Aliza Sehar Vlogs New Video Leaked Uncut

I recently posted a controversial vlog on TikTok, and I want to share my thoughts on it. In this video, I discussed a topic that has been hotly debated, and I knew it would spark a lot of conversation. I believe it’s essential to use my platform to address critical issues and share my perspective, even if it means facing some backlash. Aleezay Seher and Aleeza Sehar are the same girl.










First and foremost, I stand by my decision to create this video. It’s crucial for content creators like me to use our platforms to raise awareness about issues that matter. In this vlog, I wanted to shed light on a particular societal problem that needs more attention. It’s not about being provocative for the sake of it; it’s about driving meaningful conversations.

Of course, I expected both positive and negative reactions to the video. It’s important to acknowledge the criticisms and listen to different perspectives. Constructive criticism can help me grow as a content creator and better understand the nuances of the topic I discussed.

I’m also grateful for the support I’ve received from many of my followers who resonated with my message. It’s heartening to see people engage in thoughtful discussions in the comments section, which is precisely what I hoped to achieve with the controversial vlog.

I understand that not everyone will agree with my point of view, and that’s okay. Disagreement and debate are part of the process when it comes to discussing contentious topics. What matters most is that the video has encouraged people to think critically and engage in meaningful conversations.

Moving forward, I’ll continue to create content that sparks dialogue and raises awareness about important issues. It’s essential for influencers to use their platforms responsibly, and I’m committed to doing just that.

In conclusion, I’m proud of the controversial vlog I posted and the discussions it has generated. I’ll keep striving to be a responsible content creator, and I appreciate the opportunity to make a positive impact through my TikTok platform.


Download Bahawalpur University Leaked Data Girls Videos










Download all Bahawalpur University Leaked Data of girls videos of students here from twitter and other social media. Islamia University girls scandal data of vidoes having fun with teachers and boys is crazy.

In a shocking turn of events, Bahawalpur University, one of Pakistan’s esteemed educational institutions, has become embroiled in a massive data breach. Confidential information of students, faculty members, and administrative staff has been compromised, raising serious concerns about privacy and data security. This investigative article delves into the details of the breach, its potential implications, and the university’s response to this alarming incident.

The Scope of the Data Breach

The breach came to light when a mysterious hacker group claimed responsibility for infiltrating the university’s databases. Reports suggest that the hackers were able to gain unauthorized access to a vast trove of sensitive data, including personal information, academic records, financial details, and contact information of thousands of individuals associated with Bahawalpur University.

The information leak has the potential to affect not only current students and staff members but also alumni, as records dating back several years have been exposed. The magnitude of this breach has left the entire university community shaken and concerned about their digital safety.

Implications for Privacy and Security

The leaked data poses significant threats to the privacy and security of those affected. Personal details exposed in the breach can be exploited for identity theft, phishing scams, and other malicious activities. Students’ academic records and financial data could be misused for fraudulent purposes, potentially causing long-lasting harm to their careers and financial stability.

Faculty members and administrative staff are equally vulnerable, as their personal and professional information could be leveraged against them. This breach also raises questions about the university’s data protection measures and highlights the urgent need for institutions to prioritize cybersecurity.

The Impact on Bahawalpur University’s Reputation

The data breach has dealt a severe blow to Bahawalpur University’s reputation. Known for its commitment to academic excellence and student welfare, the university now faces serious doubts about its ability to safeguard its community’s data and privacy.

Prospective students and parents may hesitate to choose Bahawalpur University for their educational pursuits, fearing potential risks associated with data breaches. Moreover, donors and funding organizations could reconsider their support due to concerns about the university’s ability to handle sensitive information responsibly.

University’s Response and Accountability

In the wake of the data breach, Bahawalpur University issued a public statement acknowledging the incident and expressing deep regret for the breach. They assured the affected individuals that they are taking the matter seriously and conducting a thorough investigation to identify the security vulnerabilities and prevent such incidents in the future.

The university has also pledged to cooperate with law enforcement agencies to track down the perpetrators behind the cyberattack. However, concerns have been raised about the adequacy of the university’s data security infrastructure, as this breach could have been prevented with stronger safeguards in place.

