Articles by Dr. Hassan Isfahani

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Ali Zaidi and Lifafa

Federal minister for Maritime affairs Ali Zaidi from Karachi is once again in the news. Ali Zaidi and Lifafa scandal is raging high on social media. Ali Zaidi is not new to the controversies and…

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Talib Jauhari Cause of Death

Talib Jauhari cause of death is not Coronavirus as some news channel and social media pundits are claiming. He was sick for a long time and was over 80. He was admitted to ICU of…

corona mental health pakistan

Corona Mental Health in Pakistan

Take it easy mates. I know the going is hard. Times are tough. Corona mental health in Pakistan is a real alarming issue and needs immediate attention. I was pleasantly surprised to see Google doodle…

2020 of Load-shedding in Pakistan

When I started writing for this blog, way back in 2008 the hottest topic was load-shedding. We have short memories and even shorter tempers so I am not sure if anyone still remembers those sweltering…

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