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SBP has extended the last date for encashment or conversion of Rs7,500, Rs15,000, Rs25,000 and Rs40,000 denomination prize bonds up to June 30, 2022

Prizebond say PARAGON tuk ka safar…
U r among few families whose progressing trends like JF THUNDER..but PAKISTAN progress graph dropped down since u came into politics, so we r right if we call u TRAITORS?

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National Savings announced Prize Bond Draw schedule in April 2022

Rs 750 Prize Bond List 15 April 2022 90th Draw Karachi Result online

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O bhai yeh teray bus ki baat nahee hay. Ja kay prize bond kay number check kur.

40k 25k 15k 7.5k walay saray band ho gaay hain.

If you can’t make it please donate to her legal fund or sign the petition. If you are coming, see you all in pink! Assembly venue is Jevanjee Gardens not Serena


Nimra Asad Leaked Video Viral Uncut Full

Now Nimra Asad is the new entrant in the long and ever evolving list of viral videos on social media and others. Whatsapp and twitter are buzzing with Nimra Asad name. Nimra Asad leaked video viral uncut full is available now.

What makes WORDLE so addictive and viral? Well, it’s probably due to some clever psychology baked into the mechanics of the game. If you upload consistently, you create backlog videos and if one of your video go viral the others will follow. One video away to change your life. So this is why all these tiktok stars like Nimra Asad are making and leaking such videos every day.

It really baffles me that Nimra Asad has been correcting ‘psychology facts’ videos for months now and still manages to find new viral content to correct every day lol her hustle is unparalleled. Today, we learn that birth order does NOT affect personality the way Adler theorized 100 years ago. We also learn that not all licensed therapists are up to date on relevant research, and that people too sick to teach on Zoom may be too sick to make good content.

Wow I had no idea. Went through an Ivy leave graduate program in therapy and never learned this. Thanks for clearing it up. This is all fairly recent research, the matter was much less settled before (though there was still little support for Adler). Does the side effect of the vaccine will make a person type “personality” as “personality” ? Apparently! My head hurts and there is quite a bit of vertigo. Darn TikTok doesn’t have autocorrect in there.

Not at all or not how Adler theorized? I always thought birth order was nonsense, but when my second was born, I saw how my eldest was constantly in his face, hugging him, shoving things at him, snatching things from him, and I was like “Okay, yeah, that’ll shape some pathways.” In general, there is not a consistent relationship between personality traits and birth order. That doesn’t mean your kids’ experiences don’t affect them, it just isn’t it predicated on birth order specifically.

That makes sense. I would expect the experience of being a second child varies a lot depending on the temperament of the first child, as well as the age difference. She looks like he’s more bothered about his hair than actual science. I love how dedicated you are to facts and science.


betproexch login Free Credit and Helpline Admin Tips

Sherus got this out of the jaws of the Kings. A match to watch!

Peshawar secure the victory they wanted today. Karachi’s losing streak remains unbroken.

ICC World Cup Super League

3rd ODI | India won by 96 runs








Facile Vega
Redemption Day
James’s Gate

Just some of Willie Mullins’ Bumper options





Hidden Camera and Hidden Camera Detector Price in Pakistan

It’s an easy step by step as how to install hidden camera or how to use hidden camera detector in Pakistan. The price of hidden camera and hidden camera detector in Pakistan is quite cheap actually and you can order it online from within and outside Pakistan through various online stores including Amazon.

It is very important for all persons who are at risk of being targeted by someone to install hidden cameras at their homes and dash cams in their cars. Lets first share where to purchase them online or locally for an affordable price in Pakistan especially in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, Quetta, Sialkot, Wah Cantt and Rawalpindi and other places in the country.

Surely technologists must come together and create cyber intelligence to make life unbearable for ferrets until they repent. Make use of miniature cameras used on ties, wrist watches, ties, air fresheners, coins and audio chargers. We need body cams. We also need embedded low power GPS locators. This would be like smurf attack in Pakistan. Mini 1080P HD Hidden Spy Camera WIFI Network Monitor Wireless Camera DIY Module.

