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hareem shah shower toothpaste video

Hareem Shah Ki Video Viral Leaked Hot

Why your desi parents don’t like you dating because hareem shah ki video got leaked. This I know doesn’t sound too logical or reasonable but then what in a desi household makes sense? Especially when…

COMSATS English Exam Brother Sister France Controversy

COMSATS controversy has rocked the country as an English exam listing brother and sister traveling in France made love. English exam in Pakistani university Students given a “Julie and Mark scenario” where both are brother…

Esha Shah Scene Viral Video

Esha Shah Scene Viral Video Hot Leaked

Watch full uncut Esha Shah scene viral video hot leaked is rocking the stage there. Esha Shah has done it again. The thing is that she is bold, beautiful and not afraid of putting it…

Pakistani Girl Ayesha Viral Dance Video Hot

Ayesha for her guts to openly say that everyone gossips about Azeem and he does it too. ADK ram kum semma serupadi. A day full of Pakistan girl Ayesha viral dance video, can’t complain really….

Sheemza Shahbaz Leaked Video Full Uncut

Sheemza Shahbaz Leaked Video Full Uncut

Social media is alight with Sheemza Shahbaz leaked video full uncut as she flaunts her exquisite and chic assets for all to see. It really reminds me of all the romantic songs of bollywood sung…

Marital Rape In Pakistan Getting Worst

Marital Rape In Pakistan Getting Worst

“Marital rape is not a thing. Sex is integral to marriage.” Yet, many women live in sexless, loveless marriages. Apparently, sex is only crucial in a marriage when men want it, not when women desire…

CAA staff at Karachi airport

CAA Staff at Karachi Airport Feedback

This is to appreciate CAA staff at Karachi airport. I needed emergency medicine, which the Departure Lounge pharmacy said was out of stock. However, the Terminal Manager n a lady staffer went out of their…

Who is Prof Zahid Ali Zahidi and What Has He Done

کیا لکھوں میں بھلا رَسُوْلُ اللہ آپ کا مرتبہ رَسُوْلُ اللہ ایک ایسا شخص جو اسلام کی تاریخ سرے سے جانتا ہی نہیں اسے اسلامک اسٹڈیز کا ڈین مقرر کرنا کہاں کی دانشمندی ہے نبی…

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