Sherani Forest Fire Latest Updates

I am begging you please talk about burning pine and wild olive forests in Sherani disrict of Balochistan. Fire has been going on for 10 days, reportedly killing 2 people and injuring many seriously. Activits of the region have been crying for help since the fire was in early.

A total of 31.6 sq km area affected at two different locations, due to 15-day long fire in forests of Sherani district of Balochistan, according to a map generated at Space Application Centre for Response in Emergency and Disasters (SCARED) on May 23. Iranian firefighter plane reached Sherani, started its operation to extinguish forest fire.
“The intensity of fire in the Sherani forest has been greatly reduced.” Our hearts equally burning with the pine nut forest of Sherani, Balochistan. The forest of Pine & Olive Since burning 11 days in koh_e_suleman Sherani. A lot of people has come into gripped of flame. 80% above area of forest completely destroyed. localities are demanding of rescue but they have no value in front of high officials.

Authorities didn’t take notice then. Now it’s out of control. Hundreds of people have their income associated with it. This fire was not because of climate change, the region isn’t that hot. It us state negligence towards our province and it’s people. What is this crap, why does news from Balochistan only rarely reaches us like its an obscure third world country far away from us. Media houses please shore up your presence, highlight issues so that pressure for solution can be applied. Balochistan government and NDMA Balochistan must act before it’s Too late.

My hometown is situated 45 min drive from Islamabad tarbela ghazi from last 4 days this fire is burning everything. Nobody taking notice. For God sake is there someone who can take notice and do something to avoid complete disaster. Well, the climate there is relatively cooler so heat didn’t cause the fire, people there are saying could be because of electrical wires somewhere. Fire was very small in the beginning, could have been controlled if authorities had taken action on time. They didn’t. Still no action.

It’s PPP at the helm of Climate Ministry while NDMA is in federal. So instead of tagging them all, tag those who matter or you seriously don’t want to hold these people accountable the same way you don’t hold PPP accountable for their 14 year run in Sindh? Climate Ministry and NDMA is in hangover. PMLN doesn’t want to take responsibility of any stuff goin on, and PPP currently is living over vibes. The entire country doesn’t have the resources to fight this.

The first was first started 12 days before at Mughal kot area in KP due to thunder lighting and then reached District Sherani of Balochistan and unfortunately the fire is still burning the Pine forest. One can only pray for rain, don’t expect any help from the provincial or federal government, they have more important work like saving their own self interests. Unfortunately forest department Balochistan have not even a good vehicles to reach the fire on tough hilly terrain. Today it’s 14th day of the fire but not controlled yet. It’s a humble request to higher authorities please.




Personal Expense of Wives in Pakistan

How much your husband gives you as a personal expense ‘kharcha’ for your own needs and fun every month or every week? This is other than the household expense which is normally run by the ladies of the house. I am talking about money for your own fun, needs and other stuff.

I am so effing pissed rn. I am furious. A man who literally earns more than 2 lacs per month gives his wife 2500 rupees per month only for her personal expenses and tells her to do savings. Lanat aisay ghatiya mardon par. People saying the girl could get a job, she had an amazing career, was financially independent, this is watta satta rishta, the girl’s family pressured her into this, she was forced to quit her job and become a house wife. This is just the tip of ice berg and I’m done with this.

It might be different if your foot is in his shoes. It might be that there are even not 2500 for ‘HIS’ personal expenses from that ‘More than 2 lac per month’. Running a household is very expensive these days. Maybe she could get a job and become “aatmanirbhar”? Her husband will really have no say in that! And if he wants her to be a housewife then that family has serious issues. Corporate dude marries colleagues divorcee sister. Earns way more than said colleague I mean 5 digit AED higher end. Gave 50AED mahana kharcha to wife. Colleague got promotion. This guy tells his wife ask your brother to buy me a new sports car.

I wish I could say I’m surprised and shocked but unfortunately it’s something I have been hearing quite a lot recently Infact I recently heard that some men expect the girls parents to give her money for her expenses because “beti tu unki hi hai”. There are men who earn lot more then that and do not give anything to wives except 2 summer joray and 2 winter…. Post this on some Facebook group and all women will tell her to be thankful for getting 2500. His wife should say to her husband, Yeh Rs 2500 bhi apney pass rakho. Men love quoting Islam to oppress women until they realize she’s entitled to 50% of her husband’s income.