It has mini size and light weight. Its easy to place with it and you can secretly monitor your home, office or anywhere you want to cover. This high-quality 1080hp mini camera is the latest wide angle Wi-Fi camera, with a built-in magnet and 150° wide angle lens, ready to capture all details clearly giving you a great scope of what’s going on in the room. The compact design makes it easy to hide around anywhere like in the home or office. Perfect as surveillance camera in for the car, home, office or more! With an excellent live stream feature on a mobile app, you can view your camera live from anywhere, at any-time.

This mini camera includes a 150° Wide Angle Lens, Motion Activated Push Alerts, No-Glow IR Night Vision, recording while Charging, Playback/Snap­shot/Record Remotely, iOS and Android Compatible, Live Stream from Anywhere, SD Card Recording, Free App, One App Multiple Camera, One Camera Multiple Users and More. Our mini spy camera comes with built-in 300mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasting for up to 1-3 hours, or you can plug it in or use a battery pack for up to 30 hours or continuous use of charge. Relax and have peace of mind knowing you can watch over your valuables by live stream, at any time.



1080P FULL HD viewing video & 150° view angle
IR Night Vision & Motion Detection
Motion Alerts
covert design of 6 infrared IR lights
5M night vision distance
Wi-Fi camera & Remote playback
Snapshot mode to capture any important moments
Rechargeable battery & Supports recording while charging
View multiple camera images
Multi users remote viewing
Supports 4 – 128GB Micro SD card & Loop recording
Ultra-small and invisible
iOS and Android compatible


1 x 1080HP Security Camera

1 x USB Cable & 1 x flexible USB Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Magnetic Bracket

1 x Magnetic patch


Video format: AVI
Number of frames: 25
Angle of view: 150 degrees
sport detection camera distance: 6 meters straight
Memory card type: TF card (not included)
Playback software: VLC Player / SM Player
Computer operating system: Windows/Mac OS X

Please note: Memory SD Card not included



Data Furnish Wah CUI Local Portal

Pakistani Nationality Dr. MRehmani Lecture of COMSATS WAH has been appointed as Editor in Engineering Division (Electrical Engineering) in Nature Scientific Reports (The Most Prestigious Scientific Journal in the World). Comsats Wah or Hitec for Civil Engineering?

GCU-ACM Student Chapter proudly announces its collaboration with ACM COMSATS WAH Chapter for All Pakistan Tech and Art Festival’21, which will keep the students up with the industry and academia. A seminar on “Satellite Enhanced snowmelt, Flood and Drought prediction for the rivers with surface and ground level modelling” was organised in University of Baltistan, Skardu where Dr. Muhammad Abid, Director Wah Campus, CUI was invited as guest speaker.

We recently held graduation ceremonies of Batch 7 students at our centers COMSATS University Islamabad, Wah Campus and Lahore College Women University. Our team praised the batch with best wishes and awarded graduation certificates to successful students. PU Gujranwala, UE Vehari and Comsats University Wah Campus Merit Lists Are Out! OTHER MERIT LISTS WILL BE ANNOUNCED WITHIN NEXT 2 WEEKS.

Comsats Islamabad (Closed)
Comsats Lahore (Closed)
Comsats Wah Cantt (Closed)
Comsats Abbotabad opened ? Does that make sense wah cannt is near to Abt aren’t students coming from Punjab/Capital areas to Campus?

e-Rozgaar Comsats Wah Center Trainees made 30,000$ in just 6 months. Prof. Muhammad T. Afzal, Rector CUI visited Campuses of COMSATS University in Wah, Attock and Abbottabad and met with the senior management. He was briefed on campus infrastructure and human resource as well as other current issues of the campus. The PRCS Regional Blood Donor Centre arranged a blood donation camp at COMSATS University Wah, a large number of management members, teachers and students participated and donated blood.



Real Car Parking 2 mod apk Latest Free

Video game modding in Pakistan is getting very popular day by day and young boys and girls are after real car parking 2 mod apk for free and for the latest and greatest offers online. That is perfectly understandable given the recent surge in the gaming options available both on android and iPhone and the gaming laptops.

