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In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, new stars are born every day, capturing the hearts of millions with their unique talents, charisma, and relatable content. In 2023, the digital world witnessed the meteoric rise of Aina Asif VK, a captivating influencer who became an overnight sensation. This blog post dives deep into the life and journey of Aina Asif VK, unraveling the mystery behind her viral success.

The Rise to Stardom

Aina Asif VK’s story is a true testament to the power of social media and its potential to catapult ordinary individuals into the realms of fame. Hailing from a small town, Aina discovered her passion for creating content at an early age. Armed with a smartphone and a vivid imagination, she began sharing her talent and perspective with the world.

Her journey initially started on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, where she showcased her flair for comedy, dance, and lip-syncing. What set Aina apart from the crowd was her authenticity and raw talent, which resonated with audiences across different demographics. Her engaging personality and infectious energy quickly garnered her a massive following, setting the stage for a viral explosion.

The “Viral” Moment

Every influencer dreams of that one breakthrough moment that turns the tides and pushes them into the spotlight. For Aina Asif VK, it was no different. In early 2023, she posted a humorous skit that struck a chord with viewers worldwide. Within hours, her video went viral, earning millions of views, likes, and shares.

The viral video not only catapulted Aina into stardom but also opened doors to opportunities she had never imagined. Brands and media houses started approaching her for collaborations, and her fan base grew exponentially in a matter of days. This newfound fame brought with it challenges and responsibilities that Aina took on with grace and humility.

Staying True to Herself

One of the factors that endeared Aina Asif VK to her audience was her unwavering commitment to staying true to herself. In an era of constant pressure to conform to certain standards, Aina broke the mold and remained authentic, unapologetically embracing her quirks and unique style.

She continued to share content that resonated with her values, promoting body positivity, mental health awareness, and the importance of kindness. In a world often defined by superficiality, Aina’s authenticity became a beacon of hope for many, encouraging them to embrace their individuality without fear of judgment.

The Impact on Society

With great popularity comes great responsibility. Aina Asif VK leveraged her influence to bring about positive change in society. Using her platform, she actively supported various charitable causes, raising awareness for underprivileged communities, environmental issues, and education. Her philanthropic endeavors earned her even more respect from her followers, who admired her commitment to making the world a better place.


The rise of Aina Asif VK in 2023 demonstrated the potential of social media to transform lives, create stars, and inspire change. Her journey from an ordinary individual to a viral sensation serves as a reminder that authenticity and passion are the driving forces behind genuine success.

Aina Asif VK’s story also highlights the impact influencers can have on society when they choose to use their reach for good. As her journey continues, she remains an inspiration for millions, reminding them that with perseverance, dedication, and staying true to oneself, anyone can achieve their dreams, and maybe even go viral.


23 Lakh on Dulha Haar in Sialkot wedding

A rich business family spent 23 lakh (2.3 million Pakistani rupees) on just a dulha haar in a Sialkot wedding. Yes you heard it right. One wonders from where such huge money comes in a poor country like Pakistan.

This is the new riches of Pakistan . Shopkeepers, business men, Foreign palat mazdoors, etc. Most of them are rarely educated. So when you have unlimited money being illiterate you see such wonders or the 2.3 millions throwing show off like Sialkot wedding. Well if they are happy then nothing is wrong. Better than going to a five star restaurant and spend thousands on just a cup of tea. Unfortunately, Muslims of today are ignorant of the fact that on the day of judgement we would be answerable to Allah (SWT) not only for how we earned our money but also how we spent it. May Allah (SWT) give us the wisdom to distinguish between right and wrong. Aameen.

The money belongs to them why can’t you let them do what they want with their money? And focus on yourself and we all need to. I’m from Sialkot, here people ruin their bank balance just to show off how rich they’re, including my faimly. The thing is that shop keeper earn millions per month and they are not in tax net. and im talking of small shop keepers. This is a huge tax opportunity. It happened in dera ghazi khan where I live. Most of them lives and earns in dubai or Saudia. That’s how they live mam. Udr mazdoori or yhan Pakistan mai shashkay. Don’t worry. When they will be trained in LSE [Lahore/Larkana School of Embezzlement], they will surely start stashing this money in the Western Capitals. Well that money is there , after wedding he will put it back to his account. hanks for this elitist explanation. Interesting how the liberal elites lose their jeo & jeene do mantra when it offends their class sensibilities.

