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The hot and sizzling and very funny delaware judge scandal is rocking Pakistani twitter and other social media sites. Judge Humayun Delaware must be thinking what had he done by punishing Imran Khan and PTI.

In a shocking turn of events, the legal world has been rocked by the emergence of a scandal involving Judge Humayun Delaware, a once-respected and prominent figure within the judiciary. The scandal has sent shockwaves through the legal community and the public, prompting discussions about ethics, accountability, and the integrity of the justice system. This article delves into the details of the Humayun Delaware judge scandal, shedding light on the allegations, implications, and potential consequences.

The Rise of Judge Humayun Delaware

Judge Humayun Delaware had a seemingly illustrious career before the scandal came to light. Graduating with top honors from a prestigious law school, Delaware quickly climbed the ranks within the judiciary due to his sharp legal acumen, meticulous attention to detail, and perceived commitment to upholding the rule of law. Known for his eloquence in the courtroom and impartial decisions, Delaware was regarded as a beacon of justice by many.

The Allegations

The scandal surrounding Judge Humayun Delaware centers on allegations of corruption, bias, and breach of judicial ethics. Anonymous sources and leaked documents have alleged that Delaware accepted bribes from influential individuals and corporations in exchange for favorable rulings. Additionally, there are claims that he exhibited bias in certain cases, raising questions about his impartiality and commitment to the principles of justice.

The Leaked Emails

Central to the scandal are a series of leaked emails purportedly exchanged between Judge Delaware and various individuals implicated in the scandal. These emails detail discussions of financial arrangements, promises of leniency, and instances where Delaware appeared to be swayed by personal interests rather than the pursuit of justice. While the authenticity of these emails is still under investigation, they have ignited a firestorm of controversy.

Public Outcry and Legal Ramifications

The revelation of the Humayun Delaware judge scandal has triggered widespread public outrage and calls for a thorough investigation into the allegations. Legal experts, ethics committees, and advocacy groups are demanding transparency and accountability, emphasizing the importance of preserving the integrity of the judiciary. If the allegations are proven true, the scandal could lead to a cascade of legal repercussions, including potential disbarment, criminal charges, and the review of cases handled by Delaware.

Impact on the Justice System

Beyond the immediate implications for Judge Delaware, this scandal has raised broader concerns about the state of the justice system. It underscores the need for robust safeguards against corruption and bias within the judiciary. Critics argue that incidents like these erode public trust in the legal system and reinforce the perception that justice can be influenced or bought.


The Humayun Delaware judge scandal has sent shockwaves through the legal world, challenging notions of integrity, accountability, and impartiality within the judiciary. As investigations continue and the truth behind the allegations is unraveled, the scandal serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of upholding the highest ethical standards in the pursuit of justice. The outcome of this case will undoubtedly have far-reaching implications for the legal profession and the public’s confidence in the justice system.


Ayesha Azhar Real Story Leaked with Video

If you want to see the real face of hot Ayesha Azhar and what she has been doing and her real story then see the video below. If you still think that she is innocent and is not someone who is to blamed then its up to you.

In a world that often suppresses the voices of women, Ayesha Azhar has emerged as a shining example of resilience, determination, and empowerment. With her unwavering commitment to promoting gender equality and creating opportunities for women, she has become a beacon of hope for many. Ayesha Azhar’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of one individual’s passion and dedication.

Hailing from a small town in Pakistan, Ayesha faced numerous challenges on her path to success. Growing up in a conservative society, she witnessed the limited opportunities available to women and the barriers they faced in pursuing their dreams. This ignited a fire within her to bring about change and create a more inclusive society.

Ayesha’s first step towards empowerment was through education. Despite societal expectations and financial constraints, she persevered and excelled academically. Armed with knowledge and a desire to make a difference, she embarked on a mission to empower other women in her community.

Recognizing the transformative power of entrepreneurship, Ayesha launched initiatives to support aspiring female entrepreneurs. She founded workshops and mentorship programs that provided women with the skills and resources needed to start their own businesses. Through these initiatives, Ayesha not only empowered women economically but also instilled in them a sense of confidence and independence.

Ayesha’s efforts did not stop at entrepreneurship. She also focused on advocating for women’s rights and challenging the deeply ingrained gender stereotypes prevalent in society. Through public speaking engagements, awareness campaigns, and social media activism, she raised her voice against gender discrimination and violence, inspiring countless women to stand up for their rights.

