Dexamethasone in Pakistan for Corona

Dexamethasone is a type of corticosteroid medication. It is used in the treatment of many conditions, including rheumatic problems. The cost of medicine Dexamethasone is only Rs. 200 in Pakistan but its increasing.

In Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan already the pharmacies have started to hoard Dexamethasone. Black marketing is now at its peak. People are crazily searching for it here and there but its hard to come by. The most dangerous and sad part of this whole story is that already there are fake medicine circulating the country and no one is there to check and verify.

This is the first treatment to be shown to reduce mortality in patients with COVID-19 requiring oxygen or ventilator support,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General. “This is great news and I congratulate the Government of the UK, the University of Oxford, and the many hospitals and patients in the UK who have contributed to this lifesaving scientific breakthrough.”

Health department shouldn’t urge people to blindly start taking this medicine. Rather they should first wait for final word from world health bodies as the research is still underway and we dont have vaccine for corona yet and it will take bit of time. Government should ensure that this medicine remains available and put some measures to curb the profiteering and black marketing.

It is high time that WHO should be leading a global drive to contain and then cure COVID. Global initiative is extremely important in this time. US and Europe should lead it, whereas China should also play its part. Who should facilitate that and must continue to work together with all partners to further develop lifesaving therapeutics and vaccines to tackle COVID-19.


Tariq Aziz Death Cause

During the 80s, if there was one TV program which was special for everyone from 8pm to 9pm, it was PTV’s ‘Nailam Ghar’, a quiz show by legendary host Tariq Aziz, who is no more. Tariq Aziz death cause is not Coronavirus as some media outlets are claiming.

Tariq Aziz still holds the record of the longest running TV show in Pakistan and also in south Asia. Tariq Aziz’s deep heavy voice along with his masculine persona and booming posture was very famous. Everyone used to follow his hairstyle in that era including many of the politicians and other celebrities.

The then president General Ziaul Haq was also a big fan of him and personal friend. Zia used to invite Tariq Aziz at his presidency for live shows and also bestowed many honors upon him which were well deserved. Tariq Aziz also received many international accolades for his performances.

It is also interesting to note that Tariq Aziz also performed in theater, drama, and movies in Pakistan. He also performed in some of the internationally produced shows but they were not that popular due to lack of marketing. Tariq Aziz also tried his hands on politics but wasn’t a huge success. Tariq Aziz profile was quite full of everything.

Tariq Aziz death cause is still unknown though he was sick for a long time. Pakistanis are quiet sad on his demise as he was still very popular though was inactive for a long time. His legacy of quiz shows and other sort of TV shows is well and alive. He has many students who are copying his still and he will remain alive through their acts.


Edmodo Login Sign in Student Pakistan

Edmodo Pakistan has increased in popularity as distance learning and teaching has increased manifolds in recent weeks. Edmodo login sign in student Pakistan is the new normal now.

As Internet availability increases in Pakistan especially in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Quetta and Peshawar and its surrounding areas; more and more students are reverting to online mode of instructions and utilizing the services like Edmodo.

I also tried that out and I think the interface is still very nascent and needs lots of improvement. I also talked with various students and all of them faced issues with Edmodo Login Sign in, and I am not talking about people who have just started using web and computer but also the experienced users are facing lots of difficulties around there.

Also though this is a global network, I still feel that Edmodo Pakistan is not that responsive. Helpline, contact information and FAQ also goes begging. But nonetheless the start is good.

Supporting learning and keeping a sense of normalcy and routine for kids is important, especially during sudden school closures.. Scavenger hunt, resource comparison, and presentation piece activities that you and your students can do all online. But there should be a tour of teacher, student, and parent accounts and shares strategies for teaming up. I specially like the free cost of Edmodo in Pakistan.

One of my friend has her classes suspended in Sindh province of Pakistan. She is based in Karachi. She got a free account and then used attendance, assignments, quizzes and activities there and she was more than happy. She has also used live streaming but it lags a little and may be its her own Internet issue. But staff and students at various schools and universities and colleges are using it.

Remote Edtech is the new name of the game now. This brave new technology has the power to improve education and enrich the lives of everyone in the education community, no matter where they might live, work, or play. We put the needs of teachers and learners first in everything we build and do. Learners can carry on with their studies and teachers can be rest assured that education won’t be interrupted. Parents can also go on with peace of mind.


Racism in Pakistan in 2020

Its surprising when you see elite and sometime common Pakistanis condemning the killings of black men by police. Most of them don’t know what’s going on and who is doing what, but just because it has name US in it, they are going for it. They completely ignore racism in Pakistan in 2020 and before and beyond.

I won’t get into what’s going in US as that’s really something else and plenty of people are already talking about it. What bothers me is that racism in Pakistan is rampant, sort of institutionalized, part of our social fabric, education system and everyday life. We discriminate like nobody does elsewhere. We discriminate on linguistic, religious, sectarian and sexuality lines — and more.

