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Delaware Judge Scandal Video and Pics

                  The hot and sizzling and very funny delaware judge scandal is rocking Pakistani twitter and other social media sites. Judge Humayun Delaware must be thinking what…

Nadeem Nani Wala Viral Video Dailymotion

Nadeem Nani Wala viral video has leaked again on dailymotion and twitter and social media is ablaze yet again. That is where Pakistani and Indian social media are way too much similar rather than different….

hareem shah shower toothpaste video

Hareem Shah Ki Video Viral Leaked Hot

Why your desi parents don’t like you dating because hareem shah ki video got leaked. This I know doesn’t sound too logical or reasonable but then what in a desi household makes sense? Especially when…

Momina Waheed Leaked Video and Audio in Urdu

Momina Waheed Leaked Video and Audio in Urdu

Dance, kisses, hugs, mujras, dating, drinks, friendship, casual dating Lahore is in high gear at Zaman Park every night. As per Momina Waheed, every night these girls are used by the PTI workers as she…

aaj meetha meetha hai viral video uncut full

Umaira Yousaf Viral Video Leaked Hot

Pakistani hot girl Umaira Yousaf viral video leaked on twitter and other social media platform being watched by everyone. Umaira Yousaf is a young beautiful social media influencer from Pakistan who is gaining more fame…

naika sialkot leaked video

Naika Sialkot Leaked Video with Girl

Watch an interesting and hot naika Sialkot leaked video with girl with a touch of something similar to bawa g sialkot. Well, if you have seen Muqadas Usman then this video is sure to capture…

Farrukh Khokhar

Who is Farrukh Khokhar and His Real Story

So called Tiktoker/Crime Boss/Notorious Land Mafia King Farrukh Khokhar is in lock after police held him from court in Majid Satti murder case. So who is this Farrukh Khokhar and his real story and scandal…

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