Shushil Malani Symbol of Interfaith Harmony in Thar

The young PPP leader from Mithi town of Tharparkar, Shushil Malani, keeing his love and soldarity with his Muslim friends has kept so far all fasts during the current holy month of Ramazan.

Shushil is elder son of one of the loyal leader of PPP, leader and lawmaker Amar Jadesh Kumar Malani, who had lost his life in a road accident while going to participate in a long march announced by Ms Benazir Bhutto wayback in 1993 along with pioneer of modern Sindh journalism Fakeer Mohammad Lashari and eminet PPP leader late Dr Mohammad Ismail Udhejo.

Mr Malani when contacted by this reporter for his version on his fasting practice he informed that he had begun the practice of fasting as per the rituals of his Muslim friends in order to boost the interfaith harmony in Tharparkar, which according to him, was already famous for exemplary communal harmony where Hindus and Muslims had been celebrating their Eids and other festival together for centuries. He said that in previous fasting months he used to keep four to five fasts on the inistance of his Muslim friends but his year he had decided to keep all 30 fasts like his some of the friends.

He thanked his family members for helping him make required food at the time of Sehari adding he said that but during the Ifrai he has so far participated in the parties arranged by both his Hindu and Muslim friends. He said that all family members including his uncle and PPP MNA Dr Mahesh Kumar Malani were proudly encouraged to adopt this habit and set a new trend of fasting as per Islamic teachings. His close friend as the known rights activist Kapil Dev, who also hails from Tharparkar said Shushil was setting an excellent example of interfaith harmony by keeping fasts since 1st Ramzan. He has so far fasted all 24 days and aims to fast all 30 rozas. ” Amidst bigotry and hatred, we need many more like him to spread love and harmony” Kapil added.

The known educationalist and rights activist Patab Shivani talking to this reporter said that Tharparkar was the name of interfaith harmony and pluralism and people P who had been living since centuries here give respect and regard to every human being without any discrimination of caste , creed , colour and religion . ” They used to celebrate Eid , Holi and Diwali altogether. Though since the last couple of years due to in-migration and the growing corporate sector , Tharparkar is in a rapid transition phase and because of a few filthy people they are trying to create chaos and use religious cards . ” Through social media they did but as majority doesn’t support them thus this tree is still connected with many multi dimensional branches I.e; social fabric, inclusion , fraternity and endearment” Partab added.

Javed Samoon, the budding writer said that Tharparkar where the month of Ramzan is a holy month for both Muslims and Hindus, that’s why Hindus in Tharparkar also participate by arranging Iftari’s for Muslims as a goodwill gesture. he said that act by Mr Malani would go a long way to further cement interfaith harmony among all communities of both Hindus and Muslims. ” Hindus arrange iftar parties to Muslims in the mosques of villages,” Samoon added. ” This act is practiced to boost interfaith harmony in the desert where there is a concentration of poor daily wagers, homeless people, widows, and other deserving people.

Interfaith harmony of Tharparkar is famous for interfaith harmony where both Muslims and Hindus join their religious festivals” he added.


GDA MNAs will not resign from NA, Dr Fehmida Mirza

BADIN: The MNA of Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) from Badin Dr Fehmida Zuilfikar Ali Mirza has said that they had decided not to tender their resignations from the National Assembly unlike PTI lawmakers. Replying to a question by this reporter, Dr Mirza who was also federal Minister Imran Khan-led PTI government said that they would not resign from the National Assembly as per party policy.

She said that she and two other MNAs including Ghous Khan Mehar and Ms Saira Banu would sit on the opposition benches. Earlier Banu who attended the NA session also refused to resign from her reserved seat. Ms Banu said that it was decided by Pir Sahab Pagra, the chief of Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) not to tender resignation from the National Assembly.

She said that party leadership would decide about the future course of the actions. ” It looks that the current National Assembly is not going to complete its terms which is very unfortunate for the smooth sailing of the democratic process” she added. Dr Mirza in a TV interview said that she was ready to accept any responsibility in the parliament adding she said that she was ready to become Leader of the Opposition if her party leadership asked her to proceed with the new task.

The credible insiders confided that under the given situation Dr Mirza is the favorite candidate for the slot of Leader of the Opposition in National Assembly since all other small parties had already quit former Imran Khan–led Prime Minister while PML-Q with five seats but stands split into two groups.