That sounds a bit condescending, targeting working class for showing off when rich have been doing such things far more frequently. What if the groom had worn sherwani worth 2.3 million. Atleast money in this haar can be used again. When the system is weak and doesn’t have the authority to tax such people. Story of every other wedding happening in Gujrat or Mandi Bahauddin. What about elite showing off their money with decor roofs and flwrs imported from Holland. Getting Atif/Rahat groove on their mehndi’s.Arng 10 days events with Sangeet,Qawali ni etc. You won’t see that but mazdoor or foreign palat showing off their hard earned. Has anybody checked income tax return of last 5 years of these all individuals? No body ever filed even! That’s why Nawaz Sharif ruled 3 times and Imran Khan is dagger drawn once again. Bejwa and company are the icon of this society. Please enjoy and continue enjoying.

A wedding in a nealry bankrupt country…and such weddings are taking place in each gali/mohalla of Pakistan. So why should Allah be kind to these so called muslims? But these currency notes will be consumed its not wasted…. but on the other side saloon bill and bridal dress is real show off for high end people. After one splash of water all expensive chemicals on face just drained and dress just hanging in wardrobe. Dulhar haar of such amount is crazy. You are forgetting destination weddings with boarding and lodging for all guests. Weird to say simply and real essence of marriage and happiness has vanished. We must condemn such showoff practices in our society. The gap between the rich & the poor is getting widened day by day. They just reinvigorated a cultural item in a different way. Education and literacy has nothing to do with this act. If they have decorated a car or decor of the hall, then this would have been taken as “wow” thing.

The problem for Pakistan is undocumented economy. Our state is poor not our people. We need harsh decisions for economic reforms and document it. Reeks of hatred towards those who move socially upwards. You like to act generous and discuss problems of the underprivileged from a possition of superiority but if they actually move up the ladder, you become insecure and hate them. Although I don’t endorse any such thing, but at least this paper money could be reused. Not like millions spent on floral decors, singers/performers, designer clothes which won’t last beyond the day, by the so called “literate” class. Ok, so spending millions eating caviar while holidaying in Mykanos and posting on elite pakistani travel groups is so cool and fab, but desi people enjoying in their own way is jahalat?


pakistani ladkiyan whatsapp group phone number

Pakistani ladkiyan whatsapp group ke phone number are available here for free and either you can do dosti or you can do the rishta. Its up to you. But remember that show respect and get respect in return as nothing is without respect and regard.

List of Pakistani Ladkiyan

Pakistani ladkiyoon ke naam ki list latest and updated for 2023 and beyond is also available here. From Karachi to Lahore, and from Rawalpindi to Islamabad, from Quetta to Peshawar and from Multan to Attock Pakistani ladkiyan available, and Muqadas Usman is one of them.

There is no use of these broken leaks, first spread this statement in the media that the gifts did not go to Tosha Khana, then this broken leak that they came from Tosha Khana. You are saying that if you take pictures of the things that are brought inside the house, then the news inside will also come out. Dogs and Murad Saeed also come inside. Now it’s proven that Imran Khan is the most honest & sincere leader in the universe who is working diligently on the path laid down by our MURSHID, Bushra Bibi. The list of scandals involving Bushra Bibi has been growing lately. Earlier we were told that the first lady had no role in politics.

The alleged audio is probably the audio of Inam Khan in charge of Murshid and Bani Gala, in which Inam is reprimanding K-up. Why are you making a picture of the items brought from Tosha Khana? They are saying that the military secretary is sending things by trusting us. How are you taking the picture? and who have heard Bushra Bi Bi to confirm the audio was genuine. PTI must start leaking Maryam audio from when there is no way of authentication no politicians will be safe and Mulana voice is very easy to mimic. One sided audio leaks. How come no one raises the queation of privacy of sitting PM? This is a serious security breach. So Imran Khan got few gifts from Tosha Khana. What is the big deal. And Bushra Bibi is such a brave lady and in this audio that is any genuine person would react especially a wife. Perfectly normal to get angry. More than anything this audio increase the respect of Bushra Bibi. This is typical of Pakistani ladkiyan whatsapp group.

