Barbie Girl Lyrics Urdu Kelly Key

Following are the barbie girl lyrics Urdu by Kelly Key which is getting very famous for party goers in Pakistan especially among the young generation who is loving the beat and lyrics.

Make me walk, make me talk
Do whatever you please
I can act like a star,
I can beg on my knees
Come jump in, be my friend,
let us do it again
Hit the town, fool around,
lets go party

I was at a small college party and even the adults were enjoying it. The word barbie has a special connotation to it and everyone wants to rhythm with it and it has such an upbeat emotion to it. One simply wants to swish around and enjoy. Especially the on weekend, this song on a long drive really makes you happy.

But there are some people who dislike it deeply as they say its inappropriate and just violating the ethos. It is said that the lyrics lack quality and any sense of purpose. They also say that this is something which should be banned at least in the conservative societies like Pakistan because it goes against what we stand for.

Well I think we are taking it way too seriously as let’s just have fun and don’t take it personal. Nothing is going to be violated by it as this is just a song which is always fleeting.


Cynthia Ritchie in Bani Gala

Who found Cynthia Ritchie in Bani Gala? Who took her there in first place? What was she doing there so late at night? What exactly happened between her and the person there? These are all questions which are surfacing now outside of Islamabad’s secret corridors.

Cynthia Ritchie in Bani Gala became the news when things went sour.

Azaz Syed is chasing Cynthia Ritchie like a bat out of fire. Cynthia Ritchie is feeling the heat as Azaz is digging out stuff upon stuff which is embarrassing Cynthia Ritchie to great limits and she has come out on twitter against him with all guns blazing.

Azaz Syed has said that interior ministry has given leeway to Cynthia D. Ritchie’s visa expired on 2nd March and now she has been given the extension illegally. So she has been living in country without any legal permit and no law enforcement agency has taken notice of it.

Now he has given some more breaking news. He says that Rehman Malik brought her and introduced her to Shahabuddin of PPP in Marriott hotel. Makhdoom Shahabuddin also proposed her but she declined but they were very closed friends.

Cynthia Ritchie also is very close friend of Atif Khan and that’s how she entered in PTI. Cynthia Ritchie became also friend with Anila Khawaja who provided her deep connections in very powerful circles. In Feb 2015, PTI’s minister Waseem Shehzad went to Bani Gala with Cynthia and met Imran Khan.

Then Imran Khan welcomed Cynthia Ritchie in Bani Gala. Reham Khan was also there. They didn’t get along on right footing. Cynthia also intereacted with Reham and talked about documentary but Reham rejected Cynthia.

Another PTI leaders also tried to strike friendship with Cynthia as she was beautiful girl and foreigner too. Then Cynthia also became friend with people with establishment including some past officers of PAF. These were disclosed by fake accounts on social media.

Cynthia Ritchie is going to stay in Pakistan as she is very powerful here. No one can touch her at least in Pakistan and one feels for Azaz Syed.


5 Pakistanis Sisters Who Passed CSS

When final result of CSS was announced then it contained a name which was sure to pass. This name belonged to Zaha Malik Sher, who is the youngest sister of five and is the fifth member of this family to achieve this honor. These are brainy lionesses who have broken this record worldwide for competitive exam. 5 Pakistanis sisters who passed CSS have become a national sensation.

Before Zaha, her four sisters are already working at top positions after passing CSS examination with flying colors. This elite family belong to Hariput which is in Hazara region of KPk province of Pakistan. Their parents Malik Rafiq Awan and Begum Khursheed studied from presentation convent school of Rawalpindi. This is the same school from where former slain Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto obtained her early education.

The eldest sister is Laila Malik, who passed CSS in 2008. Since then every after 2 or 3 years, other sisters followed her footsteps and cleared the CSS. Laila Malik is posted in Karachi these days in Income Tax department and considered one the top officers there. Laila also holds the honor of becoming youngest candidate to become CSP officer in Pakistan. She passed it when she was only 21.