Dr Mirza, if manages to become the Leader of Opposition, would create another record as the female politician of the country as she was elected as the Speaker of National Assembly,(the first ever in the Islamic world) and by winning the elections on the general seat consecutively five times without being defeated.


Bilawal to stay at Halepota House Kapri Mori during first day of Long March

The PPP leader from Badin Abdul Wahid Halepoto has said that PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari during his first-day of the long march against the PTI government would arrive in Badin district on February 27.

He said that the party chairman after addressing the public gatherings in Badin, Talhar, Matli and other towns of the district would stay at Halepota House in village Sardar Haji Abdullah Halepoto in Kapri Mori area near Matli town. He said that the party chairman on his request had accepted his invitation to stay at their house for the night before proceeding to the next destination during the scheduled party long march.

Abdul Wahid Halepoto recalled that before Bilawal Bhutto Zardari his slain mother Ms Benazir Bhutto had also stayed at their house and spent her time with his family members on the invitation of his grandfather late Haji Abdullah Halepoto (the five times MNA from Badin) way back in 1988.

He said that preparations to accord the warm welcome to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari were underway. Mr Halepoto said that on his arrival to their house, his father Ali Asghar Halepot, the former district chairman Badin, his family members, party lawmakers and leaders would welcome him . ” It is a matter of great pleasure and pride that Bilawal, after his great mother, is going to stay for a night at our house,” he added.

Meanwhile, the PPP lawmakers, leaders and workers arrived in different towns of Badin district and invited the media persons to attend the event of their party chairman and cover it for their respective media outlets. Sussui Palijo, Aajiz Dhamrah and other PPP during their media talks said that people of Badin district would not only welcome the party chairman on his arrival in the district but would also accompany him towards Islamabad to get rid of the incompetent and insane rulers imposed on the country.


NCOC Vaccination Target Achieved in Thar From Feb 1 to 14

The health teams under the supervision of DC Tharparkar Mohammad Nawaz Sohoo and Dr Pir Ghulam Hussain, the district health officer (DHO) Thar have again achieved their complete targets of Covid-19 outreach vaccination campaign which concluded on February 14.

Mr Sohoo and Dr Pir G.Hussain sharing the details of the vaccination drive launched in the desert from February 1, informed the media on Wednesday that they had achieved their target as per the directions of the Sindh Health Minister Dr Azra Fazal Pechuho ,Mr Zulfqar Ali Shah, the Secretary of Sindh Health Department and he officials of National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) inoculation against the deadly virus. Mr Sohoo and .Dr Pir Ghulam Hussain informed that they were giving the target of 102,0282 vaccinating people of the desert district but they managed to achieve it by vaccinating 991288 ( 98%) clients due for first dose and 819,752 out of 819,776 (100%) due for second dose to Tharis and got target through the concerted and committed efforts by their teams during vaccination drive against Covid-19.

“Our teams went from door to door across the desert district spreading over 20 thousand square kilometres and jabbed the people as per the directions of NCOC’s functionaries ” they added and said that the credit of achieving the target once again went to health teams and people of the desert region who fully supported them during the process of inoculation. The officials said that the inoculation process in Thar had begun on February 21 last year and they had achieved their targets successfully with the exemplary cooperation of the people of the desert district. They said that during the campaign 239 health teams formed by district administration had achieved the target by vaccinating people while they were given the target for vaccination by the high-ups NCOC.

The DC and the DHO said that in the process of the booster dose, which they had undertaken by themselves, 50,086 people were vaccinated and their success percentage remained 99.5 which were due for booster dose adding they observed that it was gigantic task under the challenging conditions of the desert region but their dedicated officers, doctors and the health workers made it happen keeping in importance of the healthy life of Tharis to fight against the deadly virus.

They said that they formed 239 teams across the district for the vaccination purpose against the deadly virus adding they informed the media that a control room was also established in the DHO office under the supervision of Dr Munir Akhtar, who is also the focal person of the vaccination process.

Here it may be recalled that Mr Asad Umar, the Chairman of National Command and Operation Centre had given the appreciation certificate to DC Mr Sohoo for his great dedication and continuous handwork towards the fight against Covid-19 Pandemic while contributing commendably towards National Covid Vaccination Drive for year 2021.

The activists working in Tharparkar on different issues highly lauded the efforts of the officials of health and district administration for achieving the target despite lack of the required vehicles to have any easy access to the most of the areas. They hoped that officials would continue to serve the people of the desert district with similar enthusimsm with their great commitment to achieve such goals in future.


