playstation 5 price in pakistan

Playstation 5 Price in Pakistan

Pakistani gamers are eagerly waiting for the release of Playstation 5 gaming console in Pakistan. They are very curious about playstation 5 price in Pakistan as they would like to upgrade as soon as possible…

top ten corona places in pakistan

Top 10 Coronavirus Places in Pakistan

New infections are multiplying rapidly in Pakistan as there is no social distancing whatsoever, government seems disinterested, and people have resigned to the fact that now only fate will rescue them. Top 10 Coronavirus places…

Ayesha Sana Fraud

Renowned actress, TV host, and model Ayesha Sana who rose to notoriety when her angry clip got leaked where she was yelling ‘Bright Karo’ at the light man in the studio. Now she is in…

Cynthia Ritchie vs Begum Nawazish Ali

The match is on. Begum Nawazish Ali a.k.a Ali Saleem the actor, the artist has come out with all guns blazing against Cynthia Ritchie, the US blogger who is in Pakistan for a long time…

Gori Girls Accepting Islam on Twitter

Accepted Islam, I am Muslim Now. I saw that on my Twitter time line retweeted by someone. Opened that profile and it was a white blonde blue eyed hot gori girl declaring that she was…

Sana Makki Qahwa for Corona Virus

‘Desi totkas’ in Pakistan have always been in vogue. When desperate times come, Pakistanis no matter how educated they are revert to workarounds, fake medicine, hakeems, qahwas, kalonjis and stuff like that for cure and…

Expensive Coronavirus Testing in Pakistan

So you have to pay Rs. 8000 just to get the initial testing kid for COVID-19? Expensive Coronavirus testing in Pakistan is sucking the life out of poor people who cannot simply afford such amount….

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