Kulhad Pizza Couple Video Leaked Viral Uncut Full










Meet the Kulhad Couple, a fictional duo who have captured the hearts of food enthusiasts and social media followers alike with their unique pizza-selling venture. In this modern love story, they have not only become social media celebrities but have also made waves in the culinary world. However, their journey recently took an unexpected turn when a private video was leaked, sending shockwaves through their thriving online presence.

Paragraph 2: The Origin Story

The Kulhad Couple, whose real names are Ria and Arjun, started their culinary adventure several years ago with a shared passion for pizza-making. They decided to put a creative spin on their business by serving pizza in traditional Indian kulhads (clay pots) to infuse a touch of authenticity and sustainability into their venture. Their innovative idea quickly gained traction, and they became known as the “Kulhad Couple.”

Paragraph 3: Social Media Stardom

Ria and Arjun leveraged the power of social media to showcase their culinary skills and unique concept. Their Instagram and YouTube channels, filled with enticing pizza-making tutorials and quirky moments from their daily lives, attracted a massive following of pizza lovers and fans of their endearing chemistry. They were soon hailed as a social media sensation.

Paragraph 4: The Unfortunate Leak

Despite their soaring success, the Kulhad Couple’s fairy tale took an unexpected twist when a private video meant solely for their eyes was leaked to the public. The leak exposed their vulnerability and tested the strength of their relationship as well as their ability to deal with a crisis in the public eye.

Paragraph 5: Coping with Adversity

Ria and Arjun faced a barrage of media attention and online scrutiny after the video leak. While the incident undoubtedly shook them, they responded with honesty and resilience. They issued a joint statement addressing the leak, acknowledging their mistake, and requesting privacy and understanding from their followers.

Paragraph 6: Support from Their Fans

The outpouring of support from their dedicated fanbase was overwhelming. Many of their followers expressed empathy, emphasizing that everyone makes mistakes and that they would continue to support the Kulhad Couple’s journey. This episode demonstrated the strength of the online community that had grown around them.

Paragraph 7: A New Chapter

As Ria and Arjun navigate the challenging aftermath of the video leak, they remain committed to their culinary passion and the business that brought them together. Their journey serves as a reminder of the trials and tribulations that can come with internet fame, but also as a testament to the power of love, resilience, and the unwavering support of their followers. The Kulhad Couple’s story continues, proving that even when life serves unexpected challenges, their love for pizza and each other remains steadfast.


Light Wala Couple Video Leaked Viral

Watch full hot light wala couple video which went viral after getting leaked on Twitter here for free and without any issues. So the light is here and this couple has broken the Internet today with this great performance.









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Nadeem Nani Wala Viral Video Dailymotion

Nadeem Nani Wala viral video has leaked again on dailymotion and twitter and social media is ablaze yet again. That is where Pakistani and Indian social media are way too much similar rather than different.

It was mostly desi carats. You remember when that thread came out that claimed about svt members dating. in it, wonwoo was in a relationship since he was 14 (as far as i remember). Yep, definitely white privilege played a part, she would have thought of a brown guy as tharki. Nadeem Nani wala leaked videos are talk of town. But will give her benefit of the doubt, IT has a lot of young and stressed people so romance is natural. Not only blocked she would make sure to share screenshot of the conversation and get additional retweets.

She is woke pro max. One of critical caste theory proponents, irony is that she is one of those who said caste was race based like uc are white and lc are black, and here she is. Bro such is life. The white guy has privilege and we don’t. No point crying about it. Well, contrary to the popular opinion,the Indian obsession with fair skin isn’t specific to men only. Secondly, due to sexual segregation and lack of dating culture, lot of Indians do lack the word game. Thirdly,the guy is pretty handsome,so there’s that aswell. Well an ugly Indian would have been blocked. top 10% desi men receive the same level of thirst. Story of every other cosmopolitan pajeeta who moves west, fakes the accent in 3 months and chases a white dude. 90% of them get dumped in 6 to 12 months because she gets too comfortable and forgets he is Roger and not Raju.

