Aliens Occupy The Land Of Thatta’s Historic Two- Dome Gujarati School

The land of Historic Two- Domed Gujarati School in Thatta has been illegally occupied by a group of non-native Afghani and Kandhari Pathans who are said to be backed by the influential people of the area.

According to reports a meeting of land grabbers was held at the site where they decided to occupy the land of the historical site. Later they were joined by dozens of laborers along with tractors who landed at the site and started leveling the land with the motive of usurping it.

The site had been declared National Heritage by the culture department, government of Sindh and its land occupied illegally was state-owned land.

Historians, academia and members of civil society expressed strong resentment over the illegal occupation of the land of the historic site. They urged stakeholders of district Thatta to take measures for the retrieval of the land.

Eminent historian and Chairman Sindhi Language Authority Dr. Mohammad Ali Manjhi told that earlier it was a seminary but was elevated as a School during British rule and was one of the famous educational institutes of Sindh where English, Arabic, and Gujarati languages were taught. Scholars of that era Abdul Sattar Nohrio and Mohammad Ali Kashani were professors of Gujarati and English at the School, he added.

Secretary of Sindh Adabi Sangat Ramzan Memon warned that if the illegal occupation of the lands of archaeological sites continued the district would lose its historical prestige. He further said that taking measures for the protection of the historical sites was among the prime responsibilities of the elected representatives but they were evading responsibility.

Social activist Ayaz Lashari vowed to launch a protest campaign against the land grabbers who have occupied the land of historical sites and those who were facilitating them.

Soon as this news went viral on social media the District Commissioner Thatta took notice and directed his subordinates to look into the matter and submit a detailed report regarding the issue.


One-day Science and Arts Exhibition held at Govt Girls High School Makli

A science and art exhibition was held under the auspices of the District Education Department at Government Girls High School Makli here on Monday where students got a chance to showcase their skills and abilities.

Students from different schools of Thatta Including Govt Boys High School Thatta, Boys High School Gujo, and elementary School Dhabeji participated in the exhibition. Different models related to the Scientific subjects made by the students were put on for display. An art gallery was also set up to allure viewers.

Parents, teachers, Social Activists, and officials of the education department visited the exhibition and lauded the efforts of students and school administration for organizing an exhibition meant to promote the skills of the students.

District officer Education Thatta Abdul Karim Soomro told the media that the exhibition was organized as per the directions issued by Director Education Hyderabad Division Syed Rasool Bux Shah who wanted to promote and project the skills of the students of the low-lying areas of the division.

He further added that; A Mega Science and Arts Exhibition would be held soon in Hyderabad where students from across the Hyderabad division would get a chance to present their models.


Freshwater Inflow Necessary For The Survival of Indus River Delta

A gathering of environmentalists, Research Scholars, and social activists titled “Action For Rivers” was convened at Sindh University campus Thatta here on Sunday apropos to international day of action for Rivers.

The speakers at the event came up with the opinion that the ecological flow of freshwater is necessary for the survival of the Indus river delta. They said that the authorities’ concern should ensure the required amount of freshwater inflow into the river Indus to save the historical river from catastrophe.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor Sindh University Thatta Campus Dr. Rafiq Ahmed Memon said that; Following water scarcity mass migration had been observed adding that people left their abodes as there was no fresh water for them to survive.

Prof Dr. Mukhtiar Ahmed Director CCSD Sindh University told the audience that the recent study had revealed that the species of fauna and flora were becoming extinct owing to the shortage of freshwater in the bed of the river Indus.

Environmentalist Parvez Awan said The Indus delta had been a pivot of breeding for different creatures but the situation was not the same now. He further added the Pallah Fish for which the river Indus was known was decreasing.

Director Ten Billion Tree Plantation Tsunami project Amjad Siddiqui Said’ ” We are blessed with a treasure called river Indus and we must work collectively for its protection”.

Head of WWF Pakistan Dr. Tahir Rasheed, Director NRSP Thatta Mir Mohammad Baloch, Prof Ismail Ansari, and others addressed the gathering and presented their research for protecting the river Indus from ruination.


Story of Mina Chandio and Assault by Her Own Father

A session court in Sujawal on Saturday handed life imprisonment to a man for sexually assaulting her teenage daughter two years ago. An FIR was lodged at Mirpur Sakro police station by the victim Mina Chandio against her father Hussain Chandio in 2019 under section 376 of Pakistan Penal Code 1860.

The sessions court Thatta transferred the case to sessions court Sujawal where it was heard by Additional Session Judge Naveed Hussain Kolachi. The additional session judge pronounced his verdict after hearing the arguments and recording evidence of witnesses. He ruled that the case stood proved against accused Hussain Chandio beyond the shadow of doubt and imposed a fine of Rs 100,000 on him Advocate Zain-ul-Abidin Jamari pleaded the case on behalf of the complainant.

While talking to this correspondent he said that he would continue his struggle for the rights of the poor and subjugated people of his area.


