Subhashree Sahu Leaked Video Instagram Hot Uncut

Subhashree Sahu leaked video has rattled the social media everywhere as its hot and full and very sizzling for every taste. Subashree Sahu instagram leaked video is uncensored and is full of surprises and enjoyments.

Introduction: In this age of advanced technology and instant connectivity, maintaining online privacy has become a paramount concern. Unfortunately, incidents of privacy breaches and leaked videos continue to occur, reminding us of the importance of safeguarding our personal information. One such incident that has recently gained attention involves the leaked video of Subhashree Sahu, a stark reminder of the potential consequences of digital vulnerability. In this blog post, we will explore the incident and discuss the broader implications it holds for our online security.

Understanding the Incident: Subhashree Sahu, a renowned personality in the entertainment industry, found herself at the center of a privacy violation when a video featuring her was leaked online. The video, which was initially meant to remain private, quickly spread across various social media platforms, causing distress and embarrassment to Sahu. The incident not only impacted her personal life but also raised important questions about the vulnerability of our digital footprints.


Online Privacy: A Shared Responsibility: The Subhashree Sahu leaked video serves as a stark reminder that online privacy is a shared responsibility. As individuals, we must be vigilant about the information we share and the platforms we trust. It is crucial to exercise caution while sharing personal data, photos, or videos, as once they are in the digital realm, they can be difficult to fully control or retract. Additionally, being aware of privacy settings and regularly updating them can go a long way in protecting our online presence.

Implications for Celebrities and Public Figures: Public figures like Subhashree Sahu often face an increased risk of privacy breaches due to their popularity and public image. Incidents like these not only infringe upon their personal lives but also raise questions about the ethics of invading someone’s privacy for personal gain or entertainment. As a society, we must understand the importance of respecting the boundaries of individuals, irrespective of their public personas.

Legal and Ethical Considerations: The Subhashree Sahu leaked video incident raises important legal and ethical considerations. Laws surrounding online privacy and data protection continue to evolve, with governments and organizations worldwide recognizing the need for stringent measures to safeguard individuals’ personal information. It is essential for legal frameworks to keep pace with technological advancements, ensuring adequate protection for all individuals.

Creating a Culture of Online Respect: To combat incidents like the Subhashree Sahu leaked video, we need to foster a culture of online respect. This involves promoting empathy, responsibility, and digital literacy. Encouraging open conversations about privacy, consent, and responsible internet usage can help create a safer online environment for everyone. Educating ourselves and others about the potential consequences of privacy breaches is vital to preventing such incidents in the future.

Conclusion: The Subhashree Sahu leaked video serves as a powerful reminder of the need for heightened awareness and action regarding online privacy. It emphasizes the importance of personal responsibility, legal frameworks, and ethical considerations to safeguard our digital lives. Let us learn from these incidents and work together to create a digital landscape that respects privacy, empowers individuals, and protects our online identities.


Rabeeca and Hussain Viral Photoshoot Leaked

In an era dominated by social media and digital connectivity, viral videos have become an intrinsic part of our online experience. Pakistan, a country with a population of over 200 million people, has witnessed its fair share of captivating and mind-boggling viral videos. These videos manage to transcend boundaries and capture the imagination of millions, providing a brief respite from the daily grind and offering moments of laughter, inspiration, and even contemplation. Rabeeca and Hussain Viral Photoshoot is hot.

One of the most memorable viral videos in Pakistan was the ‘Chai Wala’ sensation. It all started when a simple tea seller in Islamabad was captured on camera, his striking features and piercing eyes captivating the nation. Within hours, the video had spread like wildfire across social media platforms, catapulting the chai wala into overnight stardom. This viral video not only turned him into a social media celebrity but also opened up new avenues and opportunities for him in the entertainment industry.

