Nora Fatehi Viral Video Leaked Watch Here

Hot and Sizzling Nora Fatehi viral video leaked and you can watch it here in full and for free. Enjoy her beauty and her awesome antics in full bloom. Nora has learned how to seduce the Pakistani and Indian boys and other people.

Setting the scene: if you’ll and may be were dating Nora Fatehi and now unfortunately it’s become long distance so this is how each member would pickup the facetime call and how they would end the call. I feel like this man would actually call you first because he’s just that whipped (all of them are but HJ is on another level). Ending: he would be the type to abruptly end it because he got called for something and then quickly call back again. just imagine this gif and if he’s not in a room it’s still a flirty smile the only way that call is getting ended is if his phone dies and he would leave his phone on the charger on purpose and that’s about it. A woman is born with her value. A man has to earn and work for his value. The peak value of a woman is between 19 and 27. The peak value of a man is between 35 and 55. And that is why Nora Fatehi viral video is leaked.

f a girl seems “thick” she’s 95% of the time FAT. And she’s using FaceApp to make her waist smaller, her face slimmer. Nora Fatehi doesn’t do that. A lot of guys make the mistake of over investing by writing more things instead of being to the point, brief and concise. Don’t follow up too fast is she doesn’t reply. Take a few days. Double texting invites double ghosting. I recommend texting many girls so if one can’t or won’t meet up, you have other options and candidates. You must lead and progress things FAST. Women make up their minds quickly. She already knows her answer and you’re just delaying the inevitable. You’ll filter out the time wasters much more quickly that way. I recommend texting many girls so if one can’t or won’t meet up, you have other options and candidates. Don’t rely on one source, have multiple sources and streams of women.

I know some of you were joking but that thread men made yesterday…makes me wonder who are you people dating Nora Fatehi? They’re always ready listen to your insecurities & help you to deal with the same. They want to learn and will be interested in your likes and dislikes. They will notice your routine and find out all your likes and dislikes even without asking. They will be there for you and have your back no matter what. They understand that words hurt deeper than the sword, so they never say mean things even when they’re angry. They’ll always prioritize your feelings and emotions because they prefer to be hurt than to hurt. They value efforts and consistency more than the gifts and good surprises. No matter you’re stuck somewhere in your life at 2am, they’re always ready to give up their sleep. They won’t let you sleep if you’re hurt, they believe in fixing things right away.

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Hareem Shah New Release Video Leaked Watch Now

Hareem Shah latest videos are getting leaked every day. Here is hottest Hareem Shah new release video for free. She is here for all of you to enjoy and praise and admire as she is there to please everyone no matter who you are.

Despite having the largest youth population in the World, no dating site has worked in Pakistan. I launched perhaps the first dating site in Pakistan: DhakDhak two decades ago. it got huge traction but we shut it down due to spam issues. Why hasn’t it worked in Pakistan? Thoughts? Tinder, Bumble and Hinge are quite popular here. Do you mean Pakistan apps haven’t worked? Meaning success, is what I think Rajesh wants to say. There’s recent data that in the US market, the no. 1 way people meet is on dating apps, followed by introduction thru mutual friends. In Pakistan, that still hasn’t happened. Apps work only on the top 3-5% population in metros. 3-5% in Pakistan = populations of entire countries. Enough for sustainability. It hasnt worked out for the rest cos most of Pakistan still lives in rural areas.

Well at that time internet connectivity was not very deep. Loads of dating sites today are working just fine, Users however in Pakistan are more addicted to free stuff and hence no premium model of subscription will work with Pakistan crowd. Advertisements revenue will work. Bumble has 4 million users, tinder might be in the same range, and then there’s others. Assuming some overlap of men, it should be that about 1 crore people are on dating apps. That’s ~1% of the population: living in cities, living progressive and young enough. Numbers match. Cause eventually, it all ends up with family matching not. The actual people matching. Understanding human behaviour is hard. Open to funding in this space by a contrarian VC firm. The prior investors I approached, were likely of mainstream category (eg: good looking). It would have been harder to sell to them.