Culturally we Indians are tuned towards long term relationship. The current western culture is about relationships for pleasure. Pump and dump. This will go badly for that girl. Feel sad for her. What exactly was the benefit of this thread? It’s very obvious that this woman didn’t know that her husband had an unhealthy relationship with his mother. From my understanding, desi muslims don’t spend much time in the pre-marriage/‘dating’ stage, how would she have found out? “At last, the succession is assured!” said Cary. Then he winked at Rose and said, “I’m as gay as the day is long, so Marcus here was our only hope. But no pressure or anything.”

Great thread! Another nice one is the Śrī Gaṇapati Devasthāna in Candola, which still has an ancient mūrti dating back to the 13th century and has some interesting history during the Portuguese times. At some point, if u are disabled & dating someone new, no matter how much that person loves u, they may at some point or another receive what I call the *Friends & Family Warning. It’s at a times brutal moment when the projections of an insecure and ignorant society are projected on the you, the person you are dating, and the relationship itself. And it’s hard not to internalize it. People with disabilities are whole, dignified, complex, and worthy of love, even when it feels like everyone around us is working out their own sh*t. It’s all projections of internalized fear and pain. You are loved.


Harim Khan Pakistan Video Leaked Watch in India

Harim Khan Pakistan video is ultra viral in India too. Harim Khan who is also known as Harim Sha has leaked video on Twitter. Harim Shah says that her video was leaked by her best friend Sundal Khattak and the friend denies it vehemently.

As my placard from this year’s Aurat march has gone viral, I want to share the story of my mother. It’s not the story of an individual; it is the story of millions of women in Pakistan and around the globe. When my mom was 10 years old, she was fond of reading and writing. And wanted to go to school like her brothers. One day, she expressed her desire to her grandmother, who agreed and purchased a “Takhti” for her. My mom went to school for one or two days, and when she returned home, she cleaned her “Takhti” with mud so she could use it again the next day. Harim Khan Pakistan Video is one example of that.

One day, a relative who was a Molvi and member of a religious political party, Maulana Fazal Rehman, came to visit their home. He saw my mom’s Takhti and asked her grandmother about it. She told him that it belonged to her granddaughter, who goes to school and wants to learn. The Molvi became infuriated when he heard this and said that there was no need for girls to study, as it was against their culture and religious values. He claimed that if she learned to write, she would write letters to other men and violate the honor of their family. Thanks for that poster and for the story; proud of your mum who raised a son like you because your genuine message is so far reaching for millions of out of school girls.

From that day, she was never allowed to go to school. Whenever my mom tells me this story, I can see the tears and helplessness in her eyes, which breaks my heart, but I can’t do anything to help her. Her dreams were shattered, and she was deprived of the fundamental right to education, with no one to assist her. This still happens in Pakistan and around the world today, where women’s basic rights are taken away because of their gender, and nobody seems to care. That’s why I decided to carry this banner on International Women’s Day, so that no other women would be treated like this. She may have been deprived to learn how to read or write, but raising a son like you shows that she didn’t let society stop her from gaining knowledge and wisdom may Allah make you sadqa.e.jariya for her and you contribute in helping other girls in getting education. Harim Khan Pakistan Video is a must watch in India for free.

This is such a sad story. And also salute you for highlighting an important issue. Give your mom a hug from my side and tell her she’s an amazing woman. So thankful that my Nani was given the opportunity to education. This, in Hyderabad-e-Sindh, 1920s. She later raised 2 daughters alone in India, as a single mother, after walking out of her marriage, being fed up with the shit she got from her in laws for not having a son. My mother is a retired school teacher and I’ve never seen someone enthusiastic as her. She convinced the parents of the girls for their middle and high school education. Even she used to buy gifts for her students from her own salary on the result day. Once she heard that some. Your mother sounds like an amazing person for raising you to be a strong advocate for women’s rights, and for helping you resist the pressure to conform to a culture of religious patriarchy.