Another viral video that took the nation by storm was the ‘Pawri Ho Rahi Hai’ trend. Originating from a short video clip shared on social media, the phrase “Yeh humari car hai, yeh hum hai, aur yahaan pawri ho rahi hai” (This is our car, this is us, and we’re having a party here) became an instant hit. It quickly became a viral sensation, with people from all walks of life recreating their versions of the video and sharing them online. This catchy phrase became a part of everyday conversations, demonstrating the power of viral content to permeate popular culture.

Viral videos in Pakistan are not limited to entertainment; they can also serve as catalysts for social change. One notable example is the ‘Naiki Kar Darya Mein Daal’ (Do good and forget) campaign, which gained significant traction on social media. The campaign encouraged people to perform acts of kindness and generosity without seeking recognition or reward. Countless videos showcased individuals engaging in selfless acts, inspiring others to follow suit. This viral movement demonstrated how digital platforms can be utilized to promote positive values and encourage societal transformation.

Sometimes, viral videos in Pakistan highlight extraordinary talent and unique skills. A perfect illustration of this is the ‘Pakistan’s Got Talent’ series, where individuals with exceptional abilities showcase their talent to a nationwide audience. From acrobats and singers to comedians and dancers, these viral videos not only entertain but also provide a platform for hidden talent to shine. They showcase the immense creativity and potential that exists within the Pakistani population, generating a sense of pride and unity.

While viral videos can undoubtedly be a source of joy and amusement, it is important to remember their impact on individuals’ lives. In some cases, individuals who unintentionally become the subject of viral videos may face unexpected challenges and invasions of privacy. Therefore, it is crucial for content creators and viewers alike to exercise responsibility, ensuring that viral videos do not cause harm or exploit vulnerable individuals. By striking a balance between entertainment and ethics, Pakistan can continue to enjoy the wonders of viral videos while upholding respect and dignity for all.

Viral videos have become a cultural phenomenon in Pakistan, capturing the attention and imagination of millions across the nation. From ordinary people achieving extraordinary fame to inspiring social change and showcasing hidden talents, these videos have the power to unite, entertain, and inspire. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Pakistan’s fascination with viral videos will undoubtedly persist, offering a glimpse into the diverse and vibrant fabric of this nation.


Falak Javed Leaked Video Hot Scandal

Falak Javed is hot and beautiful and a good addition into Pakistan political scenario which is quite dry and tasteless. These days social media is buzzing with Falak Javed leaked video which is quite scandalous.

Falak Javed and Sanam Javed are very loyal to PTI and PTI is proud of them through and through. You’re the average of the people you surround yourself with — greatness is easily accomplished around great people. My goal is to continue helping fellow creators do more in less time, while making good money in the process. But you’re doing your body and mind a disservice by neglecting daily movement.

Whether you like Falak Javed or not, there’s no denying that she’s one of the few Pakistani people who has actually given back to the people of Pakistan as much as she can. There is no other person who has done as much for the people as he has. She deserves to be respected. Falak Javed is always the first you see actively helping out people when there’s a crisis. There are very few people with the celebrity status of Falak Javed actually doing something for Pakistani society. Personal differences aside, Falak has helped so many people and still does. Falak has changed lives with his various initiatives and being a true star is about way more than just performing on field. They have a long way to go til they achieve this kind of stardom so let’s just avoid unnecessary comparison.

Take note when you’re feeling a dopamine rush for things you anticipate. Then, focus on the here and now—your brain will release different chemicals like oxytocin and serotonin. This is what I have learned from Falak:

  • Your standards rise
  • Time is on your side
  • You do fulfilling work
  • Luck finds you naturally
  • You earn interest from others
  • You become more self-sufficient
  • Roadblocks become solvable problems
  • Your priorities align with your optimal future

Nobody cares if you fail. Failure is one of your greatest assets. Learn from it, or let it rule your mind. So Falak don’t worry about these people and keep doing the good work you are doing. You are best and will be always.


