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یوم آزادی مبارک

یوم آزادی مبارک

“I do not believe in taking the right decision, I take a decision and make it right.” ― Muhammad Ali Jinnah If it could be said that any single man held the future of India…

youthia logic

Youthia Logic

Following is a typical youthia logic in response to whatever you say about Imran Khan: Khan didn’t say that.And if he did, he didn’t mean that.And if he did, you didn’t understand it.And if you…

prime minister afridi

Prime Minister Afridi

Our punishment is not finished yet. After Imran Khan, the new low will be Shahid Afridi or is it equal embarrassment? Just imagine Shahid Afridi as contender of premiership and Imran Khan trying to save…

racism in pakistan

Racism in Pakistan in 2020

Its surprising when you see elite and sometime common Pakistanis condemning the killings of black men by police. Most of them don’t know what’s going on and who is doing what, but just because it…

Zahra Fona and Cynthia Ritchie

Cynthia Ritchie story is not really new in Pakistan. This has happened before with different names but interestingly enough with same party, which is still called PPP. When Pakistan People’s Party was blossoming in 60’s,…

Pakistani Politics in 2020

On the surface, things seem pretty tepid and monotonous on Pakistani politics horizon as we are well into 2020. People are in survival mode and just want to get through these rough times. Confusion is…

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