Aamir Liaquat Leaked Videos Full Uncut with Wife Dania

I dislike Amir Liaqat from the core of my heart but his wife was not an angel either and she played with him. Both are garbage and deserves no attention at all. She was after his money and He was after her jawani. Junaid Jamshed tweeted this when Aamir Liaquat abused his mother & now amir liaquat’s whole life has become a curse. May Allah keep us away from such sins Ameen.

Astaghfirullah . Having conflicts and having a toxic relationship is a serious matter .But leaking someone’s videos , especially the videos of the time when your were the spouse of that person is literally disgusting and this practice should be stopped. Drug and alcohol abuse can change a person’s behavior and personality in ways that almost make them seem like an entirely different person. The Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم said: “If a man insults you with what he knows about you, do not insult him by what you know about him.
Verily, you will have a reward and the penalty is upon the one who said it.”

I have come to a conclusion it is a split personality disorder along with a lot of other irreversible disorders. Am i the only one who can say law can stop Dania Shah for releasing personal videos of Aamir Liaquat Hussain? Rest of case should be decided in court, but this act is condemnable, unethical & immoral. Junaid Jamshed started his career as a Singer and ended as a Naat-khuwaan. Amir Liaqat started his career as a Naat-khuwaan and ended as a Joker. Lesson learnt : Hidayat is a precious gift that chooses a person regardless of his age, profession or race.

Reason behind Amir Liaqat’s destruction, His first wife left her case to AllAh. “As you sow so shall you reap”. We want this kind of freedom on SM? Youth publicly sharing obscene videos without caring about mothers, sisters on SM as identified below by Cyber Eye. Don’t spoil your careers please as it’s a crime to share such videos irrespective of person in question. She is a weird face of a woman. They were married and we all knew that it’s normal after marriage but making videos and sharing those clips is a question Mark on a woman’s dignity and moral ethics. She must be punished legally for this act of shamelessness.

Syeda Dania has accused Aamir Liaquat of being abusive and violent towards her and has even said that if any harm befalls her or her family, Aamir would be responsible. Islamic scholar Dr. amir Liauqat high on drugs in his leaked video by his wife Dania Shah. Amir Liaquat is a fake scholar from the start. He is a total hypocrite at everything he has ever done. The guy should get cancel, people should not be influenced by this pathetic individual. Hating someone is one thing but leaking someone’s private videos , not matter a guy or a girl , is the most cancerous thing of social media and it’s even more unfortunate when such things are done by your spouse, the one who should be safeguarding.

Allah always show the reality of the person sooner or later. There are number of people like Amir who has used religion for there personal gains. Its really shameful to see what he is in reality. Allah is the greatest planner, dont undermine his powers. Rest of case should be decided in court, but this act is condemnable, unethical & immoral. State should protect Dania. Public opinion that she’s a gold-digger and a liar roots from patriarchal narratives. Most Pakistanis are eagerly waiting for their beliefs to be validated by the investigation and court, but not justice for the victim.


پرانی شراب اور بڑی عمر کی عورت کا نشہ

پرانی شراب اور بڑی عمر کی عورت کا نشہ ایک سا ہوتا ہے سر چڑھ کے بولتا ہے چاند رات کس کس نے اپنے چاند کے ساتھ گزارنے کا پروگرام بنایا ہوا ہے

ہر زور دار جھٹکے پر
“ہائے میں مر گئی”
صرف درد کی وجہ سے ہی منہ سے نہیں نکلتا،
لذت و سرور ملنے پر بھی یہی کہا جاتا ہے

سر دنوں کی سر راتیں جان نکالنے کا ہنر رکھتی ہیں

کچھ مرد سمجھتے ہیں کہ بیوی موٹر سائیکل پر بیٹھ کر شوہر کے سینے پر ہاتھ رکھ کر اپنی محبت کا اظہار کرتی ہے
یہ بہت بڑا فراڈ ہے اصل میں کسی دوسری خاتون پر نظر پڑنے پر آپ کا دل کتنا زور سے دھڑکا ہے یہ جاننے کے لیے ہاتھ رکھتی ہیں

حیرت تو یہ ہے کہ میری طرح تو بھی کمسن تو نہیں ہے
پھر کیوں میں تیرے ہاتھوں میں کھلونوں کی طرح ہوں!

نہیں کہ صرف رویوں پہ بات کی جائے
مرا خیال ہے لہجوں پہ بات کی جائے

حسین جسم کی رنگت پہ تبصرے سے قبل
اداس آنکھوں کے حلقوں پہ بات کی جائے

تمہیں ایک سزا لازمی دوں گی جب بھی تمہیں میری صورت اور آواز کی طلب ہوگی، تمہیں میں فاقوں سے ماروں گی تمہیں میں کبھی میسر نہیں ہونگی۔🖤🙂💔🤝🏻

جب دل کسی ایک شخص پہ ٹھہر جاۓ نا….!

