Being a woman and getting older are two significant risk factors. Family history, genetic mutations, dense breasts, and alcohol intake can also increase risk. I was told my whole life that men were shallow and then I became an adult and realized women are more shallow than anybody. They like all the things that men can’t change about themselves. While men just want someone who’s not a whale and doesn’t have 300 bodies by the time they’re 30.

You do realize that not everyone can lose weight? and some men decide to shit on them? plus the only thing some women say is that they want someone who is tall. but men out here saying that they want someone who is skinny with a big ass and boobs and a virgin. It is completely respectable to want a woman that isn’t overweight and that is physically fit. It is also completely acceptable to want a partner that is a virgin or low body count as it can show commitment. There are multitudes of studies proving that the higher a body count. Impossible to achieve standards. Less than 1% of men own yachts. They want men that is in the top 1% of earners. Less than 1% of men are over 6ft 4. Yet a man wants someone that doesn’t sleep around and works out it becomes an issue. Make that make sense.

I am not sure what women you know, other than the ones you see online, but all of the things you stated aren’t things that are absolutely desired. the same way you said it is acceptable for a man to want someone who is fit, the same way it is acceptable for a woman to want tall. some individuals cannot change their weight similar to how men cant change their height. hat’s just not true. They may have preexisting conditions that make it hard to lose weight but they always have the option of what they put into their body as well as the option to work out and be active whereas neither gender can make a choice that will increase their height. Moreover, exactly, and women cant increase their breast size unless surgeries have been done. besides, most women want someone who is taller than THEM, not necessarily tall. i am 5’4, so its easy for a lot of people to be taller. not all want someone who is 6′ and above.

Be proud of your body.



Islamabad Blast I 10 4 Today Latest Updates

اسلام آباد میں دھماکہ انتہائی تشویشناک ہے، ایک پولیس اہلکار کے شہید ہونے کی اطلاعات ہیں، اللہ سب کو اپنی امان میں رکھے

اسلام آباد کے سیکٹر آئی ٹین میں دھماکہ پولیس والوں نے ٹیکسی روکی تلاشی لینے پر خود کش حملہ آور نے خود کو اڑا دیا
آئی ٹین فور 31 نمبرگلی کے باہر خود کش حملہ آور نے خود کو اڑا لیا ایک پولیس اہلکار شہید

زمان پارک میں عمران فسادی کی موجودگی میں دو سینئر رہنماؤں نے سیاسی صورتحال پر گفتگو کے دوران تلخی بڑھ جانے پرایک دوسرے کاکچاچٹھا کھول دیا وہاں موجود دیگررہنماانگشت بدندداں تھے مگر گھڑی چور خاموشی سے بیٹھا مزے لے رہا تھا کیونکہ یہ ہمیشہ سے اس کا وطیرہ رہا ہے کہ
Divide and rule

اسلام آباد پولیس کو سلیوٹ جنہوں نے اپنی جان پر کھیل کر اسلام آباد کو بڑی تباہی سے بچایا۔۔یہ جان کر بہت دکھ ہوا کہ دھماکے کے نتیجے میں ایک پولیس اہلکار شہید ہوگیا۔ اللہ ان کے گھر والوں کو صبر دے، آج ان کے بیٹے کی وجہ سے ہمارا دارالحکومت بڑی تباہی سے بچ گیا۔۔

بلوچستان میں مزہبی انتہا پسندی کو علیحدگی پسندی کے توڑ کے طور پر پیش کیا گیا تھا۔ یہ الٹا ہوگیا۔ افغان طالبان اور ٹی ٹی پی کا یہ قدم افغان ریاست کے ان دعووں کے مطابق ہے جس میں درانی امپائر کے زیر اثر علاقوں بشمول بلوچستان کو افغانستان کا حصہ گردانا جاتا ہے۔


Gender Identity in Pakistan

Its good to see that gender identity in Pakistan is gaining attention thanks to the social media. Gender identity is a big topic across the world these days and Pakistan is no exception. Homosexuality is neither a maghribi amal nor a maghribi saazish. Heterogeneity in sexual & gender identity is a universal human condition. If this shocks, triggers or provokes you, pls seek awareness & education on this, and make an effort to cleanse yourself from indoctrination.

