Buy New Hyundai Tucson in Pakistan Cheaply

Hyundai Tucson is here at last after much wait. So how to buy new Hyundai Tucson in Pakistan cheaply? Well the price of new Tucson in Pakistan is somewhere around Rs. 26Lakh, you can still get it cheaper if you bargain hard or go for the 2-wheel drive without leather seats. I would highly suggest waiting few months before you buy this Tucson as then you would be able to get a cheaper demo model for around 22 to 20 lakh rupees from any showroom in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad or Peshawar.

All Wheel Drive (AWD) Ultimate and Front Wheel Drive (FWD) Sport GLS are the two models available and both are cools. I personally think that unless you have a specific reason, there is no point in buying AWD as that would only cost you more money and down the road you won’t be doing much of offroading in Pakistan. On a lighter note, given the condition of our roads, we already have a 4 wheel drive scenario everywhere.

Hyundai also offers many other safety features on varying makes and models, including:

  • Automatic High Beam Assist automatically dims your brights when an approaching vehicle is detected.
  • Lane Departure Warning will give the driver an audio and visual alert if the driver starts moving out of their lane without signaling.
  • Blind Spot Detection tells drivers if someone is in their blind spot and if an approaching driver in another lane is approaching at a fast enough speed to make changing lanes in front of them unsafe.
  • The instrumentation, controls and infotainment system are all crisp and easily legible, white and blue-lit for clarity rather than that terrible red-lit effect some rivals oft for.
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are par for the course, too, and there’s ample choice of device power outlets in the central stack.
  • Cargo space, too, is about average for the mid-SUV pack: a highly usable 488L, with nice square proportions
  • This GDi four, plus a conventional auto with just six forward ratios, is what’s offered on all front-drive Tucsons
  • Fuel economy of Hyundai Tucson in Pakistan is 7.9L/100km combined.
  • The Tucson is covered by Hyundai’s decent five-year/unlimited-kilometre warranty.

So which one you should buy Tucson Active or Tucson ActiveX in Pakistan? Well both are cool, but if you are after budget then its the former Active one, and if you have bit of money to spare then go for the ActiveX one for keyless and other bells and whistels.


Dynamic Bending Light Pakistan Hyundai

Here is an easy explanation of dynamic bending light which is mainly feature of Hyundai SUV in Pakistan and elsewhere. First the answer to question as What is SUV in Pakistan is:

“SUV is powerful vehicle with four-wheel or two-wheel drive that can be driven over rough ground as well as on road.”

Now what is dynamic bending light in Pakistan:

“In Dynamic bending lights, the lights bend or turn in the direction of your steering. If you turn left, the headlight will turn left, if you will turn right, it will turn right. So if you are taking a sharp turn or a blind turn, the dynamic bending light makes road more visible and improves your safety.”

Hyundai has already introduced Dynamic bending light in many of its vehicles including 2017 Sonata, 2017 Santa Fe, 2017 Santa Fe Sport, 2017 Elantra, 2016 Equus and 2016 Tucson. Other SUV manufacturers in Pakistan including Toyota, Honda and Suzuki are thinking about it. RAV4 dynamic bending lights and also in corrolla and Prado are scheduled. I believe that this safety feature would become standard very soon.

During my test drive in Karachi from the Hyundai showroom I found out that dynamic bending light feature really makes it a difference on bumpy and unreliable Karachi roads especially when its a dark night or a rainy foggy day. I often drive long distances out of Karachi, sometimes as far as Lahore and Islamabad and I am sure that this new safety feature would make drive more safe on our not-so-safe roads, which is a big plus.

Hyundai Tucson seems to be the pick of choice for me due to its other safety features and cool body shape. I specifically love it’s creamy drive where the style matches the safety. It’s price is also reasonable and within my budget though I would still appreciate that Hyundai increase their quality and reduce the road noise but may be its just me who finds bit annoying and out of place. But all in all, nitpicking aside, this is quite a ride.


