Bajwa Mehwish Hayat Kubra Khan Sajal Video Leaked

Bajwa Mehwish Hayat Kubra Khan Sajal Video Leaked on social media by ex military officer Major Adil Raja. Ex-military officer Major Adil Raja started a character assassination campaign against Pakistan’s top actresses and models. The alleged hot video is circulating everywhere. PTI supporters are saying that the man is former army chief general qamar javed bajwa and the actresses are Kubra Khan, Mehwish Hayat, Sajal Ali, and Mahira Khan. Are these videos real? No one knows really.

Nothing can bring our celebrities down and certainly not Mehwish Hayat! You go, girl. The campaign against actresses Sajal Ali and Kabra Khan has been started to cover up the leaked news of Imran Khan with Ramil Ali Shah, because the talk against the most popular actresses of the drama industry overshadows the leaks of Imran and Ramil Ali. He boldly says that yes, I have been a playboy and this playboy has destroyed the lives of so many people and now he is spreading fake Sufism. My question to the nation is that they should impose such a person on this country again. will allow the funeral of the values ​​of our society. For Adil Raja, who came up with filthy, dirty and fake campaign against female celebrities.

Yes you can show your support to these women you are sympathetic with but there is nothing to blame on a military general. PTI can stoop to any low to bring IK the playboy back to the Prime Minister house. Bajwa leaks mahira khan kubra khan, kubra khan and bajwa leaked video, and various other videos are being leaked on Twitter and other social media platforms. Kubra Khan addresses the recent controversy made in a viral video against her and some other contemporary actresses. Asks Adil Raja to provide proves of his allegations. Major Raja Played well he didn’t mention anyone name just mentioned the intials which could be anyone but now they are admiting it by themselves.

I hope Kunra Khan goes to UK and actually file a suit against him. No matter how much I am hating Raja’s comments about this issue, suing him has a bleak chance of succeeding as he was thoughtful enough not to name and condemn in a tweet where others conk out characters. Someone tell her he actually hadn’t named her. KK could be literally anyone. I don’t think they can sue him coz he never called them out directly. The whole nation is with you brave lady. You have all the rights to love your personal life how ever you like it. No one was named in his vlog. There could be dozen of actresses and models with those initials. This is not a new thing. This has been happening since Yahya khan’s tenure. And most of us are well aware of the celeb lifestyle.

Yeah no one is allowed to defame anyone. Although in the past actresses were involved in these circumstances but the question raised should be about the character of people who claim to be Haji and Hafiz. Adil raja didn’t call her out basically. She should sue social media basically. Not supporting the filth being spread on social media. Not worth it, we have more important things to talk about. This is what I expect from not only you but all the actresses who think they may be part of it. Come out clean. I think he didn’t mentioned anyone’s name. Then why she is posting things like that to make it *dal ma kuch kala*. He has not named her and has already apologised for any misunderstanding. “Lucky for you I’m not just from here I am from uk so I’ll come there if I have too! ” depicts judicial system in Pakistan.

I hope this case leads that man to jail for assassinating characters without any proof for no reason, Ameen.


Pervaiz Elahi Aleena Amna Neha Pleasure Time Audio

Here is full leaked audio of Pervaiz Elahi Aleena Amna Neha pleasure time audio in Urdu which is sure to shock you. Yes, the rate of Aleena is Rs. 11 lakh (USD 4900) where his second wife will be present in threesome or should we call it foursome. The rate for alone girl is Rs. 5 Lakh (USD 2200).

According to Imran Shafqat, the journalist and host of Tellings on YouTube, this audio is from the time when Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi of PMLQ was in deep trouble due to the no confidence motion and was under lots of stress. So he called his alleged second young wife who then consoled him that she will arrange for her 2 friends Aleena, Neha and Amna who would provide ample satisfaction to Pervaiz Elahi and would provide him best of pleasure time for 11 lakh and Pervaiz would forget all of his woes.