There are various security loopholes which you need to be aware of while allowing any other application, developer, company, or web service to modify the game on your own system. It’s imperative that you research it well and thoroughly before opting for it. You must know the technical side effects and what could be exploited before you grant the access. In most cases, there are scams and once you lost your credits or game buys then there is no way you can get them back.

You must be aware that modding a console is illegal in most of the countries. So you must first get permissions from the owner or developer if you intend to do that modding. Real Car Parking 2 mod apk Latest Free is legit as long as you have the written consent. Virtual Reality Oasis has a really good video on how to mod if you didn’t already figure it out in a legal and proper way. An illegal backup is having possession of a copy that you didn’t purchase, aka piracy. Removing the copy protection off a game you own, and backing that up, is perfectly fine. The trouble starts when you decide to share it.

If you are just doing it for learning purposes and don’t intend to share it or monetize it then in most of the cases it should be fine. The apk mania in Pakistan is insane really as everyone wants a freebie without really putting any effort into it as no one wants to do the hard yard. Everyone wants a free lunch as they don’t understand the technology behind it. Also keep that in your perspective that depending on how it’s modded, Microsoft or Sony might not let you use their services.

So just make sure you enjoy the learning.


8 Googling Tips You Probably Don’t Know

If you use it right, Google is the most powerful tool in the world. But the truth is most people suck at it. Here are 8 Googling tips that you probably don’t know:

1- “Quotation markets”

Put quotes around search terms to let you search exactly for that word.

All results will have your terms in it.

Example: “Pakistani dramas”

Gives you all Pakistani dramas search results without just “Pakistani” or just “drama”.

2- Dashes

If you want to exclude a term from your search, include a hyphen before that word.

Example: biryani-pulao

You just want biryani not pulao.

3- ~ Tilde

Use tilde when you want synonyms to appear in the result.

Example: dance ~classes

Here you only get dance classes, lessons, coaching, etc.

4- Site:

Use this to search within a specific website only.

Example: Nawaz Sharif

This searches for Nawaz Sharif mentions on website (pknama dot com).

5- | Vertical bar

Same purpose as OR.

Example: Nawaz | Shahbaz

Nawaz OR Shahbaz

6- .. Two Periods

Use two periods to search within 2 number ranges.

Example: movies 1978..2001

7- Location:

Find information related to a particular location.

Example: behari kebab location:karachi

8- Filetype:

Filter by a certain file type related to your search.

Example: warren buffet filetype:doc

This filters out all the click bait news Buffet news article you don’t want to read.


Why StakeCube Failed to Handle TenUp Liquidity Pressure?

This means the buy sell orders will not execute which are already placed and market will not have impact of any volume buying and selling. Tup has a bright future I guess but I don’t where to buy Waqar Zak’s is on the back of tup soo that’s why we should buy this coin immediately.

Dear stakecube right now ( Tenup community )is just practicing dance for a big party and exchange became overloaded in just dance practice. In simple words (Pakistani’s break the ceiling). Dear other exchanges keep yourself ready for the power of TENUP community. On August 06 , 2021 Tenup Going To Burn 10 Million Coin.Remaining Percentage Will Be Burned In The Coming Few Days.

I hope on 14August it will be a profitable Treat for Tenup holders Insha’Allah. what should we do , right now. we can’t even buy from stakecube. STEX verification System is just like hell in a cell. If Tenup will list after 14 of August. We’ll miss the train. TenUp is a blockchain-powered global micro-finance platform led by Waqar Zaka , an award-winning humanitarian, refugee activist, and celebrity television host.

Sir my deposits from binance done successfully but in stakecube they are not showing my balance.. wht to do i want to buy becoze it vll fly away from my buying range. I faced the same problems. Just go to the support on discord and open a ticket. They Will fix tour problem. I am buying this to support our token and for sure I will ask everyone in my circle to buy it. Thanks. As we promised we have burned 10 Million TUPs equivalent to 1.4 Million $ of Worth.Remaining Percentage will be burned soon.

Bhai want to invest 5 thousand usd in tenup for 1 year. Is this right decision? Please need your guidance. The purpose is not only to get profit but also supporting the project. No customer service at all trying to contact with tenup from last many weeks nobody responded back email/facebook/twitter/insta not a single reply. I believe that if they want people of Pakistan to take them seriously then they need to improve their customer service.