Government High School Tarr Khowaja In Total Neglect

The educational process has been abominably affected following incomplete renovation work at Government High School Tarr Khowaja village. The school that has produced a number of professionals in different walks of life is facing total neglect at the part of the authorities concerned.

Renovation work couldn’t be completed even in a decade Natural disasters like cyclone, heavy rains and flash floods had severely damaged the school building; dilapidated condition of building poses constant threat to lives of students.

The Government High School with a current enrollment of 110 students is situated in Tarr Khowaja village some 30 kilometers away from the coastal town Jati of district Sujawal. Tarr Khowaja the native village of the renowned scholar Late Dr. Ghulam Ali Allana, Environmentalist, Dr. Mansoor Khowaja, and Dr. Sumeera Aziz, who completed her PHD last year from University of California, carries significant importance in the district with around 95% literacy ratio.

The school was set up in 1988 and Mr. Mumtaz Ali Khowaja was posted as its first headmaster who took this school to the heights of success and fame followed by Abdul Rahim Khalifa, Siddique Thaheem, Ashiq Ali Kumbar, and Ashgar Ali Khowaja who also contributed to the progress of this School.

The sitting Headmaster of the School Mushtaq Khowaja told this correspondent, who was also the student of this school that he had assumed the charge a year ago and resumption of the renovation work of the building would be his priority.Qasim Ali Khowaja, a teacher, teaching at this school for 14 years, said that the natural disasters particularly the cyclone during the year 1999 and heavy rains in 2003 landed substantial defacement to the building but after the flash flood in 2010 the building was no more suitable for educational activities and the roof of the building was on the verge of collapse.

He further said that following the imminent danger of collapse the school was made functional in the building of the nearby primary school.The tender for the reconstruction was approved soon and the work started in 2011. However the contractor stopped the reconstruction work after the removal of the roof, giving different reasons.

Two years later the roof of the building was restored with the efforts of Asghar Khowaja, the then head Master of the School.The headmaster said that large cracks had developed in the walls of the building and in the roof that was restored while potholes in the ground made it difficult for the students to walk, all that was a constant threat to the lives of students as well as the teachers.He further said that the school was the only source of quality education for the 20 thousand population of union council Begna, Shah Kapoor, and Maro Bhulla Khan.

Taluka Education Officer Muhammad Zakir Muhammadani said that he had time and again approached the Deputy Commissioner, District Education Officer and the Department of Works and Services for construction work resumption but to no avail.Former MPA Humera Alwani, DEO Ghulam Qadir Kaka, Chairman Jati Town Committee, and others mentioned the need for renovation in their visiting notes but no practical steps were taken by them.

Mr. Mushtaq Khowaja said that it was quite pathetic that a school that had produced adept professionals serving the country in different walks of life was neglected by authorities concerned. He urged the higher authorities for the recommencement of renovation work and provision of basic facilities for the school.


Extra-Judicial Killing of Irfan Jatoi Sparks Protest

The killing of Sindh University Student Irfan Jatoi by Sukkur Police in an alleged encounter triggered protest in Thatta alike other districts of the province here on Wednesday.
Members of Larr Awami Forum, students, representatives of civil society and political parties, and people from different segments of life staged a protest demonstration outside Thatta Press Club demanding the suspension of SSP Sukkur and probe into the killing of Irfan Jatoi booked from the university premises on 10 February.

Annoyed protesters said The government had failed to stop extra-judicial killings in Sindh, adding that the brutal murder of the student by the police had sent a wave of fear and temptation across the province.

Hyder Shoro member of the Larr Awami forum said; Another fake encounter had deprived Sindh of a bright student. The barbarity of police showed that lawlessness was dominant across the province. He further added that the ”Criminal silence” of authorities concerned and Sindh government was condemnatory.

Sindh Government should put the bridle on trigger-happy Sindh police ravaging lives of innocent citizens in the garb of encounters; lamented Ayaz Lashari President Larr Awami Forum. He said that Article 9 of the Constitution provided right to life and liberty and article 10 gave the right to a fair trial but Irfan was deprived of both the rights.

Yasir Jakhro of QAT said that; The state seemed helpless and powerless against goon-like police officers implicating poor citizens in false cases and then suspiciously killing them.
They urged the Apex Court of the country to take Suo-moto action and demanded suspension of the officers involved in the brutal murder and a high-profile probe into the incident.


The Annual National Award Ceremony Organized by Social Organization HANDS

A famous social organization HANDS working for social development in the area for many years held its annual National award ceremony at Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Hall Makli here on Tuesday. Former MPA Syed Amir Hyder Shah, Director Social Welfare Khuda Bux Bahrani, DHO Sujawal Dr. Shahenaz Khowaja, representatives of the HANDS organization, and people from different walks of life attended the event.

Addressing the gathering speakers lauded the work and services of HANDS and said that the organization had done remarkable work for improving the quality of life of the poor masses in the low-lying districts of the province.

They further said that the organization had empowered communities to work collectively for social development besides creating awareness about health care and the importance of education. Nadeem Wagan representative of HANDS Thatta told the audience that the organization had emerged as one of the leading social organizations of the country that had not only created awareness but also upskilled people to do away with poverty that was considered a major issue of Sindh.