One of Ayesha’s notable achievements was the establishment of a women’s shelter in her hometown. This safe haven provided refuge to women escaping domestic violence and abuse, offering them support, counseling, and a chance to rebuild their lives. Ayesha’s relentless pursuit of justice and protection for vulnerable women has brought about significant change in her community.

In recognition of her tireless efforts, Ayesha Azhar has received numerous accolades and awards. Her work has been acknowledged by local and international organizations, and she has become a role model for young women aspiring to make a difference in their societies. Ayesha’s story serves as a reminder that one person’s determination and compassion can create ripples of change that extend far beyond their immediate surroundings.

Despite the progress made, Ayesha acknowledges that there is still much work to be done. She continues to challenge societal norms and fight for gender equality on various fronts. Her vision is to create a world where every woman has the opportunity to reach her full potential, free from discrimination and limitations.

Ayesha Azhar’s story is a powerful testament to the strength of the human spirit and the transformative impact of individuals who refuse to accept the status quo. Through her unwavering commitment to empowering women, she has become a force for change in her community and an inspiration for women around the world.

In conclusion, Ayesha Azhar’s journey is a testament to the power of determination, education, and empowerment. Through her initiatives and advocacy, she has uplifted countless women and inspired them to pursue their dreams. Ayesha’s work serves as a reminder that when women are given equal opportunities, they can become catalysts for positive change in society. As we celebrate Ayesha Azhar’s achievements, let us be inspired to contribute to the empowerment of women and the creation of a more equitable world.


Asifa Bhutto Leaked Video With Girl Full Story

Social media is buzzing with Asifa Bhutto Leaked Video gone viral on Twitter Reddit and other social media in latest development. No, this is not Asifa Bhutto in video. That is just fake propaganda. People are asking if Asifa Bhutto is lesbian and why her video was leaked at this point in time. This is rubbish question and people shouldn’t be asking it.

Everyone is blaming PTI , the party of Imran Niazi for that matter. The social media team of PTI is usually behind these kind of smear campaigns and this is where authorities should look. Just apprehend the social media of PTI and he will spill the beans as who leaked this video and is it fake or is it real and what’s the full story there. Not even a single lawyer of respective person , whose video is leaked, files a petition in the Court of Law. People should be was sent home for similar leakage. Almost every Pakistani knows who is responsible for video leakage, but SC must expose their names. Watch this shameful leaked video of Pakistani girl from barista cafe Islamabad but that’s different thing and you shouldn’t be worrying about it now. In this article, you will explore how learning the art of seduction can not only improve your dating life but also benefit your professional career in Pakistan. Asifa Bhutto leaked video is hot but might not be real.

Well the thing is that this video is all politically motivated and this is political vendetta. How? Simple, be intentional. Most women will think men who are approach us just because they are “friendly”. Especially is she’s naive like me haha! I don’t usually put colors on their intentions. If you want to date her, let her know. Be assertive. Also remember that deep fake is here and people can generate fake videos from AI. The skills required to seduce someone directly translate to your earning potential in high-level management, marketing, and sales. Remember: If you have the skills to seduce beautiful women consistently, you’ll also have the skills to “seduce” powerful men into business. Asifa Bhutto leaked video is one example.

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Most of the successful business contacts that I know either had a deep pickup phase in the past or always had experience with women. They applied their dating skills to business, which helped them sell more products, market more effectively, and gain more leverage. Learning seduction skills was the gateway for me to become successful in business. Personally, since learning these skills, I’ve seen a massive improvement in the money I make, the impact I provide, and the quality of life I’ve been able to achieve. Invest in yourself and learn the art of seduction. It will pay dividends in both your personal and professional life. You’ll be surprised at how useful these skills can be in all areas of your life.


Sandal Khattak Leaked Video and Death Story

مشہور ٹک ٹوکر حریم شاہ کی قریبی دوست صندل خٹک نے ٹک ٹوکر کی جانب سے ان پر لگائے گئے ویڈیو لیک کے الزامات کا جواب دیا۔

حریم نے گزشتہ ہفتے اپنی دو قریبی دوستوں صندل اور عائشہ ناز پر الزام عائد کرتے ہوئے کہا کہ انہوں نے اس کا فون چرا لیا اور اس کی نجی ویڈیوز گزشتہ ہفتے سوشل میڈیا پر لیک کر دیں۔

