Who is Abida of Shimshal and What Happened to Her

Who is Abida of Shimshal and what happened to her. The story is gruesome and very heart-breaking as usual. Yet another week and yet another girl in Pakistan has been the victim of domestic violence and that to the extreme in a brutal fashion.

Abida was brutally murdered by her in-laws only after six months of her marriage in Shimshal. Her inlaws are powerful people & are trying to get away with the case. Today the murderers got bail & are roaming free. Why such cases are increasing. is there any common reason. its very modern, educated and peaceful society , whats the reason such cases are booming with every passing day. These culprits have no fear of retribution and they think that it’s their duty to perform this crime.

With modernity complexity also flow in, the woman has been killed for an extra martial affair as per initial investigation, though any murder is not justifiable but it’s better to marry the man rather running an extra martial affair. This ends lives in our society, FYI. If this is the case then the punishment for the both girl and boy involved in extra marital affair. why girl only have to suffer. i mean this is disgusting. whatever the merit one has for justice should be applied equally.

Faces of the murderers! How can any woman feel safe knowing there are murderers walking freely. Shame on the people who are trying to blame the victim instead of the murderers and trying to legitimize and justify murder This is yet another test case for the Pakistan just like Noor Muqqaddam. A strong family system is the need of hour and is against the interest of nation which will protect our daughters and mothers. We need strict implementation of the laws.

If we do not follow the teachings of Islam, we will fail in this world and in the hereafter. The conservative person in the street and the mullah in mosque is absolutely spot on, desi liberals also have their say, fact is “as long as u deviate from.basic Islamic teachings, u would continue experiencing such traumas


Pakistani Girls Hot Viral Videos Mania

Pakistani girls hot viral videos mania is touching its peak as more and more girls are posting their videos online on social media such as Tiktok, Instagram, twitter, facebook and other sites. These girls are from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and even remote areas of Pakistan.

The story is ending here. Not only these girls but also boys are posting their videos. Some videos get attention of audience and some just go unnoticed. It happens to be the case that its sheer luck. It normally doesn’t have anything to do with the content or quality of the video. It’s pure luck and something just clicks with the audience. You can quote many such examples out there.

Some more videos of the young girl from the viral roti-making video have surfaced on social media. There’s no audio here so there’s little else to go by. On Instagram, the video has many likes and comments. There is a huge a difference in the lives of young girls, teens, and women. Remember Arshad Khan, the viral Chaiwala from Pakistan? In 2016, Arshad went viral after a picture of him was shared online by photographer.

Research shows that the more shares a video generates during the first two days after launch, the higher the viral peak and the greater the overall volume of shares. Marketers should consider front-loading campaigns to maximize visibility during this window. There are many other documentations, dissertations, and research papers which have reached to the same conclusion and they have made it clear that the more you do it and the more exposure it gets the more it spreads out.

Self intensification can be easily obtained or snatched by legitimising membership in a social group, such as a romantic sharing a romance or Italian style shirt. This could also be achieved by doing something totally crazy or obtrusive. One can also grab attention by sharing something that is important about your character, such as a surfer sharing information about any kind of pollution, and you know there are of all sorts. There are millions of attempts to make something thrilling but there have been acute failures but still there are many which are common.


Bilawal Calls for Phone Tapping of Shah Mehmood

Let Pakistan remember that today, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Chairman of National Assembly Human Rights Committee and preacher of democratic norms and traditions, openly called for phone tapping of an elected parliamentarian. So much for fundamental rights, rule of law & democracy, says Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

Even though i am not supporter of PPP policies in Sindh but doesn’t mean I would forget the traitors! You have belittled the SMBB, and its for her. SM Qureshi, it A very unfortunate fact that these Vadera mentality people have all been the same grandfathers, fathers & now them.All Laws & rules for them are for breaking & Turning to their hearts desire!.Lawmakers are or should be their tools.Hypocrisy is their precious garb!