Calls for Stringent Data Protection Laws

The Bahawalpur University data breach has sparked widespread discussions about the need for stringent data protection laws in Pakistan. While some argue that stronger regulations would have deterred hackers, others emphasize the importance of regular security audits and proactive measures to ensure data safety.

Privacy advocates are calling on the government to develop comprehensive data protection legislation that not only punishes cybercriminals but also holds organizations accountable for their negligence in safeguarding sensitive information.


The Bahawalpur University leaked data incident serves as a stark reminder of the far-reaching consequences of data breaches and the critical need for robust cybersecurity measures in educational institutions and beyond. As the affected individuals grapple with the fallout of the breach, the focus now shifts to how universities and the government can work together to prevent such occurrences and protect the privacy and security of their citizens in an increasingly digital world.


Mahmood Khan Achakzai Video Leaked Viral

You won’t believe as Mahmood Khan Achakzai video is leaked and has gone viral but its true as you can watch it here. Yes, this was least expected but what one can do when they haven’t thought of the consequences.

The recent video leak of a Mahmood Khan Achakzai has sparked significant debate and raised important questions about privacy, consent, and the digital age we live in. This incident highlights the dark side of technology, where personal moments can be captured, shared, and exploited without one’s knowledge or consent. The implications of such leaks are far-reaching, affecting not only the individuals involved but also society as a whole.

Firstly, the privacy of celebrities and public figures is jeopardized by these video leaks. As public figures, celebrities already lead lives under constant scrutiny, but leaks like these invade their personal space in unimaginable ways. The leaking of intimate videos exposes them to public humiliation and ridicule, leading to emotional distress and damage to their reputation. This breach of privacy can have severe consequences for their personal and professional lives.

Secondly, the issue of consent arises in these video leaks. The leaked videos are often recorded in private settings, without the knowledge or consent of the individuals involved. This violation of consent is a clear violation of their rights and further emphasizes the need for robust legal measures to protect individuals from such invasions. It underscores the importance of educating people about the ethical and legal implications of sharing intimate content without consent.

Moreover, these video leaks have a broader societal impact. They perpetuate a culture of voyeurism and objectification, where individuals’ privacy is disregarded for the sake of entertainment or profit. This can have a detrimental effect on society’s overall attitude towards privacy and consent, eroding the fundamental values that uphold personal autonomy and dignity. It is crucial to address these leaks as a societal problem and foster a culture that respects privacy and consent.

In conclusion, the video leak of a Mahmood Khan Achakzai brings forth numerous implications that demand attention and action. It highlights the urgent need for stricter legislation regarding privacy protection and consent in the digital realm. It is essential for both individuals and society as a whole to respect privacy rights and understand the consequences of invading someone’s personal space. Only through collective efforts and increased awareness can we create a safer and more respectful environment that upholds the dignity and rights of all individuals, regardless of their Mahmood Khan Achakzai video status.


Subhan and Iram Imran Hot Viral Video Leaked

Subhan and Iram Imran leaked video is so hot you cannot even touch it but watch it here in full. So watch it, share it and enjoy it but its strictly for educational and fun purposes and don’t take it too seriously.

I could really use a thread on how to find love on Twitter. These testimonies are beautiful. I want to testify too. And listen are you the one that tweeted that thread with screenshots and instructions on how to interpret the letters? i lost track of it and would love to find it again. I love finding beauty in least expected places. Places that have been written of & excluded from human attention because they feel “Nothing good could come out of here”. For a great (free!) thread on how to find your Ikagai, the Japanese how-to of aligning what you love with how to serve the world and what the world needs and get paid for it.

Doing what you love is what everyone desires. It is the soul purpose of society. Most alter thier mind to love something when in reality, it is altered and unrealistic. Finding a true love takes time. Rushing it won’t help. The main thing anyone can do is just try new things. Write a thread, read a book, go volunteer, maybe try a new job, travel, watch different videos/movies, etc. Once again, I am young so I do not know the world wide wisdom but once again, my opinion. Keep trying until you look forward to doing something. I always look forward to writing threads. Always. I learn an extraordinary amount of knowledge creating them and learn new vocabulary.

