ramiz raja daughter scandal

Ramiz Raja – Most Useless Cricketer Ever

With only 2 centuries (against minnows with lousy opponents) in a bag full of test matches plus most dismal performances in one day internationals; Ramiz Raja is a great commentator but most useless cricketer ever….

بلڈی سولین

ٹویٹری زندگی

آپکی ٹویٹس سے دُنیا یا معاشرے کی سوچ تبدیل نہیں ہوسکتی اپنی ٹویٹری زندگی میں اعتدال پسندی اپنانے کی کوشش کریں انتہا پسندی مذہب کے معاملے میں ہو یا لبرل ازم کے معاملے میں انتہا…

corona hajj

Hajj Live 2020 Today Streaming in Pakistan

Hajj Mubarak dbz are being sent everywhere as Hajj live 2020 today streaming in Pakistan online for free. You can watch it here. Amidst Coronavirus pandemic, this is very emotional time for the Muslims around…

maruf zaidi profile

What Maruf Zaidi did and Who is He?

Guys hear me out. This is important. 1. What Maruf Zaidi did was completely wrong. I condemn that. I am a Muslim and it hurt my sentiments seeing someone trash-talking about my beloved Prophet PBUH….

pakistani girl kitten

Pakistani Girl and Kitten Real Story

Pakistani girl and kitten real story of love is out now. It’s not about a pet abuse and its not about some sort of pervert thing which many are thinking and trending it all around…

ThariMirwah Needs Library

Thari Mirwah Needs Library

I have consistently envisioned that Paradise will be a sort of a Library. (Jorge Luis Borges) Thari Mirwah needs library because its crucial for the welfare of this remote region. Libraries store the energy that…

Dadu Needs Medical College

Dadu Needs Medical College

Interior Sindh is one area of Pakistan where is acute shortage of doctors especially doctors who understand the local culture and issues. Dadu needs medical college as soon as possible so that local doctors could…

sarah khan parents sister photos

Sarah Khan Parents and Sister Photos Info

Sarah Khan is one of the hottest and pretiest girl in Pakistani TV silver screen. These days after her marriage with singer Falak Shabbir, she has become talk of town and now people are asking…

save dow hostel

Save DOW Hostel

Save DOW hostel in Karachi is the need of hour because its creating quite an anxiety among the students who reside in Karachi and especially those who come from far flung areas. Firstly, they cannot…

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