This encrypted whatsapp call was recorded by the agro department allegedly and this would be leaked very soon. Pervaiz Elahi also knows about this leaked call and is willing to dance like a doll to stop it from being leaked. This call is going to rock the boat really hard and will also pave the way for Imran’s leaked videos in pool, with a boy and the threesome one. Imran Khan on Monday assured his Punjab Assembly members that Chief Minister Pervaiz Elahi is standing with his party despite the furore over the latter’s recent interview but Imran Niazi doesn’t trust Pervaiz and vice versa and they hate each other.

So who is this Aleena Amna and Neha? They are very famous elite call girls of Lahore and charge very very huge sum of money for one night. They only cater to the elite class as they are young, beautiful, college girls in Lahore. They are smoking hot and can speak English too. Pervaiz Elahi Aleena Amna Neha scandal is about to surface and will eclipse any other leaked video or audio for a long time. PTI and PML(Q) are not agreeing on seat adjustment. PML(Q) is demanding more seats. Shahbaz Gill had run away from hospital when Pervaiz Elahi was sent packing fearing arrest . The moment High Court restored the CM Shahbaz Gill promptly came back to hospital and started sleeping on his bed. Duty doctors were amazed at his speedy recovery that time.

You will be surprised to learn about this new shocking leaked audio of Pervaiz Elahi.


Who is Mirza Bilal Baig Hushand of Reham Khan

Here is all the details of Mirza Bilal Baig his family background, his father, his wealth and business and how he met with Reham Khan and how they fell in love with each other and how they managed to keep it all in secret until they announced it.

The wedding photos of Reham Khan with Mirza Bilal Baig are hot and sizzling and very nice. Reham Khan is probably the most beautiful media person of Pakistan and she has still maintained herself like nobody else. She is very graceful and educated and  intelligent. Mirza Bilal Baig is also young and handsome and the couple looks really nice with each other. We really wish them all the best in their future life and I hope that Sahil and other kids of Reham Khan are ok with it. I think this is third marriage of Reham Khan. Her previous marriages didn’t end up quite well especially the one with Imran Niazi, the playboy of Pakistan.

Many congratulations to Mohtarma Reham Khan and Mirza Bilal Baig on their marriage. Great wedding our brother Abdikadir mohamed Sheikh. I am here congratulation to you to your wedding. The first time I talk to my college crush after graduation is to give congratulation on his wedding. Congratulation Reham Khan the best For the new Wedding I hope you are Happy after the New marriage May you live long and happy. Hushand and Reham best.

Dear Reham Khan, congratulation on your wedding with your lovely girl. I just want to say i’m happy if you are happy. although i’m little bit feel hurt but it’s oke, You deserve to be happy. Once again congratulation i’m still loving you and will support you as long as i can. Wedding photos of new marriage of Reham Khan with Mirza Bilal Baig and video are quite striking and full of glamour and decency.

Many Congratulations weather girl! More power to you. Looking forward for another book in few years. Congratulations Madam and Heartfelt Condolences to the groom. Many Congratulations Mam…May Allah showers his endless blessing upon you and your partner. Ameen. Allah Kareem bless you with naik kismet and naseeb. Ameen sum Ameen and what a great today is for us. May Allah bless your new life with comfort and happiness. It’s always good to move on in life and no matters its 2nd 3rd 4th even 5th try to get a suitable match we must not stop I myself getting ready for 2nd We must avoid illegal relation.

Heartiest congratulations mam wishing you a brighter future ahead with lots of love and happiness. Congratulations, may this beautiful knot bring good fortune to both of you. Wishing you joy, love and happiness on your wedding day and as you begin your new life together. May the love and happiness you feel today shine through the years. Congratulations for the new beginning. Wishing you all the best. So who is new dulha of Reham and the groom what does he do?



