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Who is walidad cheema and what has he done and his link to Islamia university bahawalpur scandal of leaked videos of girls. Tariq Bashir Cheema son scandal is huge and Tariq is denying it profusely.

In recent times, the world has witnessed its fair share of controversies and scandals involving institutions of higher learning. Among the more recent scandals to have surfaced, one that drew widespread attention was the alleged involvement of Walidad Cheema, a prominent figure, in a scandal that shook the foundations of Islamia University. This article aims to explore the details of the scandal and Walidad Cheema’s purported connection to it.

The Islamia University Scandal: An Overview

Islamia University, a renowned educational institution with a long history of academic excellence, came under the spotlight after allegations of financial misconduct and academic fraud emerged. The scandal implicated some high-ranking officials and influential personalities, including the controversial figure, Walidad Cheema.

Who is Walidad Cheema?

Walidad Cheema is a name that has often stirred mixed reactions within Pakistani society. A prominent public figure and politician, Cheema has been both praised and criticized for his outspoken views and controversial statements. Known for his connections with various political circles, Cheema has served as a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan in the past, representing his constituency.

Link to the Scandal

The alleged link between Walidad Cheema and the Islamia University scandal centers around accusations of financial misappropriation and misuse of authority. According to some sources, Cheema was said to have exerted undue influence over the university administration, influencing key decisions and appointments. These allegations claimed that certain faculty members and administrative personnel were appointed based on personal connections rather than merit, compromising the university’s academic standards.

Furthermore, the scandal involved accusations of financial irregularities, mismanagement of funds, and embezzlement of university resources. It was alleged that Cheema’s association with some of the university’s officials facilitated the misuse of funds and resources for personal gain, at the expense of the institution’s development and the students’ welfare.

Media Uproar and Legal Proceedings

As news of the alleged scandal spread like wildfire, the media became heavily involved, reporting on every development with extensive coverage. Public outrage grew as people demanded a thorough investigation and accountability for those involved. The credibility of the university and its reputation as an academic institution of repute came into question.

In response to mounting pressure, the authorities initiated a comprehensive inquiry into the matter. A special investigation committee was formed to uncover the truth behind the allegations, and legal proceedings were set in motion.

Presumption of Innocence and Due Process

It is crucial to remember that, at this stage, the allegations against Walidad Cheema are just that – allegations. In any democratic society governed by the rule of law, individuals are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. It is imperative that we refrain from drawing conclusions prematurely and allow the legal process to take its course.


The alleged link between Walidad Cheema and the Islamia University scandal remains a contentious issue. As the investigation progresses, it is essential to maintain the principles of justice and impartiality to ensure that the truth is unveiled. The scandal serves as a stark reminder of the need for transparency, accountability, and ethical governance within our institutions.

While the controversy surrounding Walidad Cheema continues to unfold, it is imperative to address systemic issues in academia and politics to prevent such scandals from occurring in the future. Only through adherence to principles of integrity and good governance can we rebuild the trust of the public in our institutions and strive for a brighter and more equitable future for education in Pakistan.


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New Record: PTI’s Govt has been issuing 15 licences of beer🍺& wine🍷daily from June 2020 to Apr 2022 in Islamabad. Imran Khan’s Govt issued over 11000 licenses of wine, beer, whisky & alcohol🍷🍺 🥃 during the said period. Who got issued these licenses. Did Aleem Khan amended law defending Ahmedis? Did Aleem Khan proposed or voted for the bill of transgenders? If you are putting all crimes on AK, then you should also accuse AK of siring Tyian Khan as well.

Transgender bill parha b he ? It is about providing them with basic rights mere bahi unlike what your liberal PDMs NGO aunties are doing. As for Ahmedi law, they should be able to Vote as Non-Muslims as a Pakistani it’s their right. I am just asking what was the role of Aleem Khan in all these? What’s so wrong in it ?? Alcohol should be regulated. That will be a real scandal. A question: is there ONE thing that PTI_-Imran Govt did in 3.5 years that was legal and free of corruption. I think that the only people who need to be worried about this are the bootleggers and the police who benefit from the black market.

For comparison purpose, also list how many licences were issued in old Pmln and PPP govts. And how many licences were issued after Imran Khan’govt. Just giving half information to malign one politician will only harm your own reputation. Do Corruption is only linked with PTi or you people are just targeting them I haven’t seen you are doing many other exclusive stories about other institutions & Parties. Hard to see your favourite journalist turned against Partisan. If Rs.1 crore is paid as rishwat per license it would amount to a total of Rs.11,000 crore. Irrelevant when coming from the channel operated by a land grabber himself who when couldn’t achieve his filthy motives joined the gang of crooks who are imposed on people of Pakistan by their enablers. I hope this clears your confusion.

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Here is full uncut leaked Azam Swati viral video from dark web. This video is now available at Twitter and Whatsapp. Azam Swati age is now quite old but he is blasting in his press conference today about his daughter and his wife and the leaked video.


You know who is he? He is sitting parliamentarian of this country. You know why he is screaming? bcz his bedroom video with his wife, has been sent to his daughters last night from so-called unknown number. Some people are saying that it is fake and some are saying that someone has just joined photos from photoshop and calling it a video.

