Aurat ko Jaldi Farig Karne ka Tarika

Aurat ko Jaldi Farig Karne ka Tarika bohut asan aur simple hai. Kisi dawai ki zaroorat nahin, aur kisi hakeem ya doctor ki bhi zaroorat nahin. Apnay uper yaqeen rakhain aur is bat ko yaqeeni banain kay aap ki apni sahat theek hai.

So how do you satisfy a Pakistani girl in the bedroom? I have asked some girls and ladies and have also consulted with the boys and men and the consensus is that you don’t need any magic pill or method for that. All you need is to be yourself and make sure that you are in great health and your diet is fine and above all just relax and chill and treat it as a natural process instead of you being on a mission.

I was having a a chat with a person yesterday and the day before and although this conversation may have taken place over many sittings, one thing was obvious is that we both had no clue about this question and we then had to talk with others who were equally ignorant though everyone was curious. The questionw as interesting and it was a very intriguing one, and I remember it clearly and vividly.

Merely a friendly and loving touch is more than enough. All they want is love and attention and a feeling to be desired. This is what is absolute natural hting. This alone fulfills a need for them to be enjoyed and foreplay is the most important thing. And how can you tell that they are faking it, well you really cannot tell that so its always a best course of action to play along and make sure that you don’t ruin the mood.

Just enjoy the moments. Make her feel wanted, and give her the intimacy she craves. This is all there is to it.


How Much Rain in Lahore Today

If you are wondering as how much rain in Lahore today then you have come to the right place. Here, you can check 3 day rain forecast in Pakistan and how much mm it fell. Rain fall in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Peshawar and other parts of country can be observed here.


More than 90 mm rain in many areas of Lahore till 9 am this morning. From the rain guage station, the WASA has released it from jail road, airport, gulberg, lakshmi chowk, upper mall, mughalpura, tajpura, nishter town , chowk nakhuda, pani wala talab, farrukhabad, gulshan-e-ravi, iqbal town, samanabad, johar town, and Punjab university.

DHA, Model Town and Township. Allah has arranged water for government to get drowned in shame as never seen such situation in these areas with the rainfall of 90mm. 134mm is the usual rainfall in Lahore during monsoon. It has been raining since last night, mornings like this but its not unsual. There has been no planning and no one seems interested as how to rectify this situation.

It was absolutely pouring an hour back. Chaos on roads. We have never seen such situation in last 8 years but thanks to Buzdar Government for providing us such a good environment. Beadon road, barket market, and garden town have become nullah leh. This is Lahore, This is progress of past and current Govt. Every govt blames the previous one, but no one is ready to work. Pakistan is like ATM for rulers, anyone comes, rules us, and withdraw the money of his desires and goes away. No one looks sincere with Pak


کرنٹ لگا کر بچوں کے جن نکالنے والا جعلی پیر

کرنٹ لگا کر بچوں کے جن نکالنے والا جعلی پیر گرفتار

سوشل میڈیا پر وائرل ہونے والی جعلی پیر کی ویڈیو کے بعد پشاور پولیس نے اچینی بالا کے علاقے میں کارروائی کرتے ہوئے جعلی پیر محمد اللہ ولد قدرت اللہ کو گرفتارکر لیا، – اس جعلی پیر کو اوریجل سافٹوئیر کی ضرورت ہے۔

ایف آئی آر درج کرکے مزید تفتیش شروع کردی گئی ہے. اس طرح کے سینکڑوں فراڈئیے گلی گلی میں ہیں پلیز ان سے اس ملک کی جان چھڑوا دیں۔ اللہ جزائے خیر دے – اس زبردست کام پر ہم پشاور پولیس کو دل سے سلام عقیدت و محبت پیش کرتے ہیں۔

یہ کسی بھی رحم کا مستحق نہیں ہے اس کے جن بھی اسی بچے کی طرح اسی کے ہاتھ سے نکلواے جائیں مگر وکیل پولیس اور ججوں کی مہربانی سے ایسا نہیں ہو گا ۔ – اس پر اچھی طرح تحقیق ہونی چاہیے کہ کیا یہ واقعی جعلی پیر ہے یا کہ پھر اس کے پاس کوئی جنات کا علم بھی ہے

