Pfizer Booster Shot in Pakistan After 2 Sputnik Doses

The question is can I get Pfizer booster shot in Pakistan after 2 Sputnik doses as I have to travel shortly and would it be safe? The reason why I am asking is that there is no clear answer on the website about this and health departments are clueless.

Someone like me who got two Sputnik doses earlier in the year and who will have to travel soon to places where Sputnik is not yet approved (unless the WHO approves it which may happen soon) can get a Pfizer dose – in fact both doses spaced 4 weeks apart – and then travel. Dont be in hurry to create immune system problems for yourself by playing around with different vaccines.

The payment per booster dose is Rs 1270 – and vaccines being used for booster doses are Pfizer, SinoPharm and SinoVac – all booster doses obtained in this manner are included in the NADRA record. Pfizer is also two doses? I thought if you have had others then one booster dose would suffice. Any experts here? Please. From what I was told, they’re only administering Pfizer to individuals who got the Chinese vaccine. Have they revised this policy?

You’d need a valid visa for this right? Or can anyone who has taken sputnik go and get their boosters? On paper, they are asking for a valid visa. In reality, they are not checking and just going with the flow. On the safe side, take your passport with you when you to JPMC. Good luck. If sputnik approved till December then no need for booster? I also got sputnik in April. Sir visa required or just walk in with 1270 payment receipt? Just pay man. Do we go to a private hospital for the booster dose or govt?

This is a very serious question, please seek assistance from qualified people preferably from outside of Pakistan, the twitterati will conveniently walk you off the cliff, so just don’t rely on social media. It’s your health we are talking about here. Booster is usually recommended at least six months after the last vaccination in the elderly and the vulnerable. It is also used by international travellers in countries which do not recognise Chinese vaccines.


Who Are Mr and Mrs Sohaib and What They Have Done

Everyone on social media is asking as who is Mr adn Mrs Sohaib and what they have done in Northern areas of Pakistan to be blasted away by many who love their country and landscape.

A humble request to Mr and Mr.s Sohaib please don’t ever visit this place again unless you learn basic ethics and manners. Very uncivilised bustle to wall chalk the unspoilt Khunejrab ambience. Good for that loud mouth ‘Mr. & Mrs Shoib’ to visit this majestic place. So do thousands every year, but do not pollute surroundings. Wondering, how soon will those dingy signs take to vanish. The idea is not bad I think, tourism departments can have a board or something where people leave a mark/signature of their visit. They will look for it if they visit again.

Actually they should be contacted and invited back to all these points and made to clean up this mess. Absolutely. The ones who create a of this kind of mess should be punished with community service. Such guilty folks should be forced by law to clean up the mess and their identity revealed to the public. Disgusting pair. This is not the lingo that Mr and Mrs Shoaib would ever understand. You have to come out in your thait Punjabi to have an impact.

This is from October 2017. Its negligence of the local government for not cleaning it in all those years. It’s the same picture! It must have been cleaned by now. I recently visited wadi jinn in madinah. There You find Pakistani flag on the mountains and names of our great explorers. Looks so embarrassing. Famous destination for Pakistanis and Indians. No other makhlooq dare to go there.

So maybe u don’t know, but this horrible graffiti was done by Mr Bilal & Mr Usman-both supposed friends of Mr Sohaib. It was done to get Mr Sohaib & his wife in trouble, as a prank and also to get them badduaein. It was very carefully carried out troll and prank. It was also in ummat newspaper. If this wall is filled by such marks, it would get famous and attract tourism. People would try best to reach this spot to engrave their name too. This happens in number of countries and become a tag of history. We should not blame the couple or their up bringing. Lets be fair.

What if another Mr and Mr.s Shoaib of their own kind visit this place and urinate their names like mostly such people do in metropolitan cities. How would they feel if they are informed someone urinated their name. Disgusting, lack of basic education. Should be traced and asked to come at own expenses and clean it up. Should be zero tolerance on it. Now foreign tourists are coming in big number what impressions we giving to them.


E 11 Flood Video and Photos Islamabad Cloud burst

Following are the latest and updated E 11 flood video and photos Islamabad cloud burst. Let me first explain what exactly is cloud burst or Cloudburst and then you can watch live video below. Cloud burst in Urdu is that ‘Nami ki miqdar mein izafa’ or in other simple terms it means that precipitation increases and in short amount of time large rain happens.