Justice for Jobless PHDs in Pakistan

Justice for Jobless PHDs in Pakistan is need of hour. Unemployment in Pakistan for PHDs is on the rise as more and more students become jobless after completing their PHDs. One of my Bahria university PHD has recently taken his own life in desperation which is very tragic.

Every time we mourn of not having equipped and professionally qualified staff but we have thousands of jobless Phds, lets raise voice for their proper utilization across the country. Our today’s trend is very clear, We need jobs for all the qualified un-employed PhDs. These are our nation’s strong pillars. Jobless doctors are on road and protesting for their right so please don’t play with their future.

Negligent attitude and discouraging policies continue under which retired people are being reappointed instead of fresh PhDs. About 2000 PhD doctors are unemployed in Pakistan, which seems to be an alarming sign. We can’t progress without highly educated minds.Govt should induct the unemployed PhDs immediately. Universities r busy in nepotism & corruption. While quality education is being destroyed. Visiting faculty is running the varsities.

Hundreds of unemployed PhDs are demanding jobs in Naya Pakistan. The number of jobless PhDs will exceed 3000 at the end of this year in Pak. It is a big question mark on the working institutions. Despite the shortage government is unable to adjust PhDs. The scholars blamed the federal and provincial HECs for their situation, saying, It is also because incompetent people are sitting on the key posts of HEC and PHEC.

We voted PTI because respected PM said before elections that an emergency in education is the need of time. Now where is this emergency? Where are 1 crore jobs? When more and more PhDs are thrown out of work, unemployment results. The system of education in Pakistan is very bad. Sadly, none of the governments took worthwhile steps for the betterment of education. All quality standard are being compromised by both public and private sector.

My heart shatter in to pieces whenever i saw this news. When will this exploitation ends? Why there is no use of PhDs Pakistan. It is time to change policies and preferences. There exist several factors for this imbalance: cultural notions, gender discrimination, apprehensions and risks from fellow students and teachers. This gender imbalance, in turn, affects the development of families and societies.

The teachers in government schools are not well trained. People who do not get job in any other sector, they try their luck in educational system. They are not professionally trained teachers so they are unable to train nation. There exist multiple problems within the Pakistani education system, which are essentially a product of poor funding, gender discrimination, rising costs, poor quality and lack of opportunities.

Unemployed PhDs protested many times against not getting jobs. On the other hand, many educational institutes are hiring retired/contractual/visiting as faculty members. Discouraging trend for young PhDs. One of the chronic problem of our education system is the shortage of teachers. there is a gap between the students and teachers ratio. By the end of this year, the number of jobless PhDs in the country will cross 3,000, the PhD Association of Pakistan (PAP) told The News.


Nara Needs Degree College

Nara needs degree college. Education is the passport to the future ,for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. We earnestly demand this for our future. We are also demanding that to secure the future of our next and young generation and this the voice of the whole area and Sindh at large.

We appeal higher authorities of our district Khairpur Mirs please to consider our request and provide Degree College in Nara. Nara takuka having population more than 2lacs. Students suffering for their right to education. Degree college at nara taluka is closed simce 2005. Building completely become ruins. No any response from education department of sindh. It’s long overdue and the people of area cannot wait any longer.

Education is a must for a promising and secure future and a stable life. Article 25-A of the Pakistani Constitution, which states The State shall provide free and compulsory education to all children of the age of five to sixteen years in such manner as may be determined by law. The question is, who has the responsibility to make educational institutions better? Every citizen of pakistan have right to education.

After the attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japanese concentrate on education and now they are number one in the world. Do not train children to learning by force and harshness, but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each. The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.

Education is a right, not a privilege. Good governments all over the world invest in education. Sindh government too is requested to make education a priority. Nara Taluko must have a Degree College. Every town must have a College. A life without education is purposeless, illiterate and, as is the life of an animal, every essence of life is a requirement of education. We have to work on education.

Nara has it’s value in Sindh but Sindh Government have declined people of Nara as they have not provid Degree college and much more۔ If you want to lead a happy life and enjoy the good things the world has to offer, you certainly need to get educated. A great job, a good social reputation are few of the many benefits of being an educated person. Education is a must for a promising.