Do you find yourself wondering how you can help foster a love of music in your children, or your nieces, nephews, or members of the next generation? First, it’s important to understand that parenting is a balancing act, and it depends on age. Younger kids take you more at face value, older kids will separate themselves from you more. When kids are little (through 4yo) let them see you singing, playing instruments, dancing. When kids are younger, get them doing lessons in piano, violin, or whatever works for your family, but choose something and stick to it. When discussing with kids, treat it like school, as “part of the education that of course every kid should have.”

While you make the musical education required, don’t treat practices like a chore. While you can incentivize it, NEVER show a frustration if it’s not happening. Don’t force it. Kids go through dry spells musically, let them rest and rediscover. Breaks from lessons can be good. You want their motivation to come internally. For their music to be a personal means of self-expression. To foster that, make an instrument readily available. Make the practice room welcoming and cozy. Keep the room cleaner than the rest of the house. Leave doors to it open.


Nora Fatehi and Moonis Elahi Scandal

Moonis Elahi paid millions of dollars to Moroccan and Indian dancer the hot Nora Fatehi in his palace in Spain. Moonis Elahi escaped Pakistan few months back after he was about to be picked by officials on corruption charges.

Why is modern dating so miserable? Why is our culture’s view of sex so broken? One of the biggest influences on our understanding of sex today is Alfred Kinsey, one of the “fathers of the sexual revolution.” His lifelong mission was to destroy the family. Kinsey was on a mission to upend sexual morality and the family unit. He opposed traditional marriage and taught that all sexual activity was normal. It’s only this complicated at the higher levels; the level of the arrogant and well-off. We rednecks still just get together, do our thing and go our separate ways. We don’t make a big deal of it like they do. It’s complicated for them because their egos are completely out of proportion to their actual worth as human beings, which is low. So the middle and lower classes don’t have these problems.

I’ve held the same view as you for years. The hook-up culture has ruined us. I always encourage young men to wait, and I explain to them, practically, why it matters & the benefits. Many of them find a lot of encouragement in it- no one tells them that. Good counsel. Absolutely right about Kinsey. This book dives deep into this topic and outline how his fraudulent work influenced a change in policies and laws. Without reading the thread, it’s because of woke BS and a lack of morals and respect. A lot of people want to play games and feel good instead of building a real foundation. A lot of people are scared of commitment long term.

I see it all around my. Young people who are empty and broken. Bisexual, promiscuous, unstable. Self-harming and self-destructive, often with mood disorders. The eyes are the key to the soul.⁣⁣ When people wonder if you’re authentic or not, or confident or not, they will stare into your eyes to look for incongruence. ⁣⁣ Be comfortable in your skin.⁣⁣ Take up space when you walk & sit.⁣⁣ Be deliberate in your moves, and avoid fidgety moves. ⁣⁣


Bajwa Mehwish Hayat Kubra Khan Sajal Video Leaked

Bajwa Mehwish Hayat Kubra Khan Sajal Video Leaked on social media by ex military officer Major Adil Raja. Ex-military officer Major Adil Raja started a character assassination campaign against Pakistan’s top actresses and models. The alleged hot video is circulating everywhere. PTI supporters are saying that the man is former army chief general qamar javed bajwa and the actresses are Kubra Khan, Mehwish Hayat, Sajal Ali, and Mahira Khan. Are these videos real? No one knows really.

Nothing can bring our celebrities down and certainly not Mehwish Hayat! You go, girl. The campaign against actresses Sajal Ali and Kabra Khan has been started to cover up the leaked news of Imran Khan with Ramil Ali Shah, because the talk against the most popular actresses of the drama industry overshadows the leaks of Imran and Ramil Ali. He boldly says that yes, I have been a playboy and this playboy has destroyed the lives of so many people and now he is spreading fake Sufism. My question to the nation is that they should impose such a person on this country again. will allow the funeral of the values ​​of our society. For Adil Raja, who came up with filthy, dirty and fake campaign against female celebrities.

Yes you can show your support to these women you are sympathetic with but there is nothing to blame on a military general. PTI can stoop to any low to bring IK the playboy back to the Prime Minister house. Bajwa leaks mahira khan kubra khan, kubra khan and bajwa leaked video, and various other videos are being leaked on Twitter and other social media platforms. Kubra Khan addresses the recent controversy made in a viral video against her and some other contemporary actresses. Asks Adil Raja to provide proves of his allegations. Major Raja Played well he didn’t mention anyone name just mentioned the intials which could be anyone but now they are admiting it by themselves.

