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n the heart of Bangladesh, a young and talented YouTuber, Jannat Toha, has been making waves in the digital world with her captivating content. Her journey from an ordinary girl to a rising online sensation has inspired many, but recently, she faced an unexpected challenge when one of her videos was leaked. This article delves into the life and career of Jannat Toha and explores the impact of the video leak on her budding YouTube career.

Paragraph 2: The Rise to YouTube Stardom

Jannat Toha’s YouTube journey began with a passion for creativity and storytelling. Hailing from Dhaka, Bangladesh, she started her channel several years ago, primarily focusing on travel vlogs, lifestyle content, and educational videos. Her charismatic on-screen presence, coupled with her insightful content, quickly garnered a loyal following of viewers eager to experience Bangladesh through her eyes.

Paragraph 3: The Video Leak

Despite her growing success, Jannat Toha recently found herself at the center of a controversy when one of her personal videos was leaked without her consent. The leaked video exposed her to an unexpected level of scrutiny and criticism. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of online privacy and security for content creators.

Paragraph 4: Coping with the Fallout

The aftermath of the video leak was undoubtedly challenging for Jannat Toha. She had to navigate through a barrage of negative comments, online harassment, and unwanted attention. However, she showed resilience and maturity in handling the situation, addressing her viewers directly with transparency and grace.

Paragraph 5: Community Support

Jannat Toha’s loyal fanbase rallied behind her during this trying time. Many viewers expressed their support, condemning the breach of her privacy and encouraging her to continue creating content. This outpouring of solidarity served as a reminder of the strong bonds that can form within online communities.

Paragraph 6: Lessons Learned

The video leak was a hard-learned lesson for Jannat Toha about the importance of safeguarding her online presence and personal information. It highlights the need for content creators to be vigilant about their digital security and underscores the potential risks that come with fame in the digital age.

Paragraph 7: A Resilient Future

As Jannat Toha continues to rise above the challenges she faced, it’s clear that she is destined for a bright future in the world of YouTube. Her resilience and ability to turn adversity into strength have not only endeared her to her fans but have also cemented her status as a role model for aspiring content creators in Bangladesh and beyond. Jannat Toha’s story reminds us all that even in the face of adversity, passion and determination can lead to success in the digital realm.


Leaked Viral Video of Pakistani Girl Full

Here you can watch leaked viral video of Pakistani girl full and uncut and enjoy this spectacle of hotness and fun. This is something for everyone to enjoy with light heart and without any problem and expectations.


In the age of rapidly evolving technology and global connectivity, scandals and controversies have become an unfortunate aspect of our society. One such incident that garnered significant attention in recent times is the Pakistani girl scandal. This article aims to shed light on the incident, while emphasizing the importance of responsible media consumption and the potential consequences faced by individuals involved.

Understanding the Incident:

It is crucial to approach incidents like the Pakistani girl scandal with objectivity and empathy, considering the potential impact on the lives of those involved. The scandal involved a Pakistani girl whose private photos or videos were allegedly leaked without her consent, resulting in public dissemination and widespread social media circulation. The incident quickly gained traction and provoked intense debates, attracting both sympathy and criticism from different segments of society.

Media Sensationalism:

Scandals have always had a magnetic effect on media outlets, who often prioritize sensationalism over ethical reporting. In the case of the Pakistani girl scandal, some media platforms engaged in sensationalism, exploiting the situation for their own benefit. This approach not only invades the privacy of the individuals involved but also perpetuates a culture of victim-blaming and judgment. It is crucial for media organizations to exercise restraint, prioritize responsible journalism, and consider the long-term consequences of their actions.

The Impact on Individuals:

Scandals, particularly those involving private and sensitive information, can have severe emotional and psychological repercussions for the individuals at the center of the controversy. In the case of the Pakistani girl scandal, the girl in question faced public humiliation, cyberbullying, and even threats to her safety. Such incidents can lead to anxiety, depression, and even self-harm. It is essential for society to recognize the potential harm caused by the sharing of private material without consent and take measures to support the victims rather than perpetuating their suffering.

Cyberbullying and Societal Attitudes:

The Pakistani girl scandal highlights the darker side of our digitally connected world: cyberbullying. The instant and far-reaching nature of social media platforms allows for the rapid dissemination of private material, often leading to targeted harassment and shaming. Additionally, society’s attitudes towards such incidents play a significant role in perpetuating the victimization of those involved. Instead of blaming and shaming, it is essential to foster empathy, educate individuals on the importance of consent and privacy, and establish legal frameworks that protect victims and hold perpetrators accountable.

