Hashmi Kajal Eye Liner in Pakistan

Hashmi Kajal eye liner in Pakistan is world’s best makeup product hands down. If you are a female in Pakistan then there is no way you haven’t heard of Hashmi Kajal. No matter what your age or location or social status is, Hashmi Kajal is a must.

I hate it when people say, “hum toh niqal rahe hain mulk se tum bhi bahir niqal jao” as if it were that easy. bc sar pe maa baap ki koi zimedari hai, bhen bhaiyon ki hai. hum mein se bohat hain jinka jeena marna yaheen likha hua hai. Dania is a victim of not only Aamir Liaquat but also of her parents who knowingly married her off to that monster. It doesn’t matter if she is under 18 or above 18, given the power dynamics within desi households, & between her & Aamir, state needs to take responsibility for her.

But yes it’s banned in many countries for containing toxic levels of lead. Never knew this but it really reacts to my eyes I don’t use it. use Brit highstreet brands like Rimmel as eyepencil which I rarely wear (prefer liquid liner). Ordinary but safer. Every brand from YSL to MAC has kohl. Way better and safe. Begatelle online is one way to get eye liner in Pakistan from anywhere. Hashemi is dangerous because of lead poisoning. Humans lost a lot over two centuries but the recipe to this Product survived & was passed over two centuries and still going on.

Only if a Friend or family coming from Dubai or US they bring my stuff, mostly pages sell fake. Except during the summers when it’s generally smeared all over my face. I haven’t applied it for 3 years hence the romanticism. Long ago, I read an article about high Lead (Pb) content in this mascara and that it has been banned in some countries for this reason. I asked the pukhtoon friend who always wore surma. And she brought me some from her place. It wasn’t hashmi or any brand for that matter. They made their own. Many pakhtun is hilly region made their own but those near or in cities buy this Kajol surma.

I stopped using it ages ago because the lead really hurted my eyes. But New South Wales state government issued a public health alert over the Pakistan-made Hashmi brand products. The kohl cosmetics were found to contain 84% lead, as well as other dangerous metals.

The slightly expensive, steel coloured stick kajal is amazing. Great quality. This one dries quickly. Always wanted to use this. Somehow never did. But it did look gorgeous on friends. I would bring hundreds of these back to the UK every time I went to Pakistan. Tried a lot of different kajals but came back to this one a month back. It is indeed the best. Every time I put this in my eyes, it literally ruins makeup.


Desi Households and Desi Girls Suffering

Not only across seven seas but even when expatriates come back to Pakistan desi girls suffer in their desi households. This misery takes on various shapes and forms and severity level and is a major cause of depression and anxiety among desi girls.

Women suffer so much in Desi households. I am literally in tears. You’ll be this dope independent lady before marriage and this one man will make your life miserable. There’s one example in my family and there will be hundreds in other hundred families. Hate how everyone ignores. And the fact that a girl leaves her family HER ENTIRE FAMILY and no one gives a fuck and says “har larki ati hai nai baat toh ni hai” no please stfu. There’re also many examples of men who help their wives in working towards their goals in life. It’s about us between the husband and wife not about any one partner. By tarring every man with the same brush you also discredit those men who feel proud when their women excel.

Women have to be trained to fight back. I remember reading an interview in which the professional woman said she chose a husband who suited her requirements, he had to be professional and give her the freedom for her own. It was an eye opener for me. If the girl has freedom to choose so should the guy ! Girl should clearly tell about her expectations of independent life, so guy can also decide if he wants to marry her or not and vice versa. Majority does follow cultural norms in our country. And yes! There might be alot unmarried happy people. For me its the other way around. The good thing is society is being moving towards accepting Woman’s positive role very quickly. Rest is education education and education is the only key to lift every segment of society.

The problem is many guys lie and think shaadi k baad kaha hi jaane waali hai. Happened to my sister and so many of my friends. Many girls make it clear of their expectations but most often guys will lie to them. True, this is such a nuanced subject. We lie to children with words like love, duty and other soothing ideas. Whereas actually it’s a contract, a transaction and each party should be aware of their benefit. Then, you’ll have less fancy weddings and more careful agreement. Problems are there in society but there are hundreds in my family who are enjoying good life. One case does not means and it is everywhere. Kindly address the issue by being impartial. Man or lady who so ever is wrong should be highlighted so that he or she may review.

So that’s why I am never gonna get married, why should I sacrifice my dreams and ambitions for living a miserable life with a cringey desi man, while I can live my life in peace. I know married people who dint want to marry or have kids. Wanting no marriage or kids can be said as a joke only or when you too young. Life is boring, lonely and sad without making family and thats a fact, atleast for our culture. But not everyone may think the way you do. Also not everyone follows cultural norms. I know those who actually are unmarried and without kids and perfectly content with their lives as well.