Some people argue that “it’s a love and you can love anyone you want”. But, it’s a tricky statement to catch people’s attention. If you can love (sexually) anyone you want then why a son can’t sleep with his mother? Why a father can’t sleep his daughter? asked this question many a times but no homosexual answered to this question of mine. And neither can a Neanderthal like you answer it. You didn’t answer my question too. I asked that if love is free from all boundaries then why a daughter can’t love her mother homosexually while we see this in nature like in animals etc? You don’t look different from one though. Gender expression’ is the term that should be used. I conceptualize it like a pyramid. Sex at the base, gender above, then gender expression at the top. It’s more people claim a unique gender identity as a substitute for personality. What’s a math symbol for substitution? So far I’ve never met anyone who announces their pronouns, identity and dining habits to be the least bit interesting or worth talking too.

Read Oedepus by Soppocles. Opens all the paths why it cannot be so. It’s not sexuality sheer depravity. Natural Rights are not for depravity but natural instincts. Depravity is a trajectory of mental thought which is self destructive. Are you, a so-called student of biochemistry, pretending you don’t know why incest is a bad idea? Incest is considered Immoral because It doesn’t allow the Child to develop his/her feelings completely . Love between Parent/Child is considered the Epitome of love and should always be considered Sacred. The phrase “mental disorder” is uttered onto homosexuals as well by straights. Do you remember? Listen to Ghamidi sahib’s lectures on this subject. Regardless of your religious school of thought, you will gain a lot of new insight into that story.

Same sex relations are Haram in my religion and I will keep stating it as it is. Seriously? It’s an “apocryphal story” mashaAllah mashaAllah what a strong grip you have on this matter. Yes, I have a right to interpret my faith. You are right homosexuality is not maghribi amal but accepting it is. Yes, this is universal human condition. The question here arise how all human will get rid from this condition. It’s called Maghribi amal because it’s practiced mostly & freely in the Western countries. Homosexuality in the human nature but we can’t do everything that our human nature keeps in itself. The selection of what to do and what not to do differentiates us from the animals.

Some people argue that “it’s a love and you can love anyone you want”. But, it’s a tricky statement to catch people’s attention. If you can love (sexually) anyone you want then why a son can’t sleep with his mother? Why a father can’t sleep his daughter? Consent in the context of misbalanced power dynamics comes into play in cases of incest. “Gender identity” doesn’t exist. It’s a fiction people write about themselves. Teaching it to children is damaging and a doorway to destructive grooming. I tried defining gen iden: To identify as something is to be ‘the same as’. It doesn’t mean ‘to be’ – it means ‘to be the same as’. Gender then could mean ‘kind of’ or ‘version of’ in relation to biological sex. So gender identity is ‘the version of sex that I am the same as’. It’s not based on the correspondence theory of truth. Therefore, it is indeed fiction.

They teach it to pre-pubescent children, causing confusion and forcing them to believe they have to CHOOSE an identity! Not natural. I still see lots of gender roles and stereotypes used throughout history. Kids are expected to make their gender part of their identity from birth to adulthood. Girls like pink and grow up to be moms/wives, boys like blue and grow up to go to work and be head of the household. Boys must be tough, athletic and powerful and Girls are suppose to be gentle, domestic and supportive. Boys are never suppose to be interested in femininely interests like ballet, make-up, fashion, dolls or cute stuff, or they mocked for being a “sissy” because famine is inferior. More than a doorway. They’re in charge of distributing the crumbs to Hansel and Gretel.

As I’ve been saying, they have coopted the esoterically reading of personalities via “zodiac signs” into gender ideology. You can respect an individual’s personality but they can’t mandate arbitrarily made-up synopsis of one’s personal feelings to the public. That’s narcissism. I don’t know anything about the spammed image, but I do know what a guilt by association logical fallacy is. So in these comments we all see a concerted effort to silence dissent through spam. This strategy not only doesn’t win anyone over it violates the TOS. And thinking of the categorical imperative, do these spammers want their voices silenced in this manner? No, it’s hypocrisy. I agree wholeheartedly you can just be a girl that likes boy stuff or a boy that likes girl stuff without identifying as the opposite gender.