I was so inspired by this poster I make it my WhatsApp status. It is profound and thought provoking. ALLAH bless you and your family brother. We need to educates our females for inclusive prosperity and intellectuality. My Nani was a brilliant woman, a genius, who was not allowed to study past middle school. If she had the opportunity for higher ed, I can bet she would have some life changing invention or discovery to her name. This story is heartbreaking. But her story will live on, in your words. Thank you for taking the time to pen it down. The world needs more real allies like you. can feel her heartbreak in the words you’ve written. Please tell your mother she’s amazing and that I am deeply sorry her birthright was taken away from her by the curse of these moulvis and the unfortunate influence they are extended in this country.



Who is Janice Tessa Leaked Viral Video Hot Uncut

In Pakistani janice tessa viral video twitter is getting famous and you can watch it here uncut and full hot. Enjoy Janice Tessa tiktok viral leaked video and the whole collection of it. If you are wondering who is Janice Tessa then she is the hottest girl out there right now.

Janice Tessa leaked onlyf videos and photos viral on reddit and twitter; Full videos Link. If you’ve ever wondered who Janice Tessa is and where she’s from, you’re in the right place. We can help you get to know them better by providing information. Janice tessa leaked full complete video is here for free on whatsapp and other social media sites. janice tessa viral video twitter is all about having fun. Guys trust me Janice Tessa ka koi scene nahi hai uski aik ticktock hai jis pr sab logo ko crush agya hai. And her video is a work of art and should be enjoyed. Is this meant to reinforce the concept that I’m very tired of doing the right thing with no results?

Janice Tessa leaked onlyf videos and photos viral on reddit and twitter; Full videos Link. If you’ve ever wondered who Janice Tessa is and where she’s from, you’re in the right place. Janice Tessa age is also interesting. Janice is a Pakistani actress who gained popularity after getting a great role as Zoya in the Habs TV series. Such a breath of fresh air in an otherwise largely plastic industry that just can’t get over gora complex. Khushhal Khan and Janice Tessa in a slightly crazy young adult story
Both young, talented and hot. Janice Tessa aka Zoya from Habs speaks about her experience shooting for Habs, how her acting journey started, harsh comments she had to hear because of her skin colour & more.

Why everyone on TikTok is talking about Janice Tessa? Well because she is hot Pakistani girl whose video leaked. Who’s that? Her name is Tessa, it’s a Newman baby that want happen, cause Daddy Victor and Nick want let it happen. “i like the way you carry yourself” is a top tier compliment. True. Beats the “oh I’m happy your still getting kills” comment as someone said this to me once. If they said they like the way God carries me that would be more accurate though. Or when people say “you’re an old soul” and “you have a good head on your shoulders”. “I like your character, I aspire to be like it one day” hits different as well. Well, its a shame these women carry themselves like a used suitcase from the 90’s. Another one is “you look organic” was my favourite one.. And I swear some women would look 2738493 times better if they kept organic (especially the lashes).

Healthy relationships are created, not found. People look for affirmation from the rest of the world in regards to what is healthy.. I rejoice when I see a happy family and it’s certainly the toughest of all things things to achieve. I really want to get creative with you of all people. So this is the reality of janice tessa viral video twitter. Now you go and figure. Not even a relationship is PERFECT! We r bound to fall inlove one day! But reality is sometimes it’s SUCKIE! Yes, when we FOUND LOVE, itll be a challenged of all! It will simple ZIP UP US INTO IT! That’s when we CREATED IT! Then you will know if it meant for you or not! Its life. Healthy relationship, when two of you have same characteristics.

All you need is the right one, and relationships begin whether they stray, or as they linger. Healthy relationship is the fruit of a relationship that was fought for over and over. i hate when ppl bring out my bad disrespectful side bc im really a sweet girl. You have to allow them to do that though. The best thing I ever did to myself is stop fighting unnecessary battles and let people work themselves up and no longer giving them MY POWER. My aunt did this to me, needless to say we were both shook, I didn’t know I could get so loud. I feel like once people disturb my inner peace that’s how you know I’m tired of the BS. I’m a sweet person but once you push my buttons that’s how you know you’ve ruined the sweet out of me.