After Laila, Shireen Malik passed the CSS and these days working as director in National Highway Authority (NHA). Third sister is Sassi Sher Malik who is deputy executive Chaklala Cantt Rawalpindi and then comes Marvi Malik Sher who is Assistant Commissioner Abbottabad. The youngest is Zaha Malik who will be posted to Management Group after passing this prestigious exam.

Their father is retired from Wapda. He said that people used to sympathize with him over 5 daughters. He said that now the same people are congragulating them on their daughters’ success. He said that the secret of success behind his daughters was continuous hardwork and focus. They never compromised on education. Studies were always prioritized over anything else.

5 Pakistanis sisters who passed CSS are a glowing example that if you keep working hard, then you become successful, no matter what. Pakistanis have to learn from this example and start giving importance and priority to education, especially of girls.


Return of Pakistanis from Dubai and Saudi After Corona

UAE has been second home to Pakistanis for a long time. Hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis are employed in UAE including Dubai, Abu Dhabi and in adjoining countries like Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. In the aftermath of Coronavirus, these people are the hardest hit. Return of Pakistanis from Dubai and Saudi after Corona is starting soon.

As the expatriates in Dubai and other places in UAE don’t really hold any residential or citizenship rights, they are stuck with what they have. They don’t really have any welfare payments and no other support available. As the Dubai got locked down and people got fired, their work permits are expirting and they cannot afford rent, food and medicine. Things have become really hard for loads of expats.

Pakistani government has really shown any empathy towards their expats in UAE. They haven’t provided them any support through various diplomatic channels available. Return of Pakistanis from Dubai and Saudi After Corona has been in limbo for sometime and now people have lost trust in this government.

Other governments around the world are very active in getting their people back or rendering them help. On 4 March, by the request of their country’s respective governments, 215 people stranded in Wuhan – from countries that include Syria, Iraq, Mauritania, Sudan, Brazil, Egypt, Yemen and Jordan – were flown to the UAE capital in a plane equipped with medical facilities. On 6 April, Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company, owner of the ExCeL London conference centre, turned the conference centre into a coronavirus hospital for up to 4,000 patients in the UK. Two planes were chartered by the government of the UAE authorities to bring 80 Emirati nationals home from the UK. On 12 April, UAE announced its intent to arrange repatriation flights for Indians and other stranded citizens stranded in UAE and wishing to go back to their countries.

Repatriation situation in Pakistan post corona is dismal. Since the reopening of the Pakistani airspace from April 3, more than 75,000 people have been repatriated. Despite the coronavirus crisis, $20.6 billion were remitted to the country, but this useless government is not showing any mercy to them.

Social result 2019 result 2019 is out online and you can check it with your number but the website of FPSC is down and totally flooeded with the traffic it seems and no one is able to check their result and their allocation of roles.

One wonders that every year this happens, and they don’t improve their hosting or web services. In this online age, where everything is online, this is unthinkable. I am also quite surprised that amidst all this COVID-19 happenings all around, they are not improving it. They were expecting this traffic load and yet no optimization was done.

504 gateway error appears whenever you try to access result 2019.

One of my friend also passed and his message read, “By the grace of Allah Almighty I have qualified CSS 2019 and got allocated into the Police Service of Pakistan. The roller coaster ride of CSS ends today. I thank you all who helped me and believed in me throughout this journey. Alhamdullilah! #CSS2019”. That really made my day and now treat is due on him, lol.

Another friend messaged me few hours back, “17th in Pakistan, Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS), 48th Common, Civil Service of Pakistan!”. Another of my batch mate said that she also passed and allocated IRS group in (CSS 2019). Another friend said, “Alhamdulillah, qualified CSS-2019 and got allocated in Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service.”

I am so happy about this as these all are bright and young people who are poised to serve Pakistan. The topper of the batch is Rana Haider Tahir (PAS) from Punjab. He is from Atchison and also studied at LUMS graduate and also a foreign Graduate. Rana Haider Tahir profile is very impressive.

