Aspire Student Portal Online Testing

Nothing makes me more proud than seeing the influx of quality colleges in Pakistan like Aspire and their Aspire Student Portal. No words can fully express the pride for these kind of institutions.

One best thing about aspire is that they don’t just impact education, rather they make sure that their students excel in other activities too. They prepare them for the future to tackle any kind of challenges. They groom their minds to have a purpose in life and career. They cultivate them to nurture best of values in life and where they go in any field of their choice.

The Aspire prepares them for life and students become set for life. Aspire Student Portal is a cornerstone of this great initiative. One key ethos of aspire is to redefine education as training for life by giving our students knowledge, insights, and skills that go beyond examination t5o make them resourceful and responsible citizen of the world.

Aspire is committed to enhancing students’ knowledge by making them able to learn new things and gaining new experience to share. These attributes prepare students not just for success at a top university and a successful career, but they learn the fundamentals of self-discipline that underpins effective leadership for a Better World.

I am particularly intrigued by ACIT, the flagship Aspire college intelligence test. There is no method but to be very intelligent. Aspire believes in your intelligence. ACIT Aspire college intelligence test lets jump in to the world of Intelligence, and I fully agree with these timeless words.

So whether it is FSc pre engineering, or FSc pre medical or whetehr it is ICS, aspire has everything for you. Aspire is dedicated to creating a professional pathway for students by offering multiple opportunities to educate current and future generation of leaders.


PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi Result Admissions Contact

Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University or PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi Result Admissions Contact information is readily available here. Students are bit worried about the strike action from few of student unions and bodies but its still under control.

University of Arid Agriculture or UAAR is a reputable university in Potohar region of Punjab. Various renowned scholars have received their education from here and now serving in every walk of life within and outside of the country. From business administration to IT, and from psychology to mass communication, this institute has produced some gems all across the board. PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi Result Admissions Contact information is upto date on the website.

My favorite department of PMAS UAAR is the faculty of social sciences. When you get off at Shamsabad, Murree Raod Rawalpindi, the beautiful building of university greets you and as soon as you enter the premis, you are in another world. Prof Dr. Qamar uz Zaman the current vice chanellor of university is also very fond of it. More than 13 thousand students are studying there.

PMAS Arid uni’s ranking is also quite good and you can check it after downloading its prospectus. The admission criteria is quite strict and ensures quality but if you are passionate enough, you shouldn’t have much issue. The admission test can be quite tricky and I still remember that once there was an open book test there but I am not sure if its still the case.

The renaming of BIIT and UAAR to PMAS is more of a political gimmick than anything else to appease the religious and other sectors but it doesn’t really effect the liberal nature of this educational outfit which is quite modern and forward looking in every aspect. One hopes that it maintains its that unique spirit and keep fostering the education in the region.

Social Student Portal 2020 student portal is a commendable initiative from Multan Garrison Education System. The student portal ‘s primary aim is to provide exemplary educational programs of international standards that inspire and prepare all students for success in global environment at affordable costs.

The House System has always encouraged personal responsibility amongst students over the course of last eight or so years and it still continueus to do. These smaller school communities engender healthy rivalry in friendly games and other extra-curricular activities, building team skills, leadership skills and co-operation.

MGES has proven to be a resounding success throughout Multan. From its MGES secretariat in School road, Multan to APS Boys and APS Girls in Multan Cantt, the quality is everywhere. You can even witness it in APS junior and APS pre school.

MGES is fullfilling its vision by investing in success for all students. It also ensures safety of students and its staff and there is also opportunity of online classes and exams. The MGES admissions are also trophy to be held. Students join a House when they join the school and belong to their House until they leave.

The House System helps build an individual’s strengths within a group and creates a bond with other pupils of all ages. Student Portal is your gateway to MGES. As pupils reach their senior years at the School they become increasingly involved in running their Houses and co-coordinating House activities.


NLE Exam Pakistan 2020 PMC

In 2020, medical students in Pakistan are quite confused about NLE exam. NLE Exam Pakistan 2020 PMC has become such a mystery that its becoming hard to get relevant information from any quarter, and from any reliable source.

Evaluation proformas for MBBS and evaluation proformas for BDS are availbale for download from PMC website and there is also a checklist for inspections. That is at least somewhat clear which is welcoming thing. There is also a list of undergraduate recognised medical and dental institutions/ Colleges/DAI’s across Pakistan.

PM&DC or PMDC or PMC is a statutory regulatory authority established under Pakistan Medical & Dental Council Ordinance 1962 as a body corporate. It is known and respected worldwide and is part of international community of medical regulatory authorities (IAMRA). The reputation of PMC is quite solid worldwide as it has produced quality trained gradues over time who are serving across the globe.