The Need for Awareness and Legal Protection:

The Pakistani girl scandal should serve as a wake-up call to society, urging us to reassess our attitudes and behaviors towards privacy and consent. Creating awareness about the importance of digital privacy, consent, and responsible online behavior is crucial in preventing future incidents. Furthermore, legal systems need to adapt to the challenges posed by the digital age, ensuring that adequate protection is in place for individuals whose privacy has been violated.


The Pakistani girl scandal serves as a stark reminder of the power and potential dangers of the digital world we live in. It underscores the importance of responsible media reporting, societal attitudes, and legal protection for individuals who fall victim to such incidents. As a society, it is our collective responsibility to foster empathy, respect privacy, and actively work towards a safer and more supportive digital landscape where individuals can exercise their rights without fear of exploitation or humiliation.


Punjab College Viral Video Girls Hot

In the age of social media, the power of viral videos cannot be underestimated. Pakistan, a country with a population of over 220 million people, has seen its fair share of captivating and unforgettable viral moments.

From heartwarming acts of kindness to hilarious comedy sketches, these videos have resonated with people from all walks of life. In this blog post, we delve into the world of viral videos in Pakistan, exploring the impact they have had on society and the reasons behind their immense popularity.

One of the most remarkable viral videos to come out of Pakistan was the “Chaiwala” phenomenon. In 2016, a picture of a young tea vendor, Arshad Khan, took the internet by storm. His striking looks and piercing eyes captured the attention of netizens, propelling him to instant fame. This video not only showcased the power of social media in turning an ordinary person into an overnight sensation but also shed light on the opportunities that can arise from such exposure. Arshad Khan went on to become a model, and his story inspired countless individuals across the nation.

Pakistan’s entertainment industry has also witnessed the rise of viral videos, particularly in the realm of comedy. Sketches and pranks by talented comedians have garnered millions of views and become an integral part of pop culture. One such example is the famous “Manzoor Bhai” video series by Zaid Ali T, a Pakistani-Canadian content creator. With his witty humor and relatable characters, Zaid Ali T has captured the hearts of Pakistani audiences worldwide. These videos not only provide entertainment but also serve as a source of unity and laughter in a diverse country like Pakistan.

Another significant aspect of viral videos in Pakistan is their potential to highlight social issues. The video “Baat Cheet” by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, an Academy Award-winning filmmaker, shed light on the problem of street harassment. The video depicted a conversation between a young boy and girl, illustrating the everyday struggles faced by women in public spaces. By addressing such crucial issues through the power of storytelling, viral videos can play a pivotal role in raising awareness and sparking conversations for positive change.

Music has always been an integral part of Pakistani culture, and viral music videos have added a new dimension to the country’s music scene. One notable example is the song “Ko Ko Korina” by Ahad Raza Mir and Momina Mustehsan. Although the video received mixed reviews, it became an instant viral sensation, generating countless parodies and covers. This demonstrates the power of music in connecting people and sparking creative expressions, even in the face of criticism.

Paragraph 5: Sports have a profound impact on Pakistani society, and viral videos capturing exceptional sporting moments often evoke a sense of national pride. Whether it’s a remarkable catch in cricket or a breathtaking goal in football, these videos bring people together, fostering a collective spirit. One such video that captured the nation’s imagination was the winning moment of the Pakistan cricket team in the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy. The euphoria and jubilation exhibited by fans both on and off the field demonstrated the unifying power of sports and the ability of viral videos to evoke emotions.

In recent years, the advent of mobile technology and access to the internet has allowed ordinary individuals to become content creators, resulting in a surge of viral videos in Pakistan. From dance challenges to comedic skits, people from all walks of life are harnessing the power of social media platforms to showcase their talent and share their stories.


Pakistani Young Couple Viral Video Leaked

Very hot Pakistani young couple viral video has leaked on tiktok and twitter as they are enjoying each other in open. This has been viral for few hours and people are also asking where does this couple live and if they are online.

Shared finances is really not the best advice for young couple. Also the man should be the majority of the conversation on how the children are educated, protected, and disciplined. Men raise better kids than women, but while working together in their lanes they raise strong kids. Pakistani young couple viral video is one proof of that. I just had a couple of legislative interns follow me. If I had one piece of advice for young minds, it’s great to learn political science, but spare a bit of time to wrap your minds around psychopathology. It will help you in the future as you deal with politicians and the media.

