Articles by Dr. Hassan Isfahani

juvie jail pakistan kid jails

Poor Plight of Juvenile Section in Pakistani Jails

Yesterday, I visited Adiala Jail, Juvenile section. I was heart broken to see poor small kids who have been languishing in jails since months only because they neither have legal representation nor resources to submit…

covid certificate nadra

Immunization Certificate for Covid-19 NADRA

The process of obtaining immunization certificate for Covid-19 NADRA in Pakistan is easy and the processing fee is Rs. 160. The time frame is also very quick and you can obtain that online or from…

Why Judges Need Summer Vacations in Pakistan

Why Judges Need Summer Vacations in Pakistan?

With all due respect to the honorable judges of all the courts in Pakistan; Respected sirs and madams why exactly do you need summer vacation? I mean with such a huge colossal backlog of cases…

Experience of My Kids for Online Exams

Experience of My Kids for Online Exams

With Covid, much has changed and education is no different. Like the other parts of the world, education has gone online in Pakistan too. Work from home and study from  home have become a  normal…

Pakistanis Wlll Get Astrazeneca covid 19 vaccine in 2021

My Real Covid Story in Pakistan

Covid is for real and it’s horrors are for real too.  I see all around myself that people take it so lightly and just consider it as yet another flu. They don’t understand the importance…

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