Oh. A man who is pointing out the phone calls recordings. Why you are scared and obsessed with bilawal’s comments. Imran has already such calls so bilawal has just given reference, Murshud Sahab. Being a journalist let me comment on last episode. He tried to tease you through political gestures&being a FM you responded in an anger. Sha sahib if he is a baby in politics but you are a mature one,collectively exposed norms of parliament.

Respected qureshi sb, don’t give importance to his words as we all now he was Reading scripted speech which was always hand over to him by ppp Seniors before entering to assembly so he is only doing his job to keep ppp alive as they have vision after mohtarma. Democracy is best revenge, Bilawal never thought that this day will ever come, former member of his party showed him mirror.

Morality is needed badly for all of you, Changing parties for personal benefits and than changing again is what? Just go back and think what you have benefitted from politics and what you did for general public is here any difference before and after. The results will be surprising. That’s what party has shrinking to provincial party. Shameful to this guy just because of mother’s ill gotten will without working even for single day is cochairman. No manners and values. His syndrome speaks louder.

You are among the top performers in Imran Khan’s cabinet.

Bilawal’s comments (since he is a Parchi chairman and speaker) were in the retaliation of your stance against western media by calling them “deep pockets”

Mr. minister!! You don’t need to react on remarks made by a kid.


Do You Get Offended By ‘Tum’ or ‘Tu’?

I think it’s an Urdu speaking thing to get offended when someone you dont know says tum to you. I’m sorry, aap janab is the only way to go. In childhood, we could easily get punished for using tum instead of ap for anyone no matter what the situation.

Well, when younger, my little sister used to think that ‘tum’ and ‘tu’ were swear words (I remember she once, in a fit of anger, said to me: “aap tum ho”). And this is exactly how it feels. Today a guy (very old) said “tum ne kya likha hai” and in my head I wss like omg mind your manners. If the person saying Tum is at least 15 years or more older than you then it’s not impolite at all. In Hindi too one addresses a stranger for the first time as Aap. Using Tum for someone who is clearly younger is usually not considered offensive (a lot depends on the tone in which it is said). Tu is always offensive unless of course it is your close friend.

Punjabi here. Anytime I speak in Urdu always use proper honorifics such as Aap and Janab. Saying tum denotes a familiarity that might not exist hence aap is the safest and a better option to adopt. It’s actually a fact. I have observed punjabies cares word of urdu alot when they speak. Part of why I speak in so much English is that one doesn’t have to deal with the aap/tum issue. There was a time when my my friends used to make fun of me because i used say lijiey diey kijiey, aap.

I rarely found those people in Karachi especially in urdu speaking families. If someone is a close friend then we are allowed to use TUM infact TO. But never ever said tum to else other. i always say app to all people either they elder or younger but when someone say “tum” to me it feel like one insulted me. The worst is when people keep switching between Aap and Tum in the middle of a conversation. It feels like a deliberate insult.

Yes, people who understand the nuances of addressing people. By the way, English doesn’t have informal and formal versions of ‘you’ but German does. If you used ‘du’ instead of ‘Sie’ with someone you’d just met and/or was older, they’d get equally offended. In Punjab ap drops to “tu” real quick. For me, Tum has an element of closeness with some respect so I prefer it. At 1/4th Urdu speaking, this is still true. Tum is informal enough; once I got called ‘tu’ by an Indian acquaintance and I was visibly horrified at the audacity.

Depends really. Lots of Urdu speaking I know use Tu as a term of endearment but obviously with close friends. Same for memons, Gujaratis, Punjabis. Yesterday I saw a lady doctor at a hospital in Lahore yelling at a woman for calling her tum. Interestingly the doctor was also calling patient tum and Bibi bat suno. And doctor’s accent didn’t reveal anything about her being urdu speaking if that was the case.

Thats one of the beauties of Urdu. Different words for different levels of respect and formality. Its sad to see the youth these days treating Urdu as something inferior.


