Mehwish Awan Scene Viral Video Tiktoker Leaked

Mehwish Awan leaked viral video from tiktok is present on Twitter. Mehwish Awan is not only hot but also very intelligent and smart. Mehwish Awan scene went viral as hot dance video was posted by herself.

The life coach industrial complex is parasites all the way down. Literally encouraging women to max their credit card to buy meaningless “coaching” that, I guess, leads to a magic future where everyone is maxing six figures by “coaching” everyone else? Here’s some free life coaching from Mehwish Awan don’t pay people who can’t explain to you how they would make money if it weren’t for people paying them to teach them to make money teaching people to make money. Once again if the only way that “manifesting money” works for someone is by causing people to pay them to teach them to “manifest money”.

Reading this I feel like LA is going to offer me unparalleled opportunity for selling spiritual encounters with ancestral sheep with my hot Mehwish Awan. The market is here, if you are willing to bring the mountain to Moses. LA people do not drive that far for anything but Lahore and Karachi. It has become pretty much standard with any online scam. I see the same pitch in YouTube videos for Amazon and audible store scams, passive income schemes, etc, etc. We apologize for this poor experience, and we appreciate your feedback. We depend on comments like yours when making decisions to improve our service. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s an order issue with which we could assist as mentioned by Mehwish Awan.

The “coaches who coach coaches” niche is VERY lucrative. It’s not “life coaching”. Ingrid is selling marketing strategies packaged as “magic”. I haven’t worked for Ingrid but I have personally worked with several of her disciples as their launch manager. We are humans in desperate need of real community! It sounds like she probably has no real friends that she can trust and that makes me sad. It’s a pyramid scheme decluttered from an actual product. I need more clarity & specificity on how she got herself out of the debt that her coach heaped upon her pre-existing debt for what I presume was a contentious divorce.

Going to guess that behind all of this is some coaching “product” that is just another pyramid scheme. Way to go girl.


Social ba ikhtiyar naujawan Program

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Pervaiz Elahi Aleena Amna Neha Pleasure Time Audio

Here is full leaked audio of Pervaiz Elahi Aleena Amna Neha pleasure time audio in Urdu which is sure to shock you. Yes, the rate of Aleena is Rs. 11 lakh (USD 4900) where his second wife will be present in threesome or should we call it foursome. The rate for alone girl is Rs. 5 Lakh (USD 2200).

According to Imran Shafqat, the journalist and host of Tellings on YouTube, this audio is from the time when Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi of PMLQ was in deep trouble due to the no confidence motion and was under lots of stress. So he called his alleged second young wife who then consoled him that she will arrange for her 2 friends Aleena, Neha and Amna who would provide ample satisfaction to Pervaiz Elahi and would provide him best of pleasure time for 11 lakh and Pervaiz would forget all of his woes.

This encrypted whatsapp call was recorded by the agro department allegedly and this would be leaked very soon. Pervaiz Elahi also knows about this leaked call and is willing to dance like a doll to stop it from being leaked. This call is going to rock the boat really hard and will also pave the way for Imran’s leaked videos in pool, with a boy and the threesome one. Imran Khan on Monday assured his Punjab Assembly members that Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi is standing with his party despite the furore over the latter’s recent interview but Imran Niazi doesn’t trust Pervaiz and vice versa and they hate each other.

So who is this Aleena Amna and Neha? They are very famous elite call girls of Lahore and charge very very huge sum of money for one night. They only cater to the elite class as they are young, beautiful, college girls in Lahore. They are smoking hot and can speak English too. Pervaiz Elahi Aleena Amna Neha scandal is about to surface and will eclipse any other leaked video or audio for a long time. PTI and PML(Q) are not agreeing on seat adjustment. PML(Q) is demanding more seats. Shahbaz Gill had run away from hospital when Pervaiz Elahi was sent packing fearing arrest . The moment High Court restored the CM Shahbaz Gill promptly came back to hospital and started sleeping on his bed. Duty doctors were amazed at his speedy recovery that time.

You will be surprised to learn about this new shocking leaked audio of Pervaiz Elahi.


capcut Template New Trend in Pakistan

The mania of capcut template new trend in Pakistan is on all times high as more and more people are adopting it in very high numbers from Karachi to Islamabad and from Lahore to Rawalpindi. It’s raging high even in the towns and villages of Pakistan. Capcut template new trend is going to stay here for a long time.

So what is this capcut template new trend anyway? The answer is simple. 

capcut is going crazy with these templates omg. You should try using capcut it has a lot of intro template like this one. Capcut template is so funny now I understand why some young and old people like it. capcut templates are the best thing to ever come to this app. I don’t usually share my edits anywhere besides my TikTok but here are some of my better edits that don’t use templates. I use CapCut for all my edits. These CapCut templates are getting out of hand. Capcut templates are mad goofy it’s so bad and I like it. discovered capcut templates it’s over for me.