Today is probably the saddest & most heartbreaking day we’ve witnessed in Pakistan’s history. A day that will remain dark forever. What Senator Azam Swati & his family have been put through is more than heartbreaking. How could anyone videotape a woman we should be respecting? We are living in a country where you get punished for speaking the truth and get rewards and perks for telling lies. PTI is all about lies and deceit.

Imran Khan Niazi of PTI is spreading lies upon lies an dalso trying to malign the good name of our armed forces and agencies. This Azam Swati viral video seems to be the link of same smearing campaign of Imran Khan. Our Prophet said, “The dignity of a Muslim is more than Kaaba.” A man in 70s is undressed and tortured physically and mentally. A personal video of his wife is made. He is crying in a presser but our agencies are laughing. Are we independent? Or even humans?

With days passing, it’s crystal clear that people in PTI have nothing to do with morality. Their dogma is only interest-based. What can a layman expect from high-ups when an aged senator & his family is met with such humiliating torture? Why Imran Khan has forced Azam Swati to lie like this just to become Prime Minister again? we’re not safe in our own homes, in our country. May all the persons involved behind this rot in hell always. May you beg for peace in your life everyday.

I don’t think so there’s anything left now, We as a nation has failed. To be very honest Pakistan is like a living hell for Civilians and other people due to people like Imran Niazi. These tears will destroy the oppressors and the righteous along with generations. Swati is Ex-Minister for Railways, member of Senate, Senior VP PTI, Ex-Minister for Narcotics, Ex-Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Ex-Minister for Science & Tech. He is also an absconder from USA.

I’m speechless, I’m sad, I’m angry I’m shattered due to conspiracy of Imran Khan.


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Now Nimra Asad is the new entrant in the long and ever evolving list of viral videos on social media and others. Whatsapp and twitter are buzzing with Nimra Asad name. Nimra Asad leaked video viral uncut full is available now.

What makes WORDLE so addictive and viral? Well, it’s probably due to some clever psychology baked into the mechanics of the game. If you upload consistently, you create backlog videos and if one of your video go viral the others will follow. One video away to change your life. So this is why all these tiktok stars like Nimra Asad are making and leaking such videos every day.

It really baffles me that Nimra Asad has been correcting ‘psychology facts’ videos for months now and still manages to find new viral content to correct every day lol her hustle is unparalleled. Today, we learn that birth order does NOT affect personality the way Adler theorized 100 years ago. We also learn that not all licensed therapists are up to date on relevant research, and that people too sick to teach on Zoom may be too sick to make good content.

Wow I had no idea. Went through an Ivy leave graduate program in therapy and never learned this. Thanks for clearing it up. This is all fairly recent research, the matter was much less settled before (though there was still little support for Adler). Does the side effect of the vaccine will make a person type “personality” as “personality” ? Apparently! My head hurts and there is quite a bit of vertigo. Darn TikTok doesn’t have autocorrect in there.

Not at all or not how Adler theorized? I always thought birth order was nonsense, but when my second was born, I saw how my eldest was constantly in his face, hugging him, shoving things at him, snatching things from him, and I was like “Okay, yeah, that’ll shape some pathways.” In general, there is not a consistent relationship between personality traits and birth order. That doesn’t mean your kids’ experiences don’t affect them, it just isn’t it predicated on birth order specifically.

That makes sense. I would expect the experience of being a second child varies a lot depending on the temperament of the first child, as well as the age difference. She looks like he’s more bothered about his hair than actual science. I love how dedicated you are to facts and science.


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Pakistani Nationality Dr. MRehmani Lecture of COMSATS WAH has been appointed as Editor in Engineering Division (Electrical Engineering) in Nature Scientific Reports (The Most Prestigious Scientific Journal in the World). Comsats Wah or Hitec for Civil Engineering?

GCU-ACM Student Chapter proudly announces its collaboration with ACM COMSATS WAH Chapter for All Pakistan Tech and Art Festival’21, which will keep the students up with the industry and academia. A seminar on “Satellite Enhanced snowmelt, Flood and Drought prediction for the rivers with surface and ground level modelling” was organised in University of Baltistan, Skardu where Dr. Muhammad Abid, Director Wah Campus, CUI was invited as guest speaker.

We recently held graduation ceremonies of Batch 7 students at our centers COMSATS University Islamabad, Wah Campus and Lahore College Women University. Our team praised the batch with best wishes and awarded graduation certificates to successful students. PU Gujranwala, UE Vehari and Comsats University Wah Campus Merit Lists Are Out! OTHER MERIT LISTS WILL BE ANNOUNCED WITHIN NEXT 2 WEEKS.

Comsats Islamabad (Closed)
Comsats Lahore (Closed)
Comsats Wah Cantt (Closed)
Comsats Abbotabad opened ? Does that make sense wah cannt is near to Abt aren’t students coming from Punjab/Capital areas to Campus?

e-Rozgaar Comsats Wah Center Trainees made 30,000$ in just 6 months. Prof. Muhammad T. Afzal, Rector CUI visited Campuses of COMSATS University in Wah, Attock and Abbottabad and met with the senior management. He was briefed on campus infrastructure and human resource as well as other current issues of the campus. The PRCS Regional Blood Donor Centre arranged a blood donation camp at COMSATS University Wah, a large number of management members, teachers and students participated and donated blood.


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