Her work is totally Apolitical. Steal the money irrespective of where it came from. She has , however،yet a long way to go and match Bhuttos-Zardari-sharif trio score for that matter. These scandals are financial. They are not political. It would however be different if her role in Punjab Govt comes out. Seems she have one point agenda that Grab all tosha Khana gifts at any cost. She work hard for this. Only Imran Khan can be given benefit of doubt for his wife’s activities otherwise husbands are responsible for their wife’s acts. He can get away with everything. So what now you’re going to prove even with this audio of Pakistani ladkiyan whatsapp group? Bushra Bibi’s actions proved that Imran Niazi and his family are people of very small character. Bushra Bibi used Prime Minister House for his corruption and theft.

“Murshad” you have to answer about Toshakhana. Pinki Bushra Bibi, Farah Gogi and Fitna Khan, you can’t run Soo easily. You guy’s not only had sold the “Watch ” , You guys had sold the honor and assets of Pakistan. Another purported audio leak of PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi over Toshakhana gifts has come to the fore in which she can be heard talking to former administrator of Bani Gala residence. Pakistani ladkiyan viral video leaked on whatsapp group and Twitter and this scandal is huge and the name list is growing for this year. Bushra Bibi, the former first lady, can be heard grumbling at Bani Gala’s former administrator Inam Khan for making pictures of Toshakhana gifts, calling him out for not taking permission from her.

If they took the gifts from the proper channel, then why are they getting angry on the pictures of the gifts, because the pictures are proof, this audio confirms our story that these gifts did not go to Tosha Khana but went straight to Imran Khan’s house and this There are billions of gifts. Take pictures of the things going from Bani Gala, not the things coming in. In order to take pictures of the antiquities coming from the Toshakhona, Pinky banned the entry of Inam Khan, the caretaker of Bani Gala. It is the right of Imran Khan’s wife to give instructions to the employees regarding the personal affairs and security of the house. Attacking women is a tradition of the League, but the question here is who was taping the Prime Minister’s secure line and who is now leaking these audios for his own purpose?



Kanwal Shauzab Leak Video Viral Full Uncut New

یٹی کواسکی ماں کی فیک ویڈیو بناکرسینڈ کی جاتی ہے ، اس ملک میں اب بزرگ باپ بیٹا ماں بہن بیٹی کسی کی کوئی عزت باقی نہیں رہی یہ جنگل بن چکا ہے یہاں ہر ظلم کی توقع کی جا سکتی ہے ، یہ ادارے بجائے سوشل میڈیا اکٹوسٹس کو اُٹھانے کے مجرموں کا تعاقب کرتے تو حالات یہ نہ ہوتے

جب تک اعظم سواتی کے کیس کی عدالتی تحقیقات کے بعد مجرموں کو قرار واقعی سزا نہیں دی جاۓ گی، بیہودگی اور بدمعاشی کا یہ سلسلہ بند نہیں ہو گا۔

یا اللہ!
ان ظالموں کو اور کتنا مہلت؟؟؟؟؟
یہ غلیظ، نیچ، انسانیت سوز اور کمینی حرکتیں

ورتوں پر کیچڑ اچھالنے کی ن لیگی روایت کو جس طرح پروان چڑھایا ہے یہ روایت اتنی آسانی سے ختم نہیں ہو گی۔۔

زندگی میں پہلی بار اس اپنے گھر پاکستان میں رہتے ہوئے ڈر لگتا ہے

یہ نئ بات نہیں نواز لیگ بے نظیر کے پرائیویٹ فوٹو جہاز سے گروا چکی ہے – بے نظیر کو نواز نے اسمبلی فلور پر پیلی ٹیکسی کہا بے غیرتی انکے خون میں ہے

پاکستان پہ قابض ہوچکے ہے۔لگتا ہے باتوں سے نہی لاتوں سے سمجھانا ہوگ

یہ سارے پی ٹی آی والے پھدو ہیں کیا؟ کیا اِنکی عزت اتنی سستی ھے؟

بھائی ہمارے ملک کا قانون جنگل سے بھی بدتر ہو چکا ہے

اللہ ایسے گھٹیا اوچھے ہتھکنڈے اور بیغیرتیاں کروانے والوں کو تباہ و برباد کرے اور آپکو ہمت و استقامت عطا کرے