ایسے لوگوں کے ساتھ ایسا ہی ہونا چاہیے پشاور پولیس نے بہت اچھا کام کیا – اس کی کرنٹ لگا کر تواضع کریں پلیز – پشاور پولیس کی شاندار کاروائی پر مشکور ہیں – اِس پیر کا اُس کے طریقے کے تحت قرنٹ لگا کر جن نکالا جائے

شاباش پشاور پولیس اسے سخت سے سخت سزا ملنی چائیے جو نادان اور معصوم شہریوں کی زندگی سے کلیتے ہے – ولیس حکام کے مطابق مذکورہ شخص خود کو پیر ظاہر کر کے لوگوں کے جن اتارتا تھا، وہ پڑھائی کے ساتھ متاثرہ شخص کو تشدد کا نشانہ بناتا اور اُس کو کرنٹ لگاتا تھا۔


Real Story of Saba Qamar Bilal Saeed Mosque Shoot

Saba Qamar dance video and new song would never have received so much free marketing as they are getting now after real story of Saba Qamar Bilal Saeed mosque video is getting viral. Majority is unhappy and condemning it but most of them are just enjoying the spectacle.

Ghazis are handlocked and not allowed to pray in open hands and Ulamas who oppose the idea of mandar in Islamabad are called lunatics but dancing in a mosque is encouraged. This act is extremely deplorable as they Saba Qamar & Bilal Saeed are celebrities who influence people. They shud have put their foot down as responsible stars. “Qabool hy”was a song not their real Nikah that they tarnished the religious sanctity of a renowned mosque. Shameful.

“Best location for photoshoot in Lhr, Badshahi Mosque”. Here is a glimpse of modeling and romantic couple photoshoot. Saba and Bilal isn’t the first pair who performed there. In holy places photoshoot and songs/movies shooting should have be banned before. There is a difference b/w being liberal & disrespectful. I guess common sense is not so common with Saba Qamar & Bilal Saeed who failed to comprehend the decorum of their surroundings.

Everyone here is cursing Saba Qamar and Bilal Saeed for shooting. Why don’t you people have a look at this paper? It is our law who is giving them permission, Don’t forget that this isn’t the first shoot in the mosque. Only 30000 and they are giving mosque for shooting? This should be banned and law needs to be changed. Religious minister of Punjab must resign and so is the federal minister.

Although it is a wrong act of shooting this thing whatever it is. But for our kind information this is not a first shoot people especially couples and friends go to mosques for instance Badshahi Mosque and Faisal Mosque. So, wait until the video releases. Is that really happening in Islamic republic of pakistan? May be all this noise is limited to social media. Once the trend is over and the drama released, we are the first ones to go and watch it. What you do in your solitude has a value. Cancel her in your solitude.

This is house of Allah. A place where we pray, recite Quran Shareef and ask for things where we can’t do in other usual places. Please don’t make it a somg shooting area, its totally against the law. Consider this serious tweet and don’t dance in Masjid. For years, liberals have been cursing muslims for reacting but seriously now they’d use masjids for their errant purposes? How do you expect mullah and Muslims to react huh? That’s the biggest problem, people have lost track of their limits in the name of freedom. f you’re an artist, you want liberty, you want self respect and recognition, would you stoop so low that you’d enter in Masjid and do all this?

Every liberal has been cursing mullah and masjid for years now and we’ve been quite but why such cavalier act now?


Emaar Sea Front Appartments in Karachi

Emaar Sea Front apartments in Karachi are on sale on discounted prices as the Coronavirus pandemic rages on. The price is on average 6 crore Pakistani rupees for a 2 bedroom sea facing flat right on the top of building. Numerous Emaar projects are going on including Crescent bay, Coral Towers, Clifton Towers etc.