Who is Myra Zulfiqar and Her Full Story Behind Murder

Sad news of a young British-Pakistani woman of Belgian origin murdered in Lahore yesterday. Initial reports suggest Myra Zulfiqar was shot dead in her home. Her uncle has told police she was being threatened by two men who wanted to marry her. More details emerging still though. So who is Myra Zulfiqar and her full story behind murder.

Myra Zulfiqar, a Belgian national of Pakistani origin has been murdered in Lahore. Her case must be thoroughly investigated and killers must be brought to justice. Her her husband, father & Gogi Butt Gang members must be investigated. I was referring to the media outlets white washing these gangsters. First time I read of a gangster referred to as a businessman was Tipu ergo the original businessman. These gangsters are only after money, lust and easy time.

I still remember the famous video of Gogi Butt birthday cake with a lion sitting on the cake. Gang members are celebrating the birthday and Gogi Butt is sitting like an emperor there cutting and eating the cake amidst crazy music. Some people say that these gangsters have political affiliations with PTI and PMLN, but the thing is that they are always on the power side. They don’t have any political acumen or conceptual leanings towards any political party and they have no ethics.

We are being ruled by people who have mentality of local thugs, we’ve plenty here in Lahore. Names like late Maja Sikh, Gogi Butt, Truckanwalla something, Abid Boxer folks like that. Basically criminal syndicates trying to enforce their will be brute force. Nothing more. f anyone ever feels bored he or she can watch You Tube videos of gangsters of Pakistani Punjab. Now more than fun, these people are after overseas Pakistanis and whenever they see a lone expat woman they start salivating.

Atif ch, Arif Ch, Imran Zaidi, Bobby Gujjar, Sunny Prince,Gullu Butt, Pomi Butt, Gogi Butt Loafers of Bhatti gate, Lohari gate, and Texali Gate and the list goes on about these gangs of Lahore.  There should be only one place in the society for land grabbers, extortionists, paid assassins, drug peddlers like jagga gujjar, Mansha Bombs, Gullu Butts, Owais Tappi, double shahs, accha shukerwala, billa truckanwala, gogi butt, and it’s a prison cell with isolation and strict punishment.


Who is Reena Meghwar and Her Video Story

Another day and another exploitation in Sindhi girl. Who is Reena Meghwar and her video story is heart-wrenching. I hang my head in shame after seeing that Pakistani girl who happens to be a Hindu and in minority but as a Pakistani I couldn’t really justify what happened to her.

Supreme Court of Pakistan has repeatedly termed Marriage is a “civil contract”. Under the Contract Act 1872, no person below 18 can do contract – provided that her guardian entered into that on her behalf. That makes presence of her guardian mandatory during Nikkah. No if & but. Victim’s 164 statement isn’t the end. Tragic, after 164 statement the case is disposed of and the right to the cross-examination of her guardians is held in abeyance.

If we can’t bring Special Law – due to beards, at least strengthen General Laws + practice. I requested to all concerned quarters to early release of reena maghwar this is brutal captivity in hand of powerful people & so called Muslim conversion. This video shows she was not go on her will. Everyone should have the right to practice their religion in a Islamic state no matter who they are No one should be forcefully converted with power or any other means.

We should protect other religious minorities among us. It’s high time an amendment for formation of a board shall be introduced in Sec 365B & 496A PPC. If converted-girl gives statement tht she went+ married without the consent, shall be examined by: District & Session Judge, body language expert, psychiatrist & others. This is high time it’s done. If Reena Meghwar doesn’t get recovered soon or if authorities doesn’t save her, I’ll myself fill election forms against PPP reps in next elections. Enough with exploitation, save minorities or lose your seats.

If we accept that Reena Meghwar is living happily married…question is that, why is she being refrained from meeting her parents, visiting her home? Does Islam stop any converted person to meet her/his parents? Sindh government is the most shameless thing on this planet. They cannot even protect the social and basic rights of Sindhis. Reena Meghwar who was forcibly converted in Feb 2021, cries for help to go back home.