Who is Sahibzada Sultan and His Real Story

اکستان کے پیروں اور سجادہ نشینوں میں سب سے سٹائلش صاحبزادہ سلطان ہیں ان کے نایاب گھوڑے اور گاڑیاں بھی کمال ہیں پاکستان کی تمام جیپ ریلیوں میں یہ شرکت کرتے ہیں بلکہ پچھلے سال چولستان ریلی میں دس کلومیٹر پھٹے ٹائر کے ساتھ ریس لگائی
اگر پیر بنانا ہی ہے تو ایسا سٹائلش پیر بنائیں

دین کی خدمت کر رہے ہیں اس سے بڑھ کر کچھ بھی نہیں لاکھوں مریدین ہیں جو فیض یاب ہو رہے ہیں اور ایک انسان کیا کر سکتا ہے

ان پیروں کو کیا پرواہ پیسے کی ۔۔۔۔ قبریں ہی ان کی فیکٹریاں ہیں دن رات چل رہی ہیں ۔۔۔۔ اور جاہل عوام وہاں چندے جمع کروائی جا رہی ہے

جناب ان کی کروزر کے ٹائرز کو بھی مریدین چومتے ہیں اور قدموں میں نوٹ نچھاور کرتے دیکھا ہے

مریدین تو ٹائر چومنے سے بھی آگے چلے جائیں اگر انہیں دیا جائے

دہائیوں سے یہ اور ان جیسے سٹائلش مرشد اور انکے آباواجداد غریب عوام کے نظرانوں پر عیش کرتے آہے ہیں اور انکی آنے والی نسلیں بھی ایسے ہی پرآسائش زندگی گزاریں گیں کوئی سوال کی گستاخی نہ کرے ۔۔

جی جی ہزاروں غریبوں کے ۲۰۰، یا ۵۰۰ سے کہاں یہ ایسے سٹائل بنتے ہیں

فبای الا ربکم تکذبان ۔۔۔ وہ جسے چاہے بے حساب رزق دے

نواز اور زرداری کوئی تو کاروبار کرتے ہی ہیں اور ان کی فیکٹریاں بھی ہیں۔ یہ پیر لوگوں کو دوزخ سے ڈرا کر 10 10 روپے سے دنیا میں ہی جنت بنا لیتے ہیں۔
قصور ان پیروں کا نہیں ان مریدوں کا ہے جو ان کے اگے جھکتے ہیں

سر یہ وہ لوگ ہیں جنھوں نے دین کی خدمت کی اور اللہ نے انکو نوازا ۔۔۔ اگر کوئی مرید سمجھتا ہے کہ اسکے پانچ سو ہزار پر یہ بیٹھے ہیں تو وہ غلط فہمی کا شکار ہے

جی جی ! لگژری ٹھاٹھ باٹھ ، گھوڑوں اور کاروں کی ریس دین کی خدمت ہی تو ہے سائیں

ہر انسان کو اپنی من مرضی کے مطابق زندگی گزارنے آزادی ہے لیکن کم از کم اسلام کے نام پر بیوقوف لوگوں کو مزید بے وقوف مت بنائیں
جتنی عیاشیاں یہ نام نہاد اسلام کے ٹھیکیدار کرتے ہیں کسی سے کچھ ڈھکا چھپا نہیں ہے
بس اسلام کو بخش دوں اللہ کا واسطہ ہے

ہر شعبہ میں ہر طرح کے لوگ ہوتے ہیں۔ انبیاء علیہ السلام بھی اس دنیا میں آئے اور وہ ملعون بھی آئے جنہوں نے نبوت کے جھوٹے وعدے کئے۔حضرت سلطان باہو، علی ہجویری، خواجہ معین الدین چشتی اجمیری، شاہ حسین، صابر کلیر شریف جیسے صوفیاء بھی تشریف لائے

جن کی تعلیمات و کلام نے کروڑوں افراد کی زندگیاں بدل ڈالیں۔ اجمیر سے 1 لاکھ سے زیادہ ہندو مسلمان ہوئے۔ ڈاکٹر حمیداللہ ایک مصنف و مورخ تھے، ان کی تعلیمات و خطبات سے سینکڑوں لوگ مسلمان ہوئے۔ بے شمار مثالیں ہیں۔کوئی آباء سے منحرف ہو تو مطلب یہ بھی نہیں کہ سب غلط

کرامات کسوٹی نہیں ہیں۔آپ کی پوسٹ میں طرز زندگی پر جو تنقید کی گئی ہے میں اس سے 100فیصد متفق ہوں۔ میرا مدعا صرف یہ تھا کہ”اِن” کو کسوٹی ناں سمجھا جائے۔کسوٹی صرف سیرتِ طیبہ صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم کی زندگی اورتعلیمات ہیں۔
کُن ماسوا محمد اور کیا ہے