Sea Front appts in Karachi. A 2-bedroom here goes upward of 6 crore. This in Karachi language is called as ‘Proper Chuna.’ Emaar Sea Front appartments in Karachi are selling like hot cakes now. One wonders from where people are getting this kind of money to lavish on just 2 bed room flats on the Karachi shores. The Karachi beaches are dirty, croweded and getting destroyed too and yet look at these property prices.

If you get the more luxurious flats on these towers, they are near 9 to 10 crores for a 3 bedroom flat with a single bathroom and an inside Kitchen with no laundry. The balcony is there but its not as wide as you would hope. The layout of flats is also shoe  box like and you would think that the only purpose of these apartments is to show off that you live right on the beach and you can view the ocean from your top floor, and thats about it.

The property developer in Karachi says that your first choice for self-contained waterfront accommodation in Karachi shouldnt be that expensive as current market is very very over-priced and not in sync with the reality. The EMAAR tower is good though. With panoramic sea views, balcony and designated parking space, it’s perfect for couples, friends and families wanting a break by the sea.

super comfy and well-equipped, with lots of extra touches. The flat is in a lovely central location, a few minutes walk past the main pier, with fabulous sea views from the living room and front bedroom. The sea-facing balcony wraps around the front of the building. A great place to watch the waves or amazing sunsets. The modern bathroom has a large shower and slipper bath. The kitchen is well equipped.

So should you buy these apartments? Well if you like to pay over the board for what you want then yes but from investment point of view, I am not sure so do your own due diligence and make sure that you check adjacent towers too.


Saba Qamar Dance in Masjid

Saba Qamar Mujra is expensive in Lahore but now saba qamar dance in masjid is taking rounds as this time she has gone too far. She tried her like with Irrfan Khan in Bollywood, got Dengue in Lahore, fought with peer girls and now Bilal Saeed and Saba Qamar scandal is on fire.

What a vicarious embarrassment I’m feeling while editing this picture that I can’t even see it twice. I mean where are we standing as a Muslim? And the most deplorable thing is they’re still justifying it! How can you even hold hands like this? shame? But I don’t expect that from this call girl in Lahore who is readily available for anyone who has the money and clout.

So my opinion is here. Shame on all who are defending her. Mosques are only for the worship of Allah. But not for shootings of songs movies r tiktok. Islam orders to veil the women while going out & here women are dancing in the mosques. If a person itself reveals the truth that we are unaware of and behaving humbly then who are we to judge and showing aggression for no reason.

We all knows masajids are “house of Allah” ,place for worship, saba qamar should apologise for this act or govt should take serious action about shooting of a song in masjid against saba qamar and management of the masjid for allowing them. This is really shameful they should be ashamed of doing this shitty dance in masjid bas naam key musalman hain yeh. I cannot believe who actually thought of this and who sang this song and who allowed it?

I demand urgent call of action against Media Production Saba Qamar, Bilal Saeed and the management of Masjid. Mosque, the holy place on the earth and these ignorant shooting there Haram songs there. Shame on you! Now where are celeb who criticises on Ertrugrul? You celebrities are showing what?Confused face many people follow you. What msg you are giving to them. Shame on you. Kate being a non muslim she respected the masjid but you.

These people are basically so called representing Pakistani Culture and its your culture to dance in Mosque ? and what is Punjab Police doing these actors and actress are sharing their weddings pics n there is no Inquiry. The rules should be same for everyone. We are Strongly Demand to Govt of Islamic Republic of Pakistan to take action against responsible. This is really shameful act, they should be ashamed of doing this nanga dance in masjid. Does Islam teach us that?

Secretary Aquaf Govt of Punjab has already ordered DG Auqaf to conduct inquiry of the Masjid Wazir Khan matter where Private Company shooting Saba Qamar Bilal Saeed video violated terms of NOC, agreed with administration. Strict action will be taken against ppl involved including the administration. This hue and cry over Saba Qamar ‘s video recording in a mosque is justified but we as a society are also contributor in this sin. How?it was us who normalized doing all sins inside mosques instead of offering 2 Rakat. It was us who normalized nikkah photoshootes inside mosques.


