Who is Humaira Asghar Dolly tiktok and Full Leaked Video Uncut

Humaira Asghar known as Dolly Leo. Dolly is Tiktoker, Makeup Artist, Model, Actor, Dancer and Fashion Designer. Dolly leaked video on Margalla Hills with a boy is making rounds everywhere and police has also booked her for being firebug.

FIR has been lodged against Tiktoker Dolly for setting fire at Margalla Hills for shooting a TikTok video. Pakistani famous tiktoker “dolly” sets Margala hills forest on fire for making a tiktok video. Police has filed FIR against the tiktoker. Dolly is a famous TikToker with over 11 million followers on the social media app with a verified account and also has appeared in some leaked videos.

This is a disturbing & disastrous trend on Tik Tok! Young people desperate 4 followers are setting fire to our forests during this hot & dry season! In Australia it is lifetime imprisonment for those who start wildfires. We need to introduce similar legislation. No one considers a crime a crime unless there are severe punishments. Please make sure she is equally involved in the crime and if she says it was the demand of the film maker then reject this lame excuses, i as a volunteer of mhnp never let anyone do smoking or littering the national park and she dared to light up the fire.

There must be strict control before such things happen. Authorities are as much responsible, they don’t do their job well all times and incase of mishaps they get away putting all blames on culprits. In my view Tiktokers better be regulated than be banned or cursed. what kind of generation is this, what parents are teaching their kids, we re going towards total destruction, just for the sake of a 60 seconds clip look what have they done, forgetting that we are facing worst temperature in 60 years.

Well no leader can teach you morals which shall be taught at home, the government makes rules and regulations and public must follow them and to rise as a nation ppl need to raise awareness yet raise their kids in a better way, in 75 years we dint even learn how to walk on a road. Sorry to say if there was no need of a leader then we shouldn’t have any prophets, then there should be no corruption at all as morally we shouldn’t but unfortunately that’s not the case, leaders r supposed to have a wisdom to think about the future of their coming generations.

You have introduced many petitions & legislations in Punjab Assembly for different matters. Maybe you can bring one against Tiktok & Tiktokers. If not whole of Pakistan atleast half of them would be thankful to you on this act. Not sure if she actually set the forest on fire or took advantage of the fire. Can you confirm she actually set fire to the forest. If there is fire, you don’t go there wearing jhumkas and Baaliyans. You try to stop the fire with whatever way possible because wildlife lives there. Where is humanity?

Punishment should be stoning. My blood boils when people have no respect for nature. I am no tree hugger but I will not cut or damage a tree unless its needs to be. Trees in Pakistan is vital seeing how hot its getting every year (no rain’s bcoz no tree’s). People gone crazy to get followers and crossing all limits n decency to get name and fame. Society’s values eroded. Kudos to ur efforts to save nature.


Top Pakistani Tattoos for Girls and Boys

I feel like a tattoo would bring peace into my life right now. Got some designs in your head you want to see come to Life? We’ve got the best tattoo and piercing artist in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore and other cities in Pakistan for the job. Tattoo parlors and shops in Pakistan are thriving. Message now to book an appointment. Here are the top Pakistani tattoos for girls and boys.

The price of getting a tattoo in Pakistan is also economical. Tattoo in Pakistan is legal and there is no problem in it. Life itself, could be the sole reason why your body would be full of tattoos. (If you count the times you need peace in this lifetime). I wanna finish my left ribs and have it go down to my thigh. I get great comfort from my tats. All of them have a special meaning. You need to do whatever your heart feels like to do to keep you content and happy and fulfilled.

I know there is some stigma around Tattoos in Pakistan but then it’s personal choice and this is modern era. If you don’t like what tattoos are then I respect it but you also need to respect my choice and my preferences in the life. Is tattoo haram in Islam and is it even allowed in Pakistan are all valid questions and we can discuss them in an amicable fashion but my tattoo design in Pakistan is not really intrusive and intimating at all.

So I hope that people will respect what I am trying to do here is just to please myself.


All I ever think about is tattoos. My body just looks so hot with them. I don’t know what to even do anymore, like i can’t even go one day without thinking about getting a new tattoo. I know this is kind of tattoo addiction but that defines me. I’m stoned and thinking of how I want a new tattoo. Doubt kills dreams more then failure ever will! Take the chance, let go of fear! You are good enough. Having tattoos is not a problem, the problem is when they become too many and start looking like secondary school toilet wall.