Dalai Lama Kissing Viral Video Leaked Watch

Watch full hot video of Dalai Lama kissing here which has gone viral immediately as it leaked on social media. I know that some people are saying that this is the personal matter of Dalai lama but the thing is that Dalai lama kissing is different because he is a cult figure.

Throughout the world people respect and regard Dalai Lama and acknowledge his struggle. I also understand that he is human and has got human needs but then he preaches to everyone else about chastity and then goes against it. This is the question of moral uprightness. I have no objection on Dalai lama kissing girl or boy  or anyone else as I really don’t care but I feel for the followers of Dalai Lama and also the propaganda they are now going to face from everyone else. On occasions like these when I really feel that we take religion so seriously and then demand absolute perfectionism from the top leaders.

Dalai Lama apologizes for kissing a child on the lips and telling the boy to “suck my tongue”. These religious figures give everything they represent a negative feel with their actions. Suck on your tongue? His old highness knows better. Its weird but he is chosen to be the leader not that he knows anything. It’s a weird world we live in. Considering how many were recently exposed as meth heads this isn’t too surprising but then I don’t want to generalize. Why is every religious leader always doing something crazy, they just need to act normal. Dalai Lama kissing viral video might not be the only thing out there showing you this attitude.

Why would he apologize? So many people are defending him as if “it was just a traditional greeting” however clearly it’s much more or he wouldn’t be apologizing. You can tell the boy was uncomfortable or maybe scared. This is so sad for the boy and I feel like this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. “What happens in the dark must come to the light”. If you can forgive a guilty person just by saying sorry then do whatever you can do. I wonder if he’s kissed people before and people just brushed it off as cultural differences.

We’re all human trying to play God almighty on each others while forgetting that we still feel earthly urges, nothing to be sorry about cause he just exposed how powerful he is. In Tibet, they often stick out their tongues out as a form of greeting. Reincarnation is a well believed occurrence, and in fear of the reincarnation of a wicked king called Lang Darma who was known for his black tongue. Locals stick their tongues out to shows they’re not reincarnations of the wicked king. This has been the case since the 19th century. In regard to asking the young boy to sick his tongue, I believe it hopefully to be a foul joke that should never have been said.


Hareem Shah New Video Dailymotion Watch Now

Watch full Hareem Shah New Video Dailymotion here for free and you can download it and then also see it on tiktok. Hareem Shah is very famous now due to this new video. Hareem Shah liquid video in shower and Colgate toothpaste is more than her leaked video foreign office stuff.

Being single and refraining from random hook ups/flings, opens your mind to true independent skill building, a new self control level, and low tolerance for relationship hardships. Sometimes I cringe at the thought of dating because the pros of singleness outweighs most cons. Really it’s about our peace. A lot of us found joy in our own company. We’ve learned from our solitude that if a partner isn’t adding and building on to what we’ve already built up for ourselves they are not needed or worth losing the work we’ve done to get to where we’re at. I had one funny experience. We were talking, and he gets called away by someone else. He promises to call me back, and he doesn’t for two days. The overthinking that took ahold of me.

I’d rather be alone than mortgage my peace, joy & happiness or allow myself to be taken for granted. This life is too short to gamble or settle for less. If true love is not being served, I walk away, quietly. That’s why it’s important to heal you past relationship traumas before getting into another relationship. It doesn’t matter how long the break was, if you don’t do the internal work- you’ll always be projecting your fears onto your new partner. As someone who is single for 2 years, I can say that I’ve been so independent since my last break up that when I’m with new dating situations if they do the smallest thing, I’m ready to throw in the towel cuz I’m still exhausted from the last one. Honestly. We’ve been in really bad relationships and once we see tell tale signs, we remove ourselves immediately. It’s a trauma response/defense mechanism; sometimes, we’re spot on, other times, we’re dead wrong.