And as they say in Sindhi:

اسانجو مطالبو تعليم
اسانجو مطالبو علم
اسانجو مطالبو ڊگري ڪاليج
نارو تعلقه قدرتي وسيلن سان مالامال هوندي به بنيادي حق تعليم کان محروم آھي…!

تعليم عام ڪريو
خاص ڪري پنھنجي نياڻين کي تعليم ڏيو


DHA Prism Phase 9 Possession Date Price Plots Affidavits

Lahore property market is booming right now as more and more people are moving in from all over Punjab and other parts of the country because Lahore has become hub of jobs, business, entertainment and cultural activities in Pakistan. DHA Prism Phase 9 Possession Date Price Plots Affidavits latest information is available online.

DHA Prism Phase 9 5 marla, 10 marla and kanal plot prices are the most popular choices among people. These plots booking are hard to find and people are snapping them off the plan as soon as they come on the market. This, and even the surrounding suburbs of phase ix are being sold rapidly. DHA Prism Phase 9 Possession Date Price Plots Affidavits need to be genuine and you should careful about the information available out there.

DHA Prism Phase 9 location and map is also available online for free. DHA Prism Phase 9 development status is being updated regularly and you can also get it on DHA app or through the helpline via phone or through their website. The customer service is great and timely and polite. DHA phase 9 is ten minutes drive from Allama Iqbal International Airport. Being the largest Phase, with a spread of over 40,000 Kanal, Prism-9 will house 16 sectors with 24,000 and 2000 commercial plots.

It is the aim of DHA to develop urban communities in all the provinces of Pakistan full with all facilities by keeping in modern requirements in perspective. It is also used to provide modern living standards. It offers sustainable infrastructures at affordable prices within reach of everyone. It also help generating and producing environment friendly developments. It also makes sure to help people with essential civic facilities i.e. Health, Education & Entertainment. Build our socio cultural fiber by reconnecting communities.

The epic lifestyle DHA brings to the table is second to none and matchless. Pakistan is blessed to have such a great and cool colony in our cities and towns. All the builders and developers should follow the suit as DHA is the standard as it has ushered a new era in the country of progress and prosperity. Instead of undermining it and scandalizing it, they should take a leaf out of their book and contribute in developing Pakistan.


Chudail Drama Episodes Online

You can watch chudail drama episodes online for free at Zee5 website or by streaming it onto your mobile phone or on smart TV in Pakistan or across the globe. This Churail drama is about four women who are free and say no to the male dominance in Pakistan. These women are Nimra Bucha, Yasra Rizvi, Mehar Bano, and Sarwat Gilani.

May be this is the beginning of feminist Pakistan or shall we say rise of feminism in Pakistan. Pakistani dramas and theaters are totally conservative when it comes to the taboo issues like Churail drama is telecasting so let’s see how public reacts. The persistence of gender inequality and suffocating atmosphere has scarred the Pakistani society for a long time now and its about time that we rise up to this challenge as a nation.

Feminism is one such movement that has found a voice through screen in the last few years the world over. While other mediums of popular culture have been criticised for their regressive themes and stereotypical representations, this medium is quite liberal and acceptable in various parts of the world. Churail drama may be the start of this trend in Pakistan now as more and more people open up their minds and eyes.

The denial of education to women, the male exclusivity in the print culture, the tendency to ‘vulgarise’ and ‘devalue’ oral culture (generally the female domain), the separation of the private and public space have all served to confine women to certain genres and restrict or erase their presences in others. That is why it is so important to hear other opinions and views too on these matter instead of totally rejecting them.

Protesting against the dresses of Nimra and Mehar is senseless as they are just trying to show off what is the reality. They are humans and just take them as is. Celebrate this drama and cherish their acting. Enjoy the scenes and music and the storyline. Just go with the flow and take it lightly. This drama and the whole idea about is documented as a form self-expression, and sociopolitical criticism.


