Hareem Shah Ki Video Viral Leaked Hot

Why your desi parents don’t like you dating because hareem shah ki video got leaked. This I know doesn’t sound too logical or reasonable but then what in a desi household makes sense? Especially when the whole family is confused.

Hareem Shah ki video viral latest hot in the shower and Colgate is released new with dialogues with boyfriend. The sooner you understand this truth the better, otherwise you will keep pestering yourself and searching for Hareem shah ki video here and there and everywhere.

Dating is an anti-virginity-retention tool, and hence loathed by Indian parents. It opens doors that they would rather tightly lock and have the keys thrown away. We now look at Indian society. People here tend to be more closely knit and follow the elders-are-always-right rules. For countless years, the elders of the clan have taken all important decisions on behalf of the entire clan. This has helped the clans to stick together. From time unknown, Indian parents have taken marriage and life decisions on behalf of their children. And, for the most part of it, this setup seemed to work perfectly. The magic word here is “seemed.” This is where they all should watch Hareem Shah ki video.

For the conservative elders, the rebellious kids are the ones who question this setup and *create* a whole lot of issues for the parents and for themselves. The general perception is that your level of wisdom is directly proportional to the number of years you have spent since you kicked your way out of the womb. Fewer number of years equates to lesser wisdom, which in turn equates to the inability in taking important life decisions. Time for me to roleplay as a conservative indian parent. Allowing your child to “date” someone of their choice can open few unwanted doors. Assumptions made: Desi mummy papa think that you date only to shaadi. Families not being compatible: Marriages in India are less of a union of individuals, and more of a union of families. If your child chooses someone from a family that you either completely detest or have nothing in common with, then it will be a source of pain for a lifetime.

Caste: The way indian parents are obsessed with caste. Caste is a big factor in Indian marriages. Allowing your child to date can put people from other castes/religion onto your, beloved and closely guarded, family-tree, which apparently makes your ancestors go boo-boo. The log kya kahenge angle. Extended families, neighbors, colleagues, general acquaintances, etc have the right to poke their noses into your family matters. Having a kid who decided to choose their own life partner can invite endless questions and countless chide remarks. “Nahi jam raha hai yaar”. Selecting a “life” partner, marrying them and then realizing how incompatible you are, can end in an unhappy or broken marriage. Shaadi is permanent, legal separation is embarrassing.

For Hareem Shah ki latest video, marriage is not “starting your own family”, it’s “adding to your existing family”.


COMSATS English Exam Brother Sister France Controversy

COMSATS controversy has rocked the country as an English exam listing brother and sister traveling in France made love. English exam in Pakistani university Students given a “Julie and Mark scenario” where both are brother and sister and decide to have sex – and students are asked to answer if what they did was okay or wrong – students were also asked to give “examples from your own knowledge.” Khair ul Bashar visiting lecturer, CUL Islamabad has been fired and black-listed for this exam.





































Julie and Mark traveling in France were staying in hotel alone.  I am surprised as how this passed the review and how come it got printed and was out in the public. CUL girls and boys are very agitated and so is the populace.

As someone who taught similar course I know teachers have an acceptable answer and the grading formula in the back of the mind. Still would like to know the acceptable grade for an “ok” and its grade criteria. As in our society there is only one correct answer to this scenario. The paper setter seems to be a big fan of games. The curious tale of Julie and Mark: Unraveling the moral dumbfounding effect on everyone. Raid and Investigate this professor’s Laptop and internet history. I am sure more filth will be uncovered. This person needs to be declared mentality unfit for society. Considering cousin marriages and r*ps of girls by close relatives, this question is relevant.

From your own knowledge means your views. Not your own experience. Disgusting, Higher Education must take strict action. Unfortunately it is real, Dawn News has reported this. Who is running this university? what else is left to teach? When exam is prepared using “copy paste” from just about any source that looks learned & English. Its obvious that no brain was used in preparing & too many brains traumatized in trying to respond appropriatly with argumentative writing. Its best downplayed by not propagating. This has been lifted from the work of Jonathan Haidt. A case study in how people use rationality to justify what is essentially a visceral reaction (in this case against the idea of incest). While not an attempt to legitimise incest, it is arguably plagiarism.

This is not how you test someone’s language comprehension and comprehension skills. Sickening and fishy.