Marital advice for young couples: if you get all your arguing out in your discussion about how a project should go, you will only have minor eye rolling and snarky comments to make during the actual project execution! Follow me for more tips to not do bodily harm to your spouse. I think it would be good advice for young married couples who have major disagreements, especially in today’s toxic political environment. It’s not a “got you” question. Many ppl weren’t in the orbit of the AGI risk ppl until recently. My first impression is based largely on the “should we nuke rogue datacenters” discourse, a couple doomerist Lex Fridman clips (“my advice for young people is they should abandon hope and die”), and the Cowen fight.

If you don’t have the resources to take care of a child up to maturity stage, please don’t bring any child into this world. Note that abortion/contraceptive is not an option here. Brain dead boomer “pull yourself up from your bootstraps” level if advice. Best advice for young people is to live with your parents for a couple years after high school. Get a job and work towards building a career. This isn’t 1960 anymore new generations don’t have buying power. Yeah there are a couple gaming podcast-y things I listen to from time to time and they usually include some pure mom-stuff advice for young dudes. One major point from the beat poem “words of advice for young people” was never get involved in a boy and girl fight, which I’ve taken to mean that anything between a couple that doesn’t involve me directly is none of my business. good for them, or sorry that happened to them.

It’s to complicated to get a divorce cause of inflation &interest rates, all of which of nothing to do with the fact that I don’t want to be married to this person anymore. My advice for young couples,move to the Amazon. Buy a hut.If it doesn’t work out leave & make your own hut.




Who is Sapna Sappu Bhabi and Leaked Video

Sapna Sappu bhabi is now famous in Pakistan too as her videos on Instagram and other social media are getting viral. After making Indians happy, Sapna Sappu bhabi is now making Pakistanis very happy.

Big fan here- would like to meet for a coffee. I’m staying in Taj till Tuesday. Today you look very fine, gentle and beautiful. We are very excited about our National Tour which will be taking place across February and March. Sapna Sappu whatsapp number is also now available for booking and shows. wow you are beautiful, I would like to be in the seat of the armchair. Wow baby you look absolutely gorgeous and out of this world. Against all norms of etiquette and decency this unkempt uncivilized moderator pointed his shoe at the camera, this is akin to giving a foot lanat to everybody watching the session. This moderator should be strictly punished for insulting the audience like this.

Regarding Julie and Mark issue. Everyone needs to calm down. The question was taken from This book “ The righteous mind “ by Janathan Haidt. I have read the book and I highly recommend it. There is nothing wrong with asking philosophical Or moral questions for deeper understanding of human nature. The only problem is Pakistanis are taught to see , judge things from only one perspective and that is a religious lens. Therefore overall progress of society has come to a full stop. Here is what he says. Haidt argues that humans have six moral foundations through which we view politics and policy:

  • Care/Harm,
  • Fairness/Cheating,
  • Loyalty/Betrayal,
  • Authority/Subversion,
  • Sanctity/Degradation,
  • and Liberty/Oppression.

These moral foundations, according to Haidt, act as our some political ideologies rely on the Care/Harm foundation while others rely on Loyalty/Betrayal. Some people taste Fairness in terms of equality while others do so in terms of proportionality. Some people prefer salty food, some prefer sweet. Sapna Sappu bhabi is no different. agree on the perspective side, but we know our level of understanding here! I think it is about a mature stage not for level of students who are already confused with porn industry attentions. I agree question was posed to a wrong group of students. If they were students of moral psychology it would not have been such an issue. May be the professor was trying to invoke critical thinking.. but it clearly went south.

There’s this growing trend of pseudo liberals justifying crap. Social appropriateness is asserted everywhere, in the west too. In their effort to align with the west they forget the local context. Just so you know even there this would be seen as highly problematic. Instead of calling me names maybe you could have presented your counter argument in a civil manner . Just to show that you have at least basic decency to engage in a meaningful conversation?? The problem is lack of tolerance as I highlighted to an idea contrary to your own belief. Basic decency also requires 1 to see religious lena as a valid lens. The issue wid ur argument is it deprives religion of philosophy, logic & reason. Presents religious perspective as sum kind of blindness. Religous lens or for tht matter any lens is wrong only wen it is coercive.