Sector E-11 is managed by private housing society MPCHS Islamabad. Thy must pay now residents for damage after Rain. This is what happens when we build houses in nature’s way. Paani ke raastay main ghar bana diay humne. This pic was shared 3 months ago, cleaning of nullah (bhall Safai) should have been completed (started) by now. yes.. our office is there.. there was a newly open mart at basement.. every thing was floating over there in morning… and it was only army who came for help.

There 4 Cooperative societies in E-11, MPHS is the one who managed its area well, 2nd is Police Foundation, others are Progressive Citizen and Doctors Society, Problem is in those areas, they didn’t leave space for parks, no appropriate rain water draining system. There are a number of societies in E-11. MPCHS, National Police Foundation (NPF), Federal Services Housing Society, Doctors Society and some more I guess. Illegal developments must be demolished in sectors like this n others, they are the main cause of this . Current situation in the capital of Pakistan. (Urban flooding).



Imran Knows History of Uzbekistan More Than Uzbeks

Youthias will also defend it for sure but all the other sane people will once again marvel and wonder what selectors have imposed upon us this time. I feel pity for those who always thought that he might do something good for them and country but they are still in shock and disbelief.

Blowing his punctured trumpet himself. This is so disrespectful of the Uzbeks:

“ I know the history of Uzbekistan more than most people of Uzbekistan.”

Highly irresponsible.

Here is one Youthia argument:
I again disagree with you; as International relation student, let have example if I said to Quetta people doesn’t know what is happening with them because i know better about grounds & International development on that region. whats your argument over it?

He actually said that? I thought everyone was just making a joke. Yes he did said it actually and now we know that’s why he is making movie on Zaheer ud din Babar. This guy never disappoints. Top class comedy. Even better then Trump. Is Uzbekistan a country bordering Canada and Japan. The beauty of this moron is that he never misses a chance to prove him worse than the most useful idiot. How long would we suffer through this thing and how long could we afford him?

From all trip and from all media interactions and press conference including with the Uzbek president, this whole trip is a farce. One wishes that he wouldn’t leave the country and even PM house and will just disappear. Khan is participating in the Central-South Asia conference, in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and it’s an immense embarrassment for the country. I mean there is some decency, wisdom, statesmanship, and a vibe of being a leader of state but we don’t see it anywhere.



نوجوانوں کو محفوظ جگہ کم قیمت میں

نوجوانوں کو محفوظ جگہ کم قیمت میں میسر ہو ایسا کوئی پراجیکٹ شروع ہونا چائیے ویسے
آپ لوگ مجھے بُرا بھلا کہو گے مگر یہ ضروری ہے بہت جوڑے بلیک میلنگ وغیرہ سے بچ جائیں گے ایسے

نکاح کو اسان بنائیں اور اس کی پزیرائی کریں۔

مِس ویسے ہی کلچر بنا دیں کہ جب لڑکا لڑکی ضرورت محسوس کریں، بڑے انکا سادگی سے نکاح کردیں۔ اپنی تعلیم جاری رکھیں۔ جب تک جاب نہیں ملتی، والدین انکا خرچ اٹھاتے رہیں جیسے پہلے اٹھاتے۔ اور جو بچے پیدا ہوں، انکا خرچ گورنمنٹ آتھائے۔ جب تک گورنمنٹ انکی تعلیم مکمل ہونے پر روزگار نہیں دیتی۔

نا آپ کو لگتا زنا اس وجہ سے ہوتے کہ وقت پر شادیاں نہیں ہوتی

لازمی تو نہیں، شادی شدہ بھی اس کام میں ملوث ہوتے مگر بلوغت پر جسمانی ضرورتیں بدل جاتیں، جن کو پورا کرنے کا جائز راستہ تو نکاح ہی ہے۔ تاہم جلدی اور پسند کی شادیوں سے فرق ضرور پڑے گا۔