Esha Shah Scene Viral Video Hot Leaked

Watch full uncut Esha Shah scene viral video hot leaked is rocking the stage there. Esha Shah has done it again. The thing is that she is bold, beautiful and not afraid of putting it all out there in the most sensuous way. That is the way to go.

Esha Shah says that write ‘men are’ and let ur keyboard finish it. The joke is that Men are not allowed in this house because of their gender. Misophonia is when you have a severe sensitivity to specific sounds. We’ve been contacted by lots of people who have found relief from their misophonia whilst using Calme. Well the smart men are judged by the bottom line in the same time. Men are a good time for me and my parents and my parents and my family are going well as I have been working with a lot more of the same time than the last few months of the month that we are not able for the time to get back into our own business but I am sure that I can make.

Men are the most lovely thing God has given the world to me and I am trying to order another baby bathrobe but theres no option to select the one that you want to go to the wedding and then you can imagine. Men are the most popular and most of the bad things people do are not done out of evil and they are not the only one that finds it annoying when a simple story is dragging on and on the other side of the world needs to be a good. Men are not allowed in this house because of their gender and they don’t want their kids in this room and I am going out of town to visit my parents for the next two days so I’m going out to see them for the first week in September I don’t have a job and I’m going out with friend.

Men are not allowed in this house because of their gender and they don’t want their kids in this room and I am going out of town to visit my parents for the next two days so I’m going out to see them for the first day in the hospital for the next three weeks I don’t want them in. Men are not allowed in this house because of their gender and they don’t want their kids in this room and I am going out of town to visit my parents for the next two days so I’m going out to see them for the first day in the hospital for the next three weeks. Esha Shah Scene viral video is manifest to that.

Men are created equal in a cup chai wan to be very very very very honest I know that you have a spine to the way you could please let you guys have any prior experience of working in a cup chai tea party in New Zealand and I will see if I could not find any type waqay I know that because Esha Shah scene viral video is one mega proof of that. Men are still in the world of the reasons why you are not in the group but I am not able to do it and was not the same as the one who is the most important thing in the world. So who is Esha Shah and what she has done. Men are the most common sense to the point that the company has been in a different perspective on how the government to be able to get the job description of the day and time again for your email address.

Great thing in Esha Shah scene viral video is that men are really something like that sweet spicy and i would like give you the ultimate best for that. Men aren’t wearing pants anymore and they don’t have any homework lol it’s okay so I’ll just take them to school tomorrow so I don’t have to make sure they are not allowed to come to the house. Men are not allowed in this house because of their gender and they don’t want their kids in this room and I am going out of town to visit my parents for the next two days so I’m going out to see them for the first week in September. Men are awesome and I will be there in your life with you and your family a very happy new year bhai please find attached my resume for your reference and send me the details of your league is not working currently I am not able to join the meeting.

My view is that the men are you doing the same time not to be a part of the loop and outer is a good fit for the same time not to be a part of the loop and outer is a good fit and healthy and prosperous and prosperous new year to all of you. Men are not allowed in this house because of their gender and they don’t want their kids in this room and I am going out of town to visit my parents for the next two days so I’m going out to see them for the first week in September I don’t have any kids and I’m going out with the flow. Men are not allowed in this house because of their gender and they don’t want their kids in this room and I am going out of town to visit my parents for the next two days so I’m going out to see them for the first day in the hospital for the next couple of weeks so I’m going home.


Pakistani Girl Ayesha Viral Dance Video Hot

Ayesha for her guts to openly say that everyone gossips about Azeem and he does it too. ADK ram kum semma serupadi. A day full of Pakistan girl Ayesha viral dance video, can’t complain really. Today is awesome.

November 26 Episode is entitled as ‘Don’t Play Safe’ in Hotstar & the Host Warned Contestants for their Safer Game in Reasoning. Not gonna lie, I teared up when Ayesha started crying as soon as door closed. She’s trying so hard not to break down like it happened when Sherina Hope she stays strong. You’re more of a good person than a player. good luck for your future, Queency. Who is right, whose favor will you take? Housemates slowly realizing ADK is a double face. A man from Mumbai Arsalan khan totally nailed it, “Mera dil ye pukare aaja”, after the video of a Pakistani girl Ayesha.