And just recall that this was an English paper, not a philosophical paper. What part of English he wanted to examine through a question diagonally opposite to norms of general ethics of human race.


Pakistani Girls Tiktok Leaked Data

Here you can find full Pakistani girls tiktok leaked data for free. Photos, videos, and audio of Pakistani girls is here. Hot, bubbly and very open tiktok Pakistani girls are enjoying and its your turn to enjoy now.

Web3 is not scam, it is an innovation and it can solve the web2 issue like this: Every month millions of user’s data get leaked/hacked from Facebook, TikTok, Linkedln, Instagram and etc. TikTok has long claimed that data from US users are stored in the US, rather than China. But leaked audio from 80+ internal TikTok meetings show that China-based employees of TikTok’s parent company repeatedly accessed nonpublic data about US TikTok users. According to leaked audio from over 80 internal TikTok meetings, China-based employees of ByteDance have repeatedly accessed nonpublic data about U.S. TikTok users — exactly the type of behavior that inspired Trump to threaten to ban the app in the U.S.

Muqadas Usman tiktok leaked video is another example.


Following are some facts about Pakistani girls tiktok leaked data:

  • Instagram users cumulatively spend 17.6m hours a day watching Reels vs. TikTok’s 197m hours
  • Only 20% of Meta’s 11m US creators post Reels
  • A third of Reels videos were created on another platform first, usually TikTok
  • Chinese Bytedance employees repeatedly accessed private data from American tiktok users, according to leaked audio from internal meetings. TikTok has found that some of its employees gained unlawful access to the personal data of some US journalists. This is after it launched internal investigations to pinpoint the employees who leaked information to the press. Similarly, TikTok makes assurances that only trusted U.S. based personnel will have access to American user data, but these promises have been made before and proven to be false. TikTok said the data would not be abused in China, and was highly restricted. Data collection continued for years. 235mn data of Instagram, YouTube, TikTok users leaked and is to be entered on the Dark Web: Report already in 2020.

They lied, as whistleblowers leaked proof showing many Chinese employees had unfettered access to American data. US TikTok users’ data has been repeatedly accessed from China, leaked audio from internal meetings reveal. I’m convinced tiktok has leaked my data because I’ve had so many scam calls and texts recently but it’s still not enough to make me delete it. China is accessing private data of US TikTok users, according to leaked audio of their own employees. They denied this to Congress and should be banned. There’s one part in his otherwise bad Snowden movie where it’s revealed Edward Snowden smuggled out the data he leaked by PUTTING IT IN A RUBIX CUBE he would’ve been a masterful poster. I can’t wait until natural born killers blows up on Tiktok or something.

It’s well past time to hold TikTok accountable for their abuse of privacy. Leaked audio shows that U.S. data is still easily accessed by the #CCP, despite sworn testimony to Congress that it was not. This is beyond unacceptable. We cannot allow the CCP to continue spying on American citizens. We must immediately pass my bill, the Anti-CCP Espionage Via Social Media Act, to protect you from cyber-attacks. Do you think US consumer privacy is a concern that will ever by solvable on a Tencent owned platform? Here’s a thought: instead of rant-tweeting, you could write a bill to address the very real issue privacy concerns. And here’s another thought: you could reach across the aisle for bipartisan support. But then again you probably don’t know a lobbyist who’d write the bill for you.



Naika Sialkot Leaked Video with Girl

Watch an interesting and hot naika Sialkot leaked video with girl with a touch of something similar to bawa g sialkot. Well, if you have seen Muqadas Usman then this video is sure to capture your interest in a big way.

Hello sister,hope u r fine there I wish to make friendship with u if you don’t mind pls reply also offer u a wonderful weekly based non-stop Income Source it’s call PASSIVE INCOME this income source provid u amazing benefits also yur back-up income source fr mre details pls reply. I m not that much lucky that I can’t even imagine you will be in my bed because that’s out of this world even for naika Sialkot. Would be heaven. I’d never get out of bed again. Waiting patiently for that moment. They looked great when they were all ‘juzzed’ up, but when I had a few days off I ended up looking like a tramp! The problem with doing period dramas is that you look like a weirdo for months on end.

