Pakistan Female Ratio in the Workforce

In Pakistan the female ratio in the workforce is 21%. There needs to be a massive push for higher female literacy, lower fertility rate, & higher women workforce participation rate. This is a key to a sustainable and much needed growth/success for Pakistani economy and its people.

Where do these numbers come from? Sitting in a conference room with 60% female doctors, a doctor said 60% females doctors don’t work and my question is bhai look around and where do these numbers come from? That room alone doesn’t define all of Pakistan so he was absolutely right as Pakistani women are surely beyond the 60% docs in that room. Now compare the literacy rates for women in the US with that of Pak or even what by used to be in Bangladesh before their reforms. You will get the linkage. Also US social pressures compared to the ones in Pak are extremely divergent when it comes to working moms / women.

First there is no scientific research or logical argument that proves that having greater women workforce = guaranteed success 2nd what has lower fertility rate todo with greater women workforce, how u established the connection between them? There is actual data on that claim and if u only read and research on how Bangladesh achieved growth through what I stated then u will see the facts too also it is logical to hv more women working if they aren’t pregnant most of the time in terms of time, health n responsibilities.

Hardly there and hence the post as a plea to the decision makers of Pakistan. The starting point isn’t job creation but a change in mind set of this society. Is that the only means of developing an economy ? Women participation will boost an economy is one of the most stupid arguments ; we have a huge youth bulge which is unemployed, unskilled and ill mannered , before peddling western imperialist agenda please look at facts. With doctor brides plaguing our matrimonial scene, I think we need more of a cultural shift and can achieve greater workforce participation sooner.

There was something called DoctHers which was an attempt to engage female doctors who were now housewives. Thought it was fantastic idea. Lots of small orgs inc mine try to engage women who can work from home. It’s important but simultaneously there should be opportunities and culture of part time work. It would encourage more women to be part of workforce. Just make sure everyone’s educated and let them make their own choices. There needs to be no ‘push’ for anything else. They’re people, not experiments.

In countries where this is already done are women better of? Do they get paid the same salary as men in the west?Has the lower birthrate due to late or not having children hurting the society or benefiting it due to an ageing population? We should consider all aspects. And Pakistan has humongous human resources. Population has increased from 36M in 1947 to 230M today and that is growing rapidly.

Social pk total donation latest figures

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New Imran Khan Leaked Video Viral Uncut Full Latest

کوئی وڈیو نہیں ھے، بس آپ سب لوگ یوتھیوں کا ترا نکالنے کیلیے پروپیگنڈا کر رھے ھو۔

اگر اس میں ایک رتی برابر بھی سچائی ھے، تو کوئی ڈی ایم کرے (🙏) اور مجھے غلط ثابت کرے۔

ویڈیو مانگنے کا یہ سب سے جدید طریقہ ہے۔

ہمیں اتنا improvise کرنا نہیں آتا پر ترلے کرنے آتے ہیں۔ پلیز ڈی ایم کردے

یار اب میری بس ہو گئی ہے ایسے ٹوئیٹس دیکھ دیکھ کر کم از کم اتنا تو پتہ چلے کس کی وڈیو ہے ہم نے کونسا وڈیو مانگی ہے ڈی ایم میں جا کر؟

الله معاف کرے یہ ویڈیو تو آگ لگا دے گی

سینڈ ای کردیو سانوں وی

جس جس کو کپتان کی ویڈیو چاہیے جلدی سے مجھے فالو کرے

ریسرچ اور تحقیق کیلئے ہمیں بھی اس ویڈیو کو دیکھنے کا موقع دیا جائے

پھر تو دیکھنی بنتی ہے کہ اس میں اگ لگانے والے کیا بات ہے

کیھڑی ویڈیو ہے۔۔۔ سن سن کر کان پک گئے ہیں

میرا روزہ ہے لہذا مجھ سے ویڈیو کا تقاضہ نہ کریں۔ البتہ جس جس کو ویڈیو چاہیے وہ

کو فالو کر کے اس سے ڈی ایم میں ویڈیو حاصل کر سکتے ہیں۔ ذیادہ سے ذیادہ آرٹی کریں تاکہ ذیادہ سے ذیادہ عوام ویڈیو سے مستفید ہو سکے۔ شکریہ

وڈیو کے متمنی حضرات اسے فولو کریں وڈیو ملتے ہی انفالو کر دیں

یار مجھے سمجھ نہیں آتی جو لوگ مجھے فالو تک نہیں کرتے وہ کا چکر میں ویڈیو مانگ رہے؟

آپ خود فیصلہ کریں یہ حق تو ان کا ہے جو مجھے فالو کرتے ہیں۔

میں تو آپکو فالو کرتا ہوں ۔۔۔ سو ڈانٹ فرگٹ می پلیز


Honda City Car Always Maintains its Value in Pakistan

If there is any car in Pakistan which is like a hard cash, then that is Honda City. No matter when or how did you buy it, its walking cash. You can always convert it into cash by selling it over the buying price anywhere in the country.