اس نے بتایا کہ اس کے دونوں دوست اس کے بہت قریب تھے اور وہ ایک ساتھ رہتے تھے اور اس کے موبائل فون تک رسائی رکھتے تھے۔ اس نے یہ بھی الزام لگایا کہ انہوں نے اس کی ویڈیوز اپ لوڈ کرنے سے پہلے اسے متعدد بار دھمکیاں دیں۔

نجی ٹی وی سے بات کرتے ہوئے صندل نے الزامات کا جواب دیتے ہوئے کہا کہ حریم کو اپنے خلاف مقدمہ درج کرنا چاہیے۔ “وہ اس معاملے میں فیڈرل انویسٹی گیشن ایجنسی (ایف آئی اے) کے پاس مقدمہ کیوں درج نہیں کر رہی ہیں؟”

“ہم اس کے ساتھ ایسا کیوں کریں گے؟ اسے میرے، یا عائشہ یا اس کے بوائے فرینڈ کے خلاف مقدمہ درج کرنا چاہیے لیکن اسے کیس درج کرنا چاہیے،” صندل نے زور دیا۔

انہوں نے کہا کہ اگر حریم الزامات ثابت کرنے میں ناکام رہی تو وہ ان کے خلاف جھوٹے الزامات لگانے پر ہرجانے کا مقدمہ دائر کریں گی۔

“حریم نے مجھے بتایا کہ اس کی ویڈیوز اس کے بوائے فرینڈ نے بنائی تھیں لیکن اب وہ کہہ رہی ہے کہ ان کے شوہر نے انہیں فلمایا تھا۔ اس نے دعویٰ کیا کہ اس کا فون ہیک ہو گیا تھا لیکن آئی کلاؤڈ کو ہیک نہیں کیا جا سکتا،” صندل نے کہا۔

صندل الزام لگاتی رہی کہ حریم کی ویڈیو بنانے والا اس کا بوائے فرینڈ تھا۔ انہوں نے مزید کہا کہ “ویڈیو کا لیک ہونا حریم کے لیے معمول کی بات ہے۔”

حریم سے دوستی ختم ہونے کی وجہ بتاتے ہوئے صندل نے بتایا کہ حریم نے ان سے پیسے لیے تھے اور جب اس نے پیسے واپس مانگے تو اس نے لڑائی شروع کردی۔ اس نے کہا کہ میں نے اپنا پیسہ واپس نہیں لیا اور ہماری دوستی ختم کر دی۔

صندل نے یہ بھی کہا کہ حریم نے شہرت کے لیے اپنی ہی ویڈیو لیک کی اور اب دوسروں پر الزام لگا رہی ہیں۔


Imran Khan Leaked Audio Today Ayla Malik and Bushra

IK’s alleged damaging audios making rounds look quite suspicious. In 2nd clip, one can quickly notice lots of editing. It is easy to masquerade as some1 & generate voices with AI. Secondly, humans can do it too. Aftab Iqbal’s Khabardar show is a clear example of that. Niazi is known culprit, ask sita white, Reham Khan and Jemima, its natural buddy chill. One who can disown hia own daughter, his personal life am not ok if this and Kali dal episode comes out in public. Audio leaked today is of Imran Khan and there is no doubt about that.

Full Imran Khan Leaked Audio Today Here.

Cheating on your spouse is the biggest social sin in our (western) culture. You get no excuse, no forgiveness, and no sympathy when caught red handed. My sympathies with the wife, whose husband is cheating on her. In our culture cheating, specifically of men, is most easily forgiven sin. Also audio/video leaks in recent past & people getting away made me wonder what exactly institution of marriage means to anyone in this society if anything at all, yet so much obsession with it is ironic that audio leaked today Imran Khan is latest. Imran Khan leaked viral audio with Ayla Malik or Bushra is not a surprise for anyone to be honest. Just wait while video leaked today Muqadas Usman surfaces.

The gymnastics to defend IK reach a new level everyday And the Timing of leaking audios and videos does matter. Which is why people shouldn’t get married and keep a mistress like ex COAS gen Yahya so they can easily cheat around with 500 women. wish army’s media and intelligence wing was as active back then as it it now. How do u know this all is so authentic, pervez rashid’s video was a very bad one but every body ignored it , these fake audio’s have no impact on the people, so plz stop trying so hard and between bo body need your sympathies, its a personal matter. Yeah we still remember Bill clinton scandal. The reaction of society was so strong that party couldn’t handled it, he resigned but we are Muslims so. That is why Ayla Malik Imran Khan audio leaked today is very hot and steamy.