Islamically, she is entitled to 0%. The husband has to provide food, accomodation etc. ‘Pocket money’ is optional, though recommend by scholars. This 50% is total bs. This made me so sad, may things get easier for her ameen, in today’s world financial independence is the only thing that saves women from so many problems and empowers them, I wish parents understand this and dont force their daughters into situations where they have to depend. Why do girls assume that 2 lacs kamata hoga tou sara uska apna hoga. Trust me, it can be hard to find spare 5-10k at times.

My father used to earn max 15k and give all the money to my mother only. She used to make sure how it spent and it remains like that till day even after he retired. Whatever comes in our house is under my mother’s custody only and she smh manages it perfectly. Does that include clothes ,visits, medicines and parlor? She is not “allowed” to go to parlor whenever she wants, or any visit to her own family as per her wish. Any dress she would like to wear, she has to “manage” herself. Earn as much as you can because nobody is going to stay with you forever but your mind and money will Therefore, financial independence is of utmost importance, especially for married women letting go of financial control does no good. It results in a skewed relationship.

I have taught my daughter to be well educated, independant and equal in all aspects like my wife is…she should never have to ask for money from her husband…make a career for herself. Already a dentist and content writer soon to fly abroad hopefully for further studies. There are those who may be born in one faith but have none of it in their soul . I know many here ( grown up men with kids ) whose behaviour is similar. They preach money and can’t let go , until they die and still have to leave it all here. I live in UK and I work full time, seven days a week from 8-9 hours per day and everything I earn, I send it to my family who live in Afghanistan. It makes me happy when I send them money.

Man should uplift her, motivate her to freelance/ work from home. He should take care if her finances if he cant let her work.



Fatima Tahir Leaked Video Goes Viral Full Uncut

فاطمہ طاہر کون ہیں اور سوشل میڈیا پر اس طرح کے تذکروں اور ٹرینڈز کو حاصل کرنے کے لیے انہوں نے کیا کیا؟ فاطمہ طاہر کی گرم تصاویر بھی جنگل کی آگ کی طرح گردش کر رہی ہیں اور وہ اس وقت ہر جگہ سوشل خبروں کا مرکز ہیں۔ اس کے انسٹا پر پیروکاروں کے ساتھ بمباری کی جا رہی ہے اور جنون میں اضافہ ہوتا جا رہا ہے۔

فاطمہ طاہر نامی اس لڑکی سے میری کوئی ذاتی رنجش نہیں ہے لیکن جس چیز سے مجھے نفرت ہوتی ہے وہ یہ لاکٹ ہے جو اس نے پہنا ہوا ہے اور اتنے پاکیزہ نام کے ساتھ تمام برے کام کر رہی ہے۔ ہاں اسے یہ چیزیں کرتے ہوئے اور اللہ کے نام کا لاکٹ پہن کر دیکھ کر اسے نفرت ہوتی ہے۔ فاطمہ طاہر کی گرم تصاویر اور ویڈیوز ایک چیز ہیں لیکن انہیں مقدس ناموں اور دیگر نشانات کا استعمال نہیں کرنا چاہیے۔ آپ جس چیز پر یقین رکھتے ہیں اور جو آپ سوشل میڈیا پر دکھاتے ہیں اس کے درمیان ایک عمدہ لکیر ہے۔

اگر مجھے کوئی نہیں ملا تو میں صرف اتنا جانتا ہوں کہ فاطمہ طاہر کی انسٹاگرام کہانیوں نے مجھے حاصل کیا۔ مثال کے طور پر، فاطمہ طاہر کہتی ہیں کہ، “نہیں ewww. میرے لیے بے عزتی کی بات ہے اور میں کبھی رشتہ میں نہیں رہی”۔ فاطمہ کا واٹس ایپ نمبر بھی ڈیمانڈ میں ہے۔ اس نے کہا کہ وہ اب تک کی سب سے زیادہ واناب میڈیکو ہے اور وہ اپنا سفید کوٹ پہننے کا انتظار نہیں کر سکتی تھی اور وہ ایک بننے کے خیال سے جنونی تھی اور کہانی آگے بڑھتی ہے۔ اس کی تمنائیں اور خواب عظیم ہیں اور اس کا جذبہ متعدی ہے۔