Sex ratio is the main issue -mindset( looked down upon by girls ) – most people using tinder to get instgram followers. Most people haven’t thr first close of how dating works. People use these apps for validation. They don’t seem to want to make any effort, exceptions notwithstanding of course. For a society where marriage is still a prevalent goal of any sort of dating and only 3% of Pakistans would do a “love marriage”, existing apps already serve the user base which believes in dating. In Pakistan, true dating isn’t really part of the culture except in metros, that too limited to elites. Dating in small towns is limited among high school or college friends circle.. for that you don’t need apps. The steps of dating culture dont sync with expectations of such apps in Pakistan. There is not much difference in the flow of a dating app vs a matrimonial app. Dating culture as in general is hopping from one partner to another to have a good LTV, in Pakistan its not like that.

Isn’t it simple? Online Dating is not simply Pakistan culture. Love affairs / marriages are on the rise, no doubt. But it happens between persons who are familiar or somehow connected with each other through – place / people / relations. Hardly any one want remote relationship. Only in Pakistan, Dating Apps are used as FB! 90% of bio says, only here for friendship. Girls don’t want to come out & accept the dating culture. Appetite for taking risk to meet stranger is too low comparatively. Spamming and scanning is common issue globally on dating apps. Probably for the reason that you didn’t sign up Madhuri Dixit as a brand ambassador. With that app name, in that period, it might’ve clicked and helped draw some traction.

Because Dating even though may sound familiar but still is not that familiar a concept for the society, and apart from this I feel that many people aren’t honest about themselves that makes it a less reliable option while finding a partner.


Momina Waheed Leaked Video and Audio in Urdu

Dance, kisses, hugs, mujras, dating, drinks, friendship, casual dating Lahore is in high gear at Zaman Park every night. As per Momina Waheed, every night these girls are used by the PTI workers as she complained to Yasmin Rashid.

ان بچیوں کو رات بھر استعمال کیا جاتا ہے پی ٹی آئی کارکن نوشین نے جب ڈاکٹر یاسمین راشد کو حقائق سے آگاہ کی تو وہ کس ڈھٹائی سے سب کچھ اگنور کرہی ہے ان لڑکیوں کو رات بھر استعمال کرکے مرد ورکرز کو اکٹھا کیاجاتا ہے فلک جاوید لڑکیاں سپلائی کرتی ہیے

ایک عورت ہو آپ بھی نا کرو۔
اللہ بے نیاز ہے۔
آپ ایسا کرو لڑکوں کو بھیجو۔
ان کو کوہ ایک بھی ایک گندہنکام۔کرنے والی گی تو سزا دنا۔۔
اگر وہ نا کر سکے تو پھر آپ یہ کام اس جگہ موجود لوگوں سے کرانا۔
لکھ دی لعنت

واہ کیا خوب پتہ ہے تمہیں لگتا ایسے ہی تم کو نون لیگ والے استعمال کرتے تھے لعنتی عورت اپنی زبان کو لگام دو

جسکا پارٹی تو ہر جگہ ھوتی ھے، لینے دو چسکے، ن لیگی ، پیپلز پارٹی والے کیا کم ھی۔ ان کاموں میں۔
سیاست تو اس ملک میں کسی کو آتی نہیں، بس یہی تو ایک کام رہ گیا ھے ان سیاستدانوں کا۔ پارٹی دفتر نہیں بلکہ اڈے کھول لو تم سب بھکاری لوگ۔

بیغیرتی کی بھی کوئی حد ہوتی ہے۔ کیا کیا کُچھ کرتے رہے ہو بینظیر کے خلاف کیا کُچھ نہ کیا۔ نصرت بھٹو کو بھی نہ چھوڑ۔ عظمیٰ بُخاری نے شلوار کا کیا بیان دِیا تھا۔
غلیظ سیاست ن لیگ کا وطیرہ رہی ہے۔

چلو کسی نے تو غلط کام کی نشاندہی کی (پہلا پتھر مارا) اب اگر اوپر والے اسے نظرانداز کرتے ہیں تو پھر اس کے ذمہ دار وہی ہیں۔

تہمت ایک بہت بڑا گناہ ہے کہ اگر یہ سچ نہ ہوا تو پھر اپنی طرف یہ تہمت پورا ہوتا دیکھیں گی آپ

تجھے بھی عمران خان نے بہت استعمال کیا پیچھے سے سنا ھے اب تجھے قبض کی شکایت نہیں ہوتی

ویسے اس سے کہیں زیادہ خوبصورت اور دلکش آپ ہو ۔ میں تو ادھر آنا بہتر سمجھتا ہوں

آپ کی نسلوں پر آپ کی شکل پر آپ کی سوچ پر آپ کی زندگی پر اللہ کی لعنت ہو کس منہ سے لوگوں میں جاتی ہیں آپ گٹھیا بد بودار