I hope Kunra Khan goes to UK and actually file a suit against him. No matter how much I am hating Raja’s comments about this issue, suing him has a bleak chance of succeeding as he was thoughtful enough not to name and condemn in a tweet where others conk out characters. Someone tell her he actually hadn’t named her. KK could be literally anyone. I don’t think they can sue him coz he never called them out directly. The whole nation is with you brave lady. You have all the rights to love your personal life how ever you like it. No one was named in his vlog. There could be dozen of actresses and models with those initials. This is not a new thing. This has been happening since Yahya khan’s tenure. And most of us are well aware of the celeb lifestyle.

Yeah no one is allowed to defame anyone. Although in the past actresses were involved in these circumstances but the question raised should be about the character of people who claim to be Haji and Hafiz. Adil raja didn’t call her out basically. She should sue social media basically. Not supporting the filth being spread on social media. Not worth it, we have more important things to talk about. This is what I expect from not only you but all the actresses who think they may be part of it. Come out clean. I think he didn’t mentioned anyone’s name. Then why she is posting things like that to make it *dal ma kuch kala*. He has not named her and has already apologised for any misunderstanding. “Lucky for you I’m not just from here I am from uk so I’ll come there if I have too! ” depicts judicial system in Pakistan.

I hope this case leads that man to jail for assassinating characters without any proof for no reason, Ameen.


Mufti Abdul Rahman Murder Wah Cantt DHA Real Story

At the end of the brutality, five days ago, a business friend of 24-year-old religious scholar Mufti Abdul Rahman, who graduated from DHA Pindi Phase 2K Hashi and Tablighi Center Roy Winds, was taken from the Wah Cantt office where he was brutally killed. The police are still unable to arrest the killers.

Sadar Wah police station is investigating the case registered in this regard, which is being supervised by senior officers. Special teams have been formed to arrest the accused, who will soon be arrested and brought to justice. How brutal and cruel people are we. May Allah protect us from the evil of such cruel people. The only country in the world of which Generals are also billionaires. The judge is also a billionaire. Politicians are also billionaires. Bureaucrats are also billionaires. Journalists are also billionaires. But the country and the people are poor and beggars. Here is umer hospital wah cantt. This is separate issue from Muqadas Usman.

I am very sorry to hear that. Until all the police in the country are freed from politics and made an independent federal body and the chief is not elected under an automatic system, then the oppressors in the country will continue to disappear, take ransom and kill people in the same way. Will stay. There should be immediate legislation. When a state is established within a state, when there is a government of self-interest and selfishness, when the defenders of the homeland are busy with business, when the judges provide protection to criminals, when the rulers are against the people, when the scholars are seditionists and deceivers. It might be near tehzeeb bakers wah cantt.

This is what will happen in this country. This country is for crooks Explaining a state within a state Where the entry of another person is not possible without permission, you cannot lay hands on these persons from outside the state in which the law is applicable. Whose banks, their police, their land and property for living, in their eyes, only they are superior. People also make business relations And take precautions while making partnerships Most of the businessmen have gone bankrupt due to luxury and the resin drips on seeing the new income.

I don’t have 99% trust in Punjab police, they can’t restore trust as long as they remain honest and good manners and one phone call away and bribery. Such cruel people, I request from my government, the murderers should be punished by hanging, such a young child was killed with such brutality, someone is very weak-hearted. The killing of one person is the killing of all humanity. Killing is always done by cowards who do not have the courage to fight back. Parents who nurture their children may not know this animal. Dogs never thought it would be someone’s son, father, brother, friend. It’s just a pity. This murder in wah cantt is horrendous.

We people have fallen so much, humanity should be ashamed, we consider it a duty to kill, the law of Allah has been openly challenged, we Muslims have invited the punishment of Allah by ourselves. told the way and we moved away from Islamic values.


Viral Video Whatsapp Group Join Information Updated

Here is step by step free information as how you can viral video whatsapp group join easily and quickly without any issues. Its all about how you enjoy life and make sure that you don’t take it too easily and don’t fall for any issue which you face in day to day life.