Khwab Mein Apni Shadi Dekhna Tabeer Matlab

Here is the detail of meaning of Khwab Mein Apni Shadi Dekhna. It’s actually quite auspicious and very nice thing to have in your dreams. In Pakistan and in the religion the tabeer of seeing one’s marriage in dream is very refreshing.

Tabeer is here.

The country is economically drowning yet the shadi season is in full swing. People dancing & having parties with restaurants and malls full. Feels like Titanic is sinking but the band is still playing. Trying to save myself from the hate I am getting for this would be hard but what to do is you see Khwab Mein Apni Shadi Dekhna. Whats the tabeer of this khawab. Is it good or bad? Madam in situations the villagers even dnt cook single dish like rice in sucb hard time you are talking about elite industrialist. You are absolutely right. And that is exactly what I meant. More than a half country is starving yet there is a show of extravagant big weddings. Thank you for saying it out loud. That’s actually a great information to know.

It should be said strictly, not lightly. This behaviour tells that we as a nation are insensitive and don’t give a damn about what is happening to our country. Not my place to be strict as I hold no authority or position. Even the lighter note isn’t taken that well. Cant you see? Yeah, sadly. No one wants to be criticized nowadays even if it is constructive and this will be hard. It’s not shadis, parties & restaurants that drain your foreign reserves, but imports of unnecessary/luxury goods when you’re barely exporting anything other than some mangoes & rice. The shadis, parties and everyday lives have the imported stuff. The demand comes from there mostly. The reason I said this isn’t that they shouldn’t celebrate but we should start investing in our industries to have things exported as you said.

Not sure guests at these events are served with American kababs or British biryani, but 100% sure that almost everyone of these guests has a smart phone (none manufactured in Pak). Why? It can never be explained in a single tweet. Khu bas khudey di raham oki pa mulk. Those kababs and dishes made on stoves which too are imported. Served on plates that are imported. The lights are imported. The glasses are. The list goes on. The tweet isnt an attack on the shadi industry. Just a kind reminder of what a mess this country is becoming and happening. The true meaning is that the rich still have enough money for extravagance while the poor r dying of hunger! The unnecessary money spend on weddings can go towards helping the poor. Tell us a time in history when we didn’t heard this news that the country is drowning? People have learned to live with this news now.

The awaam is doing enough to keep the country afloat. U surely can’t expect people giving up the little personal happiness left to further save econ. that the corrupt govt. drained. Please remember that lots get livelihood through these events; jobs that the govt. failed to create. I never said anyone has to give up on their personal happiness. Just the extravagant events getting crazier day by day. The tweet is in a lighter tone. Good concern. Just a suggestion; to send a strong message to PAK society, why don’t big names like yours start not attending the BIG shadi events and encourage simple Wedding events. Can we do this please? Initially l had the same feelings as you but after doing my HOMEWORK l realised that it’s a huge business which gives employment to many people and people earn there bread and butter through it. From clothes to food to music to catering a lot of people benefit from this.

Maybe because it’s not drowning and you’ve been drinking the insafi kool aid. This is actually a gap between Lower Class and Upper Class people that’s increasing day by day, which is not a good sign for the Economy and Society. As long as we forget the Islamic values and continue to follow alternatives ways according to our wishes, our original destination is destined to be far away. Keeping Shaadi ecnomid sector in full bloom. What is the problem here? Why not criticise the government for this ?? Who is responsible for this mess ? Or a blind eye for all this mess? Oh yea our economic growth as per World bank is almost the same. Would love to know more about SA, because in Pak it is the wedding season & the expenditure is just crazy. People are starving generally & more due to flood, but we have to throw extravagant weddings. An economist can in fact explain this contrast. Actually a huge chunk of undocumented economy perhaps is the reason of this puzzle. Affluent class is huge in Pakistan. They range from upper upper middle class to filthy rich class. Country’s economy does not match theirs.