Islamabad Blast I 10 4 Today Latest Updates

اسلام آباد میں دھماکہ انتہائی تشویشناک ہے، ایک پولیس اہلکار کے شہید ہونے کی اطلاعات ہیں، اللہ سب کو اپنی امان میں رکھے

اسلام آباد کے سیکٹر آئی ٹین میں دھماکہ پولیس والوں نے ٹیکسی روکی تلاشی لینے پر خود کش حملہ آور نے خود کو اڑا دیا
آئی ٹین فور 31 نمبرگلی کے باہر خود کش حملہ آور نے خود کو اڑا لیا ایک پولیس اہلکار شہید

زمان پارک میں عمران فسادی کی موجودگی میں دو سینئر رہنماؤں نے سیاسی صورتحال پر گفتگو کے دوران تلخی بڑھ جانے پرایک دوسرے کاکچاچٹھا کھول دیا وہاں موجود دیگررہنماانگشت بدندداں تھے مگر گھڑی چور خاموشی سے بیٹھا مزے لے رہا تھا کیونکہ یہ ہمیشہ سے اس کا وطیرہ رہا ہے کہ
Divide and rule

اسلام آباد پولیس کو سلیوٹ جنہوں نے اپنی جان پر کھیل کر اسلام آباد کو بڑی تباہی سے بچایا۔۔یہ جان کر بہت دکھ ہوا کہ دھماکے کے نتیجے میں ایک پولیس اہلکار شہید ہوگیا۔ اللہ ان کے گھر والوں کو صبر دے، آج ان کے بیٹے کی وجہ سے ہمارا دارالحکومت بڑی تباہی سے بچ گیا۔۔

بلوچستان میں مزہبی انتہا پسندی کو علیحدگی پسندی کے توڑ کے طور پر پیش کیا گیا تھا۔ یہ الٹا ہوگیا۔ افغان طالبان اور ٹی ٹی پی کا یہ قدم افغان ریاست کے ان دعووں کے مطابق ہے جس میں درانی امپائر کے زیر اثر علاقوں بشمول بلوچستان کو افغانستان کا حصہ گردانا جاتا ہے۔


Pappu Shah Yasmeen Shah Real Story Leaked Photos

Who is Pappu Shah Yasmeen Shah and what’s their real story? Ayla Malik leaked audio with Imran Khan has brought Pappu Shah and Yasmeen Shah on the forefront who are politicians from Sindh province of Pakistan. Pappu Shah was minister from Sindh during Musharraf era and Yasmeen Shah his wife was senator.

Yasmeen Shah photo is viral everywhere and so is Pappu Shah from Sindh. Pappu Shah Yasmeen Shah duo has done wonders to cull favors. They are feudal landlords in the interior Sindh and are quite influential in their area. And so is Ayla Malik. So who is Ayla Malik from Kalabagh area of Mianwali and what’s her relationship with Imran Khan? The thing is that these feudal families are linked to each other as they give away and swap their daughters with each other to spread their tentacles everywhere. That is why Ayla Malik married Yar Muhammad Rind of Balochistan who is another feudal and very rich and dangerous man from Balochistan and head of Rind tribe.

With Yasmeen Shah from fishing community movement and Bushra Arain the leader of Lady health workers. Oxford Univ. Press is giving a 25%Discount at KLF. PPP formr PM Raja Pervez Ashraf Hassan Murtaza has formed a 7-member coordination committee headed by Allama Yousuf Awan. Members include Sikandar Shamshir Mirza, Masood Malik, Naseem Sahotra, Yasmeen Farooq, Nadia Shah, Asha Shafi and Basharat Bashi. Our students are awesome! GSU Physics and Astronomy students, including Yasmeen Sherif, Yasmeen Shah, Shanice Mack, Thomas Gregoire, and Antony Lawrence, are attending the 2022 NSBPInc conference in Charlottesville, VA. We can’t wait to hear about their experiences.