تو ذہن کسی اور کو قبول کرنے کے قابل نہیں رہتا

خواب آنکھوں میں سجائے ہوئے معصوم سے لوگ. 🙃🥰
زندہ رہنے کی تمنـــــــــــاؤں میں مر جاتے ہیں



IBA Leaked Video Full Uncut LGBT Party Karachi

What’s your opinion about IBA Leaked video of gays and lesbians dance going viral and IBA suspending those students?

Is it Islamic Republic of Pakistan? Inappropriate video of IBA Karachi is viral on internet in which students are dancing and promoting LGBTQ. People having fun? In my religious lunatic hellscape? Why people object. U want to make this country a big jail or taliban type rule? What are you living in the 12th century? LGBT deserve to live freely. We should not judge them. But then there are all kinds of opinions.

This is just a continuation of our “wannabe white” inferiority complex caused by colonialism. If “wannabe arab” inferiority complex caused by arab and turk invasion is fine then “wannabe white” is also fine. Let people live the way they want. Learn to mid your own business. By the way being free is not something related to white. It is related to being civilized. Crazy assumption thinking that I believe being a “wanna arab” is fine. I don’t. I believe people should have the right to do this (that’s freedom), but doing so is a result of them wanting to be white. Like Eugenics, LGBTQ is based far more in culture than it is in science.

This isn’t because the dressing if celebrities and models’ pictures which this handle shares on daily bases are just Islamic and fulfill the very requirements of an Islamic state like Pakistan. Kindly, have same yardstick for everyone, don’t teach what you yourself don’t flow with it. Are you ready to be held accountable if something happens to any of the students in the video? If not, then remove it. But if you are then you’re not really a great ‘muslim’ are you? Doesn’t Islam ask us to hide the flaws, transgressions, and acts of others? And yet here you are.

As your name suggest showbiz is it allowed in Islam? We are so confused  in Pakistan.


Pakistani Leaked Scandal 2022 Viral Videos Full

Here is the complete and updated list of Pakistani leaked scandal 2022 viral videos full uncut download for you. Feel free to share it on the social media or wherever you want. Relax, enjoy and sit back and have fun.

Pakistanis are creative and they keep coming up with new and novel dialogues and videos. More than tiktok or other such social media platform, Pakistanis are generating quality content with so little ado. Difficult to says that a particular content is quality or not. Everything has an audience but anything that solves the purpose for your TG is good enough but Pakistanis have one common theme in their content and that is:

– should learn something I hardly needed from it
– should not waste my precious time
– at the end of content , should feel thankful to the creator as it really helped.

Tells a story. Convinces you of the topic’s importance or at least gets you curious. Explains the what AND the how in the body. Leaves you with an action plan in the conclusion. The content which gives you the authentic and latest information. News is no longer authentic and new to me, so I consider news as poor content. Depends on the context and mood. Someone may derive more pleasure from amateurish home shot content Vs high product quality content on BornHub or vice versa. Never forget – context is very important.

Quality content is something that is well written, informative, and provides value to the reader. It is not just a regurgitation of information that can be found elsewhere, but rather provides new and unique insights. Something which is straight to the point, and things which come from experience+ books instead of mere quotes from books which are too impractical. Where people are engrossed into the plot and story than the actors playing the respective role. That trends by the viewers recommendations than huge marketing spends.

Which will based on standard values and conceptions, adapt equally by everyone and not spread any kind of hateful speech about anything, anyone. Short and crisp, but packed with hell lot of information but communicated simply. And most importantly, made with pure love, passion and with sense of just giving something back and not expecting in return. Content that help improve readers quality of life, experience, knowledge etc.



Tissue Le Lo Original Video Leaks Full Uncut

Here you can watch the full uncut tissue le lo original video without any charge and you can also share it in whatsapp group. Feel free to share it with your friends and other contacts because the more the better the fun.

From Sadaqat Ali Abbasi original leaked video to Zoii Hashmi leaked video, things are heating up on the social media in Pakistan as more and more videos are being leaked and more people are sharing them everywhere. The fun is unlimited as it’s evident that these people are leaking these videos just for the heck of it and to get more eyeballs and to get more fame and followers and they don’t care how they come.

The truth is that the leaked videos are just confirming what we already know and that’s that for anyone that isn’t living under a rock and isn’t a complete moron. When Kim Kardashian tries to tell the rest of us to “work harder” when she was literally born into a rich family and rose to fame due to a tape she leaked of herself with Brandy’s brother, Ray J. But money is not an issue here.

Why does everybody keep saying she was born into a rich family. She was not. He was an attorney. Big deal. My parents have money but it doesn’t mean that I have any it’s their money not mine. I was just saying the same thing to my husband!!! Everyone I work with works hard.