Sindh Science Festival Pledges Promotion of STEM Education

The first-ever two-day Sindh Science Festival organized by Thar Education Alliance with support of Sindh Education and Literacy Department and other organizations at NED University in Karachi concluded on Friday with the resolve to promote STEM education in all the educational institutions across the province. The panelists of the various sessions during the festival stressed upon the high-ups of the Sindh government as well as on other organizations to extend the full support to the organizations working on the promotion of STEM education in all government and private schools of the province.

They observed that without giving importance and top priority to science and other related subjects formal educational degrees would not help students achieve their ambitious goals adding they asked other organizations to organize such events in backward regions to provide opportunities to students to showcase their talent through their models and other such activities. The panelists also emphasised on the high-ups of the Sindh government to open the science labs in all big and small schools of the province.

Ms Tanzila Qambrani, the Special Assistant to Chief Minister Sindh for Ministry of Information and Technology speaking on the occasion as the chief guest urged upon the importance of science in the quality education.
She said that it was the prime duty of every family to get their daughter educated from government schools by watching the performance of the teachers of their respective school’s Ms Qambrani added that education under the current situation was completely incomplete and insufficient without STEM Education.

Ms Qambrani said that it was her desire to fully cooperate with official’s of Sindh education and literacy department to work jointly for the noble cause of setting up the science labs in the all schools of Sindh. She deplored the fact that most parents in backward areas were reluctant to send their girl’s to schools adding she said that it was the collective responsibility of the society to give priority to girls’ education throughout. The Special Aide said that she was Glad to have seen the talent of the students during her visit to the stalls and models exhibited there by the students from almost every district of the province.

Mr Tufail Jokhio the pro-vice chancellor of NED University in his speech said that it was a unique event where students from all districts were given equal opportunities. He said that it was an honour for the management of the university to have hosted such a wonderful event particularly in the times Covid-19 pandemic when they could not attend the golden jubilee of their historical institution couples of the weeks back.

Partab Shivani, the CEO of TEA speaking during the concluding session thanked all those, who fully cooperated and participated in different sessions of the festival adding he said that sole aim of the event was to provide equal space and opportunities to students from across the province, who according to him, added colours by establishing their stalls with unique science models. He highly praised the efforts and the talent of the participating students. He said that they would continue their efforts to promote STEM education through such events and other activities until all schools were provided with the science labs. schools with required equipment. ” Glad to have seen the 10th grader Mr Chaman Kumar from DCT Hilal School Mithi, who broke ‘the world record’ by telling the names of all bones of the human skeleton just within 25 seconds” he added and congratulated him for his glorious achievement.

“The fourth edition of the science festival shows that if we do not focus on SDG 4, and will not equip our youths with STEM education, we shall never succeed in our goals” Shivani added. Khanzadi Kapri, the activist during the session on girls and science said that without equipping the female students with STEM education the dream of achieving the goal would never be fulfilled. She said that it was very imperative to involve the girls in every sector including education, science and technology. She highly praised the talent of the participating girls in the festival.

Ms Urosa Khatti, Sanjay Mathrani, Prem Sagir, Khushbu Kirano, Geeta Khatri, Lakhsha Kumari. Sangita Kumari, Sadia Salluddin, Dr Hina Kazmi, Lubna Khalid and others spoke during the sessions moderated by the experts from different institutes.

More than 40 stalls were set up in the Sindh Science Festival by students. The students through their scientific models were trying to find sustainable solutions to the challenges being faced by the people of Sindh and Pakistan. They displayed scientific models to address the issues such as water and environmental pollution, power generation from alternative sources, traffic and urban development issues, and the handling of humanitarian issues The students, who had displayed and demonstrated their models and objects more beautifully were given the awards and shields in different categories by the personalities who had attended the festival.


Sindh Science Festival all set to begin from Feb 10 in Karachi : Partab Shivani

The first-ever two-day Sindh Science Festival is being organized in Karachi at NED University February 10 to Feb 11 for public and private schoolchildren and families in Karachi to explore, learn and celebrate discoveries in science and scientific milestones in Pakistan. Thar Education Alliance (TEA) is organizing this festival with the collective efforts of Sindh Education and Literacy Department (SELD) in collaboration with the national and international organizations which are working on STEM education and NED University Karachi.