I fell in love. It’s love that will keep you together when bills are tight or he’s driving you crazy or when you both get old and your looks are fading. It’s love that will keep you together when you’re exhausted with your kids. Or when he’s burnt out from work. It’s love. I think nowadays things are changing. Women are refusing to settle for mediocre lives and partners and they have more agency in their choices than the ones before. do women end up actually falling in love or are we just supposed to settle with a man that gives us security, tolerate him and call it a day? nothing adds up. I don’t see any examples of happy wives anywhere like not in the generation before us, not the grandmas, who even knows before them?? like idk it doesn’t look good.

He said this was not a lone case but was yet another experience he’s had of women in Pk being much better employees. Harder working, more focused & more responsible. Then contrasted it w/a male employee, grad of one of better business unis of Pk. His first month started asking to work a shortened week. Complained about getting to work, not wanting to put in extra hours when needed. Generally inefficient & poor output. Someone I know shared story of a woman who moved to Khi to work for his company. Hasn’t lived there & has no family there. Found a place, figured out transport. Always to work on time, is efficient & her work is of incredibly high quality. ’m happy because you are the best at what you’re trying and you can make a good impression of yourself in a positive manner in the process and I will always love and support your team in the long term.

Your brain didn’t register what is being said. You don’t need to take your husband’s name to be happy. So many forced marriages, so many women suffering rape at the hands of their husbands… With their second name being their husband’s first name. hat’s a very unfortunate thing to say, especially when your mum and dad were forced to be with each other, forced to have you, a retrograde cousin-marriage spawn. I’m on Bumble. For god’s sakes, we don’t need “compliments”. Just give me one good man who isn’t just looking for “something casual” whilst expecting me to do every single boring hobby they do. In the meantime they won’t do anything we want to do because “women stuff”. That is what Naika Sialkot is all about.

The discussion of cultural norms for men reminds me of when we stayed with my in-laws many years ago and my husband got up to do the dishes. My MIL went ape saying men don’t do this work in my house. I told her that in my house they do as we all help. And carried on feeding my baby. My husband finished the dishes and stood firm on the silent treatment she was given us. Which is fine. But, he didn’t back down or disrespect his mother. Years later HE is the one caring for his parents. He was the one cooking for them and making sure the house was in order. She was so grateful for food me made and craved his soups. The useless sons stayed useless and I know that my husband had a special place in her heart. Changing norms takes a few positive actions. But they benefit everyone! Including the traditional parents. Reminds me of the time my sister’s husband cooked a huge gourmet meal at his place because he’s a great cook and my mother was really upset about it like why is he doing this as a man.





Feroz Khan Leaked Numbers Minal Khan Aiman Khan

If you are searching for Minal Khan number or Aiman Khan number as Feroz Khan leaked numbers of both girls through social media then the thing is that you are at the right place because I have a surprise for you.

Reading all the comments make me realise that you have an immense popularity. Police arrests guy named Feroz Khan who used to threaten foreign tourists for wearing bikini at Varkala beach. This Pakistani Feroz Khan is double evil than him. I think after defamation notices to celebrities by Feroz Khan no one will ever try to indulge in anyone’s personal matters without having evidences. I am wondering why they are even feeling defamed. They could’ve thought before doing it for others. This is very weird step. Feroz khan posting tariq jamil and new year party on insta at the same time. Feroz Khan is such an idiot, posting address & phone number of celebs in public.

Feroze Khan filed defamation case against costars and ex wife in his recent post showed up paper of defamation case against his fellows and ex wife Syeda Aliza. Muneeb Butt advises feroze khan to change his lawyer as he’s getting YouTube subscribers by using Feroze khan’s legal battle against his ex wife and against other celebrities. Full Support with these Girls! Shame on you Feroz Khan. We all hope to see justice applied in Pakistan. He’s the person who was abused, mutilated, deprived of his children, and deprived of his work. The aggrieved person here is Feroz Khan. “Two days ago, Feroze Khan had one ex-wife and her lawyer now, he will have to face 10 celebrities and their lawyers after him. Good luck!” Gilani wrote.

Bro Farhan Saeed just said ” Don’t Argue With A Jaahil ” and you sent him a legal notice for defamation. So Impressed by your self awareness man. I believe you must first prove that your wife’s accusations against you were unfounded and untrue. People were merely supporting the allegations made by your ex-wife. They didn’t raise any independent accusations. Well, you took the right action at the right time. Respect Brother. More power to you, Kuch to log kahengay logon ka kaam hai kehna. One thing I can assure you of is that “I’ll stand by you no matter what you’re going through.

ou did very well. No one has any right to say anything against you. You exercised your right and raised your voice for your right. No one has the right to defame anyone.This is your personal life and people make someone’s personal problem their problem. It’s better to change your lawyer immediately else you’ll find yourself in more hot water. This is not done abhi 4-5 k naam reh gaye where is iffat , ayesha omar , dania enwer , janice tessa , mehar bano . Abhi pura maja nhi aya . But great step we were waiting for this from day one. I really want to appreciate the patience you got into you. I was and I’ll with you, already knew these were baseless allegations on you.

