What Happened to Mustafa Hashmi in DHA Karachi

Just before Eid this Karachi family faced horrendous tragedy in their own home with their own son Mustafa Hashmi. Words really cannot do justice with what happened really in DHA Karachi with Mustafa Hashmi.

17 year old A levels student Mustafa Hashmi died when the roof of his room in Karachi’s DHA fell on him – his father who is an architect said it was a rented house & the landlord had told him to get the renovation done on his own – Mustafa was in the midst of giving A level exams.

It looks like a house I rented and left because of the roof in phase 6. I hope who is responsible will pay although the loss of human life is irreplaceable. What a devastating & totally avoidable tragedy. Can’t even begin to imagine what the parents must be going through. Very painful when one looses only child. Inna lilla he wa Inna elahey rajeoon may Allah bless him in peace and Janna and grant strength to his parents to bear this irreparable loss ameen.

There needs to be a law in Pakistan where it should be landlord’s responsibility to fix the property at no cost to the tenant like it is in several countries. I think in this country only 1% people are honest other 99% are corrupt and dishonest. Just look at what happened with Mustafa. I mean no one deserves this within their own home. That’s our safe place.

According to the media reports, Mustafa Hashmi died when a large piece of concrete of a roof broke off and fell on him on main Khayaban-i-Sahar in Defence Housing Authority, Phase-VII, in presence of his parents, who remained miraculously unhurt in the incident. Mustafa was studying in Nixor College DHA and was a very bright student. Everyone loved the good soul Mustafa as he was very charming and nice.

“My son died in sleep as he did not cry or utter any word,” Mr Hashmi, the father of the boy said. Something died with in me. You cannot even imagine the anguish. There still are many houses with substandard construction in the DHA Karachi and across Pakistan and this is high time that government do something about this.


Who is Arooj Aftab and What Has She Done

The hot and elegant Arooj Aftab is sizzling the world stage and illuminating Pakistan globally. The girl has risen and shone like a bright star with her excellent and unmatched talent. She has proven her mettle. Profile and family of Arooj Aftab is also very interesting.

WOW! Pakistani singer #AroojAftab gets nominated for a #Grammy in the New Artist Category for an Urdu song. In July 2021 Arooj made it to President Obama’s Summer playlist for her cover of Mohabat (karney waley kam na honge) an original by Mehdi Hasan. Pakistan-raised, Brooklyn-based experimental classical artist (Arooj) Aftab is definitely most leftfield artist on the list. She could be this year’s Esperanza Spalding, pull off an upset” predicts music critic.

We offer mega congrats on your Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. You go girl! You make us so proud. We’re all rooting for a win but such an honour to be nominated that too for an Urdu song & a classic from Mehdi Hasan. Congratulations for becoming the first ever Pakistani to be nominated for best New artist for the 2022 @RecordingAcad Grammy award. This is truly incredible news. So so proud and happy.

One of the Grammy nominees for best new artist is a queer Pakistani indie singer her name’s arooj aftab and her most recent album vulture prince is awesome. Jon Batiste, ABBA, Morgan Wallen, Arooj Aftab: Biggest snubs and surprises of the 2022 Grammy nominations.

Here is the list of Grammy’s nomination for best new artist
Best New Artist


The song collection of Arooj Aftab can be found here.


5 Year Visit Visa for UAE for Pakistanis

Has anyone processed the new 5 year visit visa for UAE that’s reportedly 650 Dhs. My sister got one recently and she is so happy and satisfied. She applied online from Pakistan and applied herself through her husband. Her husband is in UAE working for sometime now. The timeframe of obtaining this visa is just few weeks and even earlier.

Some people on a travel group on Facebook claim to have got it. According to my travel agent they can’t vouch for anyone in Pakistan having got it so far. Also at the moment you have to apply directly on the link and not through the other agencies including United Arab Emirates. This visa would be valid for Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Al Ain and the Al Dhafra (Western region).

But then there is lots of confusion around it as some people are saying that it’s only for the businessmen and it’s a business visa and not a tourist visa. The cost for this 5 year visa is 660.29 DHA to be exact. The application procedure is pretty easy and straightforward. We can even apply for the parents in Pakistan.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) is responsible for issuing this visa. The five-year visa enables tourists to enter multiple times on self-sponsorship and remain in the country for 90 days on each visit, which can be extended for another 90 days. The application procedure for this visa is as follows:

  1. Upload application information, including name, service beneficiary details, address inside the UAE, address outside the UAE.
  2. Upload attachments including coloured photo, passport copy, medical insurance, and bank statement for last six months. Applicants must have a balance of US $4,000 or its equivalent in foreign currencies in the last six months.
  3. Review the application
  4. Pay for the application
  5. Receive visa by e-mail

I hope this helps.