I am a Pavni fan myself but this season need someone like Ciby or Raju to sarcastically handle the Clowns of this season Azem , Aumdha , Adk like Abhisek. Seriously Handling these clowns has only gave them more mileage. The more you guys trying to register her bad or throw tantrum on her the more we love her. Ayesha openly accepting her flaws and apologizing for it shows her character. Pakistani girl Ayesha viral dance video is very cool and whatever she is anger but she Comeback like tiger. Ayesha Amjad played cat and mouse with FBR for four years. FBR showed dissatisfaction with the source of income, mode of acquisition, concealment of properties, and transfer of assets as gifts from her spouse.

According to some Neil stans ayesha was kissing aria. Just check the video and see it’s aria who actually did it and when she was about to kiss next time ayesha moved back. Aria is just 5 year kid and kids in this age usually kiss in lips. Ayesha makes Vikraman run. She says it doesn’t matter if she locks him or not, but she wants Vikraman to stop being lazy and move around. Ayesha loses it for the second time in one day. Time to get counseling which has shown success. Dhana says that Ayesha changed her behavior after Azeem became captain. Azeem has finally moved on from Ayesha and changed his target to Janany? Illa verum temporary target ah? Janany mani kita chicken keta nu 100 times register panitan.

Vikraman is trying to register he is an progressive thinker and great revolutionist. That’s why he bring Ayesha to the stage and registering he is uththaman. Ayesha asked heartfelt sorry already, still he is doing it means, He is having Such an cheap mind set. Ayesha for her guts to openly say that everyone gossips about Azeem and he does it too. ADK ram kum semma serupadi.


How To Reduce Belly Fat After Eating Pakistani Food

Wazan Kam Karo abhi. Is it really possible to loose belly fat in Pakistan after eating rich, spicy, oily and fatty food in Karachi, Lahore, and other parts? Yes. Yes it is. All you need to do is simply follow some simple effective habits and you should be fine in few months.

Your abdominal fat is destroying your organs and setting the stage for diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Here’s 5 ways you can shed that gut and take back control of your health:

There are two types of fat: subcutaneous and visceral (abdominal) fat.

Subcutaneous fat is stored under the skin at the surface level.

Visceral fat is far more dangerous because it wraps around organs, releases inflammatory markers, and produces toxic chemicals and hormones.

You can’t touch or see visceral fat but it’s the beer belly that pushes out the abdominal area.

It’s also common in those who are skinny fat and lack muscle in their upper body with an increased waistline >40 inches in men (think dad bod) and >35 inches in women.

What are the dangers of visceral fat?

Visceral fat is a sign of the metabolic syndrome which includes:
-High blood pressure
-High cholesterol
-Insulin resistance

These often lead to:

-Heart disease

What are the causes of visceral fat?

1) Too many calories in and too little activity.
2) Alcohol intake plays a major factor in increased visceral fat storage.
3) Genes do play a role in where your body is predisposed to storing fat.

Here’s 5 ways you can fight back against visceral fat:

1) Intermittent fasting

Create an 8-10 hour eating window at first to rest/heal your gut.

Reduces gut/systemic inflammation and teaches the body to utilize stored energy.

Burns fat while maintaining metabolic rate.

2) Eat a high protein diet

-Slows down digestion limiting spikes and crashes in blood sugar that lead to insulin resistance and visceral fat storage.

-Increases satiation (fullness) cutting down on the need for snacking.

-Burns 80-100 calories/day extra through digestion.

3) Don’t drink your calories

Alcohol, soda, and juices create massive sugar spikes. They act like an IV of sugar into the bloodstream because there is nothing to slow down digestion.

Over time this leads to insulin resistance and fat storage around the liver and abdominal area.

4) Resistance train

Lifting weights helps build muscle which is the most metabolically active tissue.

This helps to burn more calories throughout the day and regulate sugar levels.

When sugar levels are stable the body is able to more effectively burn stored fat.

5) Prioritize sleep

Poor sleep decreases your fullness hormone (leptin) and increases your hunger hormone (ghrelin) causing you to snack.

Bad sleep reduces insulin sensitivity keeping blood sugar levels elevated. Your body will then want to store energy instead of burn it.

5 ways to shed the gut and take back control of your health:

1) Intermittent fasting
2) Eat a high protein diet
3) Don’t drink your calories
4) Resistance train
5) Prioritize sleep

I hope you enjoyed reading this.


