Get it now Loan App in Pakistan

Get it now Loan App in Karachi Lahore Islamabad and all over Pakistan is quite popular as its free and easy.

In recent years, the financial landscape in Pakistan has undergone significant transformations, with digital technology playing a pivotal role in bringing about financial inclusion. Among the many advancements, the emergence of loan apps has garnered considerable attention. One such remarkable platform is the “Get It Now Loan App,” which has revolutionized access to loans in Pakistan. This article explores the features, benefits, and impact of the Get It Now Loan App on borrowers and the overall financial ecosystem of the country.

Easy Loan Application Process:

Get It Now Loan App simplifies the loan application process, providing convenience and accessibility to borrowers. With just a few taps on their smartphones, users can apply for a loan anytime, anywhere, eliminating the need for lengthy paperwork and multiple visits to financial institutions. The app streamlines the process, making it more efficient and hassle-free.

Instant Loan Approval and Disbursement:

One of the most significant advantages of the Get It Now Loan App is its quick loan approval and disbursement mechanism. Traditional loan approval processes can be time-consuming, requiring extensive verification and paperwork. However, the app utilizes advanced algorithms and data analysis to evaluate loan applications swiftly, providing borrowers with instant approvals and disbursing funds within minutes. This feature has proven invaluable during emergencies or urgent financial needs.

Flexible Loan Options:

The Get It Now Loan App caters to a wide range of borrowers by offering flexible loan options. Users can select the loan amount and repayment tenure that best suits their requirements and financial capabilities. This flexibility empowers borrowers to choose personalized loan terms, making the borrowing experience more convenient and tailored to their needs.

No Collateral Requirements:

Unlike traditional loan providers that often require collateral as security, the Get It Now Loan App offers unsecured loans. This eliminates the burden of providing valuable assets as collateral, making loans accessible to a broader segment of the population. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who do not possess substantial assets or those who are unwilling to risk their valuables.

Transparent and Competitive Interest Rates:

The Get It Now Loan App maintains transparency in its interest rates and charges, ensuring that borrowers are aware of the costs involved before availing a loan. This transparency builds trust between the app and its users, assuring them of fair and reasonable terms. Moreover, the app strives to offer competitive interest rates to remain attractive in the market and provide borrowers with affordable financing options.

Credit Score Building Opportunity:

For individuals with limited or no credit history, accessing loans can be challenging. The Get It Now Loan App addresses this issue by providing an opportunity to build a credit history. By borrowing responsibly and repaying loans on time, users can improve their creditworthiness, making it easier to obtain loans from other financial institutions in the future.


The Get It Now Loan App has transformed the lending landscape in Pakistan by making loans more accessible, convenient, and transparent. Its user-friendly interface, quick approval process, flexible loan options, and absence of collateral requirements have empowered borrowers across the country. This digital solution has helped bridge the gap between financial institutions and individuals, bringing financial services to the fingertips of millions. As Pakistan continues to embrace the digital revolution, platforms like the Get It Now Loan App play a crucial role in fostering financial inclusion and empowering individuals to meet their financial needs effectively.


Who is Zunaira Mahum and What Has She Done Full Story

YouTuber Zunaira Mahum, whose recent interview of minor girl Dua Zehra and her husband Zaheer Ahmed generated a backlash, has said that she was talking to the couple through police and lawyers, not directly. So who is Zunaira Mahum and what has she done the full story is here.

After successful interview of Jam e Shirn by failed model actress Zunaira Mahum, she has decided to interview all other drinks including sugarcane juice. How come this so called Youtuber have access to meet #DuaZehra ?But her real parents are not allowed. Clearly seen this interview has planted and Fake. Is Zaheer can’t able to speak? Please everyone REPORT this woman youtube channel and any other SM page named Zunaira Mahum. This “Zunaira Mahum” looks a part of this gang involved in Human trafficking. We will not leave alone to #DuaZehra and their parents.

Beware of so called “journalist”, Zunaira Mahum. she has character assassinated many people, mostly women & continue to produce clickbait videos which are watched by millions! She constantly promoting Dua Zehra’s marriage & supporting potential trafficking. If Zunaira Mahum can get access to Dua and Zaheer, then why not other journalists from Mainstream media? Time to study for physics paper 2 tomorrow after just giving the crappiest a level biology exam of my life. This interview is an Elite level slap on Zunaira Mahum’s Face. Zunaira Mahum and Jam-e-Shireen must also be investigated as accomplices in a potential trafficking case.