اللہ کی ذات جس جو چاہے نواز دے اگر اللہ کے دئیے رزق میں سے کوئی استعمال کر رہا اچھی زندگی گزار رہا تو اس میں کیا حرج ہے

انکا سٹائل ایک طرف ان جیسا عاجز پیر میں نے زندگی میں نہیں دیکھا،نظریں ہمیشہ جھکا کر چلتے ہیں ۔بہت سے گدی نشینوں کو قریب سے دیکھا جو انکساری اس شخص میں ہے کسی میں نہیں

اگر یہ سارے ٹَشن اپنی خود کی محنت کی کمائی سے ہیں تو سالم ہے اور اگر پیری مریدی کی کمائی اور نذر نیاز کا شاخسانہ تو در لعنت ہے پیر پر بھی اور مریدوں پر بھی جن کے بچے گھروں میں شائد اچھی چیزوں کو ترستے ہوں اور وہ پیر کی عیاشیوں کا سامان کررہے ہوں.

اجمیر شریف داتا گنج بخش اور سلطان باھو نے یہ کہیں نہیں لکھا کہ ھم نے اسلام پھیلایا اب تم ھمارے گدی نشین بن کے لوگوں سے نزرانے وصول کرو ۔ اپنے آباو اجداد کی تعلیمات پہ یہ خود عمل نہیں کرتے ۔

پیر صاحبان اور مولانا طارق جمیل جیسے علماء اپنے نایاب گھوڑوں، گاڑیوں اور دیگر شوق پورے کرنے میں زندگی بسر کرتے ہیں، اور عوام کو اللہ سے لَو لگانے،دنیا کی بے ثباتی اور بے رغبتی اختیار کرنیکی تعلیم دیتے ہیں، کیا یہ کھلا تضاد نہیں؟

ورسٹائل/ وکھرے قسم کے پیر و گدی نشین ہے۔
کیا سیاسی شوق و ذوق بھی رکھتے ہیں یا مستقبل قریب میں ممکن ہے قدم رنجہ فرما دیں

پچھلے سال ان کے ایک غریب مرید نے ان کو ایک ایکڑ زمین تحصیل یزمان میں گفٹ کی تھی تا کہ پیر صاحب جب چولستان ریل میں شرکت کے لئے آتے ہین تو وھاں قیام و طعام کے لیئے ڈیرہ بنا سکیں

پاکستانی عوام کے دماغ میں بس ایک خیال شدت سے ڈال دیا گیا ہے کہ مٹی یا پتھر کے بنے ہوئے بت کو ماننا یا پوجا کرنا حرام ہے ۔ اس کے علاوہ باقی سب کچھ بشمول انسان


Full Video of What Shahbaz Gill Said ARY Against Army


DHA Mango Festival in Full Bloom

DHA is celebrating mango festival in a grand way and most of people are loving it. Mangoes are pride of Pakistan and are liked across the world and throughout the Pakistan. This is great that DHA is giving this recognition to the mangoes and introducing them to the world.

They did not force anybody to sale mango orchards. People sold them because they were offered a good price. So, what’s wrong in this. Those people also deserve to live a good life in societies. They knew better than us. There are certain things which are common in this state nd we all have nothing to do within such circumstances you lost freedom of speech, expression, all these basic things stalled at that moment. 1 Million Mango trees – totally absurd & baseless claim. We need to stop creating every high-fi to tiny housing society construction Soon whole Pakistan would be cemented plot with no greenery and worst air quality.

It’s really heartbreaking when i heard that DHA has destroyed so much mangoes gardens. I hope its not true. I love DHA but I love mangoes too. Due to deforestation we lose our resources and cannot enjoy the fresh air and heatwave is increased day by day due to deforestation and making housing societies on this land we are going to alarming situated. There are different opinions on this, some say that there’s still good area that wasn’t affected, and others complain, most of Multan is commercial now this had to happen sooner or later and this will be good.

It was 100 million. And please not talk about city housing of Malik Riaz, those trees were not giving any mangoes anyway. With people having no sense of history, this is the simplest trick to deflect blame for a sin. Agriculture University is holding this mango festival in Defense arena. Most of the Plantation including preservation of forests, and green belts in Pakistan is done by Army especially in Kashmir, Northern Area and Fata districts. Moreover  SOS green Pakistan is mostly carried out by army in last 6 years initiated by Imran Khan. Some people in Bahawalpur also destroy large number of trees. The thing is that mass orientation and awareness need to be raised for this all across Pakistan starting from the schools.