Pakistani doctors are considered one of the best and are doing meritorious service in all parts of the world and that is a testimony to the effective regulation of medical education being done by the PM&DC. Having said that, there still are gaps to be filled because one of the condition is that no Pakistani Doctor can practice in Pakistan or abroad without being registered with PM&DC or without being in goodstanding with it, and that is why its so important to make sure that this organization remains agile.

One of the contentious bone is the NLE exam, which is National Licensing examination for medical students. Majority of students have rejected this and they are demanding overhaul of this program as that is far from reality and is making things impossible instead of facilitating the students. Its high time that NLE Exam Pakistan 2020 PMC should be reviewed.


Playstation 5 Price in Pakistan

Pakistani gamers are eagerly waiting for the release of Playstation 5 gaming console in Pakistan. They are very curious about playstation 5 price in Pakistan as they would like to upgrade as soon as possible given its under their budget.

Sony corporation has recently disclosed Playstation 5 release worldwide in their live stream. This is scheduled later in the year, likely near the Christmas and New Year season to make it a perfect gift. Playstation 5 price in Pakistan is likely to be over Rs. 1 lakh which is quite a lot. But then if you see the love of people for the gadgets like iphone and ipad, one can be sure that they will buy this console like anything.

One point to note that this price is just an estimate as Sony hasn’t released any pricing yet around their new gaming console. PS5 in Pakistan is coming out after almost 8 years as PS4 was released in 2013. PS5 release date in Pakistan is not exactly fixed as of now.

Editions of PS5:

There will be 2 editions of Playstation 5. One is Digital edition and the other one is regular one with game disk. This was unveiled by Sony during that live stream which was watched by over 2 million viewers across the globe amidst this pandemic. A media remote control plus sleek headphones will be accessories of this Playstation.

Features of PS5:

There will be various new features in this new release including but not limited to: 4K Ultra HD Blu Ray, Ultra-high speed SSD, Ray tracing, Haptic controller feedback, Adaptive triggers, and 3D audio. The PS5 console will support 4K gameplay. There has been speculation that the PS5 may be able to support higher resolutions such as 6K and 8K.

I would suggest to not to rush to buy PS5 in Pakistan as soon as its out. Let the mania cool down and the price will come down eventually in few months. They always do. This will save your lots of money down the road and you can buy PS5 games in Pakistan for far more less.


Top 10 Coronavirus Places in Pakistan

New infections are multiplying rapidly in Pakistan as there is no social distancing whatsoever, government seems disinterested, and people have resigned to the fact that now only fate will rescue them. Top 10 Coronavirus places in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Islamabad Especially in G-9 — G-9/2 and G-9/3 sectors
  • AJK Especially in Mirpur and Muzzaffarabad
  • Lahore especially the inner ring
  • Karachi especially the Saddar, North Nazimabad and Orangi Town
  • Peshawar
  • Mardan
  • Sukkur
  • Multan
  • Bahawalpur
  • Rawalpindi
  • Jehlum

The above list doesn’t mean that the whole cities are infected, rather some particular areas have seen increased cases. Police and rangers have been deployed in those areas to cordon them off. Entry and exits are being strictly controlled.

The above list also doesn’t mean that other cities are in fine state. There are cases emerging there too, but the volume is not as high as the above ones. Approx 1300 hot-spots have been sealed across country besides of these top 10 Coronavirus places in Pakistan.

After initially imposing a countrywide lockdown, the government has now eased restrictions, saying it was necessary to save the economy, but since then infections in the country have surged. Pakistan has reported 132,405 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, including 2,551 deaths, since its first case emerged on Feb 26. Authorities, however, are now using the term “smart lockdown” to close shops and markets and force people to stay home in areas where confirmed cases have increased in recent weeks.

The public safety must be paramount to the district and provincial authorities. It is understandable that they are not really getting any leadership from the top, but its high time that they take matters in their own hand and ensure their duties. All activities, including weddings, events and gatherings, majalis and mosques must be suspended until this wave subsides.


Ayesha Sana Fraud

Renowned actress, TV host, and model Ayesha Sana who rose to notoriety when her angry clip got leaked where she was yelling ‘Bright Karo’ at the light man in the studio. Now she is in the media again as a person lodges FIR against her for millions of rupees. Ayesha Sana fraud story is making circles in social media too.

It is being alleged that Ayesha Sana has milked several million rupees from different people by making different excuses and now her cheques are getting dishonored and she is also unreachable. Social media is saying that the figure could be much higher as more and more people are coming forward with their claims about Ayesha Sana fraud stories.

