Mental Health Counselling Options in Karachi Lahore Islamabad

After recovery from Coronavirus, one of the oft-seen requirement is to have mental health counselling options in Pakistan especially in big cities of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad.

I was talking to a friend who was ooking for mental health counselling options in Karachi for Coronavirus recovered lady in her late 60s. She was away from family for about 50 days, was on oxygen and vent. She said that it was so hard to find such specific counselling and medical help. You can hardly see any more investments in health-care facilities and in healthcare itself, especially regarding mental health.

She said that she would appreciate reasonably priced therapy options post corona. Most of the families who have been through Coronavirus and have come out alive and now recovering need to have mental health counselling to live a health life. For most of Pakistani families, the financials not so great after Covid treatment bled family dry. or other websites by Pakistani government are some of help but people would have to search by themeselves. Its common for people to face mental health fall out from the coronavirus pandemic.

Unless Pakistani officials act now to address the mental health needs associated with the pandemic, there will be enormous long-term consequences for families, communities and societies. The cumulative impact of stress, grief, and anxiety are huge across the country.

Stigma around having COVID in Pakistan is huge. You literally become pariah even for your family. Even if you recover, people avoid you as they think that you still would have the germ and you also start doubting your very being. Panic and confusion also make matters worse.

Unemployment, businesses failing, and other social issues add to economic instability at large. This has direct impact on people who start losing hope. For example, during Great Depression, due to unemployment there was increased ratio of heart attacks.


Say No to Online Classes in Pakistan

Say No to online classes in Pakistan is top trend on social media as students of Balochistan, FATA, AJK, Sindh and other parts of country are protesting hard about this measure due to various reasons. Online classes are not beneficial for Students because of expensive Internet packages, network problems, nonstop Load shedding, lack of facilities which leads depression.

3rd day of token hunger strike camp in front of Quetta press club is continued. All students and people from walk of life are requested to show solidarity with students. Students and some of the teachers are urging others to say no to online classes in Pakistan all across the country.

They are demanding resignation of chairman HEC. They say that they demand measures to expand high-speed internet in all areas of Balochistan, former FATA, GB, Sindh, and other backward areas of Pakistan. They also say that the educational funds allocation for digital infrastructure of education, immediate suspension of online classes & exams in absense of good quality internet.

One student cried out that If we are in home then surely we are not using electricity, and we are not using water, and we are not using building and any other infrastructure. We are also not using any other thing of university. And we are also not using any resources. According to them, “we’re paying a great amount for Internet packages here. Then why we are Paying such a High Fee’s of University?”

Questions and reservations are valid. Teachers and most of students don’t know how to use Zoom in Pakistan for online classes. You can’t play with these kids lives. They are already so stressed out with everything happening around the world and to increase the stress would be really cruel to them. This is our future generation we are talking about so please make good a decision.

Students from Ex-FATA,GB & remote areas of Balochistan have no access to internet.while,Oneline classes can’t work untill all have equal access. So,We reject the floop MLF system, online classes,Exams & fee hikes amidst pandemic.

Students of Balochistan can’t attend online classes & that is why chanting slogans in every district #SayNoToOnlineClasses. If students can’t be facilitated then it is better to terminate the online classes. Educational discrimination is rejected by the students of remote areas.


Most Cheap and Expensive Pizza in Karachi

What is the cheapest or most expensive pizza in Karachi on a per square inch basis? Famous’s O’s leads the pack, and NYP’s 21″ is the cheapest. Famous O’s 20″ is smack in the middle of the pack and at the optimal flavor-price level. This is the research by Ammar Khan on social media.

Who doesn’t love Pizza. Everyone simply adores it from every age group whether its kids, young or old ones. It’s a comfort and filling food which suits to every occassion. Originated somewhere in Southern Europe, Pizza is now an international food where every region has customized it to their own taste.

Pakistani pizza is one of the most delicious pizza out there. Studded with meat of different styles including karachi, balti, bbq, qorma, and various others; nothing can beat it. You cannot forget it once you try it out.

Average price is PKR 10.4 per square inch.

Ammar says, “So didn’t do Domino’s because it does not disclose diameter of it’s pizzas. Same reason for not covering other gourmet pizzas including Pomo, Xanders, etc. All data sourced from menus from either Facebook pages, or website, without any deals.”

People have also shared some suggestions and insights to it in the comments, as pizza in Karachi is so popular. For example Azeem says, “one thing that distort is to add different sizes of pizza e.g New York 21 is 6.9 but 16” is 10.7. I think average would make more sense if we compare it across same size pizza of different chains though we will have multiple averages for different sizes.”


Covid gov pk at covid official website is the official website by Pakistan government and is managed by Ministry of health. 24 hours helpline is also available throughout Pakistan in every city.

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, is inciting panic for a number of reasons in Pakistani cities, towns and villages. Everyone is scared or at least concerned. It’s a new virus, meaning no one has immunity, and there is no vaccine. Covid gov pk is a portal for information related to this pandemic.