You’re absolutely right. I’ve observed the same. For some reasons story of Prophet Yousuf A.S. keeps popping up in my head, when he predicted severe droughts in coming years. Only few paid attention & did necessary preparations. Majority ignored & eventually suffered.



Nusrat Javed Daughter Wedding

I have huge respect for Nusrat Javed, the leading columnist of Pakistan. Nusrat Javed daughter wedding news was broke by Nusrat sahib himself on the social media and we would like to congratulate him on this great auspicious occasion.

This is what Nusrat Javed said on Twitter, “Due to the wedding events of my daughter I took break from column writing. Therefore, no BARMALA today.”

May Allah bless her and your family in every way. Ameen Ya Rabb ul Aalaameen. Congratulations to you and your family on your daughter’s wedding۔ Congratulations and prays for a happy future for Beti. congratulations to you and your family on your daughter wedding and best wishes for you and your daughter. congratulations and prayer for the new wed couple. Nusrat Javed daughter wedding is first good news of the day for me. Masha Allah! Mabrook, May Allah bless both families with love, unity, peace and prosperity. Ameen. Congratulations to you and your family on your daughter’s wedding. May God bless her and her spouse with all the happiness in this world.

Congratulations. Wishing her a blissful, happy marriage. Congratulations for the wedding but we are going to miss your daily master piece. Masha Allah, must be proud moment for your. May Allah keep you and your daughter under His blessings and protection and give your and her success in Dunia and Akhra. Ameen. Congratulations Nusrat Sahib. May Allah bless the newlyweds a happy, prosperous & peaceful life. Ameen. Mubarak ho ap ko, Allah nasseb achy kery. Daughters are the gift of God and in Pakistan it’s a blessing to have a daughter. I wish I could see the Nusrat Javed daughter wedding photos and video and to see how happy the father is.

CONGRATULATIONS sir and may she be a Happiest person of this world Ameen. Congratulations on the big day. Prayers and best wishes for her. Congrats and best wishes sir! May Allah grant all the happiness all her life, you always get good vibes from her inshaAllah. Mubarak and lot of prays for the well-being of your daughter. May happiness always partake in your life and your daughter’s life. Congratulations Nusrat sb. May Allah bless her with eternal good fortune.


Najiba Faiz Viral Video Leaked Very Hot

Another latest video of Najiba Faiz is here. Najiba Faiz viral video leaked is very hot and worth watching for everyone. She is not only pretty and graceful but she is also very engaging and is free of any obstacles and she shares everything online on whatsapp and twitter.

Najiba Faiz is a big soccer fan too and enjoying the world cup in Qatar and sharing her sentiments. Network effects are incredibly hard to break and Twitter, built on a follow graph rather than on a friend graph, has the most powerful network effect in social. Twitter isn’t going anywhere unless they shut the site down and keep it off. It’s more pure (no social pressure to follow), has more edges, takes much longer to build, and is based on genuine interest across cyberspace rather than from pre-existing real world relationships. But once built it’s a more accurate information router and harder to replace.

Side note, to all of you who subscribed to my Youtube channel, thank u. I’m currently working on my blueprint, it’s gonna take some time, but once I’m up and running I can guarantee u lots of entertainment, insight and fun. Stay tuned. Didn’t expect you of all people to call it soccer. If we are going full American. we should call cricket World cup..
Not Baseball World cup.

Not only Americans, south africans, canadians, kiwis often say soccer too. Here is favorite of list of Najiba Faiz viral video favorite:

  • Bukayo saka
  • Mo.salah
  • Sadiyo mane
  • Messi
  • Ronaldo
  • Ronaldo nazario
  • Pirlo
  • Xavi

Most powerful? Doesn’t Instagram and YouTube have the same “follow graph”? What makes Twitter’s network effects stronger than other platforms? Twitter has less users (which is telling) and a lower barrier to competition (YouTube requires more infrastructure). Thoughts? I don’t think the argument is that Twitter will shut itself off. Twitter is software and under-maintained software software tends to break. The question is if they’ll be able to keep it running given their staffing levels. They will, it’s not hard. Just takes a few good engineers. More engineers is not equal to better when some are literally 1000x more capable than others.