Speaking to the media Mr Partab Shivani, the Chief Executive Officer (TEA) emphasized that the education system of Sindh needed to work towards preparing future generations with advancement of Science and 21st century skills. ” These festivals will help to create school-university and school-industry linkages to have young students pick up interest in fields of science,” he added.

‘Moreover, TEA has been involved in successfully executing science festivals and activities in Tharparkar, Larkana and Thatta and those events proved to be huge successes, with over 100,000 students and teachers participating altogether’ he added. Shivani added that all those events were appreciated and covered by national and international media, as well as endorsed by major political parties of Pakistan. Rohan Kumar Khatwani, created a “world record” by arranging periodic tables in the shortest time at Islamabad Science Festival.

Shivani said that he believed that students did maintain interest and talent in science, but government schools lacked the resources to support their interests and subsequently, failed to improve learning outcomes. ” The Education Department and the Sindh Government should take STEM education as their prime priority in the budget” he added. . However, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) should have to integrate educational concerns in their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders.t ” It can bring sustainability to achieve the goals of SDG 4 which is prioritizing equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities” he added.

He said that through this festival they would urge the government to allocate *X*pc of the GDP for STEM education in the upcoming budget. And make a strategy to plan such kinds of festivals on provincial and district level annually.

Students from all over Sindh will set up stalls at the festival where they will exhibit their science models. Appreciation awards will be given to the best teachers and students for their extraordinary efforts in encouraging STEM education in their respective areas.


Thar Covid Vaccination Drive From Feb 1

The Deputy Commissioner Tharparkar, Mohammad Nawaz Sohoo along with District Health Officer (DHO) Dr Pir Ghulam Hussain spoke to the media persons here on Friday and informed that the process of the vaccination against the Covid virus had been in full swing in the entire district.

They said that the inoculation process in Thar had begun on on February 24 last year and they achieved their targets successfully with the exemplary cooperation of the people of the desert district. They said that they had set the target of vaccinating 1.20 million people above 12 years of age across the district. They said that during first phase 88 teams formed by district administration an they had vaccinated 81 percent people and in the second phase 59 percent people were inoculated of the desert district while so far 28,560 Tharis had also been given the booster doses. They said that they had established 25 centers across the district for the vaccination purpose against the deadly virus.

Mr Sohho and Dr Pir Hussain said that they from February 1 to February 14, they would launch the massive vaccination drive and the teams would be sent from door to door to inoculate around 40, 1188 people across the desert district with the help of their dedicated health workers and officials of local government from 44 union councils, 10 health officers and seven taluka officers of the health department to make it more successful. The DHO Dr Hussain also informed the media that a control room had also been established in his office under the supervision of Dr Satram, who is also the focal person of the process.

He said that in schools the teams jabbed 48,784 students adding he claimed that people of the desert district were fully cooperating with the health teams during the drives of the vaccination process . The DC and DHO Tharparkar claimed that the situations in the entire district were well under control and they had enough doses of the vaccines to meet any situations adding they lauded the efforts of the staffers of the health department, who remained at the forefront throughout the pandemic period and achieved their targets to jab people of Thar.

The DC Mr Sohoo said that it was the matter of the great pride for him and people of Tharparkar that Mr Asad Umar, the chairman of National Command and Operation Centre had given the appreciation certificate to him for his great dedication and continuous handwork towards the fight against Covid-19 Pandemic while contributing commendably towards National Covid Vaccination Drive for year 2021.


Five perished as car hit by a speedy truck near Badin city

The road accident left five persons dead near Badin near Badin city on Thursday. The five persons, who were coming to Badin from Talhar town were killed when their car was hit by a speeding truck at Yousaf Shah Bus Stop Badin-Hyderabad road on Thursday. The car after a head on collision with the truck coming from the opposite direction overturned and skidded off the road.

All the people, three of them from the same Mallah family, died on the spot. The bodies were brought to DHQ (Indus Hospital) Badin where they were identified as Jan Mohammad Khatti 32, a bank manager, Azhar Hussain Khatt 23.According to the police sources, Mr Jan Mohammad Khatti who had carried three injured family members, who sustained wounds during a road accident in Talhar town was among those who lost their lives.

The slightly injured Sahib Dino Mallah, his wife Guddi and his mother-in-law Assu Malah were also killed in the same fatal road accident.