میں ٹھیک لگ سکتا ہوں لیکن مجھے فاطمہ طاہر کی مثبتیت پر رشک آتا ہے۔ فاطمہ طاہر کی والدہ نے اس کی ایک پوری ریکارڈ بک بنائی جب اسے پہلی بار شہد کھلایا گیا تھا جب سے اس نے اپنے پہلے بال کٹوائے تھے یا ادر میرے ابا جان کو یہ بھی نہیں پتہ ہوتا تھا میں کس کلاس میں ہوں ۔ میں نے اسنیپ چیٹ پر فاطمہ طاہر کو شامل کیا اور عورت پر لعنت بھیجنا تفریح ​​کا ایک پیکج ہے۔ لفظی طور پر، میں نے بھی اسے ایک بار شامل کیا لیکن اتنی تفریح ​​​​نہیں سنبھال سکا اس لیے اسے ہٹا دیا۔ اس میں بہت زیادہ ہے۔

یہ وہی ہے جو فاطمہ طاہر کہتی ہے، “میں چاہتی ہوں کہ میرا ہونے والا شوہر مجھ سے اتنا پیار کرے کہ وہ خود ہی بات ختم کر دے کیونکہ وہ مجھ سے جو پیار کرتی ہے اسے برداشت نہیں کر سکتا اور جانتا ہے کہ وہ میرے لائق نہیں ہے۔” میں اپنے بچوں کو بتاؤں گا کہ میں فاطمہ طاہر کے انسٹاگرام کو فالو کرنے والا 102 واں شخص تھا۔ سچ تو یہ ہے کہ فاطمہ طاہر دیانت دار اور معصوم ہیں۔ فاطمہ طاہر وہی کام کھلم کھلا کر رہی ہیں جو اکثر لوگ چھپ کر کر رہے ہیں .ہمیں ان سے سیکھنا چاہیے اور اسے رہنے دینا چاہیے اور بس اس سے لطف اندوز ہونا چاہیے۔


How Come Diana Fell For Fat Ugly Young Dr Hasnat?

When I heard that Humayun Saeed was selected by Netflix to play the role of British-Pakistani heart surgeon Dr. Hasnat, I immediately started searching for Dr. Hasnat. The current photos of old Dr. Hasnat are nothing to write home about so I thought may be the young Dr Hasnat was some sort of catch whom Lady Diana couldn’t resist? When I saw the younger Hasnat, he was still nothing to write home about seriously.

Since then I am wondering how come Diana fell for such a fast ugly young Dr Hasnat? It couldn’t be wealth because Diana had her fortune and besides Hasnat was well off but nothing compared to any of thousands of other affluent Brits. So why on earth she did that? Was it a revenge, a rebellion against the Queen and British aristocracy? Or was she just punishing herself? I mean just saw the following photos of young and and old Dr. Hasnat and then look at Diana and decide yourself:









Even the photo of Dr. Hasnat from 1997 when he was supposedly young is very average. Bulging belly, baggy trousers with fat legs, creepy mustache, weird hairdo, years old wrinkled shirt; he isn’t exactly come out as a person for whom a princesses of global fame and following would madly fell in love with. Or may be she had lost her marbles completely at that time, I am not sure. Or may be I have missed something completely and I should go and get my eyesight checked.


Maryam Nawaz Viral Video Singing on Wedding – Beautiful Voice


Where to get Bhang and plant in Karachi Lahore Islamabad

If you are looking to get bhang and bhang plant in Pakistan in any city including Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad then its easy to obtain it as even government has now allowed the sale and business of this plant as this is already being used in preparing many medicine. 

Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Senator shibli faraz, on Wednesday, informed a parliamentary panel that the industrial and medicine hemp (bhang) policy will be ready by December. After three years destruction of Pakistan economy, highest rising price of dollar, highest inflation and poverty level in the history of Pakistan if these KPI are good in your opinion then you may be living in Bhang paradise seeded by selectors. I know it’s a separate discussion for some other occassion.

Bhang ka rang jama’o chak-a-chak…

Someone had to say it. You know you wanted to. The derivatives of bhang total market is US$ 27billion. India is one of the major players in it let’s be honest and pragmatic. If it boosts up the economy then so be it. Good step taken, finally. We will be part of the $95+ bn market worldwide. But more than this, may be Pakistan could become a hub for drug manufacturing and companies like Pfizer could outsource this to us. People can grow bhang in their homes easily too as a side business.


Ayesha Akram Baig Viral Video Full with Urdu Dialogues


Video of Ayesha in Minar e Pakistan Lahore Incident

I always carry a little pocket scissors. Everybody asks “iss choti si kenchi se kia hi krogi?” And I’d reply “koi tang kre tou mar du gi use.” Today I ask myself, “iss choti si kenchi se kia hi krogi?” Shame on “Brutal Animals” because who do such immoral act are not men!!May the punishment of Allah descend upon those monsters.