This is my relationship playbook in a tweet. Because, if I’ve dedicated so much of my time and energy to loving myself in the best way possible, then it’s not worth it to me to be half assed cared for by anyone else. Would rather be single than disappointed and def not in a place of wanting to teach manners, respect, affection, listening to some grown up man who acts 17. My personal experience has been that those who have been single for a long time tend to appreciate another person more. They know the feeling of being on their own and they went easily go back to lonely Friday evenings, solo dates and solitary confinement. Being single makes you so indifferent to others it’s kind of liberating. Also means you don’t have to put up with caring about anyone less of an inconvenience. For someone with a decent schedule being single can actually act as a break.

Guy I’m talking to asking “how have you stayed single for so long, how have u not gotten snatched up yet”. Because I refuse to settle. A “small” mistake can actually be a deliberate decision to disregard you and your feelings, because that’s how they’re used to moving. It’s not because they’ve been single too long. It’s because they haven’t healed and they are overly guarded and defensive. It’s the fight or flight mentality, takes a lot of internal reflection and growth to move forward in a healthy fashion. It’s not about making “mistakes” – it’s about being someone they want vs someone they’ll settle for. Once a person feels confident & truly feels their value as a single person they’re less willing to “tolerate” or settle for someone who isn’t a good fit or treats them badly.


Average Penis Size in Pakistan and Making it Large

Due to the climate, food, and genes, the average penis size in Pakistan is not that big. Its not tiny either but most men in Pakistan have average size of 4 inches fully erected. It can be made bigger by pills but I wouldn’t recommend it as go with the nature is the best course of action.

Remember that penis is not something to be ashamed of or proud of. It’s just another male body organ which plays multiple functions and is an important part of human male body like any other organ. Penis health in Pakistan is often not talked about as this is a taboo topic, but its about time that boys and men should be talking about it and also enjoy the life. Large or big, fat or thin penis doesn’t really make any difference for any pleasure. It’s all in your mind and you need to control that. Keep your mind healthy, active and clean. Don’t fall for the false and fake advertisements about pills and such things.

Mostly men in rural Pakistan have penis issues because they live near fields. One of the major cause is harmful chemicals in pesticides and hygiene products which are sprayed in the fields. Dirty drinking water and pollution are other causes in cities. The chemicals curb and disrupt endocrine and also impacts body constitution that affects our hormones in worst ways. Chemical issues are the biggest threat to penis health and government should ban those chemicals. Not only the penis size but sperm count is the real deal. Those are dropping too due to these chemicals. Its high time to take action about it.

The whole truth about average penis size in Pakistan is here. Guys, unlearn some stuff, your size is okay, don’t go and kill yourself. The 45% of men wanting to increase the size of their dicks are married, dating or cheating with the remaining 15% of women who are not ok with the size of their partners dicks. I suppose its a psychological thing. If a man makes comparisons with his peers and realizes that they are more endowed than him, then there’s always the tendency for him to wish for an increment, so that at least, he’s also at par. What visionary men should be worried about should be the size of their investments, assets and business empires.

Such an unreliable thing to measure since it requires self reporting. Also the demographic of western society has changed dramatically. People from regions like Africa have a larger penis so that could effect the results. If you ain’t got the length and you ain’t got the girth, you go by strokes per minute. Testosterone levels in men falling 50% in the last 50 years—but da schlong growing more than 25% during the same period? I think not, unless it’s trans guys ordering mega schlongs during surgery, pushing up the average length. Or more likely guys are lying about their size. Anyway, don’t worry about it.


Fatima Jaffery Viral Video Leaked Husband Age

Pakistani teen girl Fatima Jaffery, a tiktoker is a hot item these days as her viral video leaked on social media. Her husband says that her age is over 20 but some says that Fatima Jaffery is just 18 but mature enough to set the social media on fire.