What is Eid Al’Ghadeer in Pakistan?

Eid al-Ghadir is a Shia celebration, and is considered to be among the significant festivals of Shia Islam. The Eid is held on 18 Dhu Al-Hijjah at the time when the Islamic prophet Muhammad was said to have appointed Ali ibn Abi Talib as his successor.

Emam Ali:
Womens are the integrity of God. Don’t offend them.

Count Ghadeer day as the day of the proof of the end of prophecy , Prophet(p) raised Imam Ali’s (a) hand and appointed him as his successor and announced the beginning of the Imamate after prophethood.

“Whomsoever’s Master I am, this Ali is also his Master ”

“On this day I have perfected your religion, completed My favors to you, and have chosen Islam as your religion” -The Holy Quran (5:3)
The Prophet saw held out the hand of Ali (a) and said:

“Whomsoever’s maula I am, this Ali is also his maula.” And here the religion was brought to perfection.

Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W) said: “Whoever accepted me ( S.A.W.W) as his master than he should also accept a.s his master”. Congratulations to everyone on this auspicious day of Eid_e_Ghadeer. “Whomsoever’s maula I am, this Ali is also his maula.”

Titles of #Hazrat_Ali(a.s.)
Amir al-Mu’minin
(Arabic:Commander of the Faithful)
(The door to the city of Knowledge)
(Arabic:The One who is favourite to Allah)
an-Naba’ul ‘Adhīm(Arabic:The Great News)

Indeed Ali is the most just towards people and the fairest amongst you in impiementing equality.

There are two ways to live a pleasant life, either in someone’s Heart or in someone’s Prayers. Hazrat Ali (R.A)

Ali was born in the heart of the Kaaba. The best month is Ramadan. The best days of Ramadan are the Night of Power. The best place on Ghadr night is the mosque. The best place for a mosque is the altar. The best prayer is the morning prayer. The best part of the prayer is prostration. The best death is martyrdom. Amazing ! Imam Ali (AS) was martyred in the month of Ramadan, on the night of Ghadr, in the mosque, in the altar, in the morning prayer while prostrating.


Real Story Behind Ali Akash and Neha Marriage

Same sex marriage in Pakistan is becoming topic of TV talk shows and the test case of two girls marrying in Rawalpindi has become a hot topic. But the real story behind Ali Akash and Neha marriage is something very different what is being portrayed in print and electronic media and I plead with you to check some facts before spreading false news forward as this is the matter of lives of two human beings regardless of their gender.

Reporting in this case has been atrocious, with pretty much every media outlet preferring sensationalism over accuracy at the expense of the lives of the people involved. Some key facts that have largely been ignored:

1. This is not a case of “same sex marriage” or of a woman pretending to be a man. Ali Akash is a trans man with a male ID card. Legal gender recognition based on self-perception without medical or diagnostic requirements is a right under Pakistani law. It isn’t “impersonation”.

2. Ali and Neha got married. Neha’s family illegally confined her but sessions court granted Ali custody. Neha’s family filed a habeas petition before Lahore high Court. LHC admitted petition even though both had been appearing before sessions court. Why? Is this what habeas petitions are for?

3. LHC asked Ali to get medical tests done to prove he’s a man, even though this is clearly not required by law. This is what the non-bailable arrest warrant and now placement on ECL is for: to force a trans man to get his medical tests done to prove he’s a man AGAINST the law

4. Ali and Neha are now divorced and have nothing to do with each other. Neha was living in a shelter in Lahore given threats to her life by her family, but LHC asked her to be produced and has moved her to a dar ul aman in pindi against her will. Why? Under what jurisdiction?

5. LHC is conducting illegal proceedings, and instead of protecting the rights of Ali and Neha under the law, is further persecuting them. The media needs to highlight this injustice instead of contributing to the sensationalist propaganda against them.

