Top 10 Coronavirus Places in Pakistan

New infections are multiplying rapidly in Pakistan as there is no social distancing whatsoever, government seems disinterested, and people have resigned to the fact that now only fate will rescue them. Top 10 Coronavirus places in Pakistan are as follows:

  • Islamabad Especially in G-9 — G-9/2 and G-9/3 sectors
  • AJK Especially in Mirpur and Muzzaffarabad
  • Lahore especially the inner ring
  • Karachi especially the Saddar, North Nazimabad and Orangi Town
  • Peshawar
  • Mardan
  • Sukkur
  • Multan
  • Bahawalpur
  • Rawalpindi
  • Jehlum

The above list doesn’t mean that the whole cities are infected, rather some particular areas have seen increased cases. Police and rangers have been deployed in those areas to cordon them off. Entry and exits are being strictly controlled.

The above list also doesn’t mean that other cities are in fine state. There are cases emerging there too, but the volume is not as high as the above ones. Approx 1300 hot-spots have been sealed across country besides of these top 10 Coronavirus places in Pakistan.

After initially imposing a countrywide lockdown, the government has now eased restrictions, saying it was necessary to save the economy, but since then infections in the country have surged. Pakistan has reported 132,405 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, including 2,551 deaths, since its first case emerged on Feb 26. Authorities, however, are now using the term “smart lockdown” to close shops and markets and force people to stay home in areas where confirmed cases have increased in recent weeks.

The public safety must be paramount to the district and provincial authorities. It is understandable that they are not really getting any leadership from the top, but its high time that they take matters in their own hand and ensure their duties. All activities, including weddings, events and gatherings, majalis and mosques must be suspended until this wave subsides.


Ayesha Sana Fraud

Renowned actress, TV host, and model Ayesha Sana who rose to notoriety when her angry clip got leaked where she was yelling ‘Bright Karo’ at the light man in the studio. Now she is in the media again as a person lodges FIR against her for millions of rupees. Ayesha Sana fraud story is making circles in social media too.

It is being alleged that Ayesha Sana has milked several million rupees from different people by making different excuses and now her cheques are getting dishonored and she is also unreachable. Social media is saying that the figure could be much higher as more and more people are coming forward with their claims about Ayesha Sana fraud stories.

Nothing is proven yet and we were unable to get Ayesha Sana’s version as she was unavailable and the matter is with the police. This lady’s arrogance and anger is legendary and her contacts with the high-ups especially within PTV are known to everyone. When she arrived in media she was very innocuous and sweet, but then may be fame and greed got the better of her and look where she is now.

Her career is already over as she has aged a lot and with that Bright Karo clip, her reputation also got various dents. She, it seems, also fell out of favor of her patrons up the chain and now trying to live off such things, it appears. There is lesson for everyone in this that greed leaves you helpless and hapless at the end.


No Raise in Salaries for Poor But PTI Ministers Get Perks

The proposed budget for fiscal year 2020-2021 has been a shock for the Pakistani people who are already down and trodden due to Coronavirus pandemic. Massive job losses, businesses shutdown, rampant rising poverty and financial meltdown are to be seen in every sector of life.

People were expecting some relief from the government before and in the budget. They received none. While the selected is living in posh style in Bani Gala palace and PM house, his ministers have received brand new Lexus protocol vehicles plus various new gadgets like new iphones, ipads, and iwatches for the whole family. They have also received corona stipend of Rs. 10K.

World over, governments are giving job relief package in the aftermath of Corona. Governments even in the developing countries are cutting their own expenditures and providing people some welfare money. This inept and callous government of PTI is totally insensitive to whats required as they have left people on the mercy of time.

This is what happens when you select hand picked opportunists and make them rulers of country. This is what happens when you degrade and throw out a genuine political government. This is what happens when people don’t come out on streets against injustice. This is what happens when things go rough.

TV channels are silent, newspapers are silent, journalists are afraid to name the name; everyone is compromised and scared. Perhaps we deserve this.


Cynthia Ritchie vs Begum Nawazish Ali

The match is on. Begum Nawazish Ali a.k.a Ali Saleem the actor, the artist has come out with all guns blazing against Cynthia Ritchie, the US blogger who is in Pakistan for a long time and involved in politics and social sectors and has become quite a sensation.