Abid Sher Ali Fight Viral Video in London

Abid Sher Ali Fight Viral Video in London is not something to miss as this tells you the state of politics in Pakistan and abroad. Abid Sher Ali Fight Viral Video is available for download and can be viewed here if you want but you need to understand that the fissures run deep, very deep.

I stand with Abid Sher Ali. Enough is enough. has always been front line warrior of MNS. His bold character has always inspired me. I must say WELL DONE SIR. You did what they deserved. Once a thief is always a thief, Pakistani family do good to humiliate these theft publicly, but shame to PTI and its youthias for bringing embarrassment for the Pakistan. Dear all, I have been told that this Youthia UK variant name is Shahid Khan. The restaurant wants to report him to to the police for harassment and hooliganism in rules violation. Plz share it and recognise this person with name and contact details so we can assist the law enforcement.

PTI has made it a habit of insulting others in public places. Now it’s time to retaliate. 

Youthias talking about morals is sheer entertainment. Its like criminals talking about law n order, Firdous Ashiq Awan talking about Noise pollution and ARY talking about fake news. Well done abid Sher Ali this dirty yahoothia generation deserves to be dealt in this way. PTI youthia Shahid Khan crossed all the boundaries of decency; abusing a Abid family and friends family in the presence of minors and other women.

PTI’s policy of harnessing abusive language has a multi-tiered effect on Pakistan’s democratic progression, it’s sustainable developmental goals & society’s overall moral standards & capabilities. PM appoints officials on bases of insulting opponents and so PM should appoint personnel who can elevate Pakistanis to be self sufficient and above the poverty line. PM should talk about economic hardships, strengthening structures to allow growth instead He and his team are busy ridiculing opposition as their priority.

Imran Khan working for a second term in office instead of working towards Pakistan who he has so greatly derailed in his viciousness for Pakistan’s mother party PMLN. Beat PMLN in a political ring whose standards are of performance. Instead PM has set a example for political workers of PTI to follow him into falling from moral grace. This is a impact of a con-man hell bent on going to any lengths for his personal power.

Well done Abid Sher Ali.


Full Story of Anis Iqbal Profile and Purse Snatching History

Rawalpindi Police has arrested Anis Iqbal after the video of purse snatching incident went viral on the social media from the girl. It’s such a heart-wrenching video that I had to grit my teeth to watch it as I couldn’t bear seeing such brutality from Anis Iqbal on his motorcycle. 

Anis Iqbal is barely 18 and a dropout from the school. He lives in old city of Rawalpindi near Murree Road and roams his bike whole day in search of soft targets like girls and women from whom he could snatch the purse, mobile phones and other valuables. He is also said to have been an addict and has been disowned by his family. Anis has been doing such nefarious acts since the age of 15 on the same bike and this is the first time he has been caught courtesy CCTV cameras.

Many thanks Rawalpindi Police. Thank God that this person was caught. Now the police should give them severe punishments from the court by imposing provisions like street crimes, harassment, robbery and mischief on earth. The way this girl fallen on the thorny road has shaken me so hard and broken my heart while tears gone out of my eyes so painfully. Teach him such a lesson that it becomes a lesson for all others who has such intentions. He must be made an example for others.

Specially the way police fired on his arm and claimed he fired at the police instead.. Solid move! That shall add to many criminal counts in his FIR.. He’s not coming out for at least 5-6 years. Your sisters & daughters will be really proud to be in the province duly looked after by a “ Kohatian”. This swift action by @ahsanpsp boys have made every one in police force proud . Immediate and stern punishment will further the effort. Well done PUNJAB POLICE.

We all are proud that under your guidance and direction the crime rate all over the province is dropping. De-rooting the thana culture and presenting the police as a friendly figure has also decreased the fear of citizens. As per Pakistan law for how long he will be put behind bars and what are the chances that he will be changed and what other charges will add up to this current snatching. What about the loss i mean her phone is broken. Will the Govt fulfill her loss. Just a suggestion to curb the street crimes. Many bikers mostly Afghanis and local pindi boys are riding the bikes with ownership documents. This is just like another black market. One can get the bike in 10000 without any documents. Strict action must be taken against un-documented bike.