My cousin moved to Pakistan in 2009 and bought a new Honda city for 1.3 million. He drove it in various states of illegality into various stationary and non stationary objects over the past 13 years. He had it repainted and endlessly repaired.

He is selling it for 1.6 million. Yes go figure.

That’s due to inflation. Cars are depreciating assets, some people say but not with the Honda city. In 2009 pkr was trading at 65 and today it is hovering around 180. Your Cousin bought Honda city for usd 20000 and sold at usd 8888. Does that make any sense now bro? No, it doesn’t make sense. Your calculation is wrong. Take into consideration depreciation cost and then it will give you true value. Mind it that a car bought in 2009 doesn’t have the same dollar value in 2022.

You are merely stating facts which I am not denying! I just told the actual usd buying price and usd selling price. I didn’t say anything about true value of car after depreciation. I can understand. But ignoring these factors like depreciation costs or TCO, doesn’t give the true value of the asset. So, I think it was a very good deal. He used car for 12 years and sold it at a price which was more than the actual value of the car in 2022.

The true value was the market value he actually received for his car/asset. Depreciation etc is for the books or taxes.
There are many cars sold for much more than their book values. People know that used cars can be repaired overhauled much cheaper than buying a new car in Pakistan. Yeah, and there are many which are bought using car loans on which interest is many factors. inflation is not the only one.

That’s one reason why car’s are in such high demand in Pakistan: they are a good bet against inflation. My 2012 Honda City cost on road INR1.1 Million now has a resale price of INR 250k approx. Wish I could export it to Pakistan, one observer said from India. This is a very good deal. For those who are suggesting that it should be adjusted against inflation, this is a valid point. But they are also ignoring the depreciation cost of the car. In five years a new car is almost 40-50% depreciated.

A friend bought a corolla in 2005 for 800,000. It got snatched in 2007, recovered in 2013 after being driven in Peshawar for 6 years, driven some more and sold for a million. Whats the big deal? He bought it with 14500 USD and now selling it with 9400 USD. I know someone qho bought a brand new house with 1.5 Million back in 2010 and after using it roughly the worth of that old house is 12 M now. It looks like the value of the car has gone up but in reality, it is the rupee that has gone down. The price of a used item depends on the price of brand new item at the time when the transaction is done. How much is a new Honda City car in 2022?





Top 5 Most Beautiful Girls in Pakistan


Pakistani Politicians Female Viral Video

On Twitter and Facebook, lots and lots of Pakistani politicians female viral video are getting viral on daily basis. One wonders what’s going on. Not only that but also Pakistani tiktoker girls videos are also being leaked either by their partners or by their friends.

The ease with which videos can be made and recorded and then released to the social media has added to this trend as now anyone with a smart phone can do that in short time and more often than not by remaining anonymous. So if you have a beef to pick up with anyone, all you need to do is to record that video and leak it with a make up name or fake id. No one would really go after you and you can simply bask in our glory.

Daughters are the blessing of Allah. They represent their family when they do something. It’s up to them whether they do something wrong or good. Not all daughters are like Ayesha Akram who hatched this conspiracy with her boyfriend Rambo to blackmail thousands of boys in Lahore. There are many such girls who are doing this in various cities of Pakistan online just to get some fame and money and views.

Ayesha Akram accused his so called fiancé for minar e pakistan incident According to ayesha akram he is the one who planned that meet up and he was blackmailing her from a long time. What about this anchor who scripted & break the whole story. Yes I am talking about that hypocrite Iqrar. Iqrar ul Hassan apologises to the nation for supporting Ayesha Akram but that’s not enough. He must shut up and retire from TV screen forever. Above picture showing the support of Iqrar and Yasir for Ayesha Akram and Ramboo, below picture is clarifying that they both make Iqrar and Yasir a “Mamoo”.

The reason you can’t trust on this world shame on Ayesha Akram now where is iqrar and shami. Iqrar al-Hassan and Yasir Shami should explain why you both do not do investigative journalism? The nation demands an explanation from both of you and a strict punishment from the law. This is high time that PEMRA must ban this Iqrar and his antics as he has been slapping and defaming people for a long time now.


Pakistani Politician Viral Video Leaked Full Uncut Collection

Here is the updated and latest list and collection of Pakistani politician viral videos full uncut and leaked on social media twitter and Facebook. This list will be kept updated as more and more original leaked videos are being leaked and people are just amazed and astonished on their leader. Enjoy the videos:

Zubair Umar Leaked Video Full Twitter Watch

Bawa Ji Sialkot Leaked Video of Girl Full Viral

Gharida Farooqi Zubair Umar Video Viral Full Uncut

Full Viral Video of Usman Mirza with Audio

Full Viral Video of DG Narc Lutf Ullah Niazi and Tabassum Nazir



B4U Cabs Islamabad Karachi Lahore Contact Number

Public transport in all the cities of Pakistan is dismal and not up to the par. If you compare it with the surge in population, then it becomes more evident that even the newly introduced metros are not suffice to cater for the demand of public in terms of transport.