He said that the organization that was formed in 1979 was currently having access to around 29 million population across the country. Appreciation certificates and shields were awarded to deserving participants and a luncheon was hosted in the honor of guests and participants.


The Shrine Of Sheikh Salamat Washed With Milk Before Annual Urs

The Shrine of Hazrat Sheikh Salmat alias Mugarbeen is situated around 30 kilometers away from here in the coastal town jati and carries distinguished importance in the history of the subcontinent as it is washed with Milk before the start of the annual urs of Sheikh Salamat.

Every year before the commencement of the annual urs of Sheikh Salamat the domes of the shrine are washed with milk as per the centuries-old ritual called “Dargah Jo Acho”- The Ritual of Bathing the shrine with milk, as an expression of love and reverence.”Cattle-owning devotees donate milk in a huge quantity for the performance of this centuries-old ritual,” said the custodian of the shrine.

He further said that; Tens of thousands of people from across the province converged at the shrine to witness the ritual being performed by devotees, who got themselves registered by paying a registration fee that was around 150 rupees per devotee to take part in the ritual. He claimed that; it was the only shrine of a Muslim saint in the subcontinent being washed with milk.

Sheikh Salamat who was known for his bravery and valor laid down his life while safeguarding the lives of Sayyed’s in a war against Rai Kannauj. According to eminent historian Dr. Mohammad Ali Manjhi, Rai Kannauj was the ruler of the Kannauj state that included major parts of Gujarat the state of present India.

There was no direct conflict between the two but the King became his enemy after he gave refuge to the family of Sayyed,s that had fled the rage of Rai Kannauj who was at odds with them over a petty issue.

Following the malevolence of the King Sayyed’s had to leave their homes and hearths and come to jati where Sheikh Salamat Aka Mugerbeen, a renowned spiritual figurehead of the area gave refuge to them.

The King warned Sheikh Salamat either to hand Sayyed’s over to him or be ready for the war and the Sheikh opted for the war. The war led to the massacre of Sheikh Salamat, his devotees, and Sayyed’s. This war is known as the war between Good and Evil and is celebrated by the devotees of Sheikh. The shrines of those Sayyed’s are alongside the Shrine of Sheikh Salamat.

People from different sects and religions attend the annual urs particularly the ceremony of bathing the shrine with Milk breaking the barriers of culture, color creed and promoting interfaith harmony.

The zeal and zest of devotees would be to the brim this year as the event could not be held last year following the pandemic. The 840th urs would begin from 12th of this month and continue for a week.


Personhood Rights For The River Indus Demanded

Organizations representing the fishermen community, Environmentalists, and leaders of public opinion expressed serious concerns and resentment over the ruination of the Indus delta owing to the low inflow of freshwater downstream, in a workshop convened apropos to international rivers day to be observed on 14th March.

Addressing the workshop organized by Fisher Folk Forum at Makli Gymkhana here on Thursday Yasmeen Shah, Environmentalist Professor Mukhtiyar Maher, Social Activist Mir Mohammad Baloch, Engineer Obhayo Kaushik, Waqar- Nisa, Ayaz Lashari, Hyder Shoro, Mahboob Brohi Iqbal Jakhro, and others said that; The delta was being destroyed under a deep-rooted intrigue by not releasing the required amount of water downstream. They further said that the 17 creeks of the Indus delta through which the mighty river met the Arabian Sea were also on the brink of destruction.

The speakers stressed the importance of Personhood rights for the River Indus in the light of international law and treaties and said that the concerned authorities should take decisive measures to protect the Indus delta from destruction.

Rising the environmental challenges they said that; Following inadequate inflow of freshwater sea was pocketing large scale of land in the areas of Keti bunder and Kharochan. Highlighting the importance of the Water accords and proposals presented by the senate standing committee they said that: Due rights should be given to the Indus river as per the water accords and required water should be supplied to the Indus delta or else the population of the coastal district would face ghastly consequences.

They denounced the mysterious silence of the provincial and federal government about the issue and said they would march to Islamabad for the survival of the Indus delta and the survival of the people of the coastal region. It was unanimously decided that a phase-wise campaign would be launched to create awareness regarding international Rivers Day and for the personhood Rights of the Indus river.


Woman Gives Birth to a Two Headed Baby in Pakistan

A woman resident of Mirpurbathoro gave birth to a two-headed healthy baby at a private hospital in Badin. According to the source the woman was brought to Alisha Moosa Charitable Hospital Badin for delivery under severe labor pain.

Dr. Nusrat Babu Khatti who was dealing with the patient said that: The ultrasound report indicated that the brain of the baby was split and was visible in both heads. Later the heads of the baby were separated through a surgical process. She further said that; After the surgical process the baby was out of danger but due care was needed to be taken. A detailed guideline would be shared with parents to avoid severe complications in the future.

This type of syndrome is called polycephaly in which an additional body part known as supernumerary body part develops on the human body, which is also termed as a congenital disorder. it needs treatment at an early stage or else it becomes lethal for the child later.

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