Neha was fully aware that Ali Akash is a trans man before their nikah. Well if she testifies to that, i am sure it will put this matter to rest. LHC would concur, or at least i hope that they do. There are some questions too. Why Ali didn’t choose to challenge medical board composition to ascertain gender. There are legal ways to fight/protect his rights but he chooses to flee.

High court can not issue direction for medical test. Habeas corpus high court can only order to recover the dentine. There are other legal issues involved too but its more of a social taboo issue. This is high time that Pakistan start treat humans just like humans.


دوسری شادی

ہمیں دوسری شادی کو فروغ دینا ہوگا – تاکہ معاشرے میں بیوہ، طلاق یافتہ اور عمر رسیدہ لڑکیوں کو ہمسفر مل سکے۔
آپ لوگوں کی کیا رائے ہے؟

پہلا تو یہ کہ ہمارے معاشرے میں مردوں کی سب سے بڑی برائی ہے یہ ہے کہ وہ شادیاں تو کرنا چاہتے ہیں لیکن ہر بار کنواری لڑکی سے اور غلطی سے کسی بیوہ یا طلاق یافتہ سے کر بھی لیں تو اس سے کرتے ہیں جس کی اولاد نہ ہو کیونکہ اگر اولاد ہوگی تو اس کی ذمہ داریاں نہیں اٹھائیں گے۔

جب کسی کو کنواری لڑکی آرام سے دستیاب ہے تو وہ کیوں کسی بیوہ یا مطلقہ سے شادی کریں ہمارے معاشرے میں میں کنواری لڑکی کو ہی بوڑھوں کو تھوپ دیا جاتا ہے کیونکہ بوڑھے لوگوں کے پاس پیسہ ہوتا ہے نوجوانوں کے پاس نہیں ہوتا تو لوگ پاگل نہیں ہے ہے جو بوڑھی عورتوں سے شادی کریں کریں

بات آپکی درست لیکن معاشرے کا یہ دستور بھی تو ہم نے ہی خراب کیا ہے عورت کی سب سے بڑی دشمن عورت اور مرد وہ ہر چیز کو صرف ایک ہی زاویے سے دیکھتا ہے۔
اگر شادی کرنی ہے دوسری تیسری تو کم از کم ان سے کرے جنکو ضرورت ہو آپکی اور آپکی آخرت کےلئے راہ نجات بنے۔
شادی صرف ہمبستری کا نام نہیں۔

ہترین سوچ لیکن اس کا واضع طریقہ کار بلکہ قانون بتائیے اور بناییے جس میں پہلی بیوی کی رضا مندی شامل ھو تاکہ معاشرہ اجتماعی طور پر اصلاح کی طرف راغب ھو شرعی و عایلی قوانین میں لازمی جز شامل کیا جائے تاکہ انتشار سے بچا جا سکے

آج یہ قانون ہے کہ پہلی بیوی کی رضامندی شامل ہے اگر آپ دوسری شادی کرنا چاہتے ہیں اسی لیے تو بیوہ اور مطلقہ عورتوں کی تعداد بہت زیادہ ہے کیونکہ عورت کبھی رضامند نہیں ہوتی۔
یہ قانون شریعت کے خلاف ہے۔

آپکی سوچ بہت اچھی ہے کچھ میرے بھائی یہ کہتے ہیں کہ جو افورڈ کرتا ہو کرے
میرے پیارے نبی کے پاس اک صحابی تشریف لاتے ہیں آ کے کہتے ہیں اے اللہ کے رسول میرے حالات بہت خراب ہیں تو آنے فرمایا شادی کر لو کچھ عرصہ بعد وہ پھر حاضر ہوا اور وہی بات کی آپ نے فرمایا اک اور شادی کر لو وہ تین

آج کل کی بیوی اجازت نہیں دیتی چاہیئے مرد حقوق پورے کرنے کی گارنٹی بھی دے وعدہ بھی کرے – حث میں اُلجھنے کی کیا ضرورت ھے۔ جو بات ھمارے نبئ پاک نے خود ادا کرکے سُنت بنا دی اُسکیلئے کسی اور فتوے یا قانون کی ضرورت نہی۔ اگرمرد شرائط پوری کر سکتا ھے تو بالکل جائیز ھے اور کرنی چاھئے۔ ( شرائط پوری کرنا ضروری ھے)۔ کسی کی اجازت ضروری نہی۔
بحث میں وقت ضائع مت کریں۔