Buy the Phone Which You Can Afford

Do’t get entangled into the rat race. Only buy what you can afford and that holds true for the phones too. Yes smart phone is a necessity now and if you don’t have one then you are dysfunctional in today’s time no matter what you do or where you live. You have to have one. 

But you don’t have to or need to buy the latest and greatest gadget. Just buy any recent one which you can easily afford. If you can buy it without credit all the best, but if you can buy it on installments which you can afford easily month by month, then that’s the way to go. The best way is to set aside monthly money for the next couple of years so that you could boy the new one when the time comes and you might be able to buy more powerful one. Few year old iPhone or android phones are just as good as new ones and they look like the same very soon.

I purchased iPhone 7 last year. Yes, you read that right. It was already v old. However, it was within my budget and I really needed an iPhone to make content. Android sucks, big time. And honestly I was v happy w the purchased because I bought it from my own money. When you buy something from your own hard earned money only then you’ll know the worth of an item. The Ecstasy you get from holding your own thing without any debt is simply out of this world.

Although I bought all other phones w my own money too but for iPhone it was different because it’s a step ahead and expensive. Anyway, when I happily posted about getting it people asked me, which one did you get? iPhone 7, I said. They legit laughed, every other person. Yes, they were my friends. They laughed saying 7 is v old, who buys that now? I should’ve gotten a new model. It killed my happiness bec tf are you paying for a latest one? No, right? When I’ve gotta pay I’ll get what’s within my budget also the phone was working fine till this year. I updated, alhamdulilliah. It’s still not iPhone 11 or 12, but an upgrade from what I had. You know what did I realise?

‘Log apke khushi mein khush nae hote hain’.

People do that for a purpose even if they are your friends, maybe they don’t get the worth of buying something from your own money. And before you come over saying this tweet is done from aNdRoId. I have 2 phones. People killed happiness of my lil achievement and it was enough for me to understand how messed up the society is. Yaar kia ho gaya if someone purchased something that isn’t a latest model? You should be proud of yourself, those who flex on others achievements and money are worthless really at the end of day.

This is a sad reality of the society. How come a daddys boy know about the Happiness and self satisfaction of being financial independent. You are great and better than many out there. Grind for your own happiness. Share it with who appreciate. In professional life, nobody cares which phone or model you have. I have worked for a renowned company and attended top management meetings with a broken Xiaomi mobile. I always put my phone on table. Nobody makes fun of it.



Full Viral Video of DG Narc Lutf Ullah Niazi and Tabassum Nazir

Tis the season of viral leaked video of influential people in Pakistan. After Mufti Aziz and then Usman Mirza, today’ special is the full viral video of DG Narcotics Punjab Lutf Ullah Niazi and government college Lala Musa Mohtarma Tabassum Nazir. Here is the full video.

It’s not about the private moments and its not about interfering in someone’s privacy. It’s all about making sure that we do what is needed and what we don’t do is what we don’t. Lutf ullah Niazi DG Punjab Anti Narcotics and Advocate Tabassum Nazeer are just one example what is wrong with our society. We know that these are powerful people without any shame or thing but they have lots of clout and they have got so many links that’s its impossible to even face these people or take them to the court as they are so well connected.

I thought that Pakistanis in general are stubbornly dedicated to virtue. I always believed that we are an Islamic society and very conservative in nature. I also thought that we care about each other. I think the main issue arises from and comes into play when we consider what being virtuous means. “Be virtuous” isn’t actionable. It’s not about not getting leaked vidoes I reckon. It takes some reflecting to figure out what that would mean. Or may be I am getting it all wrong.

I know that it’s none of our  business to poke our noses in what Mr. Lutf Niazi and what Mrs. Tabassum do in their spare time behind the closed doors. But what about when a poor man does that? Have you seen the video of Usman Mirza and that couple? Could Usman Mirza do the same with Lutf Ullah Niazi? Would Niazi tolerate such behavior from Usman Mirza? It’s the country of powerful where we don’t have any say and poor is only there to get trodden down.

That is why I am so hopeless and depressed about the whole situation.

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