ایک خاتون اپنے بیٹے کی جاب کی وجہ سے پریشان تھی، میں نے ان سے کہا،جہاد کی نیت سے فوج میں بھیج دیں،جاب بھی ہو جائے گی اور ثواب بھی ملے گا، کہنے لگیں ہیں نا بھائی وہاں سے لاشیں آتی ہیں میں کوئی رسک نہیں لے سکتی، میں نے بارہا کہا ہے،ہمیں علامہ اقبال کے فلسفہ تعلیم کو اپنا نا ہوگا

تبھی ہم ترقی کر سکتے ہیں اور معاشرے میں تبدیلی بھی لا سکتے ہیں، جب تک علامہ اقبال کے نظریہ کے مطابق تعلیم نہیں دی جاتی، تب تک آپ تبدیلی کے بارے میں سوچیں ہی مت، بلکہ مزید بگاڑ کی طرف معاشرہ جائے گا۔

محفوظ جگہ کس لئے غلط کام کے لئے ؟؟؟؟؟باہرلے ملکوں کی بات کیجاتی تو یقیننا آپکی بات سہی تھی کیا اب ہم بھی گناہوں کو facilitate کریں گےاس کے بجائے ایسے اقدامات ضروری ہیں کہ نوجوان اس گناہ سے رک جائیں

سیف سٹی کے کیمرے ہوں یا سینما کے، سب سے یہی پتا چلا رہا ہے کہ پاکستان میں جگہ کتنا بڑا مسئلہ ہے اور وقت کی کتنی بڑی ضرورت. اس ضرورت کو مدنظر رکھتے ہوئے میرا entrepreneur دماغ میں safe make out کے لیے ایک آئیڈیا آرہا ہے. ایک ایسا پلیٹ فارم جو نوجوان کو پرسکون اور محفوظ جگہ

ڈھونڈنے میں مدد کرے. جہاں نوجوانوں کو پولیس، دوست/رشتہ داروں یا کیمروں کا ڈر نا ہو. جہاں وہ سکون سے وقت گزار سکیں. یہ پلیٹ فارم لوگوں کی پرائیویسی کی مکمل گارنٹی دے گا.


Train Hadsa Today in Ghotki Status Update Phone Number

Latest update from Ghotki train hadsa today is here and you can also use the following phone number to reach out the authorities and get to know about the passengers, injured, dead bodies and which hospitals they are taken to. The scene is still very chaotic and news is coming in.

حادثے کی معلومات کے لیے ان نمبروں پر رابطہ کرکے معلومات حاصل کی جاسکتی ہیں۔ فیصل آباد 041-9200488، اے او فیصل آباد0333-4805996، راولپنڈی 051-9270834، کراچی کینٹ عیسیٰ زرداری 0331-2706334، خرم 0300-3754200، روہڑی اور سکھر 071-5813433، 071-9310087 ۔

Millat Express train which was going from Karachi to Sarghodha got derailed at Dharki, which is a remote town of district Ghotki. The train then went to wrong track and then collided with another train Sir Syed Express train which was coming from Rawalpindi. The phone number of Raiti railway station is very busy and no one is picking up. This is the station where accident occurred. Railway minister helpline is also unresponsive and their officials are not really helping out.

It seems that the whole department of railway has derailed. The train was overloaded and the other causes of accident are lack of track maintenance, signal issues and older engines. Also the negligence of Railway minister of PTI is legendary now as he simply doesn’t care. Khawaja Saad Rafique, the previous minister was personally trying to fix things, but this government is simply ignorant and incompetent. This is not the first time it has happened and unfortunately doesn’t look like it will be the last.

People in Pakistan are waking up to this terrible news. Passengers of Millat and Sir Syed are still trapped inside the train and rescue efforts have just started. Locals of the area were the first to reach and they are trying whatever they can to help. 50 people have already died and countless are injured. Between 15 to 20 passengers are still trapped in the wreckage of the Millat Express train and authorities are trying to arrange heavy machinery to rescue those people who are crying for help.

Sadiqabad railway station is also on high alert. Ghotiki and Dharki hospitals are also on high alert. Hospitals in the area have been put on emergency alert to deal with the casualties. But these hospitals are very ill-equipped to cater to such emergency. 



Who is Sania Nishtar and is it BISP or Ehsas Program?

PPP is not known for its development or welfare or any sort of progress during their tenures as governemnt so it was a good surprise when they launched Benazir Income Support Program few years back. The PPP government launched the Benazir Income Support Program to reduce poverty, and now allegedely PTI government has rebranded it as Ehsas program.