SNC Pakistan Curriculum Islamiat

قرآن فہمی ضیاء الحق کے دور میں دھکیلنا ہے، داد بٹورنے کےلئے جملے بازی کرنا بہت آسان۔ – حالانکہ ایک نصاب ملکی یکجہتی کے لیے نا گزیر ہو چکا ہے۔ – لبرل کہلانے کےلئے اسلام پر کاری ضرب لگانا لازمی ہو چکا ہے۔ – پیدرسری، نچلے متوسط طبقے کے مذہبی گھرانے کے لوگ کٹر لبرل کیسے بن جاتے ہیں۔

مام بھائیوں سے گزارش ہیکہ میں اسلامک ایجوکیشن کہ خلاف نہیں ہوں ۔ – اسلام کا راستہ ہی ہماری بقا اور نجات اور اسلام بھی ہمیں یہی حکم دیتا ہے کہ قران کیساتھ ساتھ جدید تعلیم حاصل کریں ۔ – ہمیں قوم کو کوزے میں بند نہیں کرنا چاہیے ۔آنے والا وقت تعلیم اور سائنس کا ہے

جدید تعلیم ہی کامیابی کا زریعہ ہے ۔ – قوم کو غلط پٹری پر نہ چڑھائیں – خود آپ Harvard, Oxford سے پڑھ کے آئیں اور ہمارے بچوں کو ضیاءالحق کے دور میں دھکیلنا شروع کر دیں اور خود اپنے بچے باہر ہی تعلیم حاصل کر رہے ہوں سبحان اللہ

اسلامی بنیادی تعلیمات نصاب کا پہلے سے حصہ ہیں پاکستان میں رہنے والوں کو Harvard or oxford سے پڑھ کے آنے والوں سے ذیادہ آئین کا پتہ ہے باہر سے تعلیم حاصل کر کے آنے والے ہمیں یہ سبق نہ پڑھائیں – اسلامیات پہلے بھی ہمارے نصاب کا حصہ ہے یہ یاد رہے SNC کے بعد بھی آپ جیسے لوگوں کا طرزِ مخاطب ایسے ہی رہے گا اور آپ جیسے مسلمان عورتوں کو ایسے ہی گالیاں دیتے رہیں گے آپ اتنا پریشان نہ ہوں

ضیاء کا دور کم از کم آج کے آکسفورڈ اور ہارورڈ کے لبرلز سے تو اچھا ہی تھا. ہمیں آکسفورڈ اور ہارورڈ جیسے اداروں سے نہیں بلکہ اپنے ملک سے اسلامی تعلیمات حاصل کرنی چاہیے – ہمارا اصل مقصد اسلام کو خاتم النبیین حضرت محمد صل اللہ علیہ والہ وسلم کی پیروی میں بلند کرنا ہے. نہ کہ مہنگے اور مشہور اداروں سے تعلیم برائے نام حاصل کرنا. یہ کامیاب دنیادار تو بنا سکتے ہیں پر کامیاب انسان اور کامیاب مسلمان نہیں.

خود آپ علی گڑھ کالج سے پڑھے ہوں اور اسلام کے نام پر بننے والے ملک کو انگریزوں کی راہ پر ڈال دیں اور عوام پر حکمرانی کریں۔۔ یہ بھی اس ملک میں ہوتا رہا ہے۔ ملک بنایا کس نے اور یہاں کے مالک علی گڑھ کالج والے بن جائیں۔۔ –

ران پڑھنے سے انسان جاہل ہوجاتا ہے کیا؟ یہ کیا بکواس ہے۔۔میں نے پڑھائی UAE میں کی اور O level کیا۔۔یہ Islamic Studies لازمی ہے ۔۔میرے بچے بھی سکول میں نازرا قران حفظ کر رہے ہے اور وہ IB پڑھ رہا ہے۔۔کیا ہم سب جاہل ہے