Western culture is strange. Charles having an affair with Camilla is a cheater but Diana is worshipped despite having multiple affairs. How proudly u say “our western” u can change ur dress sense, food like western but western never accept u and they always see u like third world country’s emigrant. This audio is true but came in 2011, iss say ziyada khatranak wo video hai jis ka zikar rehaam khan nay apni book mai kia… uss ko bhi yeh imrandoo fake kehnay waly hain, kion k imran khan nay pehlay he shoor macha dia hai, k uss ki “gandi gandi videos anny wali hain”. In our culture, if the women caught cheating or involved in adultery, you better know what will happen then. Yet, there is one women out there with no shame even she confidently watch porn with her father.

Generating fake audios with the intention to malign someones character & consequently cause harm to ones personal & professional reputation is also a big sin – & a crime in the eyes of the law. So stop supporting all parties including pti, pmln and ppp, they all r in dirty business of politics, and imran khan, shbaz SH, and zardari are so much into ladies. they are all womanizer. You have so many other things to prove that Imran Niazi is a lying fraudster & a hypocrite. Leaking these private conversations is a BIG NO. Home is the most protected space. If “they” have access to IK leaked audio today bedroom, they have access to everybody’s room.This should be frightening.


Jannat Amin Viral Video Leaked Full Uncut

Now its turn of Jannat Amin who is rocking the social media on Twitter and Instagram with leaked MMS. Jannat Amin viral video leaked yesterday and now making rounds after rounds. And what a sizzling performance. One can never have enough of Jannat Amin.


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Who is Mask Girl? [WATCH] Dal Do Dal Do Viral Video LEAKED, Pakistani Girl Exposed. Shah leaked Pictures with her boyfriend #NomanSami became viral on social media. According to details, famous Pakistani actress of Drama Serial. A pakistani from deira gazi has filmed himself brutally beating and torturing his daughter. The video got leaked and viral to a point it has been published in news, the city police didn’t send policemen to arrest him, but policewomen.. because he insulted a woman. Pakistani model Mathira Leaked Private MMS Video Goes Viral Nowadays social media Tik Tok stars, Bollywood stars, and Hollywood stars, and Pakistani models and leaders all have dirty, private videos going viral.

Pakistani Girl Ki Leaked Video Social Media Par Viral Ho Gai. Pakistani journalist Maira Hashmi says on live TV why she hit boy. Yashal Khan TikTok Star Viral leaked full video | Pakistani Actress Leaked Video | Murree Wali Video leak video tik tok girl, Leaked video viral, Murree Leak video, Murree Wali Video, Pakistani Actress Leaked Video, TikTok Star Viral leaked full video. Pakistani Hot Girl Telegram Leaked Video. Shocking Leaked MMS Video Of Pakistani Actress Rida Asfahani-Goes Viral. Shocking Leaked MMS Video Of Pakistani Actress Ayesha Khan-Goes Viral.

Leaked Dance Video Of Pakistani Actress Sheen Gone Viral #news video. Pakistani Actress Neelum Muneer another Video Viral on Social Media. Cute pakistani girl very hot dance home made. Pakistani Model Samara Chaudhry’s Private Videos Leaked. An arrest has been made in connection with a viral video out of Plano showing a woman using racial slurs towards a group of Indian American women. We’re working on the story for our 10pm newscast.

We wll eventually die, even though we are the most beautiful, the most talented, and the best in life. Out sweet late friend Aftab Memom use to arrange paya party in winter every year. After his death we don’t have courage to do it. May ALLAH give him and my all late friends a best place in jannat. Amin. Innalillahi Wa Inna Ilaihin Raji’un. For who you were and what you were to others, May Jannat Firdaus be you abode, Amin. We miss you Professor Marliyya Zayyan.


Pakistan Female Ratio in the Workforce

In Pakistan the female ratio in the workforce is 21%. There needs to be a massive push for higher female literacy, lower fertility rate, & higher women workforce participation rate. This is a key to a sustainable and much needed growth/success for Pakistani economy and its people.

Where do these numbers come from? Sitting in a conference room with 60% female doctors, a doctor said 60% females doctors don’t work and my question is bhai look around and where do these numbers come from? That room alone doesn’t define all of Pakistan so he was absolutely right as Pakistani women are surely beyond the 60% docs in that room. Now compare the literacy rates for women in the US with that of Pak or even what by used to be in Bangladesh before their reforms. You will get the linkage. Also US social pressures compared to the ones in Pak are extremely divergent when it comes to working moms / women.