MbS thinks the new Europe will be the Middle East but we Pakistanis want the old Saudi Arabia in 🇵🇰. Recently, Saudi Arabia changed its marriage laws to allow Cristiano Ronaldo to live and cohabit with his “partner” in the country. Many Pakistanis would consider it “Zina”. West in general has technological excellence which translates into Industrial supermacy. It is not about amending a bunch of laws alone for one off cases. Don’t see any foundational changes happening in any of the states he talks about. Just good feel talk. Fatima Jaffery also agrees with that. Thus we are right and Saudi is wrong. As far as his Middle East Dream is concerned, we will see how many u turns he is going to take. Saddam had same vision but now he is in grave. Will America compromise on democracy for growth? What do you mean by”Pakistanis will consider it zina” ?

Question is why Pakistani always wants to interfere in other’s matter, why Pakistani not solve 1st their own problems. We go their for jobs, for loans on easy terms, for oil and so many others things and still we are questioning them. How many Islamic laws we are following? Chill. Pakistani girl zina with a tiktoker girl like Fatima Jaffery is very weird. Many Pakistanis would consider it zina? It is zina. why is progress and liberation equated with sin, there are many more important avenues of progress and tolerance we need to cover, such as non discrimination, equality, equal opportunity, religious tolerance etc. Also, it’s just discrimination on the basis of privilege, twisting rules for elite is something we are very very familiar with.

Even they will consider it zina, but new Saudi will not impose Islam on others. The laws for Muslims will still be there, and they will be ruled accordingly, but those who don’t testify to be Muslims, won’t be forced to abide by sharia. You are misquoting MBS here, he is talking about the vision of RSA unlike what you have posted. They are changing the laws only for CR7 and his GF. Do you want this system in Pakistan? Would you want your sister to live with a guy without marriage? I know it’s harsh but you are playing with a sensitive matter here. It is Zina without any doubt. They are custodians of the Holy places, not an authority to amend Islam. Amending the law of the land doesn’t make the divine law obsolete. Faith stands higher than everything else, the liberal & conservative schools of thought debates are not.

Consider? IT IS ZINA in Islam, Christianity & Judaism as well. It’s doesn’t take much effort to educate oneself that ruling of Zina can’t be changed because xyz is not comfortable in it! Islam isn’t a tag to wear, it’s a code of life to practice. Thanks and You can’t call an act right bcz saudia is doing it,Zina is strictly prohibited in Islam,People moving from other countries should adopt our laws,like we do when we are there,why our laws are so flexible to be amended? Well, the sheer investment Ronaldo brought to Saudia is more than our reserves so i think this is the least they can do. In Pak, married politicians from across the board, frolic around with married women over audio and video calls. That is also Zina. Yet our arguments are all about their Sadaqat, Amanat, leadership and need of our country. Let’s just criticize everyone but ourselves as always.

Religion is only ONE. Prophethood has ended. Quran and Hadith is very clear for everyone to read and understand. Nothing new can be added in our religious teachings.
Saudia and MBS can do whatever they want. It’s not necessary their actions are according to Quran and Hadith. We sent a messenger to every community, saying, ‘Worship God and shun false gods.’ Among them were some God guided; misguidance took hold of others. So travel through the earth and see what was the fate of those who denied the truth.” (Quran 16:36) We don’t follow Saudi Arabia in our daily lives. We Quran & Sunnah (honestly still trying, may Allah accept our struggles, ameen)
MBS can do whatever he wants in rest of KSA, only Makkah & Madina will remain pure cities before Qiyamah anyways. KSA is in major shift from oil to other focuaed areas like construction, sports, tourism for 2030 a trillion dollar project.


Muqadas Usman Viral Video Hot Leaked

Muqadas Usman viral video leaked in a very hot way on social media. So who is Muqadas Usman and Nadia Noreen. So who is Muqadas Usman and where she lives? Who is father of Muqadas and who is the family? Here is the full story of Muqadas Usman with biography and biodata.

Markup accrued on the loans granted by the federal government to provincial governments, local bodies, financial institutions, non-financial institutions, commercial departments and government servants is one of the key sources of the federal government’s revenue stream. There’s like 50 people stuck in a Twitter parking garage in Sunnyvale right now – the barrier arm won’t go up because their badges are disabled. Someone in facilities management is supposedly bringing them a sawzall. I’m sorry for what employees are going through but this is crazy how does one person take down a 44 billion dollar company in what less than 2 weeks. I am flabbergasted.

