hania amir sister song tum tum

Hania Amir Hot Video Scandal

Hania Amir, her song, and Hania Amir sister is making rounds in the Pakistani social media. Hania Amir hot video scandal is the news of the day. People have forgotten about Coronavirus pandemic for a…


سی پیک اور پاکستان کی بدقسمتی

اس بدقسمت ملک کےبھاگ تیسری بارجاگےکہ کسی دوسرےملک نےپاکستان میں انوسٹمنٹ کرنےکی کوشش کی اس بار چین نےسی پیک کےزریعے ہمارےملک کو دھشتگردی سےبزنس کی طرف لانےکی کوشش کی مگر افسوس کہ تیسری بار بھی…

PIA Grounded


UK bans PIA and so has the European Union. PIA flights to USA and Canada are also in doubt now as more and more countries are raising questions about the fake licenses of PIA pilots….

youthia logic

Youthia Logic

Following is a typical youthia logic in response to whatever you say about Imran Khan: Khan didn’t say that.And if he did, he didn’t mean that.And if he did, you didn’t understand it.And if you…

breaking news pakistan

Pakistan Stock Exchange Latest Attack Status

Pakistan stock exchange latest attack status is that number of people have been killed and the security forces have killed the gunmen who stormed the building and opened fire. This story is still evolving and…

nalaiq e azam


اس سے پہلے جو یہاں تخت نشین تھآاس کو بھی خدا ہونے کا اتنا ہی یقیں تھ .مرحوم عباس اطہر نے ایک مرتبہ کالم میں لکھا تھا کہ جب قمیض لگی پھٹنے تو خیرات لگی…

prime minister afridi

Prime Minister Afridi

Our punishment is not finished yet. After Imran Khan, the new low will be Shahid Afridi or is it equal embarrassment? Just imagine Shahid Afridi as contender of premiership and Imran Khan trying to save…

smq dead

SMQ Opens Kartarpur in Coronavirus

The two-tongue foreign minister of Pakistan, who is always on the look out to become next Prime Minister has started another stunt for cheap publicity. He is now trying to present soft image by saying…

PIA Grounded

PIA is Doomed

When PMLN government tried to privatize PIA, it was PTI which created chaos and with the help of unions blocked that move. PMLN then tried to bring in new management on merit; but again PTI…

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