Zunaira Mahum is an accomplice in this crime by constantly creating false narrative in this case under paid sponsorship! Mahdi Kazmi Sahab, poori duniya bhi aap K khilaaf ho, I am standing right here with my conscience clear that I never once doubted you! Allah sab dekh raha hai. A Woman is never impressed by a Man’s money, It’s his Akhlaaq and Adab which wins her heart. There is no greater power than the Power of God! May God extricate Pakistan from its current predicament and protect it from those who do not wish well for our country. She said she’s 17. After few mins she says she born in 2006. And if u calculate from 2006-2022 it’s 16 years old. Everything scripted and lie. I still support her parents.

Host of Dua Zehra interview, Zunaira Mahum, a pre planned interview showing her aim to get more fame sponsored by Jam e Sherin. This is propaganda by this YouTuber (Zunaira Mahum; a cheap low class woman banking on cheap popularity)in collaboration with kidnapping/grooming gang. Dua Zehra is confined inside an unknown house with no permission to meet her parents. she need our prayers. Zunaira Mahum is a propaganda machine from day one for #Zaheer, Her YT videos are evidence of that, She can go to any extent for views, Here are Thumbnail of some of her YT videos, Which are enough to prove her credibility. What a strange world we are all living in really.




Interview with Dr. Razi Azmi

Would you please introduce yourself?

My name is Razi Azmi, sixth of eight brothers and sisters. My father migrated in 1948 to East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) from Uttar Pradesh in India. He was a station master in the railway and worked at various locations until his retirement in 1970. Beginning in March 1971, our entire extended family (including myself) gradually moved from Dhaka to Karachi due to the turbulent situation and violence there.

You have spent considerable time in both the then USSR and USA. What was the major difference between two superpowers?

I consider myself very privileged to have lived both in the Soviet Union (1973-77) and the United States (1983-87, 1989-90). At the time I lived there, the USSR was a superpower at the pinnacle of its military might. Similarly, during my time in the USA, it was a confident and resurgent superpower under President Reagan, having recovered from the debacle in Vietnam.

These two global superpowers were not just different countries, but different planets. The Soviet Union was a land of scarcity, while the United States was a land of plenty. In the USSR the Communist Party totally controlled people’s lives, censured information, banned political parties and outlawed any form of dissent. The United States was characterised by freedom of choice, thought, movement, association and expression.

You spent your early years in erstwhile East Pakistan. Did the Bengalis always want a separate country or did this sentiment develop overtime?

As late as in 1965, during the war with India, East Pakistani political parties, intellectuals, students and the people all strongly denounced India and supported the war efforts of Pakistan. I witnessed it myself being a student of class ten. There was a growing feeling of neglect and second-class treatment of East Pakistan by the Pakistani State among the people of East Pakistan but the thought of secession was not on anyone’s mind. Think about it yourself: East Pakistan had 55% of Pakistan’s population, but the country’s capital, as well as the headquarters of army, navy and air force, as well as the State Bank of Pakistan and National Bank of Pakistan, were in West Pakistan.

The refusal of the Pakistani government to hand over power to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his Awami League despite it winning 160 out of 300 seats in the National Assembly in the general elections held in December 1970, followed within weeks by a brutal military operation on 26 March 1971, totally alienated the people of East Pakistan, leaving them with no choice but to fight for their own independent state of Bangladesh. It is true that India took advantage of the situation for its own strategic gain, but the problem was not an Indian creation. Pakistan has only itself to blame for the alienation and secession of a majority of its population.

Would you please tell us about your recently published travelogue “A World Unveiled: Joys and Jitters of Many Journeys”?

I have been to 96 countries but this book does not cover all. It has two chapters each on India (Amritsar to Assam, Delhi to Kanya Kumari, and everything in between) and Africa (24 countries), and chapters on Central Asia, Afghanistan, China (including Tibet), Russia (Trans-Siberian Railway), Mongolia, USA and Canada (about 17,000 km by road).

My travelogue has many elements: personal stories, adventures, social encounters, historical facts, geographical descriptions, anecdotes and more. I share with readers not just the thrill of my journeys but also the frustrations and annoyances that come with them, including the vagaries of visas and border crossings. It was published by Folio Books, Lahore.

Who is your favorite travel writer and why?

Ryszard Kapuscinski. He makes his subject, the people and places he writes about, come alive. “The Shadow of the Sun” is a gripping account of Africa by this Polish journalist based on forty years of reporting from the continent.

What’s your best and worst experience so far during your travels?

This is no doubt the most difficult question to answer. Excuse me for mentioning more than one in each category.