I lived a lot of years and have yet to get a single tattoo. Maybe it’s time. A tattoo might not be what brings you peace. But it never hurts to try. I love when tattoo artists give you stickers after the appointment, it feels just like getting a prize after being good at the dentist. Pakistanis will frown upon visible tattoos or full body tattoos but I think its a special and private thing for you only. Your partner should be on board too and you should discuss it with your family.



Punishment for Zahir Jaffer Verdict Latest News Noor Case

Prayers for NoorMuqaddam and her family. It is high time they all got justice. As we wait in solidarity for the verdict, we want to thank everyone who have supported JusticeforNoor throughout these 7 months. We are immensely grateful to you for speaking up and for demanding justice. Thank you. The news that I’m waiting and praying to hear is justice for Noor Muqaddam.

‘Man is not equipped to think beyond a reality that exists inside four dimensions yet he believes he knows enough to know that there’s no God’ – HJ

additional session judge Atta Rabbani court fixed time for Noor Mukadam case decision. Reserved order will be announced at 1:30pm. We stand with you, Noor. We will never forget the ghastly violence you were subjected to, nor will we forgive your murderer and this patriarchal, misogynistic society for breeding and sheltering the likes of him. Death penalty may not be a deterrent and flawed justice systems may be using it as a crutch. But in some cases where facts are quite clear & rehabilitation isn’t possible: let it happen.

I took this picture of my friend Noor protesting for justice in 2020, who knew we would lose her 10 months later. This just shows how unsafe this country is for women. Tomorrow the judgement will be reserved in her case. May justice prevail. Hoping for Feb 24 to become another landmark day to honour the struggle for rights, justice and violence-free societies.

Hats off to Mr Shaukat Mukaddam for his patience & composure. I salute him for endlessly fighting his daughter’s case for so long & pray that she gets justice tomorrow in the final verdict. I am so stressed & anxious. I am both intensely frightened+hopeful for Rabbani’s verdict, due to be released in 2 days re: NoorMukadam murder case. After 7 months NoorMukadam case has come to an end & the court has reserved the judgement, hopefully which will be announced tomorrow i.e. 24th February 2022.

I urge you all to pray for Noor, her family and for justice to be prevailed. Noor, a symbol of light.

Please pray and circulate the hashtag JusticeForNoor once again. I am hoping that the justice we all have been fighting for is served and Zahir Jaffer face serious consequences. Today’s decision wont only be for Noor but every single woman of this country. Today’s day will be one of the most important in the history for our women. Noor Muqaddam murder case judgement will be announced shortly. Whole nation is Praying for Noor and her family. May justice prevail. Amen

I unapologetically 100% agree with this. Death penalty all the way. People wanna say ‘’Im aGAiNsT tHe dEatH PeNaLTy’ until it’s one of their own whose brutally murdered.
Then their tune changes pretty quick. Zahir stole Noor’s future. Now we want his. The NoorMukaddam verdict is finally 2 days away. Requesting all to start a prayer chain. Recite Ayat E Karima as much as you can, & make Dua that the judiciary awards a befitting punishment to zahirjaffer & his monster parents.

Noor deserves justice. We all do.


Petrol is Still Cheap in Pakistan

Probably the only country in the world whose Prime Minister believes that poverty can be reduced by raising the price of petrol by Rs. 12 to Rs. 159.86 per liter. If someone is like us, then come forward.

1.Average Price of crude in int’l market in 2014: $96/b
2.Price of petrol in Pakistan in 2014:Rs82/L
3.Current price of crude in int’l market: $96/b
4.Current price of petrol in Pak: Rs160/L
5.pric of crude in int’l market is the same as back in 2014

Dictated Pak Rupee devaluation has landed Pakistani nation with unaffordable prices per litre of petro products which have been increased by PTI Govt to new peak:
Petrol Rs 12 to Rs 160
HD Diesel Rs 10 to Rs 154
Kerosene Oil Rs 10 to Rs 127

The increase of petrol price by Rs 12 by PTI Govt at Rs 159/ litre is cruel to say the least. The cost of petrol/diesel was never this high- it’s not just int oil prices but devaluation of the rupee that has made it worse for the people. How on earth will they make ends meet?