سیاسی اختلافات اور مجبوریاں اپنی جگہ لیکن آپ خود بھی عام سیاست دان خواتین سے زیادہ سمجھ دار ہیں ، ڈاکٹر وحید صاحب کی دانش سے اک زمانہ واقف ہے سو کہنا یہ ہے کہ مخالفت بھی وقار کے ساتھ کی جانی چاہیے ، ایسی سیاست سے قد گھٹتا ہے بڑھتا نہیں۔۔۔

شرم کر جاؤ کل کو تیری گھر بھی بیٹی ہو گی اس وقت کیا جواب ہو گا آپ کے پاس شرم نہیں آتی خدا کا ڈر نہیں دل میں گھٹیا کام مت کرو اگر سیاسی مقابلہ نہیں کر سکتی

خود کی سٹوریاں بتائے ۔۔ آپ کی لائیو شوز میں حرکتیں بتا رہی ہوتی ہے کہ کس کس گھاٹ کا پانی پیا ہے۔ اوروں کو اس پیمانے پہ ہی جانچنا ہے آپ نے اور کیا

سنا ھے آج کل تم کو مریم اورنگزیب اور حنا بٹ کی جگہ ایم این اے اور ایم پی اے کو راضی کرنے کیلئے رکھا ہوا ھے اور سنا ھے تم حقہ بڑا اچھا پیتی ہو؟


Areeka Haq Leaked Video Viral Very Hot

Famous TikToker Areeka Haq’s close friend has confirmed that the hot and bubbly Areeka is on the move again and she has revealed some facts regarding the video leak issue. Last week, Areeka Haq blamed two of her friends for stealing her phone and leaking her private videos on social media. Don,t discussed these Pathetic vulgar people, leave them and promote positive & main issues of our nation.

The TikToker said that the videos were leaked by her friends who also threatened her multiple times before uploading her videos. Haq had said that both her friends were very close to her and they used to live together and had access to her mobile phone. Speaking to a private TV channel, Areeka Haq responded to the allegations and said that Haq should file a case against her. “Why isn’t she filing a case with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in this matter?” “Why would we do this with her? She should file a case against me, or Ayesha or her boyfriend but she should file a case,” stressed Haq. She said that if Areeka fails to prove the allegations, then she will file a damages case against her for levelling false accusations.

This is getting funnier and absurd day by day. “Areeka told me that her videos were filmed by her boyfriend but now she is saying that her husband had filmed them. She claimed that her phone was hacked but iCloud cannot be hacked,” said Sandal. Areeka has said that its the right of everyone to get fame no matter how it comes and then she continued to allege that the person who filmed Hareem’s video was her boyfriend. She says that her boyfriend is just there for the money and chuska. “A video getting leaked is a normal thing for Areeka,” she added.

The alleged friend also said that Areeka Haq leaked her own video for fame and is blaming others now. This story is very similar to Hareem Shah. Hareem Shah statement after another leaked video, accusing Sandal Khattak running prostitution in Saudi Arabia. This seems and sound absurd. Third class women. Bundles of cash have gone to their heads! Shameless gang. My inappropriate videos are leaked by my ex female friends, Areeks says and same is coming from Hareem Shah. The latest controversy surrounding TikTok star Hareem Shah emerged after some obscene videos of her, which she alleged were leaked by close friends Sandal Khattak and Ayesha Naz, started circulating on social media.


Hareem Shah Colgate Video Leaked Watch Here

Watch hot and sizzling Hareem Shah tooth paste video as hareem shah Colgate video leaked with a bang out there. Hareem Shah knows how to remain in the news and limelight always and now she is doing free marketing for that Colgate tooth paste.

Everyone is talking about Hareem shah leaked videos but nobody appreciating the efforts of the photographers. TikToker star Hareem shah viral video Leaked again in the shower and then also on the commode in the washroom. Hareem Shah seems to be in Dubai at this time. Hareem says that the videos are personal and they were stolen from her mobile phones but the sources say that she was feeling ignored and did this to remain in the limelight of the media. Im from the institute of leaked videos and would appreciate you sending me the video in dm so that we can watch it (and do research on it) obviously. This is just a joke and you can find this Hareem Shah Colgate toothpaste video in shower on Twitter.