Begum Nawazish Ali is settled in USA these days. He has been a vocal supporter of Benazir Bhutto and PPP for a long time. Since Cynthia Ritchie has accused PPP leaders of abusing her, Begum Nawazish Ali has also criticized her openly in media. His accusations against her are also eye opener.

It’s a common knowledge that Cynthia Ritchie is close friend of everyone in power corridors and the Imran Khan has a thing for such butterflies. Begum Nawazish Ali has confirmed the report that Cynthia said to him that Imran Khan is tharki and had an eye on her but she didnt like him after what he had done with Jemima.

Its an interesting story how Begum Nawazish Ali started to know Cynthia. Cynthia was friend of Omer Saleem, brother of Begum Nawazish Ali. One day Omer Saleem arranged a BBQ and invited both of them in Bani Gala, the residence of Imran Khan in 2015. Begum Nawazish Ali arranged drinks for her as she was very fond of drinks. Cynthia was supposedly making a documentary on Pakistan, said that she was trying to portray a soft image of country. Cynthia asked Begum Nawazish Ali to help her in making that film and then they started working together.

Cynthia then visited US to do promo of her documentary. They used to meet often in DC, in US. Begum Nawazish Ali was very surprised to see Cynthia mingling with Ahmedi people in DC, though he was very liberal but that was very strikingly unique and that rose his suspicion that her agenda was something different. Cynthia was residing in Ahmediyya mosque in DC, where there community center was.

They soon started getting agitated with each other as Cynthia was trying to get on Ali’s show while Ali was skeptical about her intentions and then this tug of war intensified as it got personal and now they all are out pulling each other and washing their dirty laundry in pubic.


Cynthia’s Visa

C for Corona and C for Cynthia. Out of these two Cs, Pakistanis are more obsessed with white skin of Cynthia. Four people are dying of Corona every hour but people are discussing who took advantage of Cynthia. Cynthia’s Visa is another mystery which has popped up.

Azaz Syed, the Jang journalist has released some screen shots of Cynthia’s Visa which was expired and yet she was staying in Pakistan. According to him she has fallen out of favor of her handlers now as she was unable to convince the masses of her being victim. May be she was trying to make too many people happy at the same time.

In this game jealousy is the burden. You cannot have it from both ends. You cannot keep both establishment and civilian rulers happy. You have to select one. You cannot be a puppet and master at the same time. She thought that she should have it all the way down and up but it seems that now she has ruffled some feathers which were not meant to be.

Cynthia’s visa expired on 2nd March and flights from Pakistan were suspended from 17th March, so she remained in country for 2 weeks illegally as an alien. So this excuse of Corona flight suspension is null and void. Who is releasing her passport and visa copies? If you can pinpoint that person, you will understand the whole game.


HEC Online Exam Semester Promotion and Improvers Information

Considering the rising trend of covid infections, Federal Ministry of Education has advised provinces and AJK/GB govts not to allow any exemption from NCC decision to cancel exams, except online, till July 15. All occasions that entail gathering of students are to be avoided. There is lots of confusion out there regarding HEC Online Exam Semester Promotion and Improvers Information.

And they also need to consider grievances of Engineering Technologists BTech hons/BS Tech graduates. It is also very concerning and people are asking that why Issues of online classes and Exams is being ignored. Social media is flooded with issues of such classes and Exams HEC. There are other problems too. I was talking to a student who was asking that how is it possible to give online thesis? How we can deliver our thesis online? Our thesis is related to make short films as we are students of Multimedia ( Filmmaking). How we can make films at home?

Some are totally against the HEC online exams. In online exams all students will fail. Please don’t allow them online exams. They are asking government to promote B. A BSc and universities students withotu any exam. Semester promotion has become a slogan for all students federation of Pakistan. Also what about those students of village who don’t have internet and laptop for online exams. Conduction of online exams is basic human rights violation of ex-FATA, Baluchistan, inner-Sindh, GB, AJK and rural Punjab students who don’t have active internet access.