While assaulting a woman at Minar e Pakistan, the hundreds of men involved filmed themselves. Thanks to to the abundance of video evidence, can we expect over 400 arrests to be made in Lahore without delay? We must otherwise it will repeat again and again. Unfortunately, I dont think concrete actions will follow FIR, societal fabric is on a verge of extinction and it’s the majority failing the nation.

They will arrest after months and some people who are above the laws never got arrest, after that for a month judges will send them in remands and it will take whole year and some people bailed out, we need to change our judicial system if we don’t want more incident like this. well if u wish 4 million that can be also. But how can u will differentiate who is saving or who is harassing. situated is very complicated. But i have solution.

On this day we celebrate our freedom day. Freedom of assaulting & harassing chanting “Hum zinda qom hen”. I really do hope every culprit is arrested but just to be honest, even the police here in London wouldn’t ever be able to catch anyone based on their face and no finger print, I wonder if Pakistani police with less resources and capability would be able to.

why you should not take strict action against all these rapist . M khud ek lrki ho or Lahore phrti ho yakeen jany ghr sa Niklty dr lgta h Ya Allah madad farma or hamary PM ko hidiat dy KY wo kuvh krskyn . Plz khudara khudara Kuvh kro in SB KY khilaf .



A Levels to MCAT to MBBS Troubles in Pakistan

Someone who is 21 right now, did alevels 3 times yet couldn’t score the best, taking the mcat 4th time this year, who is still trying & not in university, I became so mentally disturbed and lost control over my emotions but made it out alive and still trying again and again so can you got into med school on conditional basis and it made me feel like I finally made it but they can kick me out anytime because I scored below the required mcat score, after studying for 8 months in first year of med school im still going through the same thing again it hurts, please pray for me.

Anyway, i hope one day I can proudly call myself a doctor one day because I’ve never seen anyone work this hard for it and I will always love myself for not giving up & regretting later on 3 don’t give up guys life’s too short keep working for your life goals and aspirations. If you do that then you’re most probably going to be one of the best doctors of your batch just because of this undying motivation and hard work.

Now the question Is this undying motivation or lack of concentration syndrome coupled with incompetency? She is competent solely on the fact that she is a hard-worker who never gives up. its not your grades but your attitude that will get you far in life. khair you are just some frustrated troll. I hope u get what u want. Sister, I cleared MDCAT but couldn’t make it to a med school so there were 2 options for me either relive that trauma or treat myself with something else. Obviously. I was disheartened to the core that I thought this is the end but then i realized it wasn’t.

The point is, Med school main “MBBS” hi sab kuch nahi hai. There are many doctors who are jobless just like engineers. Majority mulk chorh k bahir bhi ja rahay hain. Always choose a 2nd option for yourself. In my case, my 2nd option was to be selected in PAF. Either it was via aeronautical engineering or as a Physiotherapist. I chose what I thought will be the best. So I’m becoming a PT. Life is too short to ‘waste’ it over something.

Jo ap k naseeb main hai woh mil k rahay ga.




Video of Bhong Mandir Attack in Rahim Yar Khan Pakistan


“DPO Rahim Yar Khan has reached on spot. Strict legal action will be taken against all involved”. yeah just like you did with the rioters who burnt the temple few months ago? Minority hindus were forced to go for a compromise but its OK as I have no sympathies with minorities living there as they choose their fate on 15.08.1947.

I read the comments of Indians and I am very sorry that there used to be an Hindustan and this is the India of Modi

and RSS.India is not really a place to live for conscious and logical people at all. We are slowly moving away from Zia-ul-Haq theocracy to towards enlightenment. We Pakistanis at least believe that the situation of our minorities in Pakistan is not satisfactory But there is hope that our nation is moving in the right direction People admit their mistakes at the government level and at the public level.And there are voices for the rights.

In the subcontinent, both Hindu and Muslim nations are mired in extreme religious extremism. This incident happened in Pakistan All Muslims strongly condemn it Islam does not allow this at all and the Holy Qur’an has clear instructions in this regard۔ These are some of the mischievous elements who are far from being guided .All humanitarians and believers in religious tolerance in Pakistan are deeply saddened.

This is wrong and it has strict punishment, top police officials already taken action and visited spot, these people will be surely punished for this henious crime. Population exchange is only the solution and more over eight UNSC our India is the chief hope they will raise the issue. Ganesh Temple, village Bhong in Rahim Yar Khan, Punjab has been ravaged. Another day, another attack on Hindus in Pakistan.

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