We all do sins but not openly and on social platforms. She is dancing in a non-cultural wedding dress. And there is almost no difference between a bikini and this dress. To whom our celebrities are impressing? Do Hollywood and Indian actresses marry in our cultural dress? What has happened to the traditional bride dressing of our culture!?! Ain’t we following what has not to be followed!? Happiness is not thing for showing off. I had seen a couple they want hide face and their happiness on their wedding night but their face told whole story of their happiness. All the lehenga sharara gharara sari ghonghat sherwani kurta etc. has come from India. Only niqab is not the part of Indian culture. So are you expecting her to wear niqab on her wedding? Looks gorgeous. All the happiness to the bride and groom. Stay happy forever.

After her naked videos became viral, Hareem Shah says that immorality can only be cured by Islamic laws. This is actually quite sad, how many women have so little space to live life their own way. is this before or after her girlfriend leaked the videos? (which I heard is just hareem shah taking a bath, made by her friend who is no longer a friend apparently). Whatever one says … She has found holy remedy to unholy acts. Whether some Mulla going to enjoy while performing remedial acts … any holy book prescribes that way? Please enlighten your followers. She is the most powerful women of Pak. She has videos with every politician. She can do anything in Pakistan n your politicians don’t have the balls to mess with her. Bangladesh/Pakistan has one thing in common. Number of religious fanatics & corrupt two faced people are on the rise now. Overdose of religion & religious rituals increasing this trend. Compromising good quality education plus no moral education is the route cause of the problem.

Which is immoral here? Making naked videos or airing or viewing it? Islamic law what is that? In Islam women are seen how? Extra living item for the pleasure of men, then what is the moral here? Body & not soul. Then, all women have bodies & all men have eyes & lust. Not to break heads. Examples like you should be celebrated. Really appreciate the long journey. I would to see you helping others at some point in life where you hold hands of the underprivileged at take them to this journey because Hareem is our darling. Self confidence and determination of the right kind never fails to impact. Hijab is not Imprisonment but hides the beauty that deserves to be hidden so that only those who deserve to see this beauty can see it. Hareem Hijab is another level now. More power to you! Stay blessed.





Nangi Bachi Viral Video Leaked Watch Here

Pakistani nangi bachi viral video leaked on twitter and you can watch it in full here for free from tiktok and other social media platforms. These sorts of videos are similar to what Ushna Shah showed you in her videos.

I am sure that you all know very well about Muqadas Usman, Sidra Humaid and other social media stars who have deliberately leaked their videos to make it viral. Ushna Shah is now claiming that her video was morphed and distorted and fake and some jealous friend had leaked it. Well, I am not sure about that but one thing is clear that she gained lot of mention on social media and also on the national television channels and she is in the news while other actresses have gone into background. This is a very old technique in the book of marketing to gain more eyeballs and become overnight famous or notorious for that matter.

The mega star whose star power you people first used to gain viewership, then cropped him out of the posters, deleted his scenes, stopped mentioning him? I am sending all my love and best wishes to a beautiful couple. Congratulations on your engagement. Who is Hamza Amin and what’s his family background. Ushna Shah and Hamza Amin engagement photos and video are circulating everywhere and at the same time Ushna is saying that her nangi bachi video is morphed. Holding a banner against cancel culture while doing the same thing. The Ushna shah you should know that you’re one of those people who without knowing anything, tried their best to cancel someone. So the thing is that don’t preach what you don’t follow.

Here is a challenge for internet trolls: reveal your identity. Her neighbours & kitty party ought to see how Shazia Baji truly feels & speaks. Ushna is SHOCKED at the video’s rapid virality. She doesn’t want that video to spread all over. Talk about too cute to handle, talk about Ushna Shah and her beau. Awww. What a cute way of announcing engagement. Congratulation. Am i the only one who loves this scene beyond anything. Although my sister couldn’t read the letter that papa had written, she knew in her heart about the unwavering love and support for her. Despite being aware that majority would not vote for her, she gave the task her. This nangi bachi video twitter is gaining so much popularity in whatsapp group too.

She is so emotional and we are also. Now she will more stronger than before. Nangi bachi has defeated all the adversaries in every aspect that may be beauty talent leading ability fighting & friendly spirit.


Mun Pay Jhar Dein Full Video Link

New morning and new full video link of Mun pay jhar dein girl is here. The dialogue in this video is funny and hot too. This Punjabi girl viral video is basically from Indian Punjab instead of Pakistani Punjab but still the language is same.