Th way police officer is enquiring her sounds that police is also involved in concealing the real story behind it. When your law enforcement institutions accomplice the crime of forced conversion, you can’t expect justice from this state. Everyone deserves basic human rights regardless of religion, gender and nationality. Authorities should take notice of such incidents and save girls from forced conversion.


Crescent Bay Karachi Issues and News

I live in Crescent Bay Karachi and I believe I am one of the fortunate ones in Pakistan to have this opportunity to make my abode here. Crescent Bay Karachi is the gateway of Pakistan and what a fantastic one. From facilities to security, everything is here but the best thing is its views.

Internet connectivity at crescent bay is radio signal based. The booster installed at Emaar picks up signals from Misrishah point, 12 KMs away & each apartment ends up getting 15Mbps speed. Decent enough arrangement till DHA & cable operators agree on a framework for phase 8. Finally found a place where one can walk on a proper footpath, where streets lights are functioning, no trash spread over, no wires hanging around, no celebrity gunshots, no vego cultur, proper parking. This too is DHA Khi, serene, peaceful. The only difference, it’s managed by Emaar.

The sunset, chai, the sound of waves, the sea breeze. Add a bit of a music and I am done. Nothing less than Emaar Dubai especially after Emaar’s complete take over and change of management. In the last 2 years they have scaled up everything. The real test will be once it’s fully occupied. That’s great news..I know the long-standing issue was local partners. There’s a very solid community management team in Dxb, so I’m sure they’ll assist in setting up crescent bay too, as they’ve done elsewhere.

Seaview is getting grass, plantation, all the way from chunky monkey to flag post. Karachi horticulture in action. I truly believe horticulture can really turnaround the landscape of the city. We just have to take care of these projects. Taking flight lesson for Cessna172R at SkyWings. Taking off in 30 mins from Isphani Hangar. Privately owned hangars & aircrafts. Two of them are apparently owned by a political figure from Sindh.

Karachi is on the move my friend.



True Facts About Indian Covid Vaccine in Pakistan For Free

The Indian covid vaccine in Pakistan for free will be available from the end of March. This has been reported by few of the media outlets. More than 4 crore vaccines will be shipped to Pakistan from India. This vaccine is Indian made and it is being said that South Africa rejected this vaccine and then its coming to Pakistan, though this is not confirmed.

Indian media is also reporting that Pakistani premier requested India to give them vaccine when they learned that India had successfully tested the vaccine and was gifting it to Brazil. Pakistan was willing to pay a nominal price but as a goodwill gesture India will be giving this vaccine for free to Pakistan, according to unconfirmed reports.  But the real story is that the international vaccine alliance, GAVI, will provide free ‘India-made’ Covishield vaccine doses to Pakistan. A little research never hurts, and that’s the message for Pakistani anchors.

Many channels ‘breaking’ India sending Covid vaccine to Pakistan. Nope, not a direct supply as being suggested like India is with other nations. Pakistan will receive 45 million doses of Indian-made vaccine from the GAVI vaccine alliance. Needless to say, if Pakistan requested vaccines supply from India, we would know for sure. The same applies to vaccine shipments made to other countries under WHO/GAVI Covax program. So this is not a direct India to Pakistan transfer.

But may be this is a chance for both countries to come closer? I mean why not? People have been dying on both sides due to Covid and due to poverty and other issues. Let the healing begin. India can be a bigger partner by just sending vaccines to Pakistan directly for free and Pakistan should accept it and then show goodwill towards India. This will create a positive vibe and this will create a conducive atmosphere for future friendly relationship between the neighbors.

It is high time that both countries start working together. Pandemic could be a golden opportunity to leverage the friendship potential.