Well done Rawalpindi Police for arresting this criminal who snatched the purse of your sister in the street. I am sure you will be able to keep him away from our streets and behind the bars for a long time. Sir, we are very grateful for the kind appreciation. Rawalpindi Police is committed to serve its citizens. Insha Allah, under your command we will ensure professional investigation and seek conviction from Court of Law. But at the same time corruption in police should be checked too.


Who is Majeed Niazi who Abused Bilawal in Parliament

If you want to know who really Majeed Niazi is who abused Bilawal Bhutto Zardari in the parliament by calling him ‘Billo Rani’ and calling him names then watch this video which will tell you who exactly he is. Not only he is the MNA of PTI from Layyah, he is more than that.

NA 187 Election result 2018 was not only surprising for the people of that halqa, it was also extremely surprising for this lowlife Majeed Niazi who had won it. Without any political acumen or credentials, he was the beneficiary of proven and legendary RTS rigging of that election. By distributing motorcycles and money among the people and by hook and crook, he had won the elections and has never done a thing there as he knows that he could win again if rigging is on his side.

Majeed Niazi also knows that in PTI he who abuses the  most gets popular and become apple of the eye of Imran Khan Niazi, the head  honcho of PTI. Majeed believes that he has so many examples in front of him where people have risen the ranks within PTI as they abused others verbally and physically. The latest and recent example is of Firdous Aashiq Awan who slapped another MPA of PPP in a live program and she has no remorse at all. The list is long if you start counting within PTI.

And this is nothing new for this Majeed Niazi. In 2019, he also had attacked another Ex Minister Punjab & MPA Ahmed Ali Aulakh who then went into serious condition whose ribs & backbones badly broken by Majeed Niazi. Majeed is said to have been Imran Khan’s close friend and then he became the PTI MNA. Imran Khan also publicly abused Aulakh by spewing naked filth in-front of government Officers. So Majeed took the cue and then attacked him and earned praise.


Why Nawaz Sharif Residence is Attacked Again and Again?

It happens almost every month that someone attacks Nawaz Sharif or Ishaq Dar on the street, or in the park or at their residence. We know that PTI goons plus the handlers of PTI hire criminals to attack the former 3 time Prime Minister of Pakistan but my question is why on earth Nawaz Sharif and his aides allow that to happen that easily?

So much so that these criminals were easily able to barge into the ICU ward of Begum Kulsum Nawaz, the ailing wife of Nawaz Sharif sometime back. These criminals tried to take her photos and allegedly tried to harm her on her death bed. Even then we never heard that PMLN took any action against those criminals. All we heard that Met police was informed and investigations were underway and that was about it. This is the prime reason why it happens again and again. This lethargy and lack of followup and response emboldens these criminals.

Maryam Nawaz Sharif, the daughter of Nawaz Sharif has tweeted, “Resorting to gross CRIMINALITY in the face of political frustration and defeat. Peoples voice will not be silenced by low life 3rd rate criminals. #NawazSharif is the voice of the people of Pakistan and will not be silenced, Insha’Allah. May Allah protect you #NawazSharif.” And her supporters have liked and retweeted her tweet and also showed solidarity on Twitter and I believe that’s about it. While the enemy is attacking them on the ground, they are just responding on social media from their phones. 

No wonder it never stops. The latest video of attack on Nawaz Sharif is quite alarming. If you look closely, the black guy who’s wearing a suit and holding files has an athletic body. His biceps are big and he looks like a trained man! In the end, their sick attitude when 1 black guy showed a “middle-finger”. It’s time Nawaz Sharif should increase his security. PTI says that those people were from debt recovery team but that’s seems unlikely or may be they were in the garb of that. 

Anyway, if PMLN and Nawaz Sharif and their aides won’t retaliate or respond, this will keep happening. Also for the Met police; This should be the matter of concern if it comes in your jurisdiction. How somebody could be attacked in the presence of world class police. If this is fabricated/concocted then the guilty must be brought to justice. This must be the matter of dignity for police department.


Who is Bashir Memon and What Has He Done

Today, as Bashir Memon exposed this dirty and smelly system, no one should suspect that niazi has used the heads of institutions and institutions to take revenge on his dirty politics and opponents. Nawaz sharif is fighting against the same dirty system.

Bashir Memon is a brave officer who not only refused to follow wrong orders of Imran Khan (and did it again and again) but also is now exposing him in front of the media. DG FIA exposed the Thug Niazi very well and made him naked over his dual face. Thug Niazi Insha Allah will be brought to justice soon. Former dgfia bashir memon said the government has been setting up cases by falsely accusing opponents and fabricating. How did Imran Niazi instruct former DG FIA Bashir Memon that institutions should have a transparent investigation to use their political opponents.