Meeting with PTI-Leaders of Sukkur Division Mr Sayed Tahir Hussain Shah and Meer Papu Khan Chachar. Pappu Shah Yasmeen Shah pair has amassed lot of wealth during Musharraf era and they are both heavy drinkers. This is the behind the scenes, Jay Papu Shah propaganda for the gambling sattabaji business he has in his regime for personal atmanirbhar business income of his abroad banks deposit. At Badin in Election Campaign For MNA Haji Rasool Bux Chandio, PS Syed Papu Shah, PS Taj Muhammad Malah. All set to Win on 25th July. Wassan Offered Condolences with PPP Workers, late Papu Shah relatives at Babarlo Khairpur.

How is this any different from what Mooed Pirzada, Imran Riaz khan etc do when they favour Imran khan? The media channels which used to talk on inflation all the time during the time of Imran Khan govt, they do not want to talk about the disaster that has happened in the Pakistan after the imported government came. This shows how a voice of a person can be changed into someone’s else voice by using a software/application. Apparently, Sheikh Rasheed with “Amazing IQ” thought Shahzeb Khanzada is like Sidra Humaid who would “DEFEND” Imran Irrelevant Khan for “Musbat Reporting”, but guess what this is true.




Imran Khan Leaked Audio Today Ayla Malik and Bushra

IK’s alleged damaging audios making rounds look quite suspicious. In 2nd clip, one can quickly notice lots of editing. It is easy to masquerade as some1 & generate voices with AI. Secondly, humans can do it too. Aftab Iqbal’s Khabardar show is a clear example of that. Niazi is known culprit, ask sita white, Reham Khan and Jemima, its natural buddy chill. One who can disown hia own daughter, his personal life am not ok if this and Kali dal episode comes out in public. Audio leaked today is of Imran Khan and there is no doubt about that.

Full Imran Khan Leaked Audio Today Here.

Cheating on your spouse is the biggest social sin in our (western) culture. You get no excuse, no forgiveness, and no sympathy when caught red handed. My sympathies with the wife, whose husband is cheating on her. In our culture cheating, specifically of men, is most easily forgiven sin. Also audio/video leaks in recent past & people getting away made me wonder what exactly institution of marriage means to anyone in this society if anything at all, yet so much obsession with it is ironic that audio leaked today Imran Khan is latest. Imran Khan leaked viral audio with Ayla Malik or Bushra is not a surprise for anyone to be honest. Just wait while video leaked today Muqadas Usman surfaces.

The gymnastics to defend IK reach a new level everyday And the Timing of leaking audios and videos does matter. Which is why people shouldn’t get married and keep a mistress like ex COAS gen Yahya so they can easily cheat around with 500 women. wish army’s media and intelligence wing was as active back then as it it now. How do u know this all is so authentic, pervez rashid’s video was a very bad one but every body ignored it , these fake audio’s have no impact on the people, so plz stop trying so hard and between bo body need your sympathies, its a personal matter. Yeah we still remember Bill clinton scandal. The reaction of society was so strong that party couldn’t handled it, he resigned but we are Muslims so. That is why Ayla Malik Imran Khan audio leaked today is very hot and steamy.

Western culture is strange. Charles having an affair with Camilla is a cheater but Diana is worshipped despite having multiple affairs. How proudly u say “our western” u can change ur dress sense, food like western but western never accept u and they always see u like third world country’s emigrant. This audio is true but came in 2011, iss say ziyada khatranak wo video hai jis ka zikar rehaam khan nay apni book mai kia… uss ko bhi yeh imrandoo fake kehnay waly hain, kion k imran khan nay pehlay he shoor macha dia hai, k uss ki “gandi gandi videos anny wali hain”. In our culture, if the women caught cheating or involved in adultery, you better know what will happen then. Yet, there is one women out there with no shame even she confidently watch porn with her father.

Generating fake audios with the intention to malign someones character & consequently cause harm to ones personal & professional reputation is also a big sin – & a crime in the eyes of the law. So stop supporting all parties including pti, pmln and ppp, they all r in dirty business of politics, and imran khan, shbaz SH, and zardari are so much into ladies. they are all womanizer. You have so many other things to prove that Imran Niazi is a lying fraudster & a hypocrite. Leaking these private conversations is a BIG NO. Home is the most protected space. If “they” have access to IK leaked audio today bedroom, they have access to everybody’s room.This should be frightening.