First there is no scientific research or logical argument that proves that having greater women workforce = guaranteed success 2nd what has lower fertility rate todo with greater women workforce, how u established the connection between them? There is actual data on that claim and if u only read and research on how Bangladesh achieved growth through what I stated then u will see the facts too also it is logical to hv more women working if they aren’t pregnant most of the time in terms of time, health n responsibilities.

Hardly there and hence the post as a plea to the decision makers of Pakistan. The starting point isn’t job creation but a change in mind set of this society. Is that the only means of developing an economy ? Women participation will boost an economy is one of the most stupid arguments ; we have a huge youth bulge which is unemployed, unskilled and ill mannered , before peddling western imperialist agenda please look at facts. With doctor brides plaguing our matrimonial scene, I think we need more of a cultural shift and can achieve greater workforce participation sooner.

There was something called DoctHers which was an attempt to engage female doctors who were now housewives. Thought it was fantastic idea. Lots of small orgs inc mine try to engage women who can work from home. It’s important but simultaneously there should be opportunities and culture of part time work. It would encourage more women to be part of workforce. Just make sure everyone’s educated and let them make their own choices. There needs to be no ‘push’ for anything else. They’re people, not experiments.

In countries where this is already done are women better of? Do they get paid the same salary as men in the west?Has the lower birthrate due to late or not having children hurting the society or benefiting it due to an ageing population? We should consider all aspects. And Pakistan has humongous human resources. Population has increased from 36M in 1947 to 230M today and that is growing rapidly.

Social pk total donation latest figures

Go on this website and donate for Namanzoor fund in order to help the campaign against imported government. Manchester protest for Imran Khan , for namanzoor imported govt and immediate elections in Pakistan.

My name is Shazia Bukhari. I am overseas 🇵🇰 living in Canada. Myself, my family and our Pakistani community support Imran Khan and we are Not A Bot . Long live Imran Khan , Pakistan Zindabad. Too much traffic on Imran Khan’s website Namanzoor has crashed. There were more than 5K people waiting for hours to donate. This is the power of Awaamm. He is brave man he is our leader…he is our prime minister….bhikari namanzoor … InshaAllah he will come back soon.

We stand this handsome young man and we want elation because imported hukoomat namanzoor. This is not pti trend this one look fake can any one make correction if I am wrong ? Every night we go to bed , without any assurance of being alive the next morning but still we set the alarm to wake up…..that’s called hope . What have you done…. Took away our elected PM, and replaced him with Criminal Beggar Cherry Blossom. Namanzoor.

Looking at these images I wonder how stupid can a group of people be? Apparently its immeasurable. They started & investigated their own trend “Imported Hakoomat NaManTOOR”, Original is “NaManZOOR” 🤦🏼🤦🏼 I just have no words on their stupidity. Why not imported hukamat namanzoor is a top trend despite 7.73 millions tweet? Does anyone knows the answer. Tomorrow there will be a historic Jalsa in Karachi A large number of conscious people will participate The same slogan of all “Imported govt NaManzoor” The whole nation stands with

Guys please be careful. They are trying to ruin the HT… The ‘ر’ in namanzoor is missing. Kaisay log haen, aik HT say dartay haen Guys have you listened this song Imported hakomat namanzoor? Istg it’s such a vibe. Great work. Here is the link to full song. They have started tweeting “namanToor” with their fake ids to break the trend of “namanZoor”. please note toin T and zoin Z … before copy pasting .

Please be careful….. Imported Government And their exporters are desperate to kill the top trend. Now they have launched “Imported Hakoomat Na MANTOOR” instead of “Imported Hakoomat NAMANZOOR” please check carefully before tweeting.