The Coronavirus is new and no one really has any concrete information about it. Not only people are using unofficial sites, they are also trying out things which are not meant to be and pretty dangerous in many terms. Its novelty means that scientists aren’t sure yet how it behaves they have little history to go on.

Pakistan travel information in times of corona can be obtained from website. Starting 20th June, all airlines that routinely fly to Pakistan would be allowed to operate inbound traffic to Pakistan, with roughly 200-275 inbound flights per week across the country. Limited international private flights are currently allowed by special permission. Upper limit on passengers; and date and time of arrival will be determined by the Civil Aviation Authority and not by the flight operator.

Outbound passengers flights are now operational. Ferry/cargo/charter/private flights are currently allowed. Please contact Civil Aviation Authority for information. Limited domestic private flights are currently allowed by special permission.

For general helpline for corona in Pakistan, dial 1166 health helpline for any coronavirus information within Pakistan free of cost. These covid helpline is available in all cities including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and others.

But remember there are ways to prevent this disease. Wash Your Hands For 20sec. Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Cover Nose & Mouth When Sneezing. Cover coughs and sneezes with tissues. Use Sanitizer. Use hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available. Avoid Crowded Places (Social Distancing).

As an individual, you can lower your risk of infection by reducing your rate of contact with other people. Avoiding public spaces and unnecessary social gatherings, especially events with large numbers of people or crowds, will lower the chance that you will be exposed to the coronavirus as well as to other infectious diseases like flu.


Pagal Ankhon Wali Larki Novel Download

She was not stunningly beautiful, neither she was outstanding in her height. No feature was extra ordinary and yet she had something which made people to turn their heads as she walked by. This is what Pagal Ankhon Wali Larki novel download will make you think.

Set in the backdrop of Hazara hill station Abbottabad. It’s a conservative city with religious tilt. People are aggressive yet it’s shown that they can love and flirt and lots of things are not that conservative. This is basically what you would find in most parts of Pakistan.

Anyway, the herioin of the novel is university student who gets teased by boys. The boys are lot elder than her and she is worried about her safety and dignity. She wants to carry on her studies as this is her last year at unviersity and if her conservative family finds out, her studied will be discontinued. Boys seem to know realize that and they are taking advantage of that fact.

Like many other families in Mansehra and Abbottabad, Ishnal’s father had a business in Karachi. Most of the male from this area go to Karachi in search of jobs and then settle there as there is very limited oppotunity in this sort of far flung area. Ishnal also has three other sisters. Areesha is married, whereas middle sister Ushiya is settled in Abbottabad and then came Ishnal.

The boy who used to teach Ishnal was Fahd. Fahd used to write her love letter and almost daily used to come to stalk her. Sana, Ishanl’s friend also knew about it and she was double minded as whether to side with Ishanl or with Fahd.

Free Pagal Ankhon Wali Larki novel download is available here.


Corona Mental Health in Pakistan

Take it easy mates. I know the going is hard. Times are tough. Corona mental health in Pakistan is a real alarming issue and needs immediate attention. I was pleasantly surprised to see Google doodle about mental health during COVID-19 which has quite good tips.

PAUSE. Breathe. Reflect
KEEP to a healthy routine
CONNECT with others
BE KIND to yourself and others
REACH OUT for help if you need it

Corona mental health in Pakistan is not discussed that much on the national media as this is still considered a taboo and people are embarrassed to talk about it as their is stigma attached to it. No one wants to be called a ‘pagal’ or retarded.

One of the thing which I noticed is that people have gone lot quiter and it seems that they are suffering in in silence. All this isolation, loneliness, less social contact has contributed to the already grim vibe in our society. Poverty, joblessness, hunger, homelessness and other harsh realities have set us back a lot.

Mental health issues in Pakistan are rising. Even the young adults are suffering from it. In the wake of Coronavirus pandemic, the situation is worsening. There is no official helpline for it, and government as usual seems very disinterested. They don’t even recognize it as a problem, let alone do something about it.

It’s a really difficult time right now. If you’re worried about your mental health (or someone else’s) , then don’t just remain silent. Go out into community and ask for help. People care and you will find some shoulder for comfort.

Through support, research and advocacy we can all come together and move towards mentally healthy Pakistan.


Barbie Girl Lyrics Urdu Kelly Key

Following are the barbie girl lyrics Urdu by Kelly Key which is getting very famous for party goers in Pakistan especially among the young generation who is loving the beat and lyrics.

Make me walk, make me talk
Do whatever you please
I can act like a star,
I can beg on my knees
Come jump in, be my friend,
let us do it again
Hit the town, fool around,
lets go party

I was at a small college party and even the adults were enjoying it. The word barbie has a special connotation to it and everyone wants to rhythm with it and it has such an upbeat emotion to it. One simply wants to swish around and enjoy. Especially the on weekend, this song on a long drive really makes you happy.

But there are some people who dislike it deeply as they say its inappropriate and just violating the ethos. It is said that the lyrics lack quality and any sense of purpose. They also say that this is something which should be banned at least in the conservative societies like Pakistan because it goes against what we stand for.