This is the void which is being filled with companies like B4U cabs, Uber, Careem and many others. Drivers or bosses or captains of these services are not only doing it as a part time or full time thing, they are also opening up new vistas for investment. Have you successfully registered with B4U Cabs? Are you looking for the B4U Boss app to start driving with B4U Cabs? Then wait no more and download the B4U Cabs . You can also compare this service rates with other services.

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Following is the latest and up to date contact information for B4U Cabs in Pakistan:

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Saddar Rd, opposite State bank of Pakistan, FF 19, Peshawar.

Phone: (021) 111 022 227

Timings: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Monday to Saturday)

Address: 48-C Jami Commercial Street 11, D.H.A. Phase 7 Phase 2 Commercial Area Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75500.

Phone: (051) 111 022 227

Timings: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Monday to Saturday)

Address: Mid City Shopping Mall, Office G-5 ,Ground, Block B Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Punjab.

Phone: (02) 111 022 227

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Address: Mezzanine floor Salman icon Tower above black n brown bakery main autobhan road Hyderabad.

Phone: (042) 111 022 227

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Address: Office no 1 New Liberty Towers model town link road opposite Pace Lahore.



List of Foreign Players in PSL6

Here is latest and updated list of foreign players in PSL6. This list contains players and their corresponding teams. Foreign players in PSL6 are the real charm of this tournament as they not only draw international spotlight towards Pakistani Cricket, they also provide much needed entertainment to the local crowds.

Total number of foreign players in PSL6 are 30. These 30 players belong to 5 different countries including 15 from England, 7 from South Africa, 4 from Australia and West Indies, and 3 from Afghanistan. One yardstick to measure the success and popularity of any Cricket international league is to count the number of non-local players. PSL has always kept up to that standard and has raised the bar higher this year with so many players.

Following are the foreign players in PSL 6:

  • David Miller from South Africa
  • Living Stone from England
  • Ravi Bopara and Saqib Mehmood from England
  • Sharon Rutherford from West Indies
  • Alex Hales from England
  • Chris Joran, Lewis Gregory, Full Salt and Rhys from England
  • Chris Gayle from West Indies
  • Cameron Delport from South Africa
  • Ben Cutting from Australia
  • Ben Dunk from Australia
  • Dale Stein from South Africa
  • Qais Ahmed from Afghanistan
  • Colin Ingram from South Africa
  • Chris Lynn from Australia
  • Carols Braithwaite from West Indies.

This star-studded tournament also has some more names and more are expected. The best thing is that in this season of PSL, the teams are very balanced and we can expect some nail biting and crunching matches between the teams as each team has got some real good talent. Pakistani crowd needs to be on their best behavior because the whole world will be watching and this is our chance to revive the Cricket in the country. If one thing Pakistan needs, that is the normalcy and stability.


Who is Ume Rubab Chandio and Story Behind Selfie in Court

Who is Ume Rubab Chandio and story behind selfie in court where some guys are smiling towards the camera while the hapless victim family watches on in terror and misery. This selfie by the alleged murderers is not just a photo but tells the story of our judicial system.

It is not the picture of any refreshment point or food point but it is court a nominative killers of Ume Rubab Chandio’s family members. These both killers are MPAs of PPP who made the jokes of law and justice by making a selfie in court. Justice delayed is justice denied. Don’t look at me with your eyes on your head, look at me with your eyes in your heart. This is what ideal justice system should be.

Sardar Chandio must be brought to justice. Ume Rubab is not alone. She will surely teach you what is Riyasat-e-Madina. This battle against people, who wanted her to be imprisoned. Who wanted her to be silent and cry for her loved ones’ death, who wanted her to accept what is going on from centuries with women? So who is Ume Rubab Chandio. She is a Sindhi girl with a law degree. A young lady lawyer Ume Rubab Chandio fighting alone with the wadera system of interior sindh. She’s an inspiration for the young blood and can be called as a genuine feminist.

Every Pakistani is with you in this difficult time. It doesn’t matter how powerful the enemy is, Inshallah, one day victory will be yours. She taught us how to fight for justice brave daughter of sindh we are with you dear sister. There is a reason why Pakistan is ranked as sixth most dangerous country for the women. Activists blame society’s patriarchal attitudes for the problem. We must rise up against it and change it. By making conditions, a self-composed book of laws, and deliberate misuse, these primitive masters have figured out how to save their hold for the longest.

Khan sb is it “Ryasta Madina” where binta Hawa is wandering alone n being humiliated on the roads of ur Rayasat for justice against wadara system? Is it not the shame for Rayasat and justice system of Raysat. Is this the rule of law? Tyrants are wandering freely and the oppressed are crying. State is responsible to ensure justice and accountability. Because of poor law and order situation, Criminals are encouraged. How cruel system of justice is it prevailing in our country? Are judges not afraid to appear before Allah? How long will the continue to shed blood of innocent people by taking bail from the courts? 

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