You took a brave step and I admire you for it! May everything worked in the best possible way for you. I hope those people who pointed fingers at you without any evidence and court decision will have to face legal prosecution. Smear campaign against you have been unprecedented, well done for taking steps to call out the bullies! Please do get legal advice and make a statement re personal info leaks. What an amazing news after a long tiring day at work. People now must think 100 times before defaming someone. It can destroy a innocent person’s life please think 100 times before defaming anyone don’t pass your statements without knowing actual and real truth. Feroz khan literally leaked phone numbers and private info of all his colleagues that called him out for being an abuser? Muneeb Butt slams Feroze Khan in his Instagram stories for leaking private phone numbers of his wife AIMAN KHAN and Sister in law MINAL KHAN.



Groom Pakistani Men Facial Hair Styles

To all the men who love to talk about makeup being deceptive and changing a woman’s appearance, have you seen what FACIAL HAIR CAN DO FOR A MAN? I have seen men going from a teenage looking chipmunk to Thor’s desi cousin. Yeh fraud nahin? Groom Pakistani facial hair is not a joke.

Absurd conclusion. We have better things to do… Facial hairs make us beautiful and they are natural. Now go tell your husband to take his wig off. Why are men discussing ladies makeup period? Don’t they have better convos to have? Please don’t try to make a laugh out of men’s facial hair. It is sunnah to keep a beard and indirectly or so not, you are talking about it. What rubbish in both arguments. Indeed sillier to compare the two things even. well, i didn’t knew makeup was natural. It’s till much less deceptive than makeup. Makeup is so deceptive, it hides every flaw in the subjects appearance. It must be a crime to hide real appearance in public.

Well, this argument has a lot of fallacies, it’s quite similar to comparing apples and oranges, as both can’t be equated. There is no comparison both are different. Beard is naturally grown hair whereas makeup is artificial. Not the one who is on makeup is deceptive but the beard comment is a low blow. The one thing going for us and u want that to be controversial as well. Beard is a Sunnah, Something we have been instructed to keep, To let it grow. It is totally different from make up and beauty products etc. You can only enhance your beauty by make up.

And unlike beards makeup can be put on and taken off at your convenience. Facial hairs are NATURAL, whereas makeup is artificial layers on a face to make it “look” pretty. I know what you are trying to do but Allah created the brain and there is no need for this statement. Make up is permissible and can be done lightly for spouses الحمدالله. It is the fitra of women to wear makeup but t’abattit outside not allowed in our deen. The beard is fard. While our hair may get bit scruffy… the next morning!! Your powder has done a runner and we’re left with we don’t know who? Addition /subtraction of natural growth is never analogous to pasting tons of artificial chemical, synthetic, enzymatic, organic, inorganic compound substances on face.

I have read it like 70 times but it still doesn’t make any sense. There are no brands for beard it’s literally natural? There are oils and creams and stuff that shape it or make it silkier or smoother. Ive seen some of the old imams at the masjid put henna on their beards even. The beard is 100% natural and can be improved, whereas makeup is 100% artificial.
A face with an improved beard is about 75% natural. A face improved with makeup is 25% natural. Those who only talk about vanity and judge looks of others are cynical and obnoxious to live with. What’s this comparison between make-up and beard? The beard grows on men’s face neutrally, men have no control over it. While the make-up is manufactured by companies and used by women to hide their real face. Anyway, nothing logical can be expected from sasti feminists.

Facial hair is something which grows on a man’s skin naturally, not an artificial external concealer applied from outside. What is with the IQ of women comparing a beard with make up? So basically its facial hair vs hair extensions, fake nails, fake lashes, implants, fillers, makeup, Im sure im forgetting something since theres no end to it. The score is 6 to 1 for the women congrats. You guys finally got somethin going for ya in the patriarchy. I tend to forget which brand of beard i use the most. Maybelline i guess, or loreal, faces Canada. You cannot justify the makeup industry run by the west and the commercials due to which billions of women live a false sense of beauty and suffer as a result of it and die with it.