Well, it’s an edit template made by a creator from tiktok/capcut. multiple people/editors have used it. Use a CapCut template to create your 2023 photodump. And me looking at the people i know post themselves with capcut templates on tiktok and trying not to laugh. Well I am gonna cry what are these templates capcut keeps making and they are at the zenith of the innovation and not climaxing anytime soon. This is what is good about them. And at this hour, I am tired but atleast i found another cool capcut template i can edit myself in and I am excited again.

Spread the Christmas Spirit by doing Snow flower challenge, using Snow flower sound on Tiktok! Plus you can use this template from capcut. Why do capcut templates always use the wrong your and your face? You can download free capcut templates in Pakistan from here as they are cool, latest and updated. You don’t have to register and you don’t need to enter any personal information. Not me stressing out trying to figure out how everyone got so good at editing on Capcut only to find out there’s a template and a very easy to user interface which even a dummy can use.

apcut templates I have put certified penny lamb moment into; a very necessary thread because its funny. I must say here that this tiktok era of capcut edits and readymade presets and templates needs to improve a bit now. Hey friends, now watch me make a dongren edit on every capcut template i see on my fyp. That one capcut template looks like a cleaner version of the edit I made for my birthday. No matter what the occasion is you can easily get a catcut template on Tiktok in Pakistan. 


Mask on Eyes Viral Video of Girl

Mask on eyes viral video of girl on Twitter and social media is quite popular. Mask on eyes viral video adds a huge spice to the video. Watch here full hot uncut video for free. The girl is quite beautiful and young and very much willing to entertain. She is also very lively and bubbly and wants to make sure that she performs well. Mask on eyes viral video is an icon these days.

Tell Elon if he takes his badge and swipes it really hard, over & over, it should work. It’s just him. Not trying hard enough. He’s not putting in the long hours. interesting. I remember one of my colleagues tightening the security on his own hard drive by setting the “deny to anyone” access on the full c: disk. Guess what happened. Elmo being locked out might be the only thing that saves Twitter. I run a coffee shop near the HQ and I can vouch seeing Alex running excited with a badge strapped around his neck. How does one “Accidentally locked themselves out” even possible? Aren’t they connected to the system? This is what happens when you have a boss for an amateur to work in a high company that has not experienced anything in it.

I heard Ligma & Johnson were stuck in the cafeteria, unable to badge out, and all of the breakfast staff have of course been laid off. Are you leaving them locked out or charging $10,000 per minute? is this a hostage negotiation situation or a salary negotiation? I hope this is true. I don’t know why EVERY Twitter employee just doesn’t walk out and leave Musk hanging with a $44B mistake. I was laid off from Twitter today. Oh wait, I laid down and took a nap. Now I’m back on. Twitter is going nowhere, much to my demise. I was working late. The security guard locked me in. Could not get a hold of boss. Called the police. They came pointing guns at me. It was unreal. Twitter employees good luck. Dave from Customer Experience got shot because they thought his stapler was a gun.

I don’t know what is true anymore here on Twitter. You believe a tweet and later find out that it was a prank. It says a lot about your character that you went back to help out despite being in a tough situation (I’ve been there). I wish you the very best in your future endeavors. It sounds like a lot of you do not support or respect the new owner. The only option open to him in these circumstances is to get rid of you. I’d do it in an instant too. A new boss has got to be able to steer the ship with hearts and minds behind them and its surreal. Someone got angry and started sabotage maybe. Yea sounds like there will be issues next, few months whilst they employee new people. Not sure why people are leaving. Maybe do what he says and they’ll be very rich on next public offering.

Make him sign a contract where he cannot let you go under any circumstances or risk paying a very very high penalty fee that is sufficient for you to retire comfortably. Well you can go in make a few bucks to pay the bills or you say no thanks. I’ve learned a long time ago it’ll get done with you or without you. I don’t get why you would help him. He laid you off without considering the consequences and you just taught him there are no consequences. How will he learn? A couple of years ago, the company my husband was VP of Finance/Treasury at let him go to save on payroll. They had 50M of loans go into default because they didn’t realize no one else had treasury clearance. Penny wise, pound foolish and bad.

Good one. Once I was laid off replaced by contractors from India. They sold to the company that my position should be outsourced and they could do it. After showing the guy what I do, as I was leaving he said, can I have your phone number? I said. What? No, in this country when you leave a job you’re gone. I heard later they replaced me w/4 people, they had no clue how much work I did & I heard the companies managers who relied on me were mad because no one in person could help them and they had to call India for assistance. You’re lucky you didn’t get real-fired (no severance) for complaining publicly like this. The manager of managing badge access sounds more professional. And I too was laid off from Twitter today with no notice. I was the lead software engineer responsible for pushing random adult content when you are using Twitter at public places. Wish me luck.