New Imran Khan Leaked Video Viral Uncut Full Latest

کوئی وڈیو نہیں ھے، بس آپ سب لوگ یوتھیوں کا ترا نکالنے کیلیے پروپیگنڈا کر رھے ھو۔

اگر اس میں ایک رتی برابر بھی سچائی ھے، تو کوئی ڈی ایم کرے (🙏) اور مجھے غلط ثابت کرے۔

ویڈیو مانگنے کا یہ سب سے جدید طریقہ ہے۔

ہمیں اتنا improvise کرنا نہیں آتا پر ترلے کرنے آتے ہیں۔ پلیز ڈی ایم کردے

یار اب میری بس ہو گئی ہے ایسے ٹوئیٹس دیکھ دیکھ کر کم از کم اتنا تو پتہ چلے کس کی وڈیو ہے ہم نے کونسا وڈیو مانگی ہے ڈی ایم میں جا کر؟

الله معاف کرے یہ ویڈیو تو آگ لگا دے گی

سینڈ ای کردیو سانوں وی

جس جس کو کپتان کی ویڈیو چاہیے جلدی سے مجھے فالو کرے

ریسرچ اور تحقیق کیلئے ہمیں بھی اس ویڈیو کو دیکھنے کا موقع دیا جائے

پھر تو دیکھنی بنتی ہے کہ اس میں اگ لگانے والے کیا بات ہے

کیھڑی ویڈیو ہے۔۔۔ سن سن کر کان پک گئے ہیں

میرا روزہ ہے لہذا مجھ سے ویڈیو کا تقاضہ نہ کریں۔ البتہ جس جس کو ویڈیو چاہیے وہ

کو فالو کر کے اس سے ڈی ایم میں ویڈیو حاصل کر سکتے ہیں۔ ذیادہ سے ذیادہ آرٹی کریں تاکہ ذیادہ سے ذیادہ عوام ویڈیو سے مستفید ہو سکے۔ شکریہ

وڈیو کے متمنی حضرات اسے فولو کریں وڈیو ملتے ہی انفالو کر دیں

یار مجھے سمجھ نہیں آتی جو لوگ مجھے فالو تک نہیں کرتے وہ کا چکر میں ویڈیو مانگ رہے؟

آپ خود فیصلہ کریں یہ حق تو ان کا ہے جو مجھے فالو کرتے ہیں۔

میں تو آپکو فالو کرتا ہوں ۔۔۔ سو ڈانٹ فرگٹ می پلیز


Honda City Car Always Maintains its Value in Pakistan

If there is any car in Pakistan which is like a hard cash, then that is Honda City. No matter when or how did you buy it, its walking cash. You can always convert it into cash by selling it over the buying price anywhere in the country.

My cousin moved to Pakistan in 2009 and bought a new Honda city for 1.3 million. He drove it in various states of illegality into various stationary and non stationary objects over the past 13 years. He had it repainted and endlessly repaired.

He is selling it for 1.6 million. Yes go figure.

That’s due to inflation. Cars are depreciating assets, some people say but not with the Honda city. In 2009 pkr was trading at 65 and today it is hovering around 180. Your Cousin bought Honda city for usd 20000 and sold at usd 8888. Does that make any sense now bro? No, it doesn’t make sense. Your calculation is wrong. Take into consideration depreciation cost and then it will give you true value. Mind it that a car bought in 2009 doesn’t have the same dollar value in 2022.

You are merely stating facts which I am not denying! I just told the actual usd buying price and usd selling price. I didn’t say anything about true value of car after depreciation. I can understand. But ignoring these factors like depreciation costs or TCO, doesn’t give the true value of the asset. So, I think it was a very good deal. He used car for 12 years and sold it at a price which was more than the actual value of the car in 2022.

The true value was the market value he actually received for his car/asset. Depreciation etc is for the books or taxes.
There are many cars sold for much more than their book values. People know that used cars can be repaired overhauled much cheaper than buying a new car in Pakistan. Yeah, and there are many which are bought using car loans on which interest is many factors. inflation is not the only one.

That’s one reason why car’s are in such high demand in Pakistan: they are a good bet against inflation. My 2012 Honda City cost on road INR1.1 Million now has a resale price of INR 250k approx. Wish I could export it to Pakistan, one observer said from India. This is a very good deal. For those who are suggesting that it should be adjusted against inflation, this is a valid point. But they are also ignoring the depreciation cost of the car. In five years a new car is almost 40-50% depreciated.

A friend bought a corolla in 2005 for 800,000. It got snatched in 2007, recovered in 2013 after being driven in Peshawar for 6 years, driven some more and sold for a million. Whats the big deal? He bought it with 14500 USD and now selling it with 9400 USD. I know someone qho bought a brand new house with 1.5 Million back in 2010 and after using it roughly the worth of that old house is 12 M now. It looks like the value of the car has gone up but in reality, it is the rupee that has gone down. The price of a used item depends on the price of brand new item at the time when the transaction is done. How much is a new Honda City car in 2022?




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