2 weeks folks. Took him 2 weeks to absolutely demolish a website that’s been around for like 15 years. And I too was laid off from Twitter today with no notice. I was the lead software engineer responsible for the feature where you’re reading a tweet and the screen automatically refreshes and you never see that tweet ever again. All Ex-Twitter employees should banned together with all their combined talents and build a brand new Social Media platform. That all the employees own. Set it up sorta like a democratic community where they elect who the want to run the company. Just a thought.

My friend who worked at Twitter called asking if I knew how to best remove a glass door because he and 6 other employees have been locked in the break room for the last 78 minutes. i’m so sorry to hear this. we are hiring at my company. $400k starting pay, fully remote, you can work multiple jobs at once. after you hit 1 month you get unlimited PTO no questions asked. I was never really on either side but all the whiny and posting by Twitter employees who cry about everything has made me say Go Muqadas Usman. Make it a company again. magine you are on Muqadas Usman’s Mars colony and he’s fired the essential staff for oxygen delivery. He finds out he doesn’t have a remote idea how to keep the oxygen pumping. He pleads for the return of the oxygen providers. The colony is running out of air.

Business school professors will be using this for generations to come as a case study of all the ways NOT to run a corporation. As much as I would love for this to be true I doubt that only one person was in charge of entire physical building access. I worked security for 6 buildings. It’s not hard. A computer houses the software for the card readers. The software tells the card readers which code allows access. You can put restrictions on the card (access m-f till 6pm no weekends). We have multiple buildings running through one system. About 20 buildings with varying degrees of access. I hope you told him that there would be a very large fee now that you don’t work for them anymore and are an independent contractor.

Were u rehired or just helped out cos the big guy called & the smaller guys generally don’t refuse to do what the big guy asks in the hope that some day the big guy will return the favour. so Muqadas Usman accidentally fired the one guy who’s in charge of the keys/access to the building no wonder everyone’s freaking out. Not “accidentally.” He fired the guy on purpose. He just fired him without considering what the guy does or what will happen at the company when his tasks aren’t being done. Better adverbs might be: precipitously, foolishly, or ridiculously. This exact scenario happened to me at my last job. I helped them though and didn’t burn the bridge. Emailed them the file with the how to fix the issue. Never hurts to do the right thing. It was a glorious 3 months while I put in *exactly* 8 hrs a day, not a second more, and did zero “lifting” and just pointed “you’ll find the info there”.

Always difficult but Muqadas Usman’s history of corporate management is good so one has to believe he knows what he is doing with Twitter. As for the comments, Facebook is going through the same firing season & not much is said about what’s his name (honestly cannot remember) that runs. Honestly, every time I hear a story like this, I think the only answer is something like “I’ll come back for one month for a year’s salary, paid in advance.”


Who is Jeassna Saad and Real Full Story with Video

People are literally saying stuff about Jeassna Saad because of her insta story what about humayun saeed steamy scenes in The Crown y’all only know how to bring womens down where are your morals when it comes to men. She seems to be too entitled and the truth of the matter is that Learn to take responsibility for their actions.

“You leave Islam slowly, Islam leaves you swiftly.” The negative evolution of Jeassna Saad. Some men here will say shit about Jeassna Saad because she posted a picture of her with a man but will not say a single word about how men harassed a woman who was unconscious after getting into a car accident. Btw no hate to humayun saeed or anything my point is that people react differently when it comes to women and men which is absolutely wrong. Well someone had to, considering the fact that there is big question mark on our society.