Provincial authorities are helpless before the DHA gang then what should we expect to an ordinary landowner he would resist. It’s not just 1 million its estimated 5 million tree’s which includes more than 100+ different kinds of mangoes. Make it at least 10 million please. There is no limit when all you need is likes n retweets. Deforestation happened just in Multan? Might as well enjoy them before they become extinct. Estate more lucrative than fruit.

The total area of DHA Multan is 10000 Acres mean about 40 Square Kilometers. 1 million mango trees require an area of 100 square kilometers (a single grown up mango tree occupy 30ftx30ft=900 Square feet area. So please refrain from spreading illogical things.


Salaam Salaam | Rahat Fateh Ali Khan | Javed Bashir Khan| Akbar Ali Khan

Salaam Vocalists: Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Ustad Javed Bashir Khan Ustad Akbar Ali Khan Lyrics: Sayed Ali Shah Rukh Composition: Akbar Ali Khan | Sayed Ali Shah Rukh Music & Oud: Kamran Akhter Clarinet: Ustad Rashid Ali Khan Mix & Master: Umer Lahooti DOP: Billu Editor: Raza Mukhtar Director: Imran Hayat


Is Your Job Your Life and Everything in Pakistan?

I got laid off yesterday from a job I really liked, for people I really liked. Just a reminder that you’re disposable as soon as they decide you are. Stop working late. Stop reading emails after hours. Stop working on weekends. A job is income to live your life, not your life.

Capitalists: We’re going to minimize pay while maximizing profits.

Workers: Okay, well, we’ll minimize labor while just barely keeping our jobs.

Capitalists: BUT WORK ETHIC

So true, a lady I worked with actually got hit by a car and died. This was on a weekend. On Monday morning, her name was not mentioned in the morning meeting at all. Within a few days, a few staff shared her job. To this day, ….Can’t go on, too emotional now. Life is too short for adding unnecessary stresses to our lives. Enough about you. Why do you think you got laid off if you are a valuable asset to the company? Let’s discuss that first before you rant from your hurt feeling. Employers don’t fire their best employees. Good employees are hard to come by in the current market condition.

My and my co-worker’s positions were just eliminated because of a power struggle. Only thing we did wrong was to ask for a release schedule and publicly (after multiple attempts to do it privately) point out that products were behind. I mean instead of asking the product team directly for the schedule, (which we and our then manager had done multiple times) we asked in a meeting with other company stakeholders present. Suddenly we got it.

By only doing the bare minimum required for your job, you are just making yourself disposable a lot faster. Literally not how that works unless you’re in an extremely high position from the beginning of your career which almost never happens. My dad worked too hard and go laid off because they couldn’t afford to pay him anymore. That is “literally” how it works. He didn’t say working hard won’t get you laid off, shit can happen to anyone. He was saying that doing the bare minimum will make you a bigger target for it. That’s just facts.

It wont though, you don’t get paid more for doing the bare minimum, a company won’t keep you around based on how loyal you are, its based on how much money you make them. Doing the bare minimum means they have to pay you the bare minimum for your position, you do your job. I have to respectfully disagree here. I used to work with someone who did the bare minimum and wound up losing her job over something else. My mother was a school nurse, very rarely took days off. Her plan was to retire in June ‘93. In August ‘92 she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She worked in between treatments. She was buried the day she was supposed to retire. Company absorbed the retirement $$ cuz she was an active employee.

Business management professor told us if we get overwhelmed or sucked into an abyss on the job, walk outside. If your name isn’t on the building, stop working as if you own the company. Give your best for 8 hrs and don’t take the stress home with you. I once had an incredibly stressful job, and my mantra was “I don’t get paid enough to stress”. It helped me enormously. I dealt with things, did my best, but was able to keep calm and not let stress get to me at all. I really enjoyed it because of that.


Pakistani Version of Free the Nipples

It’s always been super confusing to me even, when I was very young, why male parts are more societally accepted than female’s. Literally the same thing except ours don’t work. Free the nipple should not have to be a thing it’s just skin bro. I need maternity pieces of cloth because my back is on fire (I’m usually a free the nipple gal). But, my that part got so much bigger in the first 8 weeks alone, I can’t fathom what type of hulk like part I’ll have by September.