How soon they forget when they are rich and entitled. Her family got famous because her dad helped get a guy who definitely did it get away with murder. When kim k says work hard with a BMW at 16 and trust fund in place, it sounds like Slaves you are being sloppy.

Don’t forget she stole over $100,000 from Brandy using her credit cards. Kim was her “stylist” & Khloe was her personal assistant. This tissue le lo yaar and fair and lovely laga lo vidoes are just tip of the iceberg and making people do crazy thing out there.

She said this comment to get attention for her new show all all of you fell for it and she is trending for a week now. She is the same person who want all those who have nothing to pay for her fake makeup fake girdles and everything else she peddles to those who don’t work to make her rich.


Tissue Wali Video Watch Free Full Uncut

If you want to watch tissue wali video in full uncut then you are at the right place to download or share it on social media. Tissue wali video fame has now crossed the borders and both girl and boy are kind of celebrity of Internet.

Pillar corals (Dendrogyra) are listed as vulnerable on the IUCN red list, and are highly susceptible to stony coral tissue loss disease. They are one of the most unique Caribbean corals in terms of their shape. I saw this nice colony in Curacao several years ago. This is like the least important thing but the text of that Idaho anti-trans law mentions the “removing of any otherwise healthy and non-diseased body part or tissue” which would make haircuts and clipping your fingernails a felony.

Also not to mention all plastic surgery, circumcision (lol) and all exfoliating products technically the bill states it only applies to things that cause “profound morphological changes and/or transient or permanent infertility” and like. okay. two things here:

1) what constitutes a “profound morphological change”. a haircut can change how you look!
2) how exactly do you plan to measure “transient infertility” in a *child*

It has been pointed out to me that this would also make things like organ donation illegal, because donating a kidney or part of your liver or whatever DEFINITELY induces a “profound morphological change” in your body! and like i know none of this matters and it’s just an excuse to get a bill on the books to do a genocide against trans people but i just can’t look past how it’s also *incredibly stupid*

It only covers procedures done “for the purpose of attempting to change. So if I make a boy look more like a boy by cutting his hair short have I violated this law by affirming his status? Wouldn’t they just go back and make it more specific while still keeping the awful stuff? That would make preventative mastectomies & hysterectomies for people with high risk of cancer illegal.

“Body parts” has a strict meaning in law and hair is not included (fingernails might be?) because body parts cannot be held as property but hair needs to be traded for the wigmaking craft. Neither of them are tissue because they aren’t made of living cells. Piercing your ears removes a chunk of healthy tissue. Blood donations? Surgical sterilisation? Peremptory appendix removal (I understand this is mandatory for astronauts, possibly some others)? Liposuction (yes, this has issues)? Mole / skin tag removal? Tattoo removal?


Fair Lovely Laga Lo Na Viral Video Full Leaked Uncut

Who is the girl in fair and lovely lala lo na and how it got leaked is an another interesting story. They are married couple and they were just having fun and then that fun got leaked out and the video became viral and now making rounds everywhere. That is why its very important to keep these things hush hush and not to brag about it as anything could happen in this digital age of Internet.

We live in society where people has no issue with “haseena parker” which glorifies underworld. If you can’t give space to the film that tell us the real Truth then what’s the use of this Bollywood and the Kapil Sharma show. Very much disappointing for the country. The price of oil has reached an all-time high. However I have solved this problem by discovering a new source of oil.

Bollywood had completely brainwashed today’s generation. Zain Zohaib and Quratulain Baloch just killing it with insane voice and refreshing music. If you love punjabi songs and you need some Qawali touch in that you must listen to Thagyan released today by CokeStudio14 which is beautifully sung by Zain Zohaib x Quratulain Baloch. Finally, the wait is over. New Coke Studio song is here, featuring Quratulain Balouch x Zain Zohaib. We all waited so anxiously for Quratulain Balouch to perform in Coke Studio. She’s on another level.

Thagyan is really is the Sound Of The Nation, QB’s voice as we all know is marvelous, leaving you with goosebumps. The mix between classical and modern music is really amazing. Kudos to Zain Zohaib for lifting up this song as much as it could be. Zulfi’s rocking. Listening to Thagyan by Coke studio reminds me when i texted Zain Zohaib to kindly add subtitles to Ishq hularay and he said he will and he never did.

Repeating for the hundredth time maybe, there is something mesmerizing about Quratulainb’s voice. I hope she drops new music more often. Till then, this one’s going in loop. Wow Quratulain Balouch and Zain Zohaib nailed it totally, loving the new song of this season. This season of Coke Studio just launched itself in some other dimension. Listen to this amazing song by Thagyan, Zain Zohaib and Quratulein Balouch. Touched my soul.