اگر آپ زندہ ہیں تو میرا آپ سے بس یہ سوال ہے کہ اس ملک میں رہنے والے غداروں کے لیے آپ کی عدالتیں رات کے 12 بجے کھل جاتی ہیں۔۔۔ لیکن اس ملک کے محب وطنوں کو انصاف کون دے گ

یہ جس قبیل کی عورتیں ہیں ان کا دھندہ ہی یہی ہے جب پکڑے جاتے ہیں تو ہائے میں لٹ گئ کا شور مچاتی ہیں

دراصل چیف جسٹس صاحب کی کوئی مجبوری یا کمزوری ہو گی ۔اسی وجہ سے بیچارے چپ ہیں کیا پتہ ان کی اپنی کوئی ویڈیو ہو یا ایسی کوئی مالی بد عنوانی ہو جس کا ڈر ہو یا پھر ان کی فیملی کی کوئی ایسی چیز ہو جس کی وجہ سے وہ چپ ہیں ۔
بلآ خر ہیں تو وہ بھی انسان ۔
غلطیاں تو ہوئی ہوں گی ان سے بھی ۔۔

75 سال سی برطانیه کچه غدارو کی زریعه پاکستان کو کنترول کر رهیی هیی انقلاب کی بغیر آزادی لینا ناممکن هیی

ویسے تو روزانہ کیا کرتا ھے؟کبھی اپنی ذبان بھی دیکھی ھے؟جب تیرے جیسے لچے۔کمینے سوشل میڈیا پہ نیازی کے کتے بن کر بھونکیں گے پھر اس پہ فخر بھی محسوس کریں گے تو پھر دوسرے حرام کاریوں پہ کیسے اعتراض۔کیا تیری گھٹیا زبان سننے کے قابل ھوتی ھے؟ تو گھٹیا اور گندی زبان کی وجہ سے مشہور ھے



Real Story Who Shot Imran Khan Attacker Revealed

Here is real story who shot Imran Khan and why and the attacker is revealed in this video with the actual facts. Let’s not side with any party and hear the truth which is below as who the person is who attacked Imran Niazi Khan of PTI.

There is a four-marla house in Gali Masjid Raza Wali of Mohalla Muslimabad in Suhadra, which has not yet been plastered inside and outside. It is simply plastered with cement, as if the house is still under construction. Naveed Ahmed lived in this under-construction house along with his two young sons, old mother and wife.

This area of ​​Wazirabad has been in the news since the firing on Imran Khan’s Long March as Naveed Ahmed, an alleged attacker in police custody, is said to belong to the area.

When the container of Tehreek-e-Insaf’s long march arrived at Allahwala Chowk in Wazirabad, there was a sudden firing, as a result of which former Prime Minister Imran Khan and some other people were injured. Soon after that, the PTI workers ran after the alleged attacker Naveed Ahmed whom they had seen firing and one of the workers even tried to stop him during the firing.

Naveed Ahmed was soon caught by the elite force and taken to the local police station.

A case of this incident has not yet been registered and no formal statement has been issued by the police. But several videos of Naveed Ahmed from inside the Kunjah police station in Gujarat have surfaced in which he is confessing to the attack on Imran Khan.

Later, Chief Minister of Punjab Chaudhry Pervez Elahi, taking strict notice of the incident of leaking the video statement of the accused who fired, suspended the relevant police personnel and confiscated their mobile phones for forensic purposes. While according to RPO Gujarat, ‘the accused has been detained, and at present no final word can be given.’

Suhadra is situated on the banks of river Chenab. It is a densely populated town. It is believed that almost every family in this town has at least one member living abroad for employment.

Naveed Ahmed’s elder son is about one and a half years old while the younger son was born just ten days ago.

The house they live in is their mother’s inherited house which came to Naveed. According to local journalist Aqeel Ahmed Lodhi, “The accused had kept this house by himself by giving a share to his brothers.”

Naveed Ahmed’s father Muhammad Basheer died about fifteen years ago. Naveed Ahmed belongs to Arain family. His father worked as a pipe fitter (boring) and junk worker.

His other brothers were also doing the work left by their father. As tap work has become a bit modern, these people now use machines for boring. Naveed Ahmed worked hard in Saudi Arabia for four, four and a half years and returned only a few months ago.