Mr Khatti reportedly took three slightly injured family members to shift them in a hospital in Badin for the treatment but the mishap also claimed his own life before he could shift the wounded family members to any hospital. Badin police arrested the truck driver and impounded the vehicle. The DC Badin, Agha Shahnawaz Pathan expressing his deep grief over the incident sought the detailed report from the concerned functionaries of the accident. The DC in his statement said that he was shocked to learn about the deaths of five persons in a road mishap.


Ayaz Latif Palijo Asks People Protect Own Resources

Ayaz Latif Palijo, the chief of Qaumi Awami Tehreek has said rulers are only interested to safeguard their own vested interests and have never shown their seriousness towards resolving the chronic issues of the common people and he asked the participants of the conference to protect their mines, minerals and other resources for their future generations.

Mr Palijo, who is also general secretary of Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) addressing the party workers in Islamkot town on Thursday during the conference on Karoonjhar and Resources of Sindh conference said that it was the responsibility of every saner people to fight for the rights and to protect the resources from those casting evil eyes on them. .Mr Palijo during the speech and media talk lashed out at rulers for depriving the people of Thar of their basic rights including safe drinking water, education, healthcare facilities access to roads etc at the time when they get never tried of harping on theme that Thar will change Pakistan.

He said that both PPP and MQM were playing dirty and dangerous game again in Karachi and some other towns of Sindh for petty political interests adding he said it might be an international conspiracy to create lawlessness in the city. He also asked Prime Minister Imran to explain to the people of the country that corruption had increased in the country, which according to him, had brought the bad name for the country at the international level adding he asked Mr Khan to treat the all federating units of the country alike being a prime minister of the whole country. He said that Imran Khan should have himself clarified the serious allegations that corrupt practices were on the rise in the county at the time when the people were already getting sick of the rising prices of essential commodities and inflation. He said that the PTI government had so far totally disappointed the people of the country, who had pinned hopes on them to get rid of the previous ‘corrupt’ rulers. He said that it was also the responsibility of the federal bodies to ensure the judicious distribution of water among the provinces since Sindh had already suffered a lot due to severe water crises for the past many months. The agriculture sector has badly been affected throughout Sindh, he said.

Mr Palijo also lashed out at PPP rulers in Sindh for their alleged failure to ensure the availability of urea fertilisers for the farmers and growers of the provinces and said they were instead staging the drama through the demonstrations with tractors. He alleged that PPP rulers had already turned the entire province into ruins and were now playing dirty tricks to dupe the people to gain their sympathies ahead of the LB elections. Mr Palijo said that people of Sindh wanted a real change in their lifestyle and wanted to get rid of the corrupt rulers, who had made their lives miserable.

“The resources of Thar are fetching huge amounts of money for the rulers but the real owners are still facing abject poverty and backwardness” he added. He said that rulers had always cast their evil eyes on the precious granite stones of Karoonjhar hills but the brave and bold residents of Parkar region had so far thwarted their nefarious designs to take away the stones. He said that it was a very good decision of the people of the Parkar region to file petitions in the courts and to come on the roads to register their protest to save their Karoonjhar from the greedy contractors. He asked the high-ups of the Sindh government to ensure the complete protection and preservation of Karoonjhar hills and its religious, historical and heritage in the light of the recommendations of the geologists, experts and environmentalists. He said that it was the high time to resist the moves aimed at damaging the environment and ecology of the desert region adding he said that the impacts of climate change mattered much for the region and saner people had to stand for such critical issues.

The chief of QAT also highly lauded the efforts of Syed Karam Ali Shah, the judicial magistrate of Nagarparkar for completely banning the extracting of the granite from all points of Karoonjhar hills and issuing the notices to the extractors of China clay from different locations of Parkar region.” Mr Shah being a civil judge has made a history by taking a bold decision to save Karoonjhar hills from those, who were hell-bent to damage it to make money” he added. . “The people of Sindh in general and of Tharparkar in particular will never allow the contractors to cause more damage to the beautiful hills; he added and made it clear that rulers over the years had even failed to make proper legislation on important issues such as lands of Thar and its resources. He said that mining companies in Thar coalfields were only interested in extracting coal reserves and making money but were least bothered to even launch the welfare schemes under terms and conditions of CSR to provide the basic amenities of life to the people living around them.