Just the thoughts of one guy from 1822 about why women should be able to show their bodies without the attachment of different assumptions. But the writer is arguing against the sentiments n of women’s bodies, claiming that there is nothing inherently different there and we need to grow up. It’s essentially an 1822 ‘Free the nipple’ essay. On the one hand, maybe it feels a bit unique for a bloke to be writing about how great that part are (I mean, I agree, they are great).

I just cant stop thinking about it, what were they doing in front of the tower? what does them posing their like that prove? are they raising awareness? who isnt aware of it? and how does them being bare chested help? free the nipple i understand but its so useless here. It was a “womans rights” movement from 2012 and turned into the very different thing and process in public trend that went around.

My example is tertiary, yours is a much more impactful thing. But same basic principle of getting people to just go along with the “team.” Reasons why I am toxic: Despite being a huge advocate of Free The Nipple, I believe that all drag performers, regardless of gender, gender assigned at birth, or drag-character-gender, should not have visible things. May be I am wrong, but that’s just my point of view.

Yes it’s a personal bugbear of mine and I am self-aware enough to know that the prescience of a nipple pastie (or lack thereof) doesn’t define wether they are a good artist or not. I just feel like when we see the real nipple peek out, it takes the audience out of the fantasy. More than anything I think a part just makes the outfit look incomplete. But there’s also a part of me that’s keenly aware that if a person without slips a nip then it’s whatever, but a person WITH parts slips a nip it becomes tabloid rocket-fuel. Privilege gap.

Drag is all about playing with gender – exaggerating it, dismantling it, laughing at it, redefining it. And when a natural nipple is visible, you get brought back to reality and reminded that gendered “rules” are placed on certain bodies. I like how I started this thread with “this is why I’m toxic” and finished it with “no but actually this is socio-politically why this opinion is very valid”. Anyway. All drag is valid, but I personally prefer drag with nipple-covers.


Pagal Tissue Lelo Yaar Girl Name Viral Video

At last now we know the name of the pagal tissue lelo girl as she has been very active on the Instagram and also on the tiktok. She has been creating tiktok videos and sharing it on the facebook for quite some time but only now has gone viral.

The boy in the video is not her husband but just a friend, yes just another friend and they are enjoying in one of boy’s friend house and other boys are in other room waiting for this rendezvous to finish. The thing is that some people are saying that this video was leaked or released in true words on purpose and intentionally because of getting more likes and fame and money of course.

As they say in Urdu:

اے طائر لاہُوتی اُس رزق سے موت اچھی
جس رزق سے آتی ہو پرواز میں کوتاہی

کیڑے مکوڑوں سے بدتر ہیں وہ لوگ آزاد مُلک کی نسلیں غلامی میں جھونک رہے ہیں.

The might not be far from reality but if that’s true then both boy and girl should get an Oscar award for such real life and close to real acting in that video. I would even say that cast them in some new drama or movie. Dating someone who barely likes you is literal torture so from now on i need someone thats gon fall to their knees in the middle of Whole Foods when they think of me.

Yes these are the perils of the dating. They act like they really really like you at first then they switch up out of nowhere when you’re in too deep. Man this always sounds nice until you have it and then dudes do weird shit like knocking on your window to hang after you said no. I’ve always wondered why people would want somebody who’s obsessed with them or with anyting related to them.

How do you even date someone who barely likes you exacly. It’s never on purpose, i’ve seen with plenty women and ppl i’ve dated in the past that a lot of guys make you out to be their world during the honeymoon phase then when that’s done or 2 years down the line they start acting like it’s a chore to look at, talk to, or like you. Why would I date someone in the first place who doesn’t worship the ground I walk upon. I mean realistically why would I be dating someone where we don’t have a crush on each other.

See that’s a problem. That’s a false hope. Nobody will ever feel that way every day, or forever. So hoping for that at the beginning is a precursor to becoming disillusioned and unsatisfied later when things get rough. Mutual respect, enjoying their company, common goals, yes. I feel you. Same with me. After my divorce I met this guy who was a brilliant intellectual. He fell over me to do anything for me. Wanted to marry me after a month. The guy creeped me out romantically but talking to him about anything and everything was a lot o fun. To bad.

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