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Some good news.

AvM Dr Rizwan Riaz & President/CEO Temel Kotil of TAI casually confirm that Pakistan🇵🇰 & Turkey🇹🇷 “are now collaborating” on TAI TF-X fifth generation fighter.

Pakistan probably looking to go down the thunder program path, this time with next gen & Turkey.

Fighter , fighter, 🤬🤬 what the hell is going on LOOK at world where’s going Govt not taking serious steps for economy ? Rupees going down day by day . Only defense why ? Rubbish Collaboration .

Happy to see Dr. Rizwan Riaz pro-rector NUST (Research & Innovation), a very vocal and positive man

He was principal RCMS of our time & used to participate in almost every thesis defense, just to encourage students & make them confident of their work.

Not clear yet. But Pakistan was never going to make a 5th gen fighter on its own from scratch. Too few countries have that capability. We were always going to partner either with the Turks or the chinese.

What about our own NGFA under project AZM??? It’s a merger of technologies or we just abandoned project AZM??

Need of the hour is to develop a supersonic stealth armed drone. Piloted aircrafts are to expensive & have long development time. With high attrition in modern combat, due to highly potent AD systems, it’s utility with time will decrease significantly.

Great to cooperate with brotherly Turkey but links to our iron brother China must stay as the mainstay. Turkey has no experience in modern fighter regime it will benefit too immensely.

TAI CEO Temel Kotil revealed during interview with Pakistani media states that TAI was ‘collaborating’ with PAC on TFX – NGFA Just to provide a little background on Pakistan Turkey JV on TFX – Project Azm


AAJ Meetha Meetha Hai Viral Video Full Leaked Uncut

There will be a young man walking in the field. On the other hand, after watching the video, some people started announcing that social media should be banned internationally due to which children are getting worse.

But the governments of our countries do not seem to be serious about this. But in today’s article, we can see another video that went viral on social media after Crazy Tissue Lelo Yar in which it can be seen that a woman is in the room and he or she announces ‘Today is sweet is sweet’.

Are doing After watching the viral video, people are asking us to send a total hyperlink to this video. We do not yet know the purpose of sharing this video with social media and the general public.

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In this age of social media, it has become very easy to get recognition. In the 21st century, it would be easy to say that every boy and woman wants to be a movie star overnight without completing their education. And this is probably why our United States, Pakistan, has lagged behind many different international places in the economy and is turning into unemployment.



Aloosha Noor Leaked Video Tissue Girl Instagram Uncut Full

The Aurat March manifesto reads like a political manifesto rather than one for rights of women. Let’s look at them one by one.

1. Calls for radical reform of justice system but nothing on how to achieve it. Also, strangely, shits on increased rep of women in police and judiciary. Aloosha Noor Leaked Video Tissue Girl Instagram Uncut Full

2. Survivor centric welfare centres are a good suggestion. However, “rejecting” austerity measures which are needed to stabilise the economy is ill advised and politically motivated demand.

3. Calls for abolishment of death penalty and castration. Fair point but this really should not be one of the key demands of Aurat March.

4. Demand for decriminalisation of defamation laws. This is a good point. Defamation laws can be problematic form POV of freedom is expression but must be replaced with more robust penalties.

5. Call for defending of safe city project. This is an imp project that can help everyone and in particular women feel more safe on the streets. Again, political motives supersede women rights.

6. Enforced disappearances. Fair enough. But this again is usually milked for political gains with little regard to the truth of any claims.

7. Universal basic income and care work for all residents. Wishy washy language. Ehsaas is already working on supporting those needs. AM could acknowledge this & advise what additional measures can be taken.

8. Dig at IMF. Politically motivated or lacking understanding of economic realities? No specific solutions outlined.

9. PTI govt accused of attacking Transgender Act. Not sure where that’s coming from. On fact, KPK govt has drafted legislation to create endowment fund for transgender persons.

10. Call for legislation to stop forced conversions. This is a good point and in red of attention.

11. Criticism of RRUDP and Lahore smog issue is fair. However, deteriorating air quality is not a Lahore specific issue but extends across many parts of the country.

In summary, AM manifesto looks like it was written by PDM. There’s barely any mention of women specific issues or specific call to action or solutions to address them. Honour killing, harassment, violence against women, domestic violence, forced marriages, education for women.

None of these imp issues are covered. Instead, focus seems to be on politically motivated messages & taking digs at govt.

AM needs to be a bi-partisan movement that puts women’s rights at the forefront. The manifesto proves that this is not what the organisers want AM to be.


Pakistani Girls Six Video Goes Viral

I know you are were not searching for the sixes or fours hit by the girls in any of the Cricket match. It might be a typo or you really don’t know the real spellings but heck who cares as you know what you have been searching and why you reached here.

Pakistani girls six video goes viral on the social media is not something new. We all know that it keeps happening from time to time and that’s not going to stop no matter how many times its condemned. I know its the frustration of Pakistani boys really. I mean what the heck, what’s so special about it and its not something unique or new but then it never gets old as everyone keeps searching about it.

I believe its nothing but frustration and its all around us. Its a very old pandemic in Pakistan but its taboo to talk about it. This sort of frustration can also result in depression, check people around you if they getting enough of it and if not please kindly assist, lol. Yes I am serious if you are a friend of someone who keeps searching for six videos online then you need to help them out of this mania as its not healthy.

Seriously help a brother out of this thing. It’s for real but its destroying lives and the ripple effects are huge. I know for sure that this thing is not really settling in well for many and I am actually starting to believe that this will never end well.


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