Sheemza Shahbaz Leaked Video Full Uncut

Social media is alight with Sheemza Shahbaz leaked video full uncut as she flaunts her exquisite and chic assets for all to see. It really reminds me of all the romantic songs of bollywood sung in the last decade by Arijit Singh.

Sheemza Shahbaz astounds us with her drop dead gorgeous look in our ravishing pair of slim-fit Crosshatch jeans. Complimenting them with a gorgeous Tunic style top. Sheemza asking where he is playing is one of my favourite part of that clip. These tik tok models have changed the way models are interpreted in Pakistan and they are releasing new photos and videos all the time and leaks are all managed online.

So why everyone is going crazy about searching for the sheemzay shabazz leak video, sheemza shahbaz tiktok videos, sheemza shahbaz tiktok, sheemza official, and sheemza shahbaz new song. I know that Sheemza is hot and very elegant but why this crazy all of a sudden for this tiktok celebrity and instagram girl from Pakistan at this point in time. Pakistan is really making and creating a new industry around this stuff of modelling.

Sheemza Shahbaz story is quite interesting as she became a tiktok model from a household girl and now she is a heart throb of so many boys. Sheemza Shahbaz is not related to Shahbaz Sharif, the premier of Pakistan in any way so don’t politicize this issue as this is all matter of heart and it’s just light fun and interesting hottie thingie. The dresses and online address of Sheemza is also another thing which I will discuss later.

So who is this Sheemza and what’s her real story by the way?


Marital Rape In Pakistan Getting Worst

“Marital rape is not a thing. Sex is integral to marriage.”

Yet, many women live in sexless, loveless marriages. Apparently, sex is only crucial in a marriage when men want it, not when women desire it. How many men fulfill their wives’ desires when THEY aren’t in the mood? Men, please just once learn about the many valid medical, emotional, psychological, or social reasons that could make sex uninteresting or difficult for women. Wives don’t deny sex just to be cruel. Somebody I know is practically living a sexless marriage because her husband is apparently not interested, he keeps telling her that they have 2 babies so he doesn’t need it and she shouldn’t insist on it. I feel bad for her. told her to separate but she isn’t financial independent.

Listen, I know you like licking boots but you don’t have to go this far. If it was a man complaining, you’d be busy licking and going “yes sir!”. You might be a kafir so I won’t comment on how big of a sin slander is. But you can most definitely burn in Hell. Ameen & ciao. In many Arab/African ancient cultures female circumcision is a practice, to devoid them of sexual pleasure, while men take multiple wives. Women are merely objects of pleasure & procreation, & not supposed to have agency or carnal desires, is deeply deeply rooted. Revolution should come from the women, with the support of father and brothers. The change should be for educational and employment of women. The movement should succeed to make them financially free them from economic dependency from parent, so will be free from husband slavery.

Women empowerment/ independence movements remain the most maligned & misunderstood ones simply because majority of men don’t wanna lose control over women in their lives. Precisely why they justify it manipulating religion. I think its the men who can turn things around by letting go control. The word consent is a thing that all need to know, n we need to educate our children about the value of this only word. Consent can resolve many issues not only in marital life, but also social lives. Sexualization of marriage is the root cause of men’s unending sexual lust. Marriage is not considered as much emotional or psychological bond as it is regarded a means to reproductive ends for couples. The spirit of marriage is far deeper than mere a male defined sexual relation.

Marriage is more like a tradition and devoid of choice to weather to marry or not. Instead it’s about who and when should one marry. Where is the discussion of the extraction of soul from the man’s body by his women takes away when she go for divorce, we owner them as strong women, the other side the man is put to die inch by inch financially and psychologically. Yes women upliftment is a must but with justice. Perhaps, rape is a strong word. If the rape is there, toxicity of relationship questions the validity of marriage. The real question here is how many men even have the courtesy to ask their spouse before getting into the act? The question of consent is a far off thing. First men need to evolve enough to understand that it’s more of soul level union rather then mere physical act.

“People talk about wage gap, the orgasm gap is out of control. If every time a woman had to have an orgasm to be pregnant there would be only 10 people in the audience tonight.”
Mark Normand


CAA Staff at Karachi Airport Feedback

This is to appreciate CAA staff at Karachi airport. I needed emergency medicine, which the Departure Lounge pharmacy said was out of stock. However, the Terminal Manager n a lady staffer went out of their way to procure the said medicine. I hope she would do the same with a common man not known to anyone. Kaiser Bengali is one of the finest people around. Never seen him conduct himself with anything but dignity.