Nothing is proven yet and we were unable to get Ayesha Sana’s version as she was unavailable and the matter is with the police. This lady’s arrogance and anger is legendary and her contacts with the high-ups especially within PTV are known to everyone. When she arrived in media she was very innocuous and sweet, but then may be fame and greed got the better of her and look where she is now.

Her career is already over as she has aged a lot and with that Bright Karo clip, her reputation also got various dents. She, it seems, also fell out of favor of her patrons up the chain and now trying to live off such things, it appears. There is lesson for everyone in this that greed leaves you helpless and hapless at the end.


Cynthia Ritchie vs Begum Nawazish Ali

The match is on. Begum Nawazish Ali a.k.a Ali Saleem the actor, the artist has come out with all guns blazing against Cynthia Ritchie, the US blogger who is in Pakistan for a long time and involved in politics and social sectors and has become quite a sensation.

Begum Nawazish Ali is settled in USA these days. He has been a vocal supporter of Benazir Bhutto and PPP for a long time. Since Cynthia Ritchie has accused PPP leaders of abusing her, Begum Nawazish Ali has also criticized her openly in media. His accusations against her are also eye opener.

It’s a common knowledge that Cynthia Ritchie is close friend of everyone in power corridors and the Imran Khan has a thing for such butterflies. Begum Nawazish Ali has confirmed the report that Cynthia said to him that Imran Khan is tharki and had an eye on her but she didnt like him after what he had done with Jemima.

Its an interesting story how Begum Nawazish Ali started to know Cynthia. Cynthia was friend of Omer Saleem, brother of Begum Nawazish Ali. One day Omer Saleem arranged a BBQ and invited both of them in Bani Gala, the residence of Imran Khan in 2015. Begum Nawazish Ali arranged drinks for her as she was very fond of drinks. Cynthia was supposedly making a documentary on Pakistan, said that she was trying to portray a soft image of country. Cynthia asked Begum Nawazish Ali to help her in making that film and then they started working together.

Cynthia then visited US to do promo of her documentary. They used to meet often in DC, in US. Begum Nawazish Ali was very surprised to see Cynthia mingling with Ahmedi people in DC, though he was very liberal but that was very strikingly unique and that rose his suspicion that her agenda was something different. Cynthia was residing in Ahmediyya mosque in DC, where there community center was.

They soon started getting agitated with each other as Cynthia was trying to get on Ali’s show while Ali was skeptical about her intentions and then this tug of war intensified as it got personal and now they all are out pulling each other and washing their dirty laundry in pubic.


HEC Online Exam Semester Promotion and Improvers Information

Considering the rising trend of covid infections, Federal Ministry of Education has advised provinces and AJK/GB govts not to allow any exemption from NCC decision to cancel exams, except online, till July 15. All occasions that entail gathering of students are to be avoided. There is lots of confusion out there regarding HEC Online Exam Semester Promotion and Improvers Information.

And they also need to consider grievances of Engineering Technologists BTech hons/BS Tech graduates. It is also very concerning and people are asking that why Issues of online classes and Exams is being ignored. Social media is flooded with issues of such classes and Exams HEC. There are other problems too. I was talking to a student who was asking that how is it possible to give online thesis? How we can deliver our thesis online? Our thesis is related to make short films as we are students of Multimedia ( Filmmaking). How we can make films at home?

Some are totally against the HEC online exams. In online exams all students will fail. Please don’t allow them online exams. They are asking government to promote B. A BSc and universities students withotu any exam. Semester promotion has become a slogan for all students federation of Pakistan. Also what about those students of village who don’t have internet and laptop for online exams. Conduction of online exams is basic human rights violation of ex-FATA, Baluchistan, inner-Sindh, GB, AJK and rural Punjab students who don’t have active internet access.

Improvers are specifically worried as they are hanging in mid air , unsure about their future. We ask HEC, Ministry of Education and Universities to facilitate students having no or poor Internet in best possible way.


Gori Girls Accepting Islam on Twitter

Accepted Islam, I am Muslim Now. I saw that on my Twitter time line retweeted by someone. Opened that profile and it was a white blonde blue eyed hot gori girl declaring that she was Muslim and her profile was followed and bombarded by praises and other comments.

It seemed bit off and something didn’t match, but I didn’t pay much attention. Then yesterday and today I have seen at least 5 or 6 gori girls tweeting about the same and it smells fishy. A quick look at those profiles would tell you that there is something wrong there. All profiles joined Twitter in April-June time, and there is nothing you can find about their past life looking at their timelines.

Few examples are as follows:

and here is another example of gori girl:

and there are various more. Is this another fad by PTI social media team which sometimes becomes Dr. AQ Khan or sometimes Rani Mukherjee or sometimes some other celebrity?

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