میرے خیال ہے کہ کم از کم ماں باپ ایک اور بھائیوں کو ایک دفعہ اپنی بیٹی اور بہن سے ضرور کہنا چاہئے کہ: ” ہم نے تمہاری شادی انسان دیکھ کر کی ہے لیکن_ اگر جانور نکل آئے تو تمھارے لیے گھر کے دروازے کھولے ہیں،معاشرے کو ہم خود جواب دے لیں گے۔

جتنی مہنگائی ھے اس میں مرد ایک بیوی ھی پال لے تو بڑی بات ھے، دوسری شادی کے راستے میں صرف عورت ھی رکاوٹ نہیں ھوتی اور بھی مسائل ھیں۔میرے رشتے میں ماموں لگتے تھے ،ان کی دو شادیاں تھیں مگر دونوں کو پیسہ اور وقت برابر دیتے تھے ، پہلی بیوی گاؤں سے تھی اور دوسری شہر سے، پہلی بیوی غلطی

یہاں تو عورت اپنے شوہر کی دوسری شادی کا سن کر قبر سے بھی اٹھ جاتی ھے۔۔۔۔
ہمارے آس پاس بہت سے مرد ہیں جنکو واقئی ضرورت ھوتی ھے ان کی پہلی بیوی میڈیکلی ٹھیک نہیں ھوتی لیکن وہ پھر بھی دوسری شادی کی اجازت نہیں دیتی ۔۔پھر مرد باہر جو مرضی کرے۔۔
ایسے کیسز میں خواتین کو سمجھنا چاہئے

حقیقت یہ ھے کہ ایک خاتون بھی شادی شدہ شخص سے شادی کرنے کیلئے تیار نہیں ھے۔ حتیٰ کہ 45 سے 55 سال کی بیوائیں یا طلاق یافتہ خواتین بھی ایک صحتمند، صاحبِ حیثیت، شادی شدہ شخص کو قبول کرنے کیلئے تیار نہیں ہیں
میں ٹوئٹر پر ایک اشتہار دے چکا ہوں
والله کسی ایک خاتون نے بھی رسپانس نہیں کیا

Social 2020 scholarship

The enquiries about 2020 scholarship, roll number, tabeer scholarship past papers, ntpa scholarship 2020, hec portal scholarship, ucp scholarship, need based scholarship and tabeer scholarship test date 2020 are on the rise as there is so much confusion about these issues among the students and the teachers.

Amdist this coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 scholarship online is getting more visibility as students want to cash in on this opportunity to excel in thier career as they want to make a mark for themselves. NTA offers entry test of all types of institutions resides recruitment test for public and private sector institutions within country and across the globe for students from every field.

You can easily register for your NTA test by filling your downloaded application form according to the instructions provided. Submit it to NTA given address after online depositing the Test Fee in any branch of UBL, ABL, MCB or HBL. Test Fee is submitted in the form of Online Deposit Slip in any nearest UBL, ABL, MCB or HBL branch. You would also need to have your CNIC card plus the slip.

Nobel Testing & Processing Agency (NTPA) is an independent and self-sustained company offering high quality services in Testing, examination, offering scholarships, assessment tests, admission tests, data entry, data processing, capacity building and HR solutions in Pakistan. The office of NTA is at F-403, MR Flats, khayaban-e-Kashmir, G15 Islamabad and their helpline is at 051-111111878.

NTPA owns Tabeer projects for all provinces of Pakistan. The following projects will announce once a year separately for every province of Pakistan. NTPA will fund the following project.

  • Tabeer Scholarship Program
  • Tabeer Internship Program
  • Tabeer Free Courses Program

This is a magnificent step which needs to be higlighted more.

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