Sana Makki Qahwa for Corona Virus

‘Desi totkas’ in Pakistan have always been in vogue. When desperate times come, Pakistanis no matter how educated they are revert to workarounds, fake medicine, hakeems, qahwas, kalonjis and stuff like that for cure and…

Expensive Coronavirus Testing in Pakistan

So you have to pay Rs. 8000 just to get the initial testing kid for COVID-19? Expensive Coronavirus testing in Pakistan is sucking the life out of poor people who cannot simply afford such amount….

Side Hustle in Pakistan

Making ends meet has always been an issue in Pakistan no matter what the going is. For poor, lower middle class, and even middle class its hard to maintain whatever meager lifestyle they have. Not…

Best Way to Sell Used Items in Pakistan

With the advent of online marketplaces, selling and buying modes have completely changed. It all started from virtual portals like craiglists and other lists in Western world and then spread like wildfire all across the…

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