According to Abdullah, one of his neighbors, he lived in Saudi Arabia for four or five years and used to work hard there. Wasn’t doing anything special after coming back. However, he used to work with his brother in boring work. Apart from this, he used to do the work of scrap wood.

Abdullah has said that Naveed Ahmad belongs to Sunni Barelvi religion. Sometimes he was found praying in the mosque.

While Khalid Majeed, a resident of Suhadra, said that his family is not religious at all. I have never seen him offering prayers regularly. This is a typical traditional religious household.

According to Khalid Majeed, ‘When I heard that he had fired, I was shocked. Because he did not appear to be a person who slapped anyone.

Another neighbor, Muhammad Ashraf, when asked if Naveed Ahmed had a reputation for fighting in the area, said, “Absolutely not.” Never seen fighting with anyone. Whenever I saw them, I saw them working or staying at home.

According to Khalid Majeed, a local resident, ‘He was mostly a silent man. He did not get into fights.

However, a neighbor said on condition of anonymity that his religious inclination was towards a particular group. He used to attend religious functions in the local mosque.

While Babar Hussain, a resident of Mohalla Muslimabad, said, “I don’t know if he is related to any political or religious party.” He was an ordinary man. He used to greet him as he came. He did not communicate more than salam and dua. He was a common servant, he had to sit and stand with common servants.

Another resident told local journalist Aqeel Ahmed Khan Lodhi, “There is a House of Daffodils school in a house near accused Naveed Ahmed’s house, where a few days ago there was a function in which music was also used. He was found and had a bitter conversation with the school administration.

The principal of this school is a woman who was contacted by journalist Aqeel Ahmed Lodhi to confirm the incident but could not be contacted. According to journalist Aqeel Ahmed Lodhi, “The principal of the school lives in another neighborhood, while most of the family members of the accused have either been caught by the police or have escaped.”

Asked several neighbors of the accused Naveed Ahmed, “Today or yesterday, has anyone heard the accused talking against Imran Khan or seen him in any activity that is out of the ordinary and suspicious?”

But the same answer was received from all the people, ‘Nobody heard him talking about Imran Khan or Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s rally, nor found him involved in any suspicious activity.’

Khalid Majeed, a local resident of Suhadra, told us that it was already ten o’clock at night. Five to seven people are sitting at my camp, whose topic of conversation is that today or yesterday, has anyone seen the accused showing anger or displeasure regarding Imran Khan and the Long March? Everyone is completely ignorant and surprised like me.

Zargham Ali, the brother of PTI activist Ibtisam Ahmed, who stopped the alleged accused Naveed Ahmed while talking to us, said, ‘The statement of the accused is circulating on social media, this is Naveed Ahmed and he is my brother. had caught But Naveed Ahmed was wearing a jacket at that time and the jacket was taken off while giving a statement.

In an interview with a local channel, Ibtasam said that he was about 15 feet away from the container while Naveed was about 10 feet away from him on the right side. As soon as he put his hand in his shalwar and took out the pistol, I got my attention. For a second, his hand would be towards the container, I ran and removed his hand so that the bullet would go away from the container.


Romaisa Khan Leaked Video Full Uncut

Some are saying that Romaisa Khan leaked video is the hottest item of this year as she dances and enjoys herself too much. That and she is also one of the most pretty girl in Pakistani social media. She is not shy at all and very bold without any limits.

Not a Tiktok Lover but this girl really got some good acting skills to be honest. Her Beauty is Unmatchable. What you are calling a peaceful nation, there is a lot of blood that was lost to make it what it is right now. The peace in this country is just because by hard nights spent by our soldiers on the border as per Romaisa Khan. This nation loves you and supports you, and is always behind you Romaisa Khan. No matter how difficult the paths may be, no matter how difficult the destinations may be.

There are two powers in the world; one is the sword and the other is the pen. There is a great competition and rivalry between the two. There is a third power stronger than both, that of the women. People who enjoy the sunroofs of their cars will never know the heat of the sun in the out. Enjoy ur trip n have more fun moments to treasure with. Missing you but love seeing you. happy n enjoying every bit of it. what kind of generation is this, what parents are teaching their kids, we re going towards total destruction, just for the sake of a 60 seconds clip look what have they done, forgetting that we are facing worst temperature in 60 years.