Mufti Abdul Rahman Murder Wah Cantt DHA Real Story

At the end of the brutality, five days ago, a business friend of 24-year-old religious scholar Mufti Abdul Rahman, who graduated from DHA Pindi Phase 2K Hashi and Tablighi Center Roy Winds, was taken from the Wah Cantt office where he was brutally killed. The police are still unable to arrest the killers.

Sadar Wah police station is investigating the case registered in this regard, which is being supervised by senior officers. Special teams have been formed to arrest the accused, who will soon be arrested and brought to justice. How brutal and cruel people are we. May Allah protect us from the evil of such cruel people. The only country in the world of which Generals are also billionaires. The judge is also a billionaire. Politicians are also billionaires. Bureaucrats are also billionaires. Journalists are also billionaires. But the country and the people are poor and beggars. Here is umer hospital wah cantt. This is separate issue from Muqadas Usman.

I am very sorry to hear that. Until all the police in the country are freed from politics and made an independent federal body and the chief is not elected under an automatic system, then the oppressors in the country will continue to disappear, take ransom and kill people in the same way. Will stay. There should be immediate legislation. When a state is established within a state, when there is a government of self-interest and selfishness, when the defenders of the homeland are busy with business, when the judges provide protection to criminals, when the rulers are against the people, when the scholars are seditionists and deceivers. It might be near tehzeeb bakers wah cantt.

This is what will happen in this country. This country is for crooks Explaining a state within a state Where the entry of another person is not possible without permission, you cannot lay hands on these persons from outside the state in which the law is applicable. Whose banks, their police, their land and property for living, in their eyes, only they are superior. People also make business relations And take precautions while making partnerships Most of the businessmen have gone bankrupt due to luxury and the resin drips on seeing the new income.

I don’t have 99% trust in Punjab police, they can’t restore trust as long as they remain honest and good manners and one phone call away and bribery. Such cruel people, I request from my government, the murderers should be punished by hanging, such a young child was killed with such brutality, someone is very weak-hearted. The killing of one person is the killing of all humanity. Killing is always done by cowards who do not have the courage to fight back. Parents who nurture their children may not know this animal. Dogs never thought it would be someone’s son, father, brother, friend. It’s just a pity. This murder in wah cantt is horrendous.

We people have fallen so much, humanity should be ashamed, we consider it a duty to kill, the law of Allah has been openly challenged, we Muslims have invited the punishment of Allah by ourselves. told the way and we moved away from Islamic values.


Who is Lahore the Pawa Akhtar Lawa

لاہور دا پاوا، اختر لاوا

ایک نفسیاتی مریض ہے جس ساری عوام کو نفسیاتی بنایا ہوا ہے
اور اس سارے معاملے میں ہمارے سوشل میڈیا کا بڑا کلیدی کردار ہے

یہ ایک کیفیت ہے، یہ فعل حال قوم پر غیر معینہ طاری رہنے کا مکان ہے تاوقتیکہ کوئی نئی کیفیت دستیاب نا ہو جائے۔

کہتے ہیں کہ وکیل بھی ہے، اب معلوم نہیں اس بات میں کتنی صداقت ہے

ہمارے جیسا کوئی کامریڈ ہے ۔۔ سنا ہے پنجابی میں “لاوا” کامریڈ کو کہتے ہیں

لاہور کا پاوا

ٹک ٹاکر ہے اس کی ایک موو ہٹ ہو گئی ن لیگ کا سپورٹر ہے

لگتا ہے اختر لاوا نے شہباز شریف کا اشٹائل چوری کیا ہے ۔ پر بہت ہی خوب کیا ہے۔

شیر وی سانوں پیار کردا اے، اسی شیراں دے پتر آں۔۔اختر لاوا کی نئی ایکشن ویڈیو سامنے آگئی

یہ کیا چکر ہے پاکستانیوں

میں اختر لاوہ ن لیگ چھوڑنے کا اعلان کرتا ہوں.
آج کے بعد میرا اس کرپٹ لیگ سے کوئی واسطہ نہیں.