Petrol is going to become unaffordable in Pakistan.A hike of Rs 12 p/litre will bring the price to Rs 160 p/litre.The wheels of this country are coming to a grinding halt.Brent Int’l crude prices went down yesterday but sarkar has slapped on more than a petrol levy bomb.

Nobel Economics Laureate & Harvard Econ Prof Dr Muzammil Aslam on Rs 12 increase in petrol price

1. Will provide a much-needed boost to our cycling industry
2. Will be great for the environment & lead to cleaner air
3. Will promote walking culture
4. California say tau sasta hai


Real Video Murree Incident Deaths and Fight with Locals


How to Find Hidden Places in Islamabad Karachi Lahore

If you have grown tired of going to the usual spots for picnic, dating, walk, run, rendezvous, or simply chilling in Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan then you are not alone. There are countless people there, especially the young ones who are fed up of going to Daman-e-Koh, Shalimar Bagh and Sea View.

Here is the TLDR; of how to find hidden places in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. If you are in Islamabad, then go to Margalla Hills and roam around in your car, park it somewhere and just go a little off the beaten path and you will be in another world. If you are in Karachi, go a bit farther than Hawks Bay and you will be away from the civilization, and if you are in Lahore then go beyond Changa Manga in the fields and you will be fine.

Of course, being in Pakistan or anywhere for that matter, you need to make sure that you use commonsense and take care of your and your partner’s security. No need to invite trouble when all you are looking for is some fun time. If you use commonsense and don’t go all crazy then you should be fine and no one will bother you. Make sure you also don’t take too many valuables with you and also make sure someone knows where you have gone.

Especially in Islamabad, there are many unknown and less visited places. If you go out towards Murree and get off the main highway, you will get to many such places. If you go out towards Haripur side, there are many small villages and towns. If you go beyond Taxila, you will find many quaint villages and towns. Also within Islamabad, there are some nice and fine walking tracks which are also very secure and safe.

This is not just confined to the picnic and dating. It also relates to food and meals. I love Islamabad but then they ll serve you a samosa chat sprinkle some crackers and charge 350 for it. And the astounding things is you have to wait for hours before finding a chair to sit in this restaurant. I’m never going to that restaurant ever in my life. But do try small hidden places in pindi Islamabad, they offer you taste on a very cheap price. Places like, jungle hotel in jhang syedan. Their daal is addictive.

The key is to get out, explore and enjoy.




How to E Sahulat Biometric Verification NADRA FOREX

Under the new biometric requirement for buying foreign exchange, every time you buy foreign exchange, you must first go to NADRA and get the biometrics done, get a receipt, and then go to the forex place. And this is to be done EACH time you need to buy foreign exchange. Every exchange will have biometric device installed at their place.

After 5th November biometric system will be available at the foreign exchange companies so after that we do not have to go to nadra each time. If anyone thinks this will result in stabilization of PKR v USD parity lives in Disneyland in my humble opinion. Such a stupid requirement. Money changer told me about it. So annoyed . Why every time? May be they think that our fingerprints will change every time. Does this also apply if we need to exchange USDs to PKR?

And its not just NADRA. They just require verification which can be done by e kiosk/jazz cash. This is to discourage buying of dollars and black market. Obviously the government has no clue that such gimmicks don’t work. Proper policies and business gets the job done not restrictions. Its a good thing in a way that it will discourage unnecessary hoarding of FX. If someone needs cash for foreign travel then he must follow the formal processes. Than think more grey market without it to get the foreign exchange at higher price.

Reza Baqir basically wrecking the free currency exchange. I think this is good to curb artificial rise and speculation in the market, but that’s absurd. No need to go to NADRA, also previously it was in practice to attach a copy of NIC. The market need to have adequate Forex and people must have trust in PKR than no need for any such gimmicks and hurdles. That is abuse of technology, anyways would Nadra charge any money for verification or is there any requirement?


TMUC Islamabad Lahore Karachi Hostel Fee Structure

TMUC Islamabad girls hostel and all other information about fee is available here for free. Also for Karachi, Lahore and other cities are covered.

I have seen these things are being promoted only in University and colleges and then promoted the concept of keeping people Jahil. I went back to my hostel area in Islamabad few months ago after about 2 years. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought i was walking in Vegas. A growing dilemma in our society. English grammar school Karachi, some one told me 75% kids use drugs which is alarming.