This is a good time to reshare these 2 pictures. Please, let’s make them go viral. Share in your WhatsApp groups etc. Things you’ll actually wear. Every. Day. And you’ll feel good. I’ve lived in Sindh, Punjab, KP and Islamabad. But with all honesty I must confess that the best whatsapp viral vidoes ever is in Quetta. No comparison. It is just too good. They are good in quality and they are also funny and entertaining. That’s cause they focus on bringing out the flavors in their meats not the spices Just like the best stakes simply have salt and pepper searing and medium rare.

At least mention name of dishes so i can try whenever I’ll be there.
My rankings are as
1. KP
2. Balochistan
3. Sindh
4. Punjab

Congratulations to Gen Sahir Shamshad Mirza as new CJCSC & Gen Syed Asim Munir as new COAS. We hope new mly ldrship will work to end prevailing trust deficit that has built up in last 8 months between the nation and the State. Strength of the State is derived from its people. Thank you so much IK for the well wish, this is the gesture we were expecting from you. As said by Abraham Lincoln: “Democracy is a government of the people, by the people and for the people”. I am in Quetta since 17th October.. the food is awesome ,the people are very much hospitable, mountains are Barren but mesmerizing. In love with Quetta. And the weather of quetta make you eat much,don’t get fat sir g, u r amazing in this body shape.

Would still rate Karachi the best due to the variety and range. Having said that, the best mutton kaRahi (Quetta is way ahead in mutton overall) taste I still remember was from Mir Afzal Hotel on Circular road near Regal plaza in Quetta. Do try it whenever you get a chance. I want to report this tweet to some higher authorities, please mention the handle.
Late night foodie posts. You r one of my public servant, so I am requesting to eat from your Halal salary and hope you are doing as. More, know that their r many great benefits are allowed at that level, but please try to save all those which are so essential & unavoidable. Agree, its not the spices that makes food tasty but the manner to cook with authenticity to preserve taste of the item we eat.

Karachi vs Lahore ka chakkar he khatam ker diya. I’ve never been to Quetta and never had the food 🙁 Someone should invite me there. I’d share this legendary food trophy with Peshawar.Both Peshawar n Quetta have no comparison in food supremacy. Reasons of Balochistan lagging behind; they kept their bureaucracy happy and cared hood about progress and development of their province. I have many times to Balochistan, quetta to musakhel, harnai, dukki, from mastung to dalbandin, nokundi, its just fabolous feeling. Hospitality, food and people, all are awesome and welcoming. I wish you best of luck and lovely stay at Quetta. Laandi or Kaddhi kabab is a specialty of Balochistan, so definitely no other place can offer you this quality. Apart from it, KP has a huge variety of unique cuisines to please your taste buds. I can see the “painda” in your plate, it is southern KP specialty.

It tastes more better when bought from own pocket rather than enjoyed on Sarkari meal parties. Lovely Food, such food deserves a Trip to Quetta. Hope to visit Quetta someday. Their hospitality and their friendship is the best among all.



Urfi Javed Biography Parents Religion Full Story

Is Urfi Javed Muslim? What’s her relgion? Who is Urfi Javed father or mother? Urfi Javed biography is very interesting and spicy. You will be surprised to learn who she really is and from where she has hailed. What’s the real story of Urfi Javed?  Who is Urfi Javed sister? Where does Urfi Javed live? Is she Indian or Pakistani? These are all the questions people are asking on social media as Urfi Javed videos are leaked and getting viral.

The dumb hoe urfi Javed. No Urfi Javed Trolls from my side abhi se. I wasn’t a Salman Khan Fan growing up but then I watched ‘Hum Dil De chuke Sanam’ a Few Years Back and Now I’m a Crazy Crazy Salman Fan” -> Urfi Javed. This insta story of #UrfiJaved sharing. nikhat_zareen’s dream that she recently lived clearly shows #SalmanKhan’s craze amongst young girls.. King of Hearts. Urfi Javed new post is something else. What’s your comment? let me know. Doing the unthinkable again! UJ makes jaws drop as she steps out sporting a body shit with a cutwork skirt. UJ shares a out of the box concept pic that may surprise her fans.