Mr Imran Khan, By changing the names of projects, institutions and buildings, you cannot erase the name of SMBB from the hearts of the people as is said by the PPP supporters. Benazir Income Support Programme not been closed. Before Supreme Court PTI Govt confessed that we only changed the card name and continued with Ehsaas program to the same Benazir Income support program.

No.1 Hallmark of Ameer Ul Momineen IK is“Murghee & Katta Programme”. His no 2 land mark is “Langar Khana program”. IK & Saneeya Nishtar may fraudulently call Benazir Income Support Program as “Ehsas” for another 2 years. After that BISP will be there forever to serve same women. Men must not invade personal space of a woman. Woman flinches in video below. Also has to be told that it’s “Mine” not Benazir’s income support. People might be poor but they are not idiots & must be treated with dignity. Self promotion doesn’t fool people.

Its Benazir Income Support Program, world’s one of largest social safety net providing direct cash support to million of the poor & needy since 2009, here is World Bank’s synopsis on BISP. Name change & making long queues of the people will NOT change the facts. You can’t deceive the people with blatant lies, despite spending millions on ads & changing name.

By the way, it was very surprising (a pleasant surprise though) to see that NS didn’t rename or relabel the Benazir Income Support Program. There is no doubt that Ms. Sania Nishtar is leading the Ehsas program very well. But if Benazir Income Support Program was fake, is there any mention of this program in government papers? Profile of Sania Nishtar is also still unknown and we don’t know who she is.

Women: Mujhy Benazir income support program sey paisay milty thy 2 month sey nahi mily.
ImranKhan: Abb us ka name change Kar diya hai.

You can kill a man,but not an idea.

Now after being exposed badly you are admitting that its Benazir Income Support Program, but mode of payment is changed from direct credit to long queues insulting & humiliating women, just because you don’t want Shaheed Bibi’s picture on it. Guess how weak this government’s connection with the people is that for the last three years, the difference between the Benazir Income Support Program and the Ehsas Program has not been explained to the people.


Jahangir Tareen Group Members Full List

Until the 90’s, Jahangir Tareen had nothing. He was an ordinary professor at the Punjab University. Today, he is one of the richest person in Pakistan, there should be accountability for everyone. Jahangir Tareen’s sugar mills produce 60,000 tonnes and are the trading corporation’s largest contractor, which installed IPP plants with an investment of Rs 15 billion.

Jehangir Tareen may be the most corrupt person of Pakistan but its the same person who ran the kitchen of Imran Khan for years. It was his plane which was used by Imran for years to run his campaign and also for his other domestic things. It was Tareen money which was lavishly spent by Imran Khan during his multiple weddings and it was Tareen resources which were consumed by many in PTI.

40 members of both houses of the Parliament were demanding justice from the premier. Tareen said he had money in the proper manner and added he did not earn money in politics. Few of prominent ones with Jehangir are:

  • Raja Riaz
  • Saeed Akbar Nawani
  • Noman Langarial
  • Salman Naeem

Farukh Habib said Imran Khan will not bow to blackmailing. Farukh said the premier will stand firm for the sake of accountability. Tareen had said that he was ready to face any inquiry but to drag his son into the case was unjustified. But PTI supporters say that “Jahangir Tareen Just thrown himself in the Dustbin of History! He shouldn’t have crossed our red line which is Imran Khan.”

Jahangir Tareen is the rug that seems to be pulled from underneath ImranKhanPTI. Let’s see now if skipper could get through without the help of the sponsors. They have formed a group called “Jahangir Tareen Hum Khayal Group”. And will present themselves in National and Provisional Assembly. Same bunch of crook families. They are opportunistic who penetrate from party to party whoever they fell is going to win. Corruption is penetrated in our blood. Without it all of us feel like we are choking.



Politicisation of the Civil Service in Pakistan

The declining capacity of the state machinery is the cumulative result of several factors. Among these two stand out. One, postponed reforms and two, politicisation of the civil service.

There is little evidence of any change in the training, skill development, working methods and outlook of the foreign service, which needs its own set of reforms to make it fit for purpose. Instead of this piecemeal tinkering a comprehensive approach is needed which transforms state institutions to respond to the requirements of modern governance.