We marry, make friendships, make or break relations, live, and play as per out ethnicities, color and creed. There are races within races and there is intra racism and inter racism in the country. When all else fails, we divide ourselves in social strats. The traits like poverty, gender, and rural origins are enough to dehumanise anyone and we don’t feel any reluctance there.

We are divided into Shia, sunni, braveli and thousands of other religious groups. We are segregated into Sindhi, Punjabi, Mohajir, Pathan and the list goes on. We are divided on the basis of region, language and even food. We are divided into streets and you just name it and we are divided. Just look at what treatment we met out to minorities and there is nothing else need to be said.

The tragic and ironic thing is that we lost half of our country in 1971 on the basis of this racism. We took Bengalis as inferiors and leaders of West Pakistan openly and publicly hurled racist remarks on Bengali culture, people and other things. We then saw the backlash and they got independent and now far ahead of us, us the ‘better’ ones. Some people say its the former colonial mindset which we inherited. I don’t think so. We were not rulers, but just the ones who were ruled and left clueless.

So forget about US, and just focus on racism in Pakistan in 2020.


Corona Test at Home in Pakistan

One thing which needs to be understood about this COVID-19 is that it affects different people in different ways. Its not one fit for all situation which makes it more dangerous and confusing. Corona test at home in Pakistan has become the most sought after thing right now. Also don’t fall for any concepts like antibodies test for corona or any desi stuff.

Most infected people will develop mild to moderate illness and recover without hospitalization, as far as corona is concerned. Also I am not aware of any authentic corona virus home test kit in Pakistan. So here is how can you do the initial testing of corona. You can check for the symptoms like:

Most common symptoms:

  • fever
  • dry cough
  • tiredness

Less common symptoms:

  • aches and pains
  • sore throat
  • diarrhoea
  • conjunctivitis
  • headache
  • loss of taste or smell
  • a rash on skin, or discolouration of fingers or toes

Serious symptoms:

  • difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • chest pain or pressure
  • loss of speech or movement

Please understand that self-isolation is the key here. Self-isolation is when a person who is experiencing fever, cough or other COVID-19 symptoms stays at home and does not go to work, school or public places. Don’t arrange any social gathering as your health and your family’s health is important. Keep distance and take special care of your hygiene. Remain in large well-ventilated area.

And remember, don’t take any random medicine for corona in Pakistan. Antibiotics do not work against viruses; they only work on bacterial infections, so don’t just start taking them please. Only check with your doctor before taking any kind of medicine.


Aspire Student Portal Online Testing

Nothing makes me more proud than seeing the influx of quality colleges in Pakistan like Aspire and their Aspire Student Portal. No words can fully express the pride for these kind of institutions.

One best thing about aspire is that they don’t just impact education, rather they make sure that their students excel in other activities too. They prepare them for the future to tackle any kind of challenges. They groom their minds to have a purpose in life and career. They cultivate them to nurture best of values in life and where they go in any field of their choice.

The Aspire prepares them for life and students become set for life. Aspire Student Portal is a cornerstone of this great initiative. One key ethos of aspire is to redefine education as training for life by giving our students knowledge, insights, and skills that go beyond examination t5o make them resourceful and responsible citizen of the world.

Aspire is committed to enhancing students’ knowledge by making them able to learn new things and gaining new experience to share. These attributes prepare students not just for success at a top university and a successful career, but they learn the fundamentals of self-discipline that underpins effective leadership for a Better World.

I am particularly intrigued by ACIT, the flagship Aspire college intelligence test. There is no method but to be very intelligent. Aspire believes in your intelligence. ACIT Aspire college intelligence test lets jump in to the world of Intelligence, and I fully agree with these timeless words.

So whether it is FSc pre engineering, or FSc pre medical or whetehr it is ICS, aspire has everything for you. Aspire is dedicated to creating a professional pathway for students by offering multiple opportunities to educate current and future generation of leaders.


PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi Result Admissions Contact

Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University or PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi Result Admissions Contact information is readily available here. Students are bit worried about the strike action from few of student unions and bodies but its still under control.

University of Arid Agriculture or UAAR is a reputable university in Potohar region of Punjab. Various renowned scholars have received their education from here and now serving in every walk of life within and outside of the country. From business administration to IT, and from psychology to mass communication, this institute has produced some gems all across the board. PMAS Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi Result Admissions Contact information is upto date on the website.

My favorite department of PMAS UAAR is the faculty of social sciences. When you get off at Shamsabad, Murree Raod Rawalpindi, the beautiful building of university greets you and as soon as you enter the premis, you are in another world. Prof Dr. Qamar uz Zaman the current vice chanellor of university is also very fond of it. More than 13 thousand students are studying there.