Improvers are specifically worried as they are hanging in mid air , unsure about their future. We ask HEC, Ministry of Education and Universities to facilitate students having no or poor Internet in best possible way.


Gori Girls Accepting Islam on Twitter

Accepted Islam, I am Muslim Now. I saw that on my Twitter time line retweeted by someone. Opened that profile and it was a white blonde blue eyed hot gori girl declaring that she was Muslim and her profile was followed and bombarded by praises and other comments.

It seemed bit off and something didn’t match, but I didn’t pay much attention. Then yesterday and today I have seen at least 5 or 6 gori girls tweeting about the same and it smells fishy. A quick look at those profiles would tell you that there is something wrong there. All profiles joined Twitter in April-June time, and there is nothing you can find about their past life looking at their timelines.

Few examples are as follows:

and here is another example of gori girl:

and there are various more. Is this another fad by PTI social media team which sometimes becomes Dr. AQ Khan or sometimes Rani Mukherjee or sometimes some other celebrity?


Lockdown Pakistan Now

The opinion of Pakistani doctors on Covid19 proved to be correct word for word and government proved wrong.The WHO report is nothing less than a charge sheet against the govt. Lockdown and that too the real lockdown (Not nominal just like the prevous one) is the only way out.

I cannot fathom the lethargy of this useless government which is looking at each other was what to do next. Every hour, dozens of people are dying in Pakistan by the hands of Corona pandemic and we don’t see any action from this regime.

Unfortunately doctors are blamed of doing politics on the issue at that time . Pakistan is ranked fourth dangerous country is Asia by a study group of Hong Kong, but Selected says situation is under control. Pakistan is literally become a pariah as everyone knows we are epicenter of corona now. We are sort of like in death circle.

Lockdown Pakistan Now is the hashtag of social media as people are crying out to be saved. Already there is no business, nothing is going on and yet this government is clueless about next step. No foreign trade is happening, economy is frozen and there is no hope of its resurrection anytime soon.


Shahbaz Sharif Gets Coronavirus

PMLN sources have confirmed that PMLN president and opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif is the latest victim of Coronavirus. He is in self-isolation now and under the supervision of doctors from Sharif Medical Complex in Lahore.

Shahhaz Sharif was worried about his health for sometime as he is a cancer survivor and was reluctant to go to NAB office and was asking them to investigate him virtually but they didnt listen to him. If Shahbaz Sharif dies from corona , this will come back to haunt NAB and FIA big time even if they are not at fault in the hindsight.

But we must hope for the best and pray that Shahbaz Sharif gets recovered as soon as possible. He has done a lot and no one can deny what he has done for Punjab and especially for Lahore. He has changed the face of this city forever. His services in infrastructure, health, development and education are undeniable.

One hopes that he gets well soon and will be among us as quickly as possible.


Sana Makki Qahwa for Corona Virus

‘Desi totkas’ in Pakistan have always been in vogue. When desperate times come, Pakistanis no matter how educated they are revert to workarounds, fake medicine, hakeems, qahwas, kalonjis and stuff like that for cure and relief.

Same is happening with Corona. There is no vaccine and people are dying all around and in these uncertain times of fear, people are trying whatever they could. Especially poor and middle class people who cannot afford the initial testing of Rs. 1800 are resorting to weird things like Sana Makki Qahwa for Corona Virus.

In Karachi and Lahore, shop keepers are struggling to meet the demand for this natural green leaved tea sort of drink which is supposed to give relief for Corona. People are taking it as an elixir. There are other herbs and shrubs which are being touted to provide relief but this Sana makki thing is taking the lead as of now.

Senna leaves or sana makki has nothing to do with Corona. Please don’t do this. Symptoms for corona appear after 5 days and you tend to recover on 9th or 10th day depending on your immune system, diet, care, self isolation, maximum taking care of personal hygiene and rest.

People are touting weird treatments for corona in Pakistan like panadol, sana makki leaves once a day, sachet of mucolator , yogurt , actrema injection, ivermectin, azithromycin and the list goes on. The price of sanna makki has reached to Rs. 5000 per kg from just Rs. 50.

Go Figure!!!!

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