This generation played a role to viral a man who’s saying, “Lahore da pawa, akhtar lawa”. And now if Nida Yasir invited him on her show, again this generation will start blaming her for promoting people like him and not the real talent. Hypocrisy at it’s peak. Yes I do agree but there is a difference between vulgarity and fun and entertainment. Well it’s not about vulgarity or fun related thing. It’s all about how much we as a generation are indulged in lame things and not doing anything serious for our future. Not everything viral needs promotion by mainstream media. But sadly everything that’s viral is promoted by mainstream media. Here is full biography of Akhtar lawa and real story.

That was a great reference to aankhoun mein aankhein daalna and the IMF. You could have also said that if Ishaq dar wants to behave Like Akhtar Lawa, don’t blame the IMF for responding like the Punjab police. Then you could have done a pawa move. Just yelled out “lahore da pawa” out the window and received an “akhtar lawa” in return
I love hostels. When its your Mid Term Exams and all you remember is “Lor da pawa akhtar lawa”. Was yelling in the empty lift lore da pawa, was about to say akhtar lawa when the lift stopped and two elderly women looked at me in a very disappointed manner. It is amazing to know Akhtar Lawa is Arain the pure punjabi blood. Jokes aside, Punjabi is becoming new cool in every part of life (formal, informal).




Saba Faisal Daughter in Law Real Story

At last truth is here as Saba Faisal daughter in law real story has been leaked to the media by Neha and Faisal. This is yet another breakup in the family of Pakistani drama celebrities. The Saba Faisal viral video is typical saas baho drama from Pakistani dramas.

Saba Faisal, a senior actress, has cut ties with her son, Salman. She’s also given her son an ultimatum: if he stays with his wife and son, she’ll DISOWN him altogether. Asma Abbas and Zainab Qayoom come forward with their support for Saba Faisal, following her public statement against daughter in law Neha. When a negative woman like Neha comes in a family, the house breaks down, I have been living a very difficult life for the last four years because of my son, I kept thinking how my son will live with such a woman, Actress Saba Faisal.

Our celebrities come forward to show their support to Saba Faisal amidst the recent controversy between Saba Faisal and her daughter in law Neha Salman. Actress Saba Faisal announces to cut ties with son Salman Faisal and daughter in law Neha. Saba Faisal took to Instagram to share that she has cut ties with her son Salman Faisal and daughter-in-law. Neha malik responds to the allegations raised by mother-in-Law Saba Faisal and urges everyone not to believe what may seem glamorous and haram and really out of the way. He said, I will just say that I have no relation with Neha, my son has to live with her, so I, my daughter and my husband also have no relation with her.

Saba Faisal criticises her son and daughter-in-law on social media and asks her followers to be kind to her family. Saba Faisal grooves to the trendy wedding song with a hot dance and then leaked viral video. Saba Faisal has released a video stating to cut ties with her daughter-in-law Neha. She went on to urge the fans to not make decisions based on one-sided stories. Saba Faisal uploaded a video on the social media video sharing application Instagram in which she said that I have never mentioned the private matters of my home but now I have to do it, people are telling me about Neha’s social media posts. They are blaspheming, I have lived a very beautiful life. The actress said that when a negative woman like Neha comes in a family, the house breaks down. I have been living a very difficult life for the last four years because of my son. I kept thinking how my son will live with such a woman. I will not go into much detail but you guys can guess from this video.