Except in this case it’s more like you locked yourself in the coffin and fired the guy whose job it was to dig you up when you rang that tiny bell.



Drunk Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Video Leaked

Drunk Rahat Fateh Ali Khan video leaked with Haji Iqbal in America. The legendary singer can be seen under influence of alcohol presumably with the overseas Pakistanis in USA. Someone made the video and leaked to the Twitter and other social media platform.



Tayyaba Gul Leaked Video Full Uncut in NAB

Tayyaba Gul video is leaked and available in full uncut for download as former chairman NAB Javed Iqbal is exposed.

Nation is Waiting CJP. to take suo moto notice of Tayyaba Gul’s case? It is a more damning indictment of the system. Or the the state has gone Beresk. There is nothing more serious than this one case his highness has so far taken notice of. Justice (retired) Javed Iqbal harassment row: Tayyaba Gul submits videos and audios as evidence to PAC. Just imagine any judge/ NAB can do this to any woman they take fancy to.

My questions:

1. Who appointed javed iqbal as NAB chairman?
2. Has tayyaba gul filed an fir against chairman NAB?

I was kept hostage in PM House after meeting Imran Khan, my naked video was made for blackmailing NAB Chairman to get cases of PTI leaders finished: Tayyaba Gull. Tayyaba Gul has submitted videos and audios as evidence to Public Accounts Committee, reports Geo News. If there is one reason for IHC to open at night,it should be tonight to take notice of Tayyaba Gul’s grave allegations against J Javed Iqbal, PSPM Azam Khan & IK himself. Either TG conspired against ImranKhanPTI and Javed Iqbal or this state has gone berserk! Truth must come out.

Chairman PAC Noor Alam initiated inquiry against Ex Chairman NAB while on other hand SC formed a bench comprising a group of judges to proceed against 20 defected members including Noor Alam of PTI in NA to deseat them or otherwise. Will this move stall action against NAB? When Enemies of Humanity become so powerful that Few just and upright persons can’t Correct them and are overpowered by them then Lord of the Universe Himself Takes Action, as was done with Namrud Pharoah and many Other Tyrants.

This case will be thrown to dustbin within 2 days.. Such allegations aren’t new. Its the easiest way to malign someone. Zardari used ayyan ali, You never showed any concerns? sit down. It is time that the Supreme Court takes suo motu notice of Tayyiba Gul’s allegations. Though people should not jump to conclusions, these are serious allegations against Imran Khan and Javed Iqbal. They cannot be left unaddressed.

“Truth must come out” because I hate Imran Khan and maybe there is something we can find to malign him.
Javed Iqbal was appointed by PPP/PML-N and he worked for Neutrals, Imran Khan has nothing do with it. The above said court can open only by the order of one. That i will not name. As you are so innocent that you don’t know why court opened at midnight.


Federal Board Paper Leaked 2022 Full

The Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) has failed to ensure the safe distribution of papers for the ongoing exams for intermediate. According to the details, FBISE had scheduled the final paper of English for class 12 on 21 June, Tuesday. Federal Board Leaked 12th Class English Paper 2022 on Social Media on twitter and facebook. Was my English exam today, just roasted the entire federal board examination system in the essay. It’s really weird.

It’s surprising, federal board has announced SLOs for urdu and English at last moment. Paper pattern generated 4 months before final exams. How can a teacher prepare students. It’s impossible. SLOs should be started as a test session for 1 or 2 subjects, and that is why its falling greater than 50 percent. Last year mdcat paper was leaked. Also last year federal board’s English paper was leaked (hssc) So apparently nothing is new. But question whose guilty? students t or poor teachers and other staff.

Federal board Jo ki bola Jata hai k ye both saaf shafaaf board hai aik hafta pehlay English ka paper leak howa. Paper banks Mai atay wahan campuses sy students ko papers ki properly pictures bana kar jati hain. Aj Federal board ka English 2nd yr ka paper leak ho gya tha. Bhai paise dekr howa hoga. Aisa possible hi nahi k urdu or english mai full aajaen. Marks laazmi katt’te hain..Yeh bache federal board mai aakr paper dein. Mai shartt laga skta hoon 1000 bhi nahi aane..Hamara system mushkil hai.

Federal board ne kl urdu or English ka model paper upload kia hai .. Unka pattern bilkul Change kr dia hai .. A to Z conceptual paper hai or waqt bht km hai. Barry bagherat log hai Federal board Mai paper check hi nahi key improver walo ka.. only science paper check key hai.. urdu english waghera check nahi key. Federal Board Leaked 12th Class English Paper 2022 on Social Media. I think its high time that educational boards across Pakistan tighten up their belts and lift their game.

Let’s roll with it.