Well I think we are taking it way too seriously as let’s just have fun and don’t take it personal. Nothing is going to be violated by it as this is just a song which is always fleeting.


5 Pakistanis Sisters Who Passed CSS

When final result of CSS was announced then it contained a name which was sure to pass. This name belonged to Zaha Malik Sher, who is the youngest sister of five and is the fifth member of this family to achieve this honor. These are brainy lionesses who have broken this record worldwide for competitive exam. 5 Pakistanis sisters who passed CSS have become a national sensation.

Before Zaha, her four sisters are already working at top positions after passing CSS examination with flying colors. This elite family belong to Hariput which is in Hazara region of KPk province of Pakistan. Their parents Malik Rafiq Awan and Begum Khursheed studied from presentation convent school of Rawalpindi. This is the same school from where former slain Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto obtained her early education.

The eldest sister is Laila Malik, who passed CSS in 2008. Since then every after 2 or 3 years, other sisters followed her footsteps and cleared the CSS. Laila Malik is posted in Karachi these days in Income Tax department and considered one the top officers there. Laila also holds the honor of becoming youngest candidate to become CSP officer in Pakistan. She passed it when she was only 21.

After Laila, Shireen Malik passed the CSS and these days working as director in National Highway Authority (NHA). Third sister is Sassi Sher Malik who is deputy executive Chaklala Cantt Rawalpindi and then comes Marvi Malik Sher who is Assistant Commissioner Abbottabad. The youngest is Zaha Malik who will be posted to Management Group after passing this prestigious exam.

Their father is retired from Wapda. He said that people used to sympathize with him over 5 daughters. He said that now the same people are congragulating them on their daughters’ success. He said that the secret of success behind his daughters was continuous hardwork and focus. They never compromised on education. Studies were always prioritized over anything else.

5 Pakistanis sisters who passed CSS are a glowing example that if you keep working hard, then you become successful, no matter what. Pakistanis have to learn from this example and start giving importance and priority to education, especially of girls.

Social result 2019 result 2019 is out online and you can check it with your number but the website of FPSC is down and totally flooeded with the traffic it seems and no one is able to check their result and their allocation of roles.

One wonders that every year this happens, and they don’t improve their hosting or web services. In this online age, where everything is online, this is unthinkable. I am also quite surprised that amidst all this COVID-19 happenings all around, they are not improving it. They were expecting this traffic load and yet no optimization was done.

504 gateway error appears whenever you try to access result 2019.

One of my friend also passed and his message read, “By the grace of Allah Almighty I have qualified CSS 2019 and got allocated into the Police Service of Pakistan. The roller coaster ride of CSS ends today. I thank you all who helped me and believed in me throughout this journey. Alhamdullilah! #CSS2019”. That really made my day and now treat is due on him, lol.

Another friend messaged me few hours back, “17th in Pakistan, Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS), 48th Common, Civil Service of Pakistan!”. Another of my batch mate said that she also passed and allocated IRS group in (CSS 2019). Another friend said, “Alhamdulillah, qualified CSS-2019 and got allocated in Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service.”

I am so happy about this as these all are bright and young people who are poised to serve Pakistan. The topper of the batch is Rana Haider Tahir (PAS) from Punjab. He is from Atchison and also studied at LUMS graduate and also a foreign Graduate. Rana Haider Tahir profile is very impressive.

But as usual there are few complaints about these results, e.g.: Out of 365 candidates, 214 have been recommended while 151 will re-take the entire process again. What a waste of time. These 151 could have been allotted groups like FIA, NAB, IB, SECP or others. These 151 are much more competent to pass a simple one paper MCQ Exam.

Process and website certainly should be improved.


Girl Friend Search for Whatsapp in Pakistan

Pakistan is becoming modern. Things are changing, and so is the society. Now boys don’t have to make rounds of girl colleges and universities. Girl Friend search for whatsapp in Pakistan is the new vogue.

Now boys don’t have to stand in the sun or rain or hail to wait for girls, hurl love letters at them, honk at them, put their mobile numbers on cards in their way, or just go to them and ask for friendship. Girl Friend search for whatsapp in Pakistan has now become prevalent in major cities.

For example in Karachi, there is such a trend of whatsapp friendship with girls that boys exchange whatsapp numbers of girls in Pakistan. In Lahore, I have seen such directory in the custody of few of the boys who were happily boasting about it and some were even selling it. I was shocked to learn that it was going on for some time.

Lahori girls whatsapp numbers are even written on the walls of colleges. One of my facebook friend told me that in their boys hostel, he has seen few numbers written on the walls of washroom and when he tried couple of them, they were genuine. So much so, that he even struck a friendship with a girl in Islamabad on whatsapp.

As long as the friendship is between consenting adults without any ulterior motives, then I don’t think it’s bad. But once, it becomes something else or if one party starts deceiving the other one, then it becomes an issue and not good at all. Boundaries should be observed in all cases and maturity should be shown.

So its not that only boys are animated about it, girls are equally excited and encouraging it. Well not all of them but there is no dearth of such girls who would not hesitate to make a whatsapp friend. whatsapp groups of girlfriends is also quite a normal thing these days.

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