یہاں تو اب ان شاءاللہ ایک ہی نظامِ تعلیم ہو گا آپ کو تکلیف ہے تو اپنے سمیت اپنے بچے باہر کسی ملک میں لے جائیں – ہمارے سروں پہ ہمارے آقا بننے کی ضرورت نہیں باہر جا کر دوسرے درجے کے شہری بن کر اپنے آقا کے پاوءں چاٹیں

ایک بات ذہن نشین کر لیں اسمیں عمران خان کا قصور نہیں ہےجب یورپ میں ہارورڈ اور آکسفورڈ کی بنیاد رکھی جارہی تھی تب ہمارے آباو اجداد برصغیر میں عشق کی لڑیاں پرو رہے تھے۔تب سے ہی ہماری تعلیم میں دلچسبی واضح ہو گئی تھی

مزید یہ کہ اگر آپ afford کر سکتے ہیں تو بے شک اپنے بچوں کو لندن اور جرمنی بھیجیں حکومت کسی سے اسکا تعلیم کا حق نہیں چھین سکتی۔اور اگر حالات اسکے برعکس ہیں تو آپ بے جا حکومت پہ تنقید نہیں کر سکتے


Murtaza Wedding Shifted Due to Saba Qamar

Saba Qamar not only angered many Muslims around Pakistan, she also eclipsed the wedding of Murtaza who said on social media that he was gutted. Murtaza wedding shifted due to Saba Qamar shoot in Masjid Wazir Khan, and Murtaza had to amend his plan and his bride is also not happy. Here is the story of Murtaza and his wedding:

I don’t know Saba Qamar personally but she and Bilal saeed have played a sad (and emotionally traumatising) part in my life recently. They don’t know this yet. But they should. It all started in 2014. I visited the Wazir Khan Mosque in Old Lahore and fell in love… with the mosque: It’s arches, it’s riot of colours, it’s deep association with Lahore, traditions and the history of modern Pakistan. I pledged that if possible I would have my Nikkah in this mosque.

Fast forward 6 years: There’s a global pandemic. Pakistani wedding culture has been altered. I’m posted as an AC in Lahore with a few days to spare before our final examinations, and I finally decide to tie the knot. First stop: Wazir Khan Mosque. The nikkah date was set. On Sunday morning after Fajar we would go to Wazir Khan Masjid and in accordance with the Sunnah of RasulAllah have our Nikkah.

Her dress was ready. My clothes were pressed. The family photographer has coordinated everything. Guests were invited. The Plan: my dream early morning simple wedding at Wazir Khan mosque. The Problem: Saba Qamar decides to make a tiktok video in a mihrab of the mosque. The Result: The administration at Wazir Khan mosque cancelled permission for my nikkah. ONE EVENING before my nikkah the same person who had allowed a dance video inside the mosque called me to say that he cannot allow anything inside the mosque now because “mujhy controversy pasand nahi”.

I’ll sound like a crybaby, but to be honest it meant a lot. I was pretty devastated. All those weeks of careful planning and years of day-dreaming were being cancelled simply because a govt servant had been irresponsible in the execution of his duty and was now covering up traditional Pakistani style by banning everything illogically. In fact I was so sad that I cancelled my nikkah. All the guests, all the arrangements, all the food, the flowers, the bidd. I cancelled everything. An emergency family meeting/conference was convened in the lounge. It was like the Ruet-e-Hilal.

At midnight it was decided that nikkah nikkah hota hai chahay Wazir khan masjid main ho ya ghar pe (I dissented, but as a precursor to married life, I was vetoed). Long story short:
At 10:30 AM, Sunday 18th Zilhaj, corresp. 9th August, 2020, in the same ghar ka lounge mentioned above, I said Qubool hai three times (So did the girl, which is more surprising). I’m now officially a married man.

As the curtains parted and my eyes fell on my beautiful bride, in my head I pictured her against the frescoes of the Wazir Khan Mosque (her clothes were designed keeping that colour palette in mind). Reminded me of Shakespeare’s utterance: So foul and fair a day I have not seen. Here ends the sad affair of Saba Qamar’s controversy and its destructive impact on my dream wedding. I have rarely been so angry at people I haven’t ever met. But those in-charge of Wazir Khan Mosque! Allah poochay ga apko! (Aur Saba ko bhi, shayad)

On this happy occasion a public service message for public servants: PLEASE STOP the “BAN EVERYTHING” approach. That’s not the solution. As a govt and as administrators we need to be prudent, discerning and logical. STOP what _should_ be stopped. Allow what is legal and halal.