Absoutely agree. Only if the In-laws treat their daughter-in-laws the same way they want their daughter’s in-laws to treat them. Same goes for the guy. The family and husband wants maids & robots with no free will. Though it is traditional (no doubt dark side of Asian Society) mindset. But the reality is with enlightenment of society in every way of life. The today’s women are changing this perspective about them and a husband should support it. It’s a patriachal society. Parents should teach their sons to respect women and also teach their daughters to be strong women. Nobody should dare to take their wives and daughter-in-laws a weaker being. And the whole society should evolve to support it.

More than education, societal consciousness is required. Most of this injustice with women is happening in so called educated families. One’s inner and the Societal consciousness comes only with education. When we say education it also includes Training. Which starts from the mother, who is a woman. Give education, training, freedom and confidence to your women, they will give you Leaders. Let me remind you all. The story i am talking about is of a women who lives only with his husband. No mother-in-law or anyone else.
I am talking about how her HUSBAND tortures her mentally. Just shutup if you’re defending men here because i am in no mood to listen. The worst part is that our generation has girls who understand their worth and would rather choose nobody over a pain in the neck man. Whereas, the boys of our generation have still been raised in the most typical desi way.

The biggest trap of all times is “I love u” trust me never ever fall for that nobody loves you people love the things you do for them the moment you stop doing those things than see the true colors. There is some light at the end of the tunnel. My husband never had expected me to live with in-laws. Him and me both moved out and into our own place a week before our marriage so our friends can come hang out/chill with us. Alhumdolillah has never put anyone before us. I agree with you but not every women suffering from this there are good and bad people everywhere. Everyone talks about women mental health but no one talks about man mental health that’s the double standards of our society.


Who is Pooja Kumari and What Happened to Her

In the land of the pure where every day Hindu, Christian daughters are lost to abductions, forced conversions, marriages and Pakistan continues to be a bystander. Pooja Kumari Odh, an 18-year-old shot dead by Wahid Lashari on resisting abduction, conversion in Sukkur, Sindh. Wahid Lashari, the abductor of Pooja Kumari, who shot her in the head for resisting in Sukkur Sindh.

Is she is not 🇵🇰 citizen or she is the only one killed today in this week or month or year? Is the killer is not apprehended? Is there is any discrimination for the killer? Is her case is different to any other citizens? These are the question to be asked? Why aren’t you talking about the Core issue ? Forced Conversion in Pakistan. Question to be asked. I am happy to know that you are very much interested in Pakistan. But do broaden your research.

1. There are number of minorities live in all over Pakistan.
2. The over all condition is satisfactory in all provinces even KPK where large number of HIndu n sikhs reside

Strongly condemn Pooja Kumari’s murder in Rohri, We demand arrest of the responsible/murderer immediately. Justice For Daughter of Sindh. Alienation is attached with hatred when it comes to cases of Sindh. Murder, rape, abduction and injustices, can’t drab the enough attention of utterly focused media. Pooja was Sindhi Hindu so it had to be like this way.
We sindhi are destined to suffer.

Hindu teen girl shot dead by an Islamist in Pakistan’s Sindh infamous for widespread abductions and forced conversions of Hindu and Christian women. Pooja’s fault? She resisted kidnapping and adoption of Islam at gunpoint. Her murderer is still at large. 18-year-old Hindu girl Pooja Oad was shot dead in Rohri, Sukkur Sindh in a failed attempt to kidnap her. This is how you treat your minorities here, then blame us we paint bad image by highlighting these issues.

The criminals wanted to kidnap her but after the resistance they shot her. This ordinarily happens in Pakistan, minorities are not safe, why the govt don’t take action against these criminals. Our criminal justice system is so pathetic that evil people just don’t fear any consequences of their actions. It’s our courts, and our judiciary who are responsible for such lawlessness.

Man who shot innocent Pooja Kumari is that much influential; victim’s parents were scared of exposing his name. Wahid Lashari (The Killer) must have feudal and political support. A common man doesn’t dare to do such. He must be punished as per law.


Pakistanis Have Stopped Taking Covid Seriously

So 3 weeks after my son tested positive, 1 week after my husband needed a paramedic for covid, my daughter now has it. Please someone take me out of this country to somewhere they take this virus seriously. And as someone with Long Covid I would encourage them to rest as much as they need & give themselves time to properly convalesce.