Network Effect + Anthimeria. “Anthimeria or antimeria is the use of a word in a new grammatical form, usually using a noun as a verb. If this happens, it is usually a sign that your brand or product has become a household brand and chances are you are dominating the industry.” Follow graph spreads like wildflower. Nobody controls anything. Friend graph spreads like a controlled burn. Each friend limits what can be burnt. Very interesting indeed. You’re a great person. You have changed several young minds and made them more focused on money. They’re so scared to be in the Matrix and work like rats…at least now everyone’s trying. Also your dad would be really proud of you how you re strong against the entire matrix alone.



Dark Web GB Whatsapp Data Leak Free

Pakistani dark web is an interesting place and getting lots of traction on social media platform especially on Whatsapp. GB data leak is a hot issue in Pakistan these days as more and more people are searching for this data for their lovers, friends, relatives and competitors. Dark Web GB Whatsapp Data 100% authentic data is here.


These are the perils of having an online presence these days and not really worrying about its security. Incidents like these are a reminder to all of us that cybersecurity is paramount and we shouldn’t be taking it literally and for granted. This is high time that we cater to these requirements and make sure that we don’t divulge too much on social media. How do you get to the dark web? Do you just Google it? Is there a password like… welcome to the dark web please enter your username and password? How does it work someone please explain. Dark web is not the part of world wide web. It’s a different entity like deep web.

Kelvinsecurity group has added Norgine Italia S.r.l., a Pharmaceutical company in Milan, Italy to the hackers’ forum for sale. They claim to have 3.15 GB of data which contains 7,386 files of documents. dark web gb data leaked.  Yes its true that dark web gb whatsapp data and videos are leaked and us cert gb videos are also leaked and available here. I dont actually care I was just high and curious I will never use this info thanks.

Han toh GB Whatsapp walo phly sy aram hai. Kiyo ky dark web pr parha tumhara data سرعام hai. ALPHV ransomware group added Bosselman Energy Inc, to their victim list. They claim to have access to more than 900 GB of sensitive data which includes employee personal data, financial info, drawings, etc. kebaya merah video is one example of gb leaked data from the whatsapp and the funky town leaked video. And that browser just knows you want the dark web? Is there a dark google? does regular google work on the dark web? how do you find things there? I have so many questions.

GB Whatsapp data for sale on dark web. Well its not really confined to dark web anymore but you can also find it on the bright web or the normal web or whatever you wanna call it right now. Gb ka data dark web pa chala gya shaid is dar sy. Red Flag 🚩🚩 for those who’re using GB Whatsapp. Priavate Data of GB WhatsApp has been uploaded on the Dark web for sale, Anybody can buy this data by BITCOIN. 80% Private leaked Data comprising of private pictures of Pakistani girls and Indian girls.

GB WhatsApp users’ data available on the dark web 86% female and 14% male data. How to Find Leaked Data on Dark Web? Its actually pretty easy. All you have to do is to search and then use the name of the person. But the question is that do you really want to do that? It’s actually quite funny and amusing that people are asking that is it true that our data is leaked and its available on the dark net? they think people in Pakistan are fool. Most of the bachelor degree holders are sitting free without a job with their BSCS degrees. And they think they can fool em. You meed to install a special browser for it Like Tor and it can be downloaded from google once you install it you get access to dark web . It may compromise your device . So its better to avoid.

So if you are asking yourself that gb whatsapp is selling data or dark web! Are these rumours true? Then yes sir or madam this news is true. Nothing is secure or safe these days. GB Whatsapp walon ka Data ab Dark web per milna shoro Hogya h Jis m 68% female 40% Mal ka Data h Ab Maza Aaiga Bola tha GB Whatsapp use na kro Ab kaha h wo legends. Some people are saying GB WhatsApp is insecure app. That’s why it’s not even available on Play Store. How true is that? And it has also been heard that this app steals your data and uploads it to the dark web Please answer as required.