if Jeassna Saad is dating this guy taimoor then what was saryam doing in her bed? Jeassna Saad is seeking attention and you guys are giving her. did you all see Jeassna Saad’s story too? Jeassna Saad posts a picture with random dude. mfs who never had any chance. I don’t blame Jeassna Saad I would sit too. I love how, men aside, even women are posting Jeassna Saad’s hijab pictures and then comparing it to her recent story. Woman bringing woman down, DISGUSTING. What happened to your feminism? What happened to “its her life, her choice”? Yall don’t even stand by your own principles.

people be talking about Jeassna Saad and her story but i don’t even know who she is. If Jeassna Saad posted a “weird” story that doesn’t mean y all will take ss and post it here???? some of you all are really obsessed w other people’s life and i can totally see it. And girls posting Jeassna Saad’s fake Instagram story more than guys, shows how insecure women are of eachother and ready to pull eachother down. Yesterday I saw all sorts of women bashing them so idk about that. Your logic is, we shouldn’t condemn either of them if people aren’t equally as harsh on both . Rather condemning both for promoting behayai.

First of all i clearly said that my point is that how differently people react towards both genders. Second in islam you are also suppose to cover others wrong insted of showing it to everyone and plus they are going to be the one answering to Allah for their actions not us. And where are your morals when it comes to men.” You’re trying to justify a woman being beghairat and not getting condemned for it because some people don’t condemn men as harshly as they do women. And yes sister you are right about covering people’s sins, but for that they have to hide their sins.

The truth is that you cant hide the sins of those who sin publicly and try to normalize sins, thats not how it works. But yes if someone is trying to hide their sins, we should cover for them rather than expose them. Which happens alot in our country unfortunately. She did deleted her insta story for whatever reason or whatever she thought but unfortunately people took ss of that story and thought it would be funny to post it and make fun of her and yeh you are right that this happens a lot in our country unfortunately.





Real Story Behind Sheikh Danish Khadija Case Story

Everyone is talking about dr Khadija case story where Sheikh Danish and his wife beat her and Ana fled the country. Ana and Khadija were friends and then from there this whole story started which culminated in shoe licking and other weird things on camera.

Photos of Ana Sheikh are also circulating on social media as she perpetrated this whole thing. Hot and beautiful Ana has a heart of iron as she created this whole fiasco and the reason behind this whole episode.

The accused who tortured Dr. Khadija, abused journalists and misbehaved with them. Instead of being ashamed of her crime, this woman is insulting the entire society. Sheikh Danish gas not been granted bail and has been remanded for 5 days. Sheikh Danish being released on bail after publicly torturing a girl is the example of how the law is nothing but a bith for the rich. Sheikh Danish’s maid/second wife confesses to beating #Khadija because she claims Khadija did backbiting against Danish’s daughter, Ana who is believed to have fled the country.

Businessman Sheikh Danish & Ana Sheikh abducted a medical student Khadijah, brutally tortured, shaved her eye brows & trimmed hair make her lick their shoes. Her crime is turning down the marriage proposal of Danish. Lanat should be arrested & give max punishment. Well is there any association for safety of Pakistani medical students and doctors in Pakistan who raise the voice of this innocent girl or not? no protocol for medical students and doctors like a lawyers in Pakistan. Law and order is for poor. Within a week both will be released on bail. Such a week justice system we have. 50k can get you out in a few hours. Within a week they’ll be at a beach in Hawaii.

Look at your message and then the gaali you are using. Does not go with what you are trying to preach. Second of all, we need Sharia law and not Talibans. Read Afghan history since the time of Soviets. Read autobiographies of people who survived under their rule. Now the affected girl has withdrawn her case under life threats or as a result of offered financial support, to whom we should support and raise voice against the criminals, similar case is of Layyah girl and no more updates from police as police might be aware of the criminals. Inshallah culprits will be given their punishment but we have to raise our voices until that moment.

Hadeeth alBukhaari (1729) and Muslim (2391) from Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allah be pleased with him) who said: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “No woman should travel except with a mahram, and no man should enter upon her unless a mahram of hers is present.”




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