Finally my 1st fashion photo shoot thanks alot Blunt for giving me chance at this difficult time for transgender community. Yes it’s Pakistan’s first uni sex brand. That is why the mun pay jhar dein video is so popular these days. Photoshoot to achi ha but aapka pawoo duck rha ha kiaa? It’s a difficult time for community and difficult pose for picture also. Can’t resist my self to comment. Just beautiful. Evil eyes off. Keep your spirits high buddy! You have lot more to battle and that is my message to that girl in the video. This girl obviously meeting this boyfriend after a long time and both are excited to see each other.

1.5-2 saal baad aaya ex gf se milne pahele he nikal gaya hindi audio hai must watch. Just imagine she has done these two roles simultaneously. A true definition of versatility for a reason. Its good to see that Pakistani girls videos like Mun Pay Jhar dein and others are trying something new but please dont copy something unique, that has nothing to do with subtle romance k wo common si chiz ho or sb dramas mn acceptable ho. This video contains iconic scene throughout and are very hot and pleasing to the eye. Even posture or vibe ki copy ki.

An engrossing tale of self-esteem and passion in love is coming to your television screens as we present musical teaser of our upcoming drama starring Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali in lead roles. But the girl in mun pay jhar dein is not Yumna Zaidi. First look of Yumna Zaidi & Wahaj Ali’s upcoming project for Geo TV. Can’t wait to witness their flawless acting skills together in one frame. From addressing toxic parenting to touching upon social taboos, and allowing women to lead from the front, here are our favourite dramas of the year. Presenting you Meerab’s journey of resilience and courage against all odds in our mega drama serial featuring Yumna Zaidi with Wahaj Ali. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.

This is how i sleep knowing that wahaj yumna are going to serve my fav fav fav genre of television and i will be eating it up with all my life. These two bts pics just screaming chemistry. Gear up for an intense first teaser of our upcoming mega drama serial hinting at Murtasim’s immense rage and rampage through life. Shah Abdul Latif University in Khairpur achieved 3824 marks out of 1100. A stamped mark sheet released by the university shows, Shoaib Ahmed passed with 3824 marks out of 1100, leaving everyone in fits. This mun pay jhar dein video also presents that. And this girl reminds me of Muqadas Usman.


Pakistani xxx videos of Girls Viral Mania

With the advent of social media like twitter, tiktok, onlyfans, whatsapp, facebook the Pakistani xxx videos of girls going viral has become a norm. Everyday on the twitter, for example, there is a new girl trending from tiktok or any Pakistani girl on onlyfans.

Everyone knows that Pakistan is a conservative and religious country but even then the Pakistani xxx girls videos are available for free everywhere on the social media and one wonders from where they are coming from. I know that the money is good in these videos and they make it from the comfort of their own homes but even then given the Pakistani society this is quite bold step. Karachi girls, Lahore girls, Islamabad girls and even girls from remote areas are making their videos and uploading there. Sometimes, they just make it for fun and some how it gets leaked.

I know a Faisalabad girl who had her own video which got leaked when her phone was snatched on her way back from university. Pakistani college girls should be very careful in this regard as there is a huge market for Pakistani xxx videos of girls. This is why it’s very important that whenever a Pakistani girl is making the video in Dubai or anywhere outside, they set the location properly. Yes for example Muqadas Usman is making videos in Dubai as she thinks she will be safe there which is a good idea.

Film Industry churns out such trash only as per the taste of this nation & that’s alarming. Probably English movie title translation in Urdu. I couldn’t get the point of banning movies like joyland when such cheapest entertainment is out there for public. This must be some clickbait stageshow. As for joyland it describes the love affair between a Transgender and a male. It is contrary to basic teachings. Two wrongs never make one right. Also one is at street level other at country level. As you know many Pakistani stage actresses xxx videos have been recently leaked and it turns out that some of them did that by themselves to gain cheap popularity and fame and more followers on tiktok.

Imagine the societal orientation, the efficiency of the institutions, and the departments. Chastity-based economies and civilizations will also be unable to publish these kind of advertisements and films. I just have read the comments section of a pathetic tweet from Veena Malik and the way PTI supporters are praising her for that rubbish tweet it shows how educated you are. Veena Malik leaked video is yet another example of this same trend where these expired actresses are using social media to just remain in the attention span of people. If you target iVeenaKhan for his tweet then first criticise other people for their tweets mention Veena Malik. I have difference with veena malik but it’s very indecent by iqrar Ul Hassan. If you throw stones on other be ready as well many other mediapersons. Like ur 2-3 wives veena malik is also someones daughter .How many affairs ur sister and wives were having before marriage .I think veena is far better then ur wives because they choose disgusting and 3rd class guy for marriage. Anyway, I digress.