So what exactly is a Pakistani dark web or Indian dark web for that matter? The thing is that i havent used twitter in so long i just considered it as the dark web but ig i’ll use it now. To anyone wanting to know about Dybbuk boxes: It’s not a toy, it’s not a toy. Do Not Open them. And for crying out loud do not get one from the Dark Web. You’re just asking for all kinds of trouble. More than you could possibly handle. Do yourselves a favor – just don’t. All you need to know is that place is a heaven for Criminals and that include ALL TYPE OF CRIMINALS. You need the web address. To my understanding, dark webs have some complicated uncommon addresses, otherwise they are regular websites.

Dark Web is a Hidden Internet World where websites are accessed using Dedicated Web Browsers like ‘Tor Browser’. Just like .com websites are commercial websites, Dark web websites end with .tor domain. Access is free but use is dangerous without proper knowledge. It’s just a browser like Google chrome anyone can go there this ‘dark web” name getting miss used in Pakistan special when you have to toe a line some time. The dark web is a hidden part of the world wide web that can only be accessed using a special browser known as Tor. Dark web pages don’t appear when you look for them in a search engine, so you need to know the exact address of the website you want to visit. 


Pakistani dark web leaked data video gb whatsapp

Yes its true that dark web gb whatsapp data and videos are leaked and us cert gb videos are also leaked and available here. Congratulations for gb WhatsApp users. As 86% female data and 14% male data is available on dark web. And yes it’s a hint of sarcasm.


















Allegedly Whatsapp GB’s data is being sold on dark web. You don’t need to leak or hack members can copy-paste/export and sell. Just don’t use any social app if u wan to communicate something confidential. That’s why don’t trust on third party Apps like GB WhatsApp. There are groups of people who thinks they made everything in this life. Whatsapp GB users who thought they’ve made it in life. When I see my GB WhatsApp working perfectly. Here is how you can download that Pakistani girls gb whatsapp data and videos.

I understand the political ramifications of [bitcoin] and I think that the government should stay out of them and they should be perfectly legal.I think the fact that within the bitcoin universe an algorithm replaces the functions of [the government] is actually pretty cool. I am a big fan of Bitcoin. Bitcoin was created to serve a highly political intent, a free and uncensored network where all can participate with equal access. With due respect WhatsApp doesn’t have to affect dollar rate. Whoever told you this is a liar. Dollar rate is purely based on demand and supply.

When i was yelling this thing, then they are mocking me that oh C’mon Safwan what are you saying. Digest it bcoz it’s no use to cry now. I am deeply saddened to hear about the loss of a precious life of a TV reporter Sadaf in the line of duty. My prayers for the bereaved family. May she rest in eternal peace. Ameen. An anonymous two-minute audio message on a WhatsApp platform predicting a so-called haircut on Government bonds sent all of us into banks and forex bureaus to dump our cedis, and, before we knew it, the cedi had depreciated further.

Do not blame your terrible governance and policies against the economic woes on a WhatsApp audio. We have a law against misinformation, why wasn’t it triggered and the perpetrators brought to justice if indeed it was so?

Shocked & deeply saddened by the terrible accident that led to the death of Channel 5 reporter Sadaf Naeem during our March today. I have no words to express my sorrow. My prayers & condolences go to the family at this tragic time. We have cancelled our March for today. I am deeply saddened to hear about the loss of a precious life of a TV reporter Sadaf in the line of duty. My prayers for the bereaved family. May she rest in eternal peace. Ameen.

Yesterday itself Kamal Sir warned but still Ayesha and Sherina talking in Malayalam. Bro even those who were thrashed weekend after weekend by KH like Vanitha, Mumtaz or even Priyanka never disrespected him like that. Ayesha made a terrible move there. KH laugh says it all. If Salman was here it would have been different scene. Ayesha really has a disrespectful tone when talking to KH. Not cool at all. “Don’t portray me wrong” – Never would have thought someone would say this to KH. The recklessness in Ayesha’s language & condescension in her tone should not be mistaken for boldness. It only shows how shallow she is.



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