Saba faisal’s family having a public fallout, they be disowning each other and everything… just message each other your disowning and estrangement announcements ffs, none of us wants to know this. why is my insta feed filled with it uninvited i don’t even follow any of them. It is sad how these girls ruin ties of a family in such less time. It’s actually very very sad to see how a mother has to upload a video announcing nulling her ties with her son n his wife. Saba Faisal turns out to be the saas , she portrays in dramas and elsewhere. In another news Saba faisal Auntie is disowning her son live on insta right now cox he wants to be with his wife that this auntie doesn’t like.

Saba Faisal using her fame to settle scores with her bahu is peak saas haramipan. If you can’t live with your daughter-in-law, let her live in peace separately but NO, these saasu maas think they OWN their sons. My thoughts and prayers are with Saba Faisal. Life becomes so hard when one person comes into your house, ruins the environment of your home and your son/brother can’t see through that. I totally believe you Saba ji. Arslan faisal son of famous actress Saba faisal opens up about his sister in law Neha. She has been accusing Saba Faisal for being an evil mother in law.



Who is Sultan Shah and What’s His Real Video Story

Everyone is shocked and amazed and asking who is Sultan Shah and what’s all the fuss about the Sultan Shah viral video in Karachi. What’s the real story of Sultan Shah and why exactly he is being trending everywhere. Well this is the same old story in Pakistan where yet another attention seeker has surfaced and stirred the pot. Or may be it’s another ploy to divert and deflect the attention.

The Holy Prophet SAW said: My Sahaba Rz are like stars, You will be rightly guided by following any one of them. We demand to Implement Blasphemy Laws. The one who loves the Prophet loves and respects each and all of his Sahaba. if Sahaba Rz are disbelievers, dishonest or betrayed the Prophet, then the whole religion is undermined. So Implement Blasphemy Laws. Enemies of the Sahaba rz are misguided in their ignorant ways, we condemn their imprecations nd barrage of insults against the Sahaba Rz and we demand to Implement Blasphemy Laws. If we believe that the Sahaba rz weren’t honest, the whole of Islam rests on the integrity of the Sahaba rz and that is the only truth here.

Sahaba Rz are the ones who formed the first and best society of human beings in the city-state of Medina; a society that was based on Allah’s rules. Sahabah Rz are the heroes of the Muslim nation. Muslim scholars have also been very strict in regard to the issue of speaking and thinking mistrustfully of the Sahaba Rz every Muslim want to Implement Blasphemy Laws. The one who loves the Prophet loves and respects each and all of his companions. Whoever abuses my Sahaba Rz, upon them is the curse of Allah, the angels and all the people. Among the greatest reasons for the high status of the Sahaaba Rz is that to which Allah bore witness of their purity of heart and sincere faith.

Imam Ahmad said: “If you see anyone speaking ill of the Sahaba Rz of the Messenger of Allah, doubt his Islam.” Enemies of Sahaba rz will not be allowed to reign free & utter filth against the Sahaba Rz, for this all 3 schools of Sunni Thought are United and One. Sahaba Rz r dear to us more than our lives and honour, regardless of our minor differences we are United against the enemies of Sahaba rz. Sahaba Rz are the ones who fought for, memorized, lived and died to carry the message of Islam to the rest of the world. Sahaba Rz r dear to us more than our lives and honour, regardless of our minor differences we are United against the enemies of Sahaba. And why would Sultan Shah go through all this?

Hujjat ul Islam, Sufyan ibn Uyainah said: “He who speaks a single word against the Sahaba of Allah’s Messenger (s.a.w.) then he is an innovator.” Among the greatest reasons for the high status of the Sahaaba Rz is that to which Allah bore witness of their purity of heart and sincere faith. A common characteristic among all of the Sahaba Rz is that they clearly understood what this world is about; something very limited and unfulfilling. Articles 295 & 298 PPC need to B strengthened so as to prevent such hate speeches in the future, and perpetrators be punished severely for uttering filth against Sahaba. Sahaba Rz were undoubtedly the best in terms of understanding the religious obligations, the Sunnah of the Prophet SAW and the way of establishing the Islamic teachings.


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