Download Full Aaj Meetha Meetha Hai Viral Video

It will take their whole life too find perfection to make clut classic comedy movies like Khataa meetha , Bhagam Bhag , Hera Pheri , Deewane hue Pagal , Garam Masala , Bhool Bhooliya , Welcome , Hey baby. Wishing all the women around the world a very Happy International Women’s Day! More power to you all. Punk rock girls with some noise to make. Hollywood 1978 – Babe said, “Let’s start something great…”

I have to give this special group of student-athletes a shoutout on International Women’s Day. I have loved watching them grow into the amazing young women they are today. They make me proud every single day and I love being their coach. Today we highlight Congresswomen Veronica Escobar! She is a strong, passionate leader whose roots are grounded deeply in our beautiful city. She is the voice for those who are underrepresented and she rallies for justice.

Happy International Women’s Day! Women have come a long way in the field of athletic training over the years and we love to take a moment to recognize all our strong, inspiring female athletic trainers. Celebrating these amazing women today and everyday. Happy International Women’s Day to the cast, crew, and creative minds that have helped bring all these wonderful characters to life.

To all the incredible women out there, always remember that you shine everyday. One may not be as strong or fiery as the other but existing in this world is already a power. Remember that being a woman doesn’t mean being weak – we’re strong, capable of changing the World and it’s us who unite people by sharing that warm place in our. Be Educated
Be Organised Be Agitated International Women’s day wishes to all Super women.

Girl Power. Woman Power. WOMEN Power. All of which become the most potent salve – & salvation – in the universe.Here’s to girls with dreams who become women of vision. It’s International Women’s Day and Baby Girl is one of the strongest females we know! She is a single lady who prefers only other ladies in her life. Cheers to all the warrior women out there. Celebrating women everywhere today. We need to lift each other up and stand together today and everyday! I’m surrounded by amazing independent strong women. Look up to them, be them and raise them .

I insensitively used the term ‘tribe’ earlier, to describe my kind of women. I was unaware of the hurt it would cause & offer my apologies to those I offended. Thank you to the woman who called me out. All we can do is, do better.



Kinza Hashmi Leaked Viral Video Full Uncut

To all the girls go watch this short film and learn a lesson from it. Leaked Video | Kinza Hashmi | Official 4K Short Film is all out. Gul-o-Gulzar’s cast Omar Shahzad and Kinza Hashmi today in ‘Bakhabar Savera’.

Kinza Hashmi hilariously labelled as ‘Abida Parveen’ over recent picture. Who Wore It Better? Recently Sarah Khan and Kinza Hashmi were spotted wearing the gold bridal outfit by the same designer Arfa Malik and fans can’t seem to decide who wore it best.


• Embroidered Front Blouse Embellished With *Pearls Work*
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We celebrated the launch of our first store in Lahore at Packages Mall. The very talented Kinza Hashmi did the ribbon-cutting for inaugurating the store. The event was well attended by notable personalities of the city. Kinza Hashmi was confident that ‘Ruposh’ would be a huge success and the number’s don’t disappoint.

Kinza Hashmi wears Shab; a curated collection of Unstitched Luxury Evening Wear with endless styling possibilities.


Who is Tissu Le Lo Girl in Viral Full Uncut Video?

Some good news.

AvM Dr Rizwan Riaz & President/CEO Temel Kotil of TAI casually confirm that Pakistan🇵🇰 & Turkey🇹🇷 “are now collaborating” on TAI TF-X fifth generation fighter.

Pakistan probably looking to go down the thunder program path, this time with next gen & Turkey.

Fighter , fighter, 🤬🤬 what the hell is going on LOOK at world where’s going Govt not taking serious steps for economy ? Rupees going down day by day . Only defense why ? Rubbish Collaboration .

Happy to see Dr. Rizwan Riaz pro-rector NUST (Research & Innovation), a very vocal and positive man

He was principal RCMS of our time & used to participate in almost every thesis defense, just to encourage students & make them confident of their work.

Not clear yet. But Pakistan was never going to make a 5th gen fighter on its own from scratch. Too few countries have that capability. We were always going to partner either with the Turks or the chinese.

What about our own NGFA under project AZM??? It’s a merger of technologies or we just abandoned project AZM??

Need of the hour is to develop a supersonic stealth armed drone. Piloted aircrafts are to expensive & have long development time. With high attrition in modern combat, due to highly potent AD systems, it’s utility with time will decrease significantly.

Great to cooperate with brotherly Turkey but links to our iron brother China must stay as the mainstay. Turkey has no experience in modern fighter regime it will benefit too immensely.

TAI CEO Temel Kotil revealed during interview with Pakistani media states that TAI was ‘collaborating’ with PAC on TFX – NGFA Just to provide a little background on Pakistan Turkey JV on TFX – Project Azm

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