Worst: My train overturned although I emerged without injury (India), a road accident which broke my sternum (Indonesia), I collapsed from a drop in blood pressure fracturing two ribs (Russia), high altitude sickness in Tibet (China), came close to being crushed by crowds in Tibet and Gambia, detained under guard for a few hours at Orly Airport (France), a long-drawn visa glitch at Abidjan Airport (Ivory Coast).

Best:  Mumbai to Goa on Konkan Railway over the Western Ghats (India); driving Adelaide to Perth through Nullarbor Plain (Australia); driving on the Big Sur coastal road in California (USA).

How did you develop this passion for traveling?

As a teenager, I was fascinated by maps, mountains, tribes and exotic places. Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation published beautiful coloured maps and brochures of both East and West Pakistan.

What has been your biggest challenge as an international traveler?

On Pakistani passport, getting visas was number one challenge, followed by finance. On Australian passport, getting enough leave from work, some of which had to be spent on family visits to Pakistan.

What is a common misconception people have about your travel passion?

People often ask how I can afford to travel so often, so far and wide. I tell them that travel is my highest priority. I choose to spend money on travel, rather than on expensive parties, repetitive rituals, brand clothes, shoes and watches, new furniture and curtains, and expensive cars. I arrange my itinerary itineraries in such a way as to utilise every trip for maximum destinations.

Do you have any favorite travel destinations where you would like to go again and again?

Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mongolia, Vietnam, Siberia (Russia).

What’s your favorite song and movie?

I listen to songs in Urdu/Hindi, English, Bangla, Russian, French, Farsi, Spanish and Italian. One doesn’t necessarily have to know the language and understand the lyrics to enjoy the tune and the voice. Listen to Ahmad Zahir, “Man Randa Ze Maikhana Ham” (Dari Farsi), to understand what I mean.

I have seen very few movies recently. I found “Chernobyl” (TV mini-series, produced in 2019 by HBO), which I watched on an international flight, absolutely gripping. The movie that left the greatest impression on me was Ben Hur, starring Charlton Heston (1959, won 11 Oscars).

Do you have any unfulfilled fantasy you would like to share with the readers?

Yes. To be a musician.

What advice would you offer someone considering traveling to international destinations?

Just do it. Don’t plan too long or too far ahead. Grab every opportunity. Create opportunities. Travel light. Do research on the Internet beforehand.

Note: Readers may contact Dr. Azmi at his email or at his blog at


Residential Plazas and Maintenance Fees in Islamabad

Even if you are an owner of your own flat, you live like a renter as you end up spending a fortune in the name of maintenance fees. And these fees are like unlimited elastic as they keep growing and growing and you have to pay them otherwise the body of plaza can evict you.

Yes that’s right and that is why I say that you never feel like an owner. The maintenance fee or strata fee is meant to be only for common areas and stuff the building. But if you go through any such plaza of Islamabad or even Karachi or Lahore, you would clearly notice the neglect. Residential Plazas and maintenance fees in Islamabad is a real painful issue. In addition of paying bills like electricity, gas, water, taxes, you also have to pay these maintenance fees.

You would feel better at least if you had seen any improvement in the building but no sir, you don’t see any work being done. From leaking parking lot roofs to leaking water pipes, from gas leakage to overgrown lawns, from dysfunctional lights to cracks in building, you get nothing get done despite of repeated complaints and reminders. If you escalate the matter to CDA or LDA or KDA, they simply shrug it off. Where to go for justice?

My friend lives in one of residential plazas in F 11/1 and its every day misery for her. Nothing gets done and her maintenance fee has just been increased from Rs. 5500 to Rs. 7500. She rang the maintenance number and asked the reason and got an earful. She is seriously thinking of selling her apartment and just go back to renting. It’s such a headache to be an owner occupier in Islamabad especially when it comes to high rise building flats.

Do you know who owns these buildings?! Been witnessing all of this from so many years now. No one, including CDA does anything about it. First CDA should attend to service road west F11 , when a Capital city can’t make a decent road and let mafia override them what can we expect, the road is like playing a video game and you go by avoiding and dodging things coming at you , dangerous.

If you are thinking about buying a flat in Islamabad, then before proceeding anywhere if you are to be owner then please do yourself a favour and read once more the SPA terms. Usually in JOP an OA consists of owners look after properties maintenance etc. That’s mostly for common areas as described above.