“Above all, the aim of reform should be to depoliticise the civil service by ensuring merit in postings and transfers, a key element that remains conspicuous by its absence so far.” Key issue is institutional corrosion in Pakistan, esp absence of Institutional decision-making; Foreign Office revamping should include focus on 3D’s: Diplomacy, Diaspora & Digitalmedia + Foreign Service exam should be separate.

“India’s Foreign Service is thoroughly professional, with an unusually high number of brilliant officers, but is a persistent underachiever. By contrast, Pak Foreign Service is smaller in size and range than IFS but extremely effective.” Stephen Cohen, “Emerging power – India”

“The quality of Pakistani diplomats can’t-be questioned. They are a formidable group, their best are as good as our best. For some Pak diplomats, the foreign service was both a cause and a career;for a handful, it was a crusade.” Kunwar Natwar Singh, Indian Ext. Affairs Minister

The PM’s remarks about Pakistan’s Foreign Service were badly prepared and reflect a growing propensity for scapegoating the civilian bureaucracy as the government fails or falters on nearly all fronts due to its own arbitrary governance & poverty of ideas. Excellency, May I ask what the Foreign Service of Pakistan was doing when EU MPs were preparing a resolution to withdraw GSP plus status? should Pakistan’s Ambassadar to Brussels not be probed/ questioned?

I doubt the quality and performance of foreign affairs staff and diplomats can be gauged by the statement from across the border. The reality is – majority of Pakistan embassies staff is inept, ungracious and self centered. Majority of Pakistanis have unpleasant memories of Their trips to embassies and counsulates. None of the Pak ambassadors have been able to push through the Pak narrative on WoT, Kashmir or on local priorities as they had been busy in self gratification. You should gauge your performance from OSP feedback and Pak image abroad.



Is Covid Nature’s Way of Reducing Population in World

Is Covid Nature’s Way of Reducing Population in World is a question raised by a PTI minister in Pakistan as Covid-19 pandemic rages on with full force in Pakistan and also in neighbouring India. Both India and Pakistan are one of the most populous countries in the world.

Not only both of these countries are full of people, they are also poor, atomic powers, arch-rivals, and always for the lookout for getting more military power.  I know the title of the post seems bit heartless but many are wondering that due to the humongous number of people, it’s practically impossible for the governments in these countries to control the population. That and the same question is valid for other countries in the world which are equally adding number of people every year in astronomical figures. 

UNDP’s Pakistan National Human Development Report 2020 is full of startling revelations but its recent release could not get the media attention it deserved. Just to cite an example: Pakistan’s middle class has drastically shrunk from 42% of population in 2009 to 36% in 2019. “Patients will die….We’re hardly left with any oxygen. We’ve requested doctors to discharge patients, whoever can be discharged…Oxygen may last for 2 hrs.” – Sunil Sagar, CEO, Shanti Mukand Hospital, Delhi breaks down as he speaks about the Oxygen crisis. India records 3.32 lakh new Covid-19 cases, world’s highest single-day spike. India reports 294,115 new coronavirus cases, by far the biggest one-day increase so far, and a record 2,020 new deaths. 

I urge the Government of Pakistan and the Government of India to put aside their old grievances and think of their country. How to eradicate a disease like Corona virus together. Two of Delhi’s top hospitals reported that their oxygen supplies will last for just 6-12 more hours. The crunch comes as Delhi struggles to cope with an unprecedented daily surge that reached 32,000 last evening. The situation is pretty bad there. Patients are running out of oxygen, I’ve seen images where people are sleeping on roads with o2 cylinders carried by family members. Don’t let the human in you die & pray for them despite of political tensions between us.

The irony is way more serious and moronic than we think. South Asia’s two nuclear powers. One is India an the other one is Pakistan. One has no vaccine and the other has no oxygen and the last missile test they both was just this month with all the fanfare and pomp. Now both are struggling to provide basic healthcare to their people. At least the developed world has the plan and the priorities but these 2 countries are as silly as every and heartless too I would say.

As we live our day to day lives, let us continue to be vigilant and take the necessary precautions when it comes to Corona Virus. May every being survives this hectic time.

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