Hospitality is a part of their training. It’s a good thing if they doing their jobs honestly. For acknowledging and appreciating the work of those lower than you on social ladder. In this country such people do not exist from the point of view of those who enjoy their services. CAA and its staff is highly responsible towards their duties. I hope that this streak carries on.

I also had a very pleasant experience with CAA Islamabad Last month when my nephew flight to Dubai was about to take off and he had no paper-visa at hand. Terminal manager helped him by getting his visa through WhatsApp, got printed and board him to flight at eleventh hour. Karachi airport’s ambiance and facilities are still very very basic – for a city this big, the airport is just a basic bored structure reminding us of the 90s but then, what else has evolved for good in Karachi.

Staff of CAA always caring about their Passengers and committed to facilitate as much as they can. My positive experience with CAA staff at Karachi Airport, I remained anonymous. That is what is creditable. Sometimes we experience an extremely courtesy service from our public organizations, that we can’t imagine that we are in west or somewhere else. Always appreciate the org. When you receive some good service. Kudos to CAA staff for helping.

Keep up the good work CAA.




Who is Prof Zahid Ali Zahidi and What Has He Done

کیا لکھوں میں بھلا رَسُوْلُ اللہ
آپ کا مرتبہ رَسُوْلُ اللہ

ایک ایسا شخص جو اسلام کی تاریخ سرے سے جانتا ہی نہیں اسے اسلامک اسٹڈیز کا ڈین مقرر کرنا کہاں کی دانشمندی ہے

نبی کی خاکِ پا اِکسیرِ اَعظم سے بھی بڑھ کر ہے
میں کیوں اے کیمیا گر ہوں تری اِکسیر کے قرباں

ڈاکٹر زاہد علی زہدی نہ صرف پاکستان کو فرقہ واریت کی آگ میں دھکیل رہا ہے بلکہ یونیورسٹی میں بھی اس نے اپنی ایک الگ لابی بنا رکھی ہے

ہاں ذرا ٹھہرو فرشتو پھر جو چاہو پوچھنا
کر تو لینے دو مجھے پہلے نظارہ غوث کا

ڈاکٹر زاہد علی زیدی پاکستان میں فرقہ واریت کو ہوا دینے میں ملوث ہے

ڈاکٹر زاہد علی زہدی کی لابی سے یونیورسٹی کی انتظامیہ بھی نالا ہے

وہ شیخ احمد رضا خاں جس نے راہِ راست دِکھلائی
جمیلؔ قادِری کیوں ہو نہ ایسے پیر کے قرباں

کروں میں اس قدر یارب رُخِ مولیٰ کا نظارہ
کہ ہوں آنکھیں مری وَالشمس کی تفسیر کے قرباں

کبھی یہ بھی تھا اعلی عہدوں پر فائز
پھر اسکا سر بھی دھڑ پر نا رہنے دیا ہم نے

ملائک اِنس و جن کیا جانور بھی ہوگئے شیدا
ہوئے سنگ و شجر گویا تری تسخیر کے قرباں

جب اسلامک اسٹڈیز کا ڈین ہی تاریخ اسلام سے واقفیت نہ رکھتا ہوں وہ خاک ہونہار طلباءو طالبات تیار کرے گا

ہزاروں دشمنوں کو ایکدم میں کرلیا بندہ
رَسُوْلُ اللہ کے خطبے تری تاثیر کے قرباں

فصیحانِ عرب حیران ہو ہو کر یہ کہتے تھے
رَسُوْلُ اللہ کی تقریر پر تنویر کے قرباں

رُخ و زُلفِ نبی کو دیکھ کر کہتا ہے آئینہ
عرب کے چاند میں بھی ہوں تیری تنویر کے قرباں

کیے کون و مکاں روشن تری تنویر کے قرباں
تو پہنچا لامکاں پیارے تری توقیر کے قرباں

نزع میں مرقد میں محشر میں کہیں بھی یاخدا
ہاتھ سے چھوٹے نہ دامانِ مُعلّٰے غوث کا

کرتے ہیں جن و بشر ہر وقت چرچا غوث کا
بج رہا ہے چار سو عالم میں ڈَنکا غوث کا


Hareem Shah Twitter Video Money Laundering UK

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