The interview of former DG FIA is a proof that how PM select and his cabinet members are abusing their powers to victimize political opponents and any other sane voices. Imran Khan will have to answers for this fascism. Bashir Memon has absoultely exposed the mindset and thought process of Selected PM. He has disclosed the naked aggression of IK towards PMLN. Use state resources against his political opponents and how he wants to protect & safeguard his investors.

Bashir Memon’s allegations are in fact a charge sheet again IK that how he tried to misuse his power by trying to implicate not just a SC judge but opposition politicians. In any developed country this would have led to serious consequences for the PM. Niazi insisted on making false cases against the central leadership of PML-N. When the NAB was called on the refusal of the FIA, they took immediate action and Niazi declared the NAB as a loyal institution.

The conspiracies of this government and those who brought it to power have been exposed and failed. Now their game is about to end. InshaAllah that time is near when they’ll be imprisoned for destroying Pakistan and taking our rights. PTI leadership has been once again exposed before the people. They tried to fool the people again by telling oft-repeated lies. The interview of former DG FIA is a proof that how PM select and his cabinet members are abusing their powers to victimize political opponents and any other sane voices. 


Can Imran Khan Be a Bridge Between West and Pakistan

Playboy Imran Khan of yesterday is a staunch Muslim of today apparently after marrying a lady who doesn’t go in public without veil and has got religious affiliations deeply rooted. So can Imran Khan be a bridge between West and Pakistan in specific or Muslim world at large?

I like how IK is always situating himself as a kind of cultural translator or broker between the West and the Muslim world. “They don’t understand us” and “I’ve lived with them so I know,” kinda like an anthropologist, except one who traffics in stereotypes and is mostly wrong. He simply points out that gora complex isnt something to be proud of. The thing is that his perception about West and East is very superficial and lacks intellectual depthness.

It’s a remarkable mix of Orientalism and occidental ism, stereotypes and essential ism going both ways. So true. He likes to give these sweeping statements about “west”. He is a lethal of ignorance and confidence. Ignorance, arrogance, self-righteousness, hypocrisy and idiocy. People fail to realise how much colonialism has affected our society. That and they also fail to understand that colonialism and its inferiority complex are deeply ingrained in our psych for a long long time now.

After listening to him it seems he is the only Pakistani who has lived with ‘them’ and rest of Pakistanis were born and bred in jungles. He said, “I know the west best because I have played cricket in England ‘, I wish I could put 500 corrupt people in Pakistan in jail ‘, and Ertugrul as icon of ‘the real islamic culture ‘ are but a few of the Khanistic masterpieces of obscurantism.” Some people say that he sometimes may vary off topic however his understanding of the west’s treatment of Muslims is correct.

I believe that IK is still living under some fantasy and now he needs to come out of it.



What’s happening at the Higher Education Commission in Islamabad?

What’s happening at the Higher Education Commission in Islamabad? Here are the issues:

1) The PTI government is trying to dismantle an autonomous organization (HEC), which was established to protect the higher education sector from political interference and erosion of standard.

2) So Govt has readied amendment to HEC Ordinance to remove Chairman & all members prematurely, reduce terms of future members from 4 yrs to 2 yrs (thus rendering them ineffective) & transferring authority to government-appointed ED, who could be changed arbitrarily.

3) This will also have the impact of damaging the growing cooperation with provinces notwithstanding the 18th Amendment; note that HEC is not a federal body, since 4 of the 18 commission members represent the provinces while 2 represent the federation.

4) A major point of contention is HEC’s refusal to tolerate or ignore the government’s patently biased action of giving Rs. 30 billion to a private citizen who happens to be a close confidante of the Prime Minister

5) This gent has submitted several so-called projects costing tens of billions of rupees each, with hugely padded budgets, little justifications, and total lack of accountability, and the PM Office has actively intimidated and hectored government officials to accord approval.

6) Simultaneously, HEC was directed by the PM Office to exempt Attaur Rahman’s institutions (HEJ, etc.) from accountability systems, and to keep funding them without asking for any performance standards.

7) This regime is the most anti-education government in Pakistan history; it has slashed funds for higher education, appointed corrupt and unprofessional persons to statutory positions in universities and undertaken and assaulted the autonomy of educational institutions, esp HEC


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