TMUC is an initiative by Pakistan’s third largest education group; The Roots Millennium Schools Pakistan; where we have been associated with teaching, curriculum, assessments and learning for nearly 30 years and are recognized globally as a center of educational excellence, learning opportunity, teaching entrepreneurship and talent discovery, We recognize the many benefits partnerships and affiliations provide, such as enriching the curriculum and choice of programmes, in terms of the widening the learner’s participation and employability scope, thus facilitating entry into higher education by increasing the number of progression routes for our students. Global collaborations not only provide a diverse learning environment but also increase educational opportunity and promote a mutually supportive environment for staff and students, as well as raising for both university and partner in our education districts.

It all start from how you train your child , educate and aware your child male or female , hostel is not a responsible institute for that. This sounds like an excuse to stop girls from education and keep them in houses. So what if girls are smoking cigarettes? Cigarettes are legal in Canada, it’s similar to cigarettes with little extra side affects. Girls or guys they both should have equal freedom.

Hostel is not a bad thing but an adopting a western culture in our society that makes a difference. They are not doing this. Drugs are not promoted in west I have studied there. I think its something to keep Pakistan Jahil. Women rights and liberty just doing it’s business. Nothing new, it’s not hostels only. It’s everywhere specially elite and higher middle class. What do u think what happens in dance parties. It’s all about drugs n much more. Unless we educate our youth, we are doomed. I don’t know what to say.

My daughter was educated in foreign country. She always had hijab, never involved in any other activity, reads Quran very regularly and prays. Thought Quran to younger ones. So family oriented are all my these 3 kids. So hostel is not an issue I guess. It depends how you feed your children. Halal or haram. Halal is the key for every success in life. Unfortunately, people don’t believe on halal much and look for short term advantages.

Cool culture, freedom, equality, imported slogans from america. When you don’t know who you are, then you are attracted to everything comes your way. And its wrong on the basis of what? Who is to decide?


Juggun Kazim Morning Show Leaked Video Full Dance

Juggun Kazim Morning Show Leaked Video Full Dance and uncut video which has gone viral on the social media as couples enjoy themselves in a lighter way and just doing a light dance on a soft melodious musical tune while contesting for eating directly but some people are taking exception to that.

Juggun Kazim is from Canada. This obscenity is being spread by calling Tik Tokar in the morning show.  Do not ever think that Allah is unaware of what the wrongdoers do. He only postpones them until a Day when the sights stare. Hijaab is not a barrier between you and the people.Its a barrier between you and the evil of the people. “O Allah” thank you for choosing me to be a Muslim.  Basically,morning shows are useless, lack of quality ,waste of time and more important do not fit in our religion & culture values and they are totally against our ethos.

How time has changed our values, indeed we are living in era of fitna or shar. What type of content is this?? Means, whatever husband wife do. it’s their personal life no one has any right to interfere in their life. But doing this in the family show and on the camera is also a shameful act for both husband and wife. Surah An-Nur: Verse No19 Indeed, those who like that immorality should be spread [or publicized] among those who have believed will have a painful punishment in this world and the Hereafter. And Allah knows and you do not know.


Video of TLP Worker Breaking Ranjit Singh Statue Lahore Fort

TLP worker pulling down Ranjit Singh’s statue at the Lahore Fort. The statue had previously been vandalized by TLP workers on at least two different occasions in the past. Meet Punjabi Taliban. The shifting tectonic plates in Kabul – early jolts felt in Lahore.

This happened before also in Lahore. That chap just got exited by happenings in Kabul .. Pak army is resourceful enough to turn tap off them when required. It is, until it isn’t.. Anyway, this is their time to celebrate. Let’s not rain on the parade. By demolishing statues history won’t change.

Very very sad to see the vandalism and total disrespect of the great ruler of Punjab. Sad. Could shed tears of ire. But I escape in satire. Let there by monthly statue demolition competitions of such zealous backpackers. Statues should of lead & not cardboard. After they have sweated it out all day e-tag them. If any more vandalism till next event take backpacks away.

Where is Taliban Khan? He preaches much about the riyasat madina and what is going on under his nose. This will help in scaring the minorities. Pakistan can not develop with this type of attitude. Pakistan is under self destruction mode. When such miscreants aren’t stopped and stern legal action isn’t taken against them they end up turning into a disaster for the society.


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