Urfi Javed snapped in the city. Urfi Javed came on the road without wearing a top, seeing people lost their senses. This happened again, our law system is so partial to rapists! Everyday we see rapists getting bail, or getting acquitted or not being arrested at all. What did the famous Pakistani actress write in praise of Urfi Javed? would you like to read too. Splitsvilla 14 contestants shocked to see Urfi Javed, Sunny Leone welcome. Urfi makes an appearance in white at a popular restaurant in Mumbai. It’s AWKWARD! Kriti Sanon, Urfi Javed and more celebs get caught in embarassing moments. Urfi Javed raises the temperature, only wears bandages.

Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor, recently grabbed a lot of attention by wearing a bold royal blue Versace dress, gets trolled and compared with Urfi Javed. Urfi Javed, Indian Actress couldn’t stop herself Adoring Hania Aamir, “Thank you Lovey” Hania responds. Urfi Javed strongly reacts after an FIR is filed against her; ‘This is not Taliban or Afghanistan to control what women wear’. Urfi Javed got angry after receiving threats from Hindustani Bhau, said- ‘I am worried about my security’. Urfi Javed went for a walk wearing a crop top made of transparent plastic foil, but high heels cheated, stumbled and then. Urfi Javed sister Dolly went braless, wore front open top, such actions in front of the camera.

Urfi Javed reacts after an FIR is filed against her; ‘This is not Taliban to control women…’ Urfi Javed got furious with the threat received from Hindustani Bhau, said – I will send you straight to jail – The Facts. Urfi Javed LASHES out at Hindustani Bhau for threatening comments on her clothes; makes shocking claims against Bigg Boss 13 contestant.




Cheap Sanitary Products for Pakistani Girls

Women menstruate. For health, hygiene, and comfort reasons, they need sanitary products. Conversations like what you posted are essential and need to be normalised, even if perverted men like you get scintillated by them and think you can use them to embarrass or troll me.

But why would you use such language or discuss stuff that cannot be publicly discussed. Do you gossip about your personal things (famine things) in front your brothers, uncles, father aunts, tv shows?. You are not a common woman. We listen to you on TV. Just think about it. This is a clip from card. The video specifically states it is about sanitary products. The target audience is primarily those who menstruate and want to know options. I know women use to use pads, sanitary etc and it’s nothing to be ashamed of but Don’t you think that there are some codes of ethics for activities below the belt that apply on all genders, such as when we go to pee, we say I go to washroom?

I am sorry and didn’t want to police anybody. People have choices, and can do whatever they want. The problem is public figures are targeted on each little mistake. So if you are ok with it just don’t respond to them. It gets more attention. You did a great job by discussing it. Actually there is nothing wrong in discussing menses and related stuff openly. It should be normalised. Our society is too hypocrite. People think our ‘norms’ are good. By the way why you stopped ‘Aurat Card’? It was a great programme.

So, this is the issue see: We are not living in the same head spaces in Pakistan. Normalizing and building medical awareness are two different things. Our moral code is ours, and we should not care about finding a common ground with the West on that. We are we, they are they. There is nothing immoral about bleeding when your uterus sheds its thick layer no longer needed because woman is not pregnant. It makes us what we are as reproductive women. Moral code defines how a society approaches issues. We have our own way. Without stretching our fabric, we should look for ways to get results harmoniously. I hope you understand the point. “Normalizing”, for our society, has a different meaning all together.

Just because the western civilization was lucky enough to have a head start in common-sense doesn’t mean common sense is not a universal phenomenon. The world’s way now is common sense. Your way is a relic you’re desperately clinging on to while being utterly captured by the culture you’re attacking and the funny part is you don’t even realize it. I have endorsed that we should create more awareness. The way we do it should be tailored to how social norms as a whole. If you ever get a chance to live in the east (I have lived in Korea for 2 years and am Now living in the US since 2020), saying that there is just 1 right way of approach is an oversimplification. What we want are results, and adjusting to our way has much less entropy than redefining everything from the ground. That doesn’t and will not work. At de end of da day, we have our own identities, like it or not.

I agree with your nuanced argument. There are many ways of doing the right thing. I’m a woman, I have daughters and sisters and friends, we come from many different cultures and back grounds and have our own characters to live by.

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