How Noorani Produced Saqib Nisar Audio – Real Story

There is no need for any further forensic analysis and there is no need at all in noting the prominent frequencies in the voice of Saqib Nisar, other sound source and the noise floor. It’s totally needless to go through the troubles of arranging high quality, professional grade monitoring headphones and high quality studio monitors to do the critical listening analysis of this audio tape because I am going to do tell you how Ahmad Noorani produced this audio tape. 

As we all know Ahmed Noorani is always busy in the quest of publicity and fame and wants to remain in the media limelight forever. So when Noorani was in hospital after being attacked by 6 people in Islamabad, he had nothing to do except watching television, reading newspapers and flicking through social media. Being in the same media industry, he knew the real deal so unlike us mere-mortals he didn’t extract any joy or thrill out of those talk shows, journo tweets and got bored and then had this epiphany.

Why not become a voice impersonator? So he asked the nurse in hospital that instead of pain killers could she give him some voice hormones? Which the good lady did. Then he immediately hired an online vocal coach plus a speech therapist. He spent hours on practicing as how to hold lips and mouth in proper position. He perfected the suitable jaw tension and tongue position. He also made a huge effort to control his breath and obtained a perfect pitch range. A sympathetic doctor also did a minor surgery to adjust his laser vocal cord tuning. He was all set then.

Earlier he thought it would be cool to mimic the voice of his favorite singer Taher Shah. He even recorded that timeless song ‘Eye to Eye’ in his mobile and sent it to the same girl whose 6 brothers had beaten him just days ago. He then looked at himself, got bit emotional and recorded another song, ‘Rul tay gaye aan par chas bari aayi‘ in Malkoo’s voice plus he successfully produced Joss Stone’s voice in the same song.

You will agree that if one can sing in the legendary voice of Tahir Shah, one can mimic and impersonate any voice. Saqib Nisar’s thin textured voice is not a big deal at all. Even Umar Cheema can emit that Saqib’s voice but he would be caught immediately due to his leak history with panama and pandora.

After recovering, when it came to paying the hospital bill, Noorani realized that he had no money as he already had donated that to the dam fund. He rang a friend in Diamer, asked him to go immediately onsite and check if dam or at least Baba of Dam was there. The friend obliged and reported back with with the news that he wasn’t able to find any of them. Outraged, Noorani pulled out his phone and recorded that leak which is scaring the daylights out of Nisar right now. To add insult to injury, Noorani also sent his audio to forensics as he was confident enough on his newly acquired skillset.

So crux of the story is that the future Saqibs and the likes shouldn’t worry too much about these audios and if anyone asks they should just disclose the above secret behind these audio leaks.


Interview with Tweep Nouman @mnqadir

Please introduce yourself in a few words?
My name is Nouman. I am a GP/Family physician and live in Geelong VIC Australia. I graduated from King Edward Medical College, Lahore.

What is your biggest accomplishment so far in life?
Bringing up 2 amazing human beings.

What is one thing you cannot do without?

What is your favorite food?
Any food which I can share with others

Your favorite tweeps?
@therebelrise, @aasimnawaz, @zohaibqazi, @istiaqchaudhar, @wisevenus, @satueedelephant, @madwomanoflahore

Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?

What are your healthy habits?
Running. I have been running at least 2000 km every year for the last 5 years

Your all-time favorite movie?
Lord of the Rings

Your all-time favorite song?
Love me tender

Do you have any fantasies you can share with us?
I wanna go back 100000 years in time. I want to see, feel and smell the untouched world.

Favorite holiday destination?
Queenstown. Skiing, hikes, camping, adventure, and beauty.

How do you handle stress and pressure?
Just soldier on

Your message for readers of
Just be kind to others, it’s the easiest and most rewarding thing.


Dogs on Islamabad Walking Tracks

Should dogs, even on leash be allowed on the walking tracks of Islamabad? That’s the debate raging on the social media. We Pakistanis are not that accustomed to the dogs and we are normally brought up hating dogs as they are considered impure and dangerous.

One lady said that she was a dog owner and she said that she must say dogs are unpredictable so thy shouldn’t allow on normal track or parks. And then all hell broke loose from other side.

In Germany, for instance, dogs are allowed in all public places and transports. They just have to be on the leash, and I’ve never seen them ever being problematic or ‘unpredictable’.

Dog is on the leash, how in the world that’s harassment. Everywhere in the world leashed dogs are acceptable. I have seen many people in Gulf doing the same. People care a lot for their pets. Every time you go to a walking track, you would find people walking their dogs. Especially there at F7/4 alongside Margalla and F7/4 college for Girls
For numerous times I saw people walking along with their dogs without leash and dog face mask.