Karachi girls xxx videos are the most downloaded one in Pakistan. Sindh is the worst-performing province in each and every department, and this has been recognised by world organizations. I don’t know why that is the case because I thought may be Lahore girls xxx videos are more searched for but it turns out that more the population, the more this trend is heavy there. May be the law enforcement in Sindh is not that effective but then Lahore and Islamabad and Rawalpindi are no different than rest of the country.




Raheel Exposed Tiktok Video Leaked Viral

Who is Raheel exposed and what is the full story behind it? Once again the Raheel exposed tiktok video leaked and has gone viral. Here is the answer as who is Raheel tiktok and what is this minor thing which has propelled it to through the skey. Raheel expose story is quite interesting and is full of fun and drama. Following is the complete Raheel tiktok viral video too and nessataha.

This raheel exposed tiktok are still happier than our individuals that God created completely but they are still far happier than some of us cause we decided to make ourselves sadist because of some trivial issues. This is good example of life. They don’t have half body. They are not defeated, they are not blaming anyone. To whom God has given the whole body, still weeps, blames someone, this is a good example for them. Be strong. After watching these? Now I can have sweet dreams while sleeping . Whom ever shared this, thank you for making my night.

You are not always there with them! You only see the happy sides on the internet. They just have to show the world,that regardless you can be fine. Just like almost everyone does. Anyone please care to explain to me. Are this guys born like that or something bad happen? Please would like to know. You guys are wonders of God creation, honestly I’m still trying to understand these two happy guys,what they must have gone through living in a society that most people body shames others. This is awesome raheel exposed and they are so happy and proud of themselves. You are symbol of courage and confidence.

They probably don’t body shame in east and west unlike Africa that is a norm. Those dudes had all excelled in their various field of endeavours. I can see that,this is awesome I tell you. I wish to meet any of them someday. It’s so touching to watch such enthusiast trying to live as normal life as possible , in spite of there physical, psychosocial constrains.. Thank you Raheel exposed for inspiring others, God bless you all, do keep up with the good works. If they were to glue their bodies together, they could do the cleanest cartwheel mankind has ever seen. They inspire people with caudal regression syndrome to fight with the situation they are in.

Just watching this incredible and positive people gave me an insight and taught me a lesson. Thank you so much for being amazingly amazing. There are things that i actually want to ask out of curiosity but i don’t think its appropriate. Anyway you guys are wonderful people, keep doing what you love. So cute and cool awwwwww they got to meet and bond. Not everyday you’d meet someone like raheel exposed that looked like you if you’re born like that. Love it so much. God is great,even despite all odds,room for thanksgiving is still limitless. God bless you guys.

People different like them should be embraced and celebrated to the hardest. I’m very much impressed with the message you conveyed to the world at the time of crisis’. Despite his physique and his state of health, he was able to carry out his own projects courage still. Criticising Raheel exposed this way or another is not an issue, it is actually a basic right. The issue here is hypocrisy. You are absolutely right ! Double standards ! I am so glad you stick to your principles. If people cannot accept it they don’t have to come. You are doing very well so far.




Muqadas Usman ki Baatein Video K Saath

Muqadas Usman ki Baatein in Urdu and English video k saath. You can watch Muqadas Usman kissing and enjoying herself with her boyfriend. So who is Muqadas Usman and what is she saying and why is she so popular that she has left behind others too?

Muqadas Usman ki batein koi aam baatein naheen. She is an icon now.

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WOW something similar happened to an ex coworker .Her step dad placed a hidden camera in her room and one day she found it and told her mom idk what happened. All I know is they moved out and the mom left the guy. So sad Yeah, well people around Twitter think that this story is impossible, and that this scenario could never possibly happen ever in time. They gon have fun with him once they get his paperwork. It’s possible authorities aren’t doing anything so she wants the public to raise their voice. Or she just wants attention.

I’m wondering why Adam blocked me two days ago for something I said on a post, but then today I’m not blocked lol I do appreciate you though Adam. If I was rich, I was going to come up to the offices and ask you personally. This should’ve been dealt with privately. Taking this too social media for the world to know your daughter is the victim of this horrible act there’s no good outcome, It went from a hand full of ppl knowing to now everybody knows.



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