He called upon the participants of the conference to effectively launch the protest movement to protect their resources and to press both executives of the mining companies and high-ups of Sindh government to stop creating at least the environmental hazards by carrying out a umber of the projects, according to him, which were damaging the fauna and flora of Sindh without knowing the sensitive aspects of the desert region. He said that the people of Thar had already suffered a lot due to incurring droughts and now despite being owners of huge coal reserves, granite, salt and China clay and other resources mainly due to the alleged indifference and callousness of the rulers. Mr Palijo strongly condemned the attitude of the executives and officials of the coal mining companies towards the local people and warned them to mend their ways while doing all that with the real owners of the ‘blcak gold’.

“The infants are dying due to the complications caused by malnutrition, the people of the entire desert region are forced to drink the contaminated and brackish water from the wells and having found no way out at the end of the tunnel, they are killing themselves” he added. Mr Palijo said that it was very shameful that the PPP government despite spending huge amounts on the waterworks including on the costly RO plants had failed to provide the safe drinking water to Tharis. ” The people of the desert district were deprived of safe drinking water after almost all costly plants had gone faulty due to the massive corrupt practices.” he added.

He demanded a probe into the malpractices committed by officials of the public health engineering department and companies in the schemes of waterworks carried out to provide the drinking water. Mr Palijo also lashed out at the local PPP lawmakers for their alleged criminal silence on the core issues of the region and the hegemony of the mining companies, who according to him, were treating Tharis as the children of lesser gods. Mr Palijo said that both PPP and MQM were again playing the dirty and dangerous game in Karachi which could prove very perilous for the peace of the province. “The miscreants affiliated with different parties are trying to push Karachi and other towns of Sindh towards the ethnic riots for their vested interests” he added and warned of dire serious consequences if they were not dealt with iron hands . Mr Palijo said that those trying to create such an environment should be brought to book since people of the province could not afford such politics of hate again, which would further cause more damages.

He said that the recent incidents was also a deep conspiracy to stop people of Sindh to settle in Karachi to earn their livelihood after they found the drought-like conditions in a number of the districts of the province. Shahnawaz Hingorjo, Mazhar Rahujo, Naheed Jogi, Anwar Nouhani, Abdul Manan, Prof Mohammad Hingorjo, Zahid Gul Otho and others also spoke on the occasion.


DC Thar Nawaz Sohoo Orders For Speed Breakers To Prevent Road Accidents

The deputy commissioner Tharparkar, Mohammad Nawaz Sohhoo taking the strong notice of the public demand has directed the concerned officials to erect the speed breakers at the proper public places especially on Thar Coal Road to avoid the fatalities of Tharis in the road accidents and mishaps.

Mr Sohho issued the directions to executive engineer of works and service department , Mirpurkhas circle and to the to SSP Tharparkar on the application submitted to him by a known activist Akbar Dars and some otter residents, keeping in the view of the irreparable loss of human lives during the recent accidents mainly due to reckless driving and unavailability of the speed-breakers, barriers, bumps, required barricades at various points on the roads in the desert district.

He said that it was noticed with grave concern that the traffic accidents on the roads were being reported on a daily basis, which caused the loss of the innocent human lives of animals.” Keeping in view, the public demands it is requested to please construct the speed breakers at the proper public places and manage the barriers as per approved specification/standards with signboards, cat-eyes and colouring at the earliest in the public interest to avert more such accidents” added the notice.

Mr Sohoo when contacted said that it was very unfortunate that some people had lost due to the reckless driving by the coach and dumper drivers especially on Thar Coal roads adding he said that it was the responsibility of the all the people to abide by the rulers and driver keeping in the curves and ups and downs on the roads due sandy dunes. Mr Sohoo talking to this reporter said that the government had laid the road network in most parts of the desert district to provide easy access to people of remote villages to towns and nobody would be allowed to break the traffic laws and create the nuisance for other commuters.

Advocate Shankar Lal Rathore and some other lawyers also filed their petitions in Sindh High Court Hyderabad requesting the court to summon the officials and direct them to ensure the safety of the commuters travelling on the roads. ” As many as 15 people including youths have lost their lives due to reckless and rash driving by the passenger buses, coasters, dumpers and other vehicles on Thar Coal Road in the recent days” added Mr Rathore in his petition which was accepted by the double bench, comprising Justice Salluddin Panhwar and Justice Mohammad Umar Siyal and fixed the date on February 3, for the hearing in the circuit bench in Hyderabad.

The justices of the double bench also issued the notices to the officials of various departments to appear in the court and submit their reports.

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