Just realized the most awkward thing isn’t someone recognizing me in public, it’s someone recognizing me in public and going off on me for whatever I said to them on tiktok. Tiktok has people posting videos of themselves washing rugs and here I am watching it for some god awful reason.

If there is fire, you don’t go there wearing jhumkas and Baaliyans. You try to stop the fire with whatever way possible because wildlife lives there. Where is humanity?


Always Pad Caused Itch Pain Rash and Fever

A year ago today, I woke up with an Always pad stuck to my bum, after twisting during the night. This caused a rash the next day and after a weekend of pain, I was admitted to hospital with necrotising fasciitis and septic shock. I couldn’t breathe, my kidneys were starting to struggle, my blood wasn’t flowing properly but my pulse was 145bpm. Even though I need emergency surgery, my vitals were so bad that the doctors said I wouldn’t survive it.

I had a blood transfusion and was constantly pumped with drugs to get my blood pressure to increase because it was critically low. Finally on the 20th May, I was strong enough to have my debridement surgery and get the infected tissue in my bum cut out. I spent a total of 10 days in ICU and 7 days on the regular ward. In September I had a follow up skin flap surgery to close the wound of the original surgical site. Please find out what’s going on with your products in Africa. I’ve been using your products for decades here in America and have never heard of this issue. After I noticed the constant irritation from using Always, had to switch to this. Has worked for me so far.

I’ve seen a lot of women in Africa complain about how terrible Always pads are. Pads that I had been using in the UK for 14 years with no issues. I will never use their products again (not that my period has returned since then), and I advise all women in Africa to do the same. It’s even the premium pack I was using. Not the cheapest one. Nothing but chemicals and bad vibes. Never knew it could get this bad. Stopped using Always 2019. It made me itch so bad. Always in constant discomfort. Why is no one talking about the green lady care? So cool nd comfortable and it’s cotton wool that’s inside when opened. It’s chemical free I guess! You see those flat ones that absorbs and turn the liquid to gel.

Always sanitary pad is one of the best menstrual pad in the market now, another good product is Drylove but keep in mind that a lot of fakes dominate the market too. Don’t just publicly cancel a brand cos u had a bad experience after using their product, everyone’s body differs. We’re terribly sorry to hear about your experience. Our products are all rigorously tested to ensure their quality and safety when used as directed, so this is certainly not something we’d expect. Isn’t it short? That’s what I started with as a teenager, then I started having heavy flows and lady care didn’t do much to help.

A couple of years ago, there was a campaign against the discomfort and poor quality of Always pads in Africa. Fast forward to now, it’s still happening. Unfortunately, lots of pads use these same chemicals that cause these reactions. Same with tampons – They cause septic shock. I have always used the Always Platinum variant too, and always ended the periods with a rash. Made the decision to buy menstrual cup, and its been the best decision for me so far. I’m so sorry to hear this. I also stopped using their pads officially 2 years ago. I have always used Always Pad and thought my stinging itching during period was normal not until my friend told me it wasn’t. Stopped using them and it’s been fine.




Fasting in Pregnancy is Harmful not Pious

Why are pregnant women fasting? I had multiple pregnant patients come to me who were fasting and now Shamim baji is doing the same. Itna jabar karne ki kia zaroorat hai apne upar? I mean fasting in pregancy is harmful not pious. Period. Quran expressly says not to so I truly have no idea why they are.

They take pride in it. Almost everyone I know does that too They think it is a sign of extreme piety, not realizing it can be harmful for own their health, and the baby’s development too. It’s so frustrating and annoying especially in this heat, especially the working women. Kiun zaroorat hai rakhnay ki? Everyone knows you have a reason if you’re concerned with that. Because anything related to women’s reproductive health is a matter of ‘shame’. You are more concerned about not losing your reward than your/baby’s life. Pata nahi kaunsa reward milna hai for self-torture. Jahaan exemption hai, woh bhi nahi leni. Our women have gotten used to it

It’s ridiculous, putting yourself through unnecessary torture just to appease whom? Society? Who doesn’t give a fuck. God? Who has already given you the leeway. In saudia, they continue fasting till membrane ruptures during delivery. Its all a belief system. Nobody is judging you. They want to do it for sake of Allah not for approval of society. Ap apna kam keren ja ker. They may be are very religious people or mostly people do fasting and all the good deeds in Ramzan because obviously its a very holy month for Muslims. We don’t do Prayers and Fasting and read Quran in normal days that’s why it feels good in Ramzan.