Who is Humaira Asghar Dolly tiktok and Full Leaked Video Uncut

Humaira Asghar known as Dolly Leo. Dolly is Tiktoker, Makeup Artist, Model, Actor, Dancer and Fashion Designer. Dolly leaked video on Margalla Hills with a boy is making rounds everywhere and police has also booked her for being firebug.

FIR has been lodged against Tiktoker Dolly for setting fire at Margalla Hills for shooting a TikTok video. Pakistani famous tiktoker “dolly” sets Margala hills forest on fire for making a tiktok video. Police has filed FIR against the tiktoker. Dolly is a famous TikToker with over 11 million followers on the social media app with a verified account and also has appeared in some leaked videos.

This is a disturbing & disastrous trend on Tik Tok! Young people desperate 4 followers are setting fire to our forests during this hot & dry season! In Australia it is lifetime imprisonment for those who start wildfires. We need to introduce similar legislation. No one considers a crime a crime unless there are severe punishments. Please make sure she is equally involved in the crime and if she says it was the demand of the film maker then reject this lame excuses, i as a volunteer of mhnp never let anyone do smoking or littering the national park and she dared to light up the fire.

There must be strict control before such things happen. Authorities are as much responsible, they don’t do their job well all times and incase of mishaps they get away putting all blames on culprits. In my view Tiktokers better be regulated than be banned or cursed. what kind of generation is this, what parents are teaching their kids, we re going towards total destruction, just for the sake of a 60 seconds clip look what have they done, forgetting that we are facing worst temperature in 60 years.

Well no leader can teach you morals which shall be taught at home, the government makes rules and regulations and public must follow them and to rise as a nation ppl need to raise awareness yet raise their kids in a better way, in 75 years we dint even learn how to walk on a road. Sorry to say if there was no need of a leader then we shouldn’t have any prophets, then there should be no corruption at all as morally we shouldn’t but unfortunately that’s not the case, leaders r supposed to have a wisdom to think about the future of their coming generations.

You have introduced many petitions & legislations in Punjab Assembly for different matters. Maybe you can bring one against Tiktok & Tiktokers. If not whole of Pakistan atleast half of them would be thankful to you on this act. Not sure if she actually set the forest on fire or took advantage of the fire. Can you confirm she actually set fire to the forest. If there is fire, you don’t go there wearing jhumkas and Baaliyans. You try to stop the fire with whatever way possible because wildlife lives there. Where is humanity?

Punishment should be stoning. My blood boils when people have no respect for nature. I am no tree hugger but I will not cut or damage a tree unless its needs to be. Trees in Pakistan is vital seeing how hot its getting every year (no rain’s bcoz no tree’s). People gone crazy to get followers and crossing all limits n decency to get name and fame. Society’s values eroded. Kudos to ur efforts to save nature.


Top Pakistani Tattoos for Girls and Boys

I feel like a tattoo would bring peace into my life right now. Got some designs in your head you want to see come to Life? We’ve got the best tattoo and piercing artist in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and other cities in Pakistan for the job. Tattoo parlors and shops in Pakistan are thriving. Message now to book an appointment. Here are the top Pakistani tattoos for girls and boys.

The price of getting a tattoo in Pakistan is also economical. Tattoo in Pakistan is legal and there is no problem in it. Life itself, could be the sole reason why your body would be full of tattoos. (If you count the times you need peace in this lifetime). I wanna finish my left ribs and have it go down to my thigh. I get great comfort from my tats. All of them have a special meaning. You need to do whatever your heart feels like to do to keep you content and happy and fulfilled.

I know there is some stigma around Tattoos in Pakistan but then it’s personal choice and this is modern era. If you don’t like what tattoos are then I respect it but you also need to respect my choice and my preferences in the life. Is tattoo haram in Islam and is it even allowed in Pakistan are all valid questions and we can discuss them in an amicable fashion but my tattoo design in Pakistan is not really intrusive and intimating at all.

So I hope that people will respect what I am trying to do here is just to please myself.


All I ever think about is tattoos. My body just looks so hot with them. I don’t know what to even do anymore, like i can’t even go one day without thinking about getting a new tattoo. I know this is kind of tattoo addiction but that defines me. I’m stoned and thinking of how I want a new tattoo. Doubt kills dreams more then failure ever will! Take the chance, let go of fear! You are good enough. Having tattoos is not a problem, the problem is when they become too many and start looking like secondary school toilet wall.

I lived a lot of years and have yet to get a single tattoo. Maybe it’s time. A tattoo might not be what brings you peace. But it never hurts to try. I love when tattoo artists give you stickers after the appointment, it feels just like getting a prize after being good at the dentist. Pakistanis will frown upon visible tattoos or full body tattoos but I think its a special and private thing for you only. Your partner should be on board too and you should discuss it with your family.


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