Husband was back to work today, secondary school teacher and felt he should go back sorry to hear you’ve been struggling with long covid. My mind boggles at how so many people are treating this all as normal when it’s anything but trouble and more trouble. They are after herd immunity now that A&E levels of required treatment is dropping. Some collateral damage will be priced in to this policy.

So hard 4 teachers right now. I hope school are sympathetic in the event that he does need extra support, re-organising of duties etc. there’s a very good article in TES on the subject. My teen son was in original shield group (respiratory issues) so glad he’s now 2 vaccines. So important that both the short-term & long term effects of Covid are recognised across the profession & the public in general.

The herd immunity for this disease is a myth. The truth is that re-infections can and do occur. Re-infections are now being included in daily statistics. One after the other must be exhausting. Mentally and physically exhausting. Just waiting for me to get it now. She’s tired and has a cold/cough but OK. Rob was the scariest with chest pain and breathlessness (3x vaxxed too).

I thought it had all finished haven’t the govt told us everything is fine, nothing to see here? The government’s drawn a line under it. And, as we all know, there’s nothing more powerful than, um…a line. I’m so fed up of people saying we need to learn to live with it and just get back to normal. This is not over. PTI’s mismanagement of the pandemic has been so destructive. I am home full time because I am high risk. It’s no joke, but the government doesn’t seem to care. Agree with you the country needs to take Covid seriously. Attitudes need to change, sadly it starts at the top.

I wish you and your family better and hope you stay well.


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Bhabi Bahu Saas and Nand Stories in Pakistan

Currently my saas and nand are busy in filling my husband with hatred against me not giving a damn k main sath wale room main hoon mujhe sun k dukh hoga, aur phr soney pe suhaga they’ll just act normal with me after this session jaise main ghajini hoon. It still saddens me so much why people enjoy feeling superior by putting others down instead of choosing to be friends and enjoying & partaking in all things good & bad together 🙁 I hope your husband keeps loving you & cherishing you.

Aik sunday k din bechara ghar ata hai wo bhe bardasht nae hota in auratoun se ajeeb Feeling very bad for him his only mistake is that he loves me and cares for me aur fuzool batoun main a k mere se naraz nae hota. go through something similar. Some people just dont care about someone’s feelings. Allah ap ko hosla dai ameen. Bus duaien chahyien k kabhi mera husband inki batoun main na aye. Allah kary na aye inki baton maen. but husband should stop thier parents and family making false accusations against anyone.Mard ko Allah Talah ne mazboot bnia hai and he should politely say to his mother.

This is so disturbing!! i remember before marriage you once tweeted about your nand and i had idea but I hope things get better for you Ameen. Beta yeh hee real life hai bas ap loog isay ziyada hee fintasize kar daitay hain ideal scenario kabhi nahe hota bas apko compromises karnay partay hain. Being elder than you I was just try to realize you about the reality. Jb husband room mein aye to zor zor se hansna behan Aesi Aag mein tail daltne rehna chahiye kyun k is mein jo jata hai jalne wale ka jata hai.

Something similar is happening with me as well. Shauhar acha ho to susral cooperative nahe hota. Bus Allah sab larkiyon k Zindagi Mai sukoon rkhein or hum sab ko sabar dein. nand ki shadi karwa do phir dekho jo tmhare sath ho rha hai wohi us k sath hoga. Been there , nothing makes you feel more helpless or Defeated but Trust in Allah, pray for yourself & Wait Most importantly dont fall into their games Maintain your high ground Inshallah Your time will come & all this will be irrelevant My prayers for you.

I can understand my mom went through this for some period because of constant backbiting by my phopo (dadi dead my father was 9 so he was close to sisters). After some time he realised that and stop that. It’s good to hear your husband is supportive.May Allah ease your situation. Those advising to move away from in laws are wrong. There is no quick fix for this. It takes time & effort to settle anywhere. Put more effort in relationships with all members of family. No offense.

75-80% problems in married life come from these joint family set ups. The sooner our elders understand, the easier it will be I think. This time shall pass, its matter of time only you both will live happily provided you just ignore others. I’ve been following you for so long and all I’ve seen is a vibrant and unapologetic person. I am so sorry for your in laws for being so petty. People don’t realise how damaging their words can be.


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TikTok Star Viral Bad Video Full Uncensored

Lots and lots of Pakistani girls are uploading their dance and other videos on Tiktok to gain fame, wealth and some just for fun. From Karachi to Lahore, and from Islamabad to Peshawar, these girls don’t really know what they are doing and probably Ayesha Akram Baig is one of them. TikTok Star Viral Bad Video Full Uncensored is the talk of social media these days.

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