Well both my pregnancies came around Ramadan. first time I couldn’t fast due to being unwell and 2nd I had gdb so my doctor asked me not to. both times my own mother would make me feel guilty for not fasting & give me an example of a very fragile cousin who fasted despite being. A lot of it is pressure too. My MiL would say how she would fast when she was pregnant/lactating. I told her that in addition to the exempt conditions, I also have wonky kidneys & if she wants me to stick around to raise her grandkids, she’s got to stop telling me what she did.

Peer pressure and societal expectations can make one do harmful things. There r still family pressures & taboos. Also working women even if they don’t fast, it’s next to impossible to eat/ drink at work, so they say why not fast instead. Thirdly, lactating women also need the same leverage. Hardly anyone talks about them. I had fasted for 29 days despite my in-laws whining. My MIL gave extra money to maid to cook for sehri and iftari so that i dont have to stand for long in this condition, on my part it had nothing to do with piety but the tension to keep count after delivery actually.

I had healthy pregnancy Alhamdulilah last year still I chose not to fast in third trimester. Though it was heavy on my heart, as I never skip fasting, but I took benefit of the ease Islam has given us as pregnant. Fasting can have severe impact on mother’s health and growth of fetus. If the doctor is OK with it then no issue, it all varies women to women. They are allowed to leave fast but not compulsory.


Pakistani Doctor Leaked Video with Nurse

Dr. Afzal Shahid leaked video with nurse is making rounds everywhere though its not confirmed that its him and who is the girl. The video is real and as can been seen from it that Pakistani doctor is having fun and not really concerned about anything else.

Snackible- easy to consume. Makes the audience feel this is what they have always been looking for / Strikes a chord. Quality content is important but more important how are you selling content to audience. Information in an understandable way with humour. Such content, if someone comes while watching it, then we do not have to turn off the screen. Something that flows naturally with the reader. So Pakistani doctor’s content is no wonder ticks all those boxes and more.

In my opinion, quality content = Giving therapy to heal. It’s something that you didn’t know you needed to know before you heard it somewhere. Simple to understand. Keeps you coming back. Aesthetically doesn’t put a lot of load on the consumer. Content that is both value adding & entertaining. Very subjective. But if the reader feels satisfied, you have done good work. So Dr. Afzal Shahid is also making sure that he is playing for himself and not for the gallery.

One that keeps me glued to it for countless mins/hrs/days/months. Value-packed content with the authenticity of the writer. if [resharibility + originality + repeatability] exists. Whatever gets your target audience’s attention. Content that explains a difficult concept in simple words. When you can grab some value from the written peace. Quality is very subjective, it can differ for every creator. Life is there to enjoy and that is what that Pakistani nurse and doctor are doing in this leaked video.

Something not : ” playing for gallery “. That adds value to someone’s life. That adds value in any shape or form. Be it informative, educative, thought-provoking, or inspirational. Anything that trouble me and make me feel uncomfortable is quality content. Eye catching design that provides value. A content which makes scrolling user to stop and read. Something that educates, entertains, grows and, is comprehendible for users who are younger than your targeted users.


Pakistani Students in Ukraine Helpline Website Phone

The Embassy of Pakistan is fully functional from Ternopil, Ukraine. Contact details of the Embassy are as follows:


Cell Nos:


Functional in which sense? Hundreds of students and other travellers are trapped and exposed to alleged war. They are short of money. They need food, water and safe house.

Don’t lie please I almost contacted with all of these numbers and asked how we can go from kyiv to Tarnopil some answerd we Don’t know some says contact with another number

Please work on some solid strategy to protect and evacuate PAK citizen and students in Kharkiv area It’s not possible to come to Ternopil by their own. Some other countries arranged buses under protection of security to transport their citizens to Liviv and Ternopil

Asking people to travel 11 hours when there is no transport. No one answers any of 4 numbers above.

Pakistani students stranded in ukraine appeal for evacuation.

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