Dear ISD Administration, please provide another carpeted track for elite girls who are afraid of dogs especially the girl who posted on social media whinging about it. This track, which she will use solely for her walk. The CDA budget needs to be approved on priority basis as the delay might cause precious cost and time over-run. Also provide fencing design in feasibility study. Since this tweet is getting a lot of attention, I might add something. I thought no one would understand the sarcasm but our nation is learning quick. It’s time we teach, as a public service, to speak responsibly on social media. No offenses to anybody.

The dog is on a leash. Not sure what exactly your problem is here. Parks, trails and track are all for everyone. My two German Shepherds are well behaved, well trained and vaccinated. And I learnt to train my dogs with the help of You tube. They can be predictable once you have them and spent some time walking them. One can walk one’s dog here since these are the walking tracks. Han if the owner can’t control it, then one’s at fault.

Thanks for highlighting this problem. It is a common problem on both sides of Margallah Road where pedestrians are constantly harassed by all sorts of dangerous dongs accompanied by their owners. Dog is unpredictable. Problem not with dog.problem is in Pakistan 99 % people not do vaccinations for dog bites.


NFT Doesn’t Make Sense To Me : NFT in Pakistan

Whenever I research about non-fungible tokens or NFTs, all I get is some images of characters or cards which remind of fantasy cards which are popular among kids and gamers. Not everyone is kid or a gamer and I am not really interested in collecting those digital images at all. 

I am not saying there aren’t people out there who would like to buy and hold NFT but I don’t think there is a mass appeal for that. Ok I get it that every NFT has some uniqueness about it due to some crypto hash on blockchain but so what? I could screenshot it or use windows sniping tool and just create a copy or replica. Yes there are people who would like the original and unique one and would bay hundreds of thousands of dollars for it, but I don’t have and I am not interested in spending that kind of money on images.

May be I am missing something a a newbie. Please enlighten me if I am as I will be highly obliged and indebted to learn more about it. Of course I would like to earn from NFT on blockchain but I need to understand and see the value first.  Yes may be some day we will be selling some real value assets like houses as NFTs but I am sure it will be highly regulated and won’t be much different how we do real estate these days.  I still believe in blockchain technology and I am sure it will be a big thing in future but it needs some real world uses cases especially in third world country like Pakistan.

Someone said that, “If artwork is worth millions of dollars and our lives increasingly take place online, then there’s no reason NFTs and digital art shouldn’t also command significant value.” But how many in general public spend that kind of money on artwork?  Unless an inflationary monetary system is creating a casino where people feel the “need” and to outrun their money being devalued and will take risks anywhere. 

Everything requires energy to operate. The phone you tweeted this tweet from included. We shouldn’t demonize Bitcoin, NFTs, lights, phones or anything else for using energy. We should be working to ensure the energy that is used is clean. That’s where our attention should be. It’s not about whether it requires energy or not. It’s the fact that ETH transactions require a LOT of energy. An amount that’s very unhealthy. If people want to be in denial about the environmental cost of ETH transactions and the frequency due to NFTs, that’s on them. That’s just one point of view.


Travelogue by Razi Azmi : A World Unveiled



A World Unveiled captures Razi Azmi’s many journeys spanning decades across Africa, Asia, North and South America, and Russia, all undertaken with something approaching religious zeal. This is a compelling travelogue with many elements: personal stories, adventures, social encounters, historical facts, geographical descriptions, anecdotes and more. The author shares not just his passion for travel and the thrill of his journeys but also the frustrations and annoyances that inevitably accompany the intrepid traveller: moments of ecstasy and excitement interspersed with frustrations, dangers and vagaries of visas. As Razi Azmi describes his fascinating trips in A World Unveiled, he seems to take you along with him to his numerous destinations.


Bookshops stocking Dr. Razi Azmi’s travelogue: “A World Unveiled; Joys & Jitters of Many Journeys”:
Liberty Books, Karachi (they have multiple outlets throughout the city)
(1) Anees Book Corner, Main Market Gulberg
(2) Iqbal Book Corner, Gulberg
(3) READINGS, Gulberg
(4) Books n Beans, Gurumangat Road
(5) Ilami Book Depo, Urdu Bazar
(6) Defence Book Store, H Block, DHA
(7) The Last Word, Z Block, DHA, Lahore
(8) Allied Book Co, The Mall, Lahore
(1) Saeed Book Bank, Islamabad
(2) Mr. Books, Islamabad
Gosha e Adab, Quetta
Kitab Koor, Peshawar

Khana Khanay Ki Bad Ki Dua in Urdu and English and Arabic

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