Top 10 Interesting Banners of Aurat March

When aurat marches, it stays marched. Aurat March in Pakistan has drawn quite an attention both from within and outside the country. Some are calling it shameful and some are welcoming it. Some are terming it against the social ethos of Pakistan and some are declaring it apt. Some are calling it Un-Islamic and some are quoting versus to support it.

It was 2019, I was thinking hard what to write on my first Aurat March placard. I thought of what I had gone through in 2018 when I was told to leave the house at 3 am. I thought about that night and I wrote this on my placard. Lost it during the March but found it in these hands. Aurat march season coming up and everyone’s already getting their knickers in a twist for no reason at all.

Aurat march is necessary because every decision a woman makes for herself labels her as selfish. I had a dream that I was at the Aurat March and I was in the car with five other wholesome women. I asked them if I could cover my head and face because I’m too scared. They were so understanding my heart. Planning a trip to Peshawar this week so i can sneak out to aurat march on 8th by not being called back. The life of an independent 26 year old.

I would have not posted on social media but since Aurat March is approaching, I couldn’t stop myself from sharing. Today, Ive lost my childhood friend cousin. Her own son killed her. She was in her late 30’s and her son, who would be hardly 17 yrs killed her. There is severe mental health crisis among pre teens in merged districts. Majority of women in north waziristan are mentally paralyzed due to the unceasing war on terror. The purpose of a justice is rehabilitation. What good will come out of locking up the boy for 30 years?

Male dominant culture or patriarchy is not only confined to North Waziristan or so called tribal land it is deeply ingrained in South Asia yes people celebrate the new born male more than girls but remember the words of an elderly woman in our houses are deeply respected and fulfilled. I am just going to say, women are out here producing well-researched documents and amazing content trying to explain patriachy, and all you can do with the anti aurat march propaganda is rehash the same arguments each year. there is no comparison.




Story of Bushra Rajpar and What Happened to Her

This is the real and full story of Bushra Rajpar and what happened to her. The innocent, pretty, and polite Bushra Rajpar was just another kid really with dreams and hopes for the future. She is just another human being with aspirations and common wants from the life but what she got was horrible.

If you change the name Story Bushra Rajpar with any other girl, the story is quite familiar and same in Pakistan. Another girl student was abused by the men and there is no justice. She is in front of media with her family crying and demanding justice, but in vain. Media would put this in limelight for some hours or may be some days and then we will forget about it. Media would move on to other things for more ratings. This is all a game for them and nothing else.

Students are on the street and also raising their voice on social media and demanding justice for Bushra Rajpar, but for how long? Why even students have to do this? Where is our law and order and where is the justice system in Pakistan? Why it happened in the first place? Bushra Rajpar is just a student of 11th grade. This first year student was kidnapped from Gulshan-e-Hadeed, Karachi, abused by 5 men and then thrown on the roadside in Defense area.

Publicly hanging option must be on top priority in any case otherwise these sort of incidents will keep going in our country. 16 year old bushra Rajpar is kidnapped in front of her school by two young man and after abuse with 5 men and dumped at Police Station defence jurisdiction. FIR has been lodge but need to raise voice for capital punishment to the accused, because we know these FIRs are worthless and just a piece of paper.

I’m lost for words, just listen to her father and the pain he’s going through, look at his tears and his helplessness. The saddest part is people will share their pain and move on, while they won’t get justice and the culprits will eventually walk away. Why women and girls have always been viewed as an object in this country? Where are we heading as society? When this will end or there is no end to this brutality? I think that this has now gone far too long and must end somewhere.

A spate of abuse cases has torn apart Pakistani families and prompted a flood of anger at politicians and law enforcement officials for failing to curb a long-standing menace. In yet another incident of assault shattering us in pieces. We ensure nation’s security but what about these angles, our own children? This state has failed to protect its own. We are in the state of fear where no girl is safe anymore. It’s a crime to be girl in Pakistan it seems to me and I say that with lot of pain.

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