PHUDA Pakistan

Whoever has come up with this acronym of PHUDA Pakistan for Pakistan housing and urban development authority has got an acute sense of humor or should I say a very specific weird sense as this could mean a very different thing in Urdu. Phuda word in Urdu or Punjabi has got a very different connotation to it.

Just imagine if you ask your friend who works there as where he work and he would say, “I work in Phuda.” First you would get startle and then you would start laughing but then after watching the serious look on his face you would start getting worried about his mental state. Yes, such is the hilarity or seriousness of this word at the same time. I know it sound paradoxical  but that is what it is, a paradox.

Yes I agree that housing is an issue in Pakistan and if government has started a housing scheme that may be a fine step but we have seen thousands of such schemes by every government going fruitless and at the end of day it all becomes a futile exercise. Now Phuda forms and phuda applications online are also available plus the Phuda helpline and special quota for poor is also there and people are wondering where to get them.

Government of PTI has appointed Lt. Gen Ali Ejaz as the chairman of Phuda and one hopes that he would steer this ship with dexterity as he has got an extensive experience in management and we can generally trust senior retired army officers in Pakistan. What I don’t really trust is housing minister of PTI and its head honcho who are totally clueless and have no idea about this bureaucracy as the name of this authority suggests.

Well I am not trying to be some one who throws cold water on every good thing but come on what sort of name this Phuda is? Who has name it Phuda? From where it has come from? Everyone in Pakistan knows what it means and its impossible that the person who coined it didn’t know about it. Who would take it seriously? I really want to know the brains behind this genius naming convention for this authority.

I would rather urge the new chairperson to launch an inquiry into this and check who has done this to this otherwise important issue. Housing is critical thing for many as homelessness in Pakistan is extremely big issue and successive governments have failed to address it in every city and town. Low cost housing in Karachi and Lahore has become a distant dream as you can see rubble colonies and apartments everywhere.


Qubool Teaser OST Episodes Saba Qamar

Presenting the “Qubool” teaser. This is also the only sequence that was shot at the historical Wazir Khan Mosque. It’s a prologue to the music video featuring a Nikah scene. It was neither shot with any sort of playback music nor has it been edited to the music track.

The BTS video that’s been circulated on social media was just a circular movement to click stills for the poster of ‘Qabool’ depicting a happily married couple right after their Nikah. Despite this if we have unknowingly hurt anyone’s sentiments we apologise to you all with all our heart. Love & Peace! This Qubool releasing on 11th of August. I’m not your fan or anything, but you’re an artist. These cousin marriage ke nateejay will never let you do as you please as an artist because of their munafiq approach towards our beautiful Deen. These are the same hypocrites who don’t care about other issues.

Really well said!! I cannot believe the aggression on this thread. The people stay quiet otherwise, not giving a heck to matters which are more severe. The attitude is koi gal ni, banday ne, ho jaanda ai, bachi nu hasna nei chaida si vaghera vaghera. Saba has cleared in her tweets that after Nikah, they show themselves to be happy couple by moving in a circular motion without any playback music. But the question is this , is this suitable according to Islam.

But then some people are still asking: who gave you the power to decide what is respect and disregard of a masjid? and where exactly did you get the dos and don’ts inside a masjid? And the questions go on. For example: These people are basically so called representing Pakistani Culture and its your culture to dance in Mosque ? and what is Punjab Police doing these actors and actress are sharing their weddings pics n there is no Inquiry . The rules should be same for everyone .

What a disappointment that people have gone after Saba Qamar on this video. As much as I respect masajids but where was the committee then, was the public in slumber, and why the fuss. She has explained and to be honest why do women have to be standing in a “witness box as guilty” every time?

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