PMAS Arid uni’s ranking is also quite good and you can check it after downloading its prospectus. The admission criteria is quite strict and ensures quality but if you are passionate enough, you shouldn’t have much issue. The admission test can be quite tricky and I still remember that once there was an open book test there but I am not sure if its still the case.

The renaming of BIIT and UAAR to PMAS is more of a political gimmick than anything else to appease the religious and other sectors but it doesn’t really effect the liberal nature of this educational outfit which is quite modern and forward looking in every aspect. One hopes that it maintains its that unique spirit and keep fostering the education in the region.

Social Student Portal 2020 student portal is a commendable initiative from Multan Garrison Education System. The student portal ‘s primary aim is to provide exemplary educational programs of international standards that inspire and prepare all students for success in global environment at affordable costs.

The House System has always encouraged personal responsibility amongst students over the course of last eight or so years and it still continueus to do. These smaller school communities engender healthy rivalry in friendly games and other extra-curricular activities, building team skills, leadership skills and co-operation.

MGES has proven to be a resounding success throughout Multan. From its MGES secretariat in School road, Multan to APS Boys and APS Girls in Multan Cantt, the quality is everywhere. You can even witness it in APS junior and APS pre school.

MGES is fullfilling its vision by investing in success for all students. It also ensures safety of students and its staff and there is also opportunity of online classes and exams. The MGES admissions are also trophy to be held. Students join a House when they join the school and belong to their House until they leave.

The House System helps build an individual’s strengths within a group and creates a bond with other pupils of all ages. Student Portal is your gateway to MGES. As pupils reach their senior years at the School they become increasingly involved in running their Houses and co-coordinating House activities.


NLE Exam Pakistan 2020 PMC

In 2020, medical students in Pakistan are quite confused about NLE exam. NLE Exam Pakistan 2020 PMC has become such a mystery that its becoming hard to get relevant information from any quarter, and from any reliable source.

Evaluation proformas for MBBS and evaluation proformas for BDS are availbale for download from PMC website and there is also a checklist for inspections. That is at least somewhat clear which is welcoming thing. There is also a list of undergraduate recognised medical and dental institutions/ Colleges/DAI’s across Pakistan.

PM&DC or PMDC or PMC is a statutory regulatory authority established under Pakistan Medical & Dental Council Ordinance 1962 as a body corporate. It is known and respected worldwide and is part of international community of medical regulatory authorities (IAMRA). The reputation of PMC is quite solid worldwide as it has produced quality trained gradues over time who are serving across the globe.

Pakistani doctors are considered one of the best and are doing meritorious service in all parts of the world and that is a testimony to the effective regulation of medical education being done by the PM&DC. Having said that, there still are gaps to be filled because one of the condition is that no Pakistani Doctor can practice in Pakistan or abroad without being registered with PM&DC or without being in goodstanding with it, and that is why its so important to make sure that this organization remains agile.

One of the contentious bone is the NLE exam, which is National Licensing examination for medical students. Majority of students have rejected this and they are demanding overhaul of this program as that is far from reality and is making things impossible instead of facilitating the students. Its high time that NLE Exam Pakistan 2020 PMC should be reviewed.


Playstation 5 Price in Pakistan

Pakistani gamers are eagerly waiting for the release of Playstation 5 gaming console in Pakistan. They are very curious about playstation 5 price in Pakistan as they would like to upgrade as soon as possible given its under their budget.

Sony corporation has recently disclosed Playstation 5 release worldwide in their live stream. This is scheduled later in the year, likely near the Christmas and New Year season to make it a perfect gift. Playstation 5 price in Pakistan is likely to be over Rs. 1 lakh which is quite a lot. But then if you see the love of people for the gadgets like iphone and ipad, one can be sure that they will buy this console like anything.

One point to note that this price is just an estimate as Sony hasn’t released any pricing yet around their new gaming console. PS5 in Pakistan is coming out after almost 8 years as PS4 was released in 2013. PS5 release date in Pakistan is not exactly fixed as of now.

Editions of PS5:

There will be 2 editions of Playstation 5. One is Digital edition and the other one is regular one with game disk. This was unveiled by Sony during that live stream which was watched by over 2 million viewers across the globe amidst this pandemic. A media remote control plus sleek headphones will be accessories of this Playstation.

Features of PS5:

There will be various new features in this new release including but not limited to: 4K Ultra HD Blu Ray, Ultra-high speed SSD, Ray tracing, Haptic controller feedback, Adaptive triggers, and 3D audio. The PS5 console will support 4K gameplay. There has been speculation that the PS5 may be able to support higher resolutions such as 6K and 8K.

I would suggest to not to rush to buy PS5 in Pakistan as soon as its out. Let the mania cool down and the price will come down eventually in few months. They always do. This will save your lots of money down the road and you can buy PS5 games in Pakistan for far more less.

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