Afreen Khan Viral Video in Change Room Leaked

Afreen Khan Viral Video in the change room has been leaked. Another video of her dancing is also leaked on twitter and Instagram. It seems Afreen Khan has no fear of her uncut full video getting leaked and she wanted it to happen to gain some attention.

قیس و فرہاد کو لے بیھٹی ہے دنیا “ تابش “
یہ نہیں سوچتی، ہم نے بھی محبت کی ہے!!

شوکت خانم میموریل کینسرہسپتال اینڈ ریسرچ سنٹر کراچی کی عمارت کا ڈھانچہ مکمل ہوچکاہے۔لاہور کے اسپتال سےدوگنی جسامت کا حامل یہ کینسر اسپتال پاکستان میں ثالثی درجے (Tertiary Care) کی صحت کی سہولیات فراہم کرنےوالا سب سےبڑا مرکز ہوگا۔تزئین و آرائش کےسلسلےکا آغاز ہوچکاہےاور دسمبر 2023

میں اسپتال کھول دیاجائےگا،انشاءاللہ۔منصوبے کی بروقت تکمیل کیلئےہمیں آپکی پیہم معاونت درکار ہے تاکہ کراچی،اندرون سندھ اور بلوچستان کےلوگوں کو سرطان(کینسر)کےمعیاری علاج کی سہولیات فراہم کر سکیں۔مجھےاعتمادہےکہ اسپتال کی تکمیل کیلئےمیں ہمیشہ کیطرح اہلِ پاکستان پر انحصار کرسکتاہوں

حقیقت میں یہ ہے صدقہ جاریہ شوکت خانم کینسر ہسپتالز اور نمل اور دوسرے تعلیمی ادارے بھی جو عمران خان صاحب نے اس قوم کی خدمت کے لئے بنائے بھلے اس نیک کام میں سب نے اپنا اپنا حصہ ڈالا انکا بھی شکریہ وہ بھی اس صدقہ جاریہ میں شامل ہیں جیو میرے کپتان اللہ مدد و حفاظت فرمائے آمین

یہ ہوتے ہیں ویژنری لیڈر کوئی بیلجیئم میں کوئی لندن میں کوئی فرانس کوئی امریکہ میں جائیدادیں بناتے پر وہ سب پاکستانیوں کو لوٹ کر دفع ہو نیوالے اور ایک ہمارا خان صاحب ہیں جنکا جینا مرنا پاکستان میں سو سب دنیا کی بہترین سرسز ادھر ہی میسر کر رہے۔

پشاور میں نو سال وفاق میں چار سال لیکن کوئ سرکاری ہسپتال نہ بنا سکا کیونکہ سرکاری ہسپتال سے تین سو کنال کا گھر چلانا اور راز کوکین کا خرچہ نہیں چل سکتا

خان صاحب تیسرا شوکت خانم بن گیا مبارک ہو
دس سال سےKPKمیں حکومت
4سال وزیر اعظم رہے
5سال سےپنجاب کشمیر گلگت میں حکومت
کاش آپ اسی معیار کاکوئی سرکاری ہسپتال بنادیتے عوام کے لیے
لیکن آپ وہ کام کرتے ہیں جس سے اپکو فائدہ ملتا ہے
پہلے ایک SKH کےنام پرمانگنےتھے
اب 3 ہیں زیادہ مانگے گئے

کاں ساب، اس ہسپتال کی تعمیر میں آپ نے کتنے روپے چندہ دیا؟
یا صرف چندہ اکٹھا کر کے اس میں سے علیمہ پاجی کے لیئے فلیٹ ہی خریدنے آتے ہیں؟
یا شوکت خانم کے نام پر منی لانڈرنگ ہی کرنی آتی ہے!؟
تم کس بات کا کریڈٹ لے رہے ہو، چندہ عوام نے دیا، کھایا تم نے۔
چندہ چور ، خیرات خور

خان صاحب رجیم چینج ابھی جاری ہے۔ اسمبلیوں سے باہر آنے اور اپنی حکومتیں چھوڑ دینا پی ٹی آئی کے لیے خطرناک ہے۔

بھیک مانگ کر ایک ادارہ کھڑا کر کے اسے اپنی گندی سیاست کے لیے استعمال کرنے کے لیے آپ مبارکباد کے مستحق ہیں

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