Online Classes in Pakistan

Say No to Online Classes in Pakistan

Say No to online classes in Pakistan is top trend on social media as students of Balochistan, FATA, AJK, Sindh and other parts of country are protesting hard about this measure due to various reasons….

cheap karachi pizza

Most Cheap and Expensive Pizza in Karachi

What is the cheapest or most expensive pizza in Karachi on a per square inch basis? Famous’s O’s leads the pack, and NYP’s 21″ is the cheapest. Famous O’s 20″ is smack in the middle…

Covid gov pk at covid official website is the official website by Pakistan government and is managed by Ministry of health. 24 hours helpline is also available throughout Pakistan in every city. The coronavirus, or COVID-19, is inciting panic for a…

pagal ankhon wali larki

Pagal Ankhon Wali Larki Novel Download

She was not stunningly beautiful, neither she was outstanding in her height. No feature was extra ordinary and yet she had something which made people to turn their heads as she walked by. This is…

corona mental health pakistan

Corona Mental Health in Pakistan

Take it easy mates. I know the going is hard. Times are tough. Corona mental health in Pakistan is a real alarming issue and needs immediate attention. I was pleasantly surprised to see Google doodle…

Barbie Girl Lyrics Urdu

Barbie Girl Lyrics Urdu Kelly Key

Following are the barbie girl lyrics Urdu by Kelly Key which is getting very famous for party goers in Pakistan especially among the young generation who is loving the beat and lyrics. Make me walk,…

pakistani sisters

5 Pakistanis Sisters Who Passed CSS

When final result of CSS was announced then it contained a name which was sure to pass. This name belonged to Zaha Malik Sher, who is the youngest sister of five and is the fifth…

irs css 2019 result result 2019 result 2019 is out online and you can check it with your number but the website of FPSC is down and totally flooeded with the traffic it seems and no one is able to…

mallu girl pakistan

Girl Friend Search for Whatsapp in Pakistan

Pakistan is becoming modern. Things are changing, and so is the society. Now boys don’t have to make rounds of girl colleges and universities. Girl Friend search for whatsapp in Pakistan is the new vogue….

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