But as usual there are few complaints about these results, e.g.: Out of 365 candidates, 214 have been recommended while 151 will re-take the entire process again. What a waste of time. These 151 could have been allotted groups like FIA, NAB, IB, SECP or others. These 151 are much more competent to pass a simple one paper MCQ Exam.

Process and website certainly should be improved.


Girl Friend Search for Whatsapp in Pakistan

Pakistan is becoming modern. Things are changing, and so is the society. Now boys don’t have to make rounds of girl colleges and universities. Girl Friend search for whatsapp in Pakistan is the new vogue.

Now boys don’t have to stand in the sun or rain or hail to wait for girls, hurl love letters at them, honk at them, put their mobile numbers on cards in their way, or just go to them and ask for friendship. Girl Friend search for whatsapp in Pakistan has now become prevalent in major cities.

For example in Karachi, there is such a trend of whatsapp friendship with girls that boys exchange whatsapp numbers of girls in Pakistan. In Lahore, I have seen such directory in the custody of few of the boys who were happily boasting about it and some were even selling it. I was shocked to learn that it was going on for some time.

Lahori girls whatsapp numbers are even written on the walls of colleges. One of my facebook friend told me that in their boys hostel, he has seen few numbers written on the walls of washroom and when he tried couple of them, they were genuine. So much so, that he even struck a friendship with a girl in Islamabad on whatsapp.

As long as the friendship is between consenting adults without any ulterior motives, then I don’t think it’s bad. But once, it becomes something else or if one party starts deceiving the other one, then it becomes an issue and not good at all. Boundaries should be observed in all cases and maturity should be shown.

So its not that only boys are animated about it, girls are equally excited and encouraging it. Well not all of them but there is no dearth of such girls who would not hesitate to make a whatsapp friend. whatsapp groups of girlfriends is also quite a normal thing these days.


Dexamethasone in Pakistan for Corona

Dexamethasone is a type of corticosteroid medication. It is used in the treatment of many conditions, including rheumatic problems. The cost of medicine Dexamethasone is only Rs. 200 in Pakistan but its increasing.

In Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other cities of Pakistan already the pharmacies have started to hoard Dexamethasone. Black marketing is now at its peak. People are crazily searching for it here and there but its hard to come by. The most dangerous and sad part of this whole story is that already there are fake medicine circulating the country and no one is there to check and verify.

This is the first treatment to be shown to reduce mortality in patients with COVID-19 requiring oxygen or ventilator support,” said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director-General. “This is great news and I congratulate the Government of the UK, the University of Oxford, and the many hospitals and patients in the UK who have contributed to this lifesaving scientific breakthrough.”

Health department shouldn’t urge people to blindly start taking this medicine. Rather they should first wait for final word from world health bodies as the research is still underway and we dont have vaccine for corona yet and it will take bit of time. Government should ensure that this medicine remains available and put some measures to curb the profiteering and black marketing.

It is high time that WHO should be leading a global drive to contain and then cure COVID. Global initiative is extremely important in this time. US and Europe should lead it, whereas China should also play its part. Who should facilitate that and must continue to work together with all partners to further develop lifesaving therapeutics and vaccines to tackle COVID-19.


Tariq Aziz Death Cause

During the 80s, if there was one TV program which was special for everyone from 8pm to 9pm, it was PTV’s ‘Nailam Ghar’, a quiz show by legendary host Tariq Aziz, who is no more. Tariq Aziz death cause is not Coronavirus as some media outlets are claiming.

Tariq Aziz still holds the record of the longest running TV show in Pakistan and also in south Asia. Tariq Aziz’s deep heavy voice along with his masculine persona and booming posture was very famous. Everyone used to follow his hairstyle in that era including many of the politicians and other celebrities.

The then president General Ziaul Haq was also a big fan of him and personal friend. Zia used to invite Tariq Aziz at his presidency for live shows and also bestowed many honors upon him which were well deserved. Tariq Aziz also received many international accolades for his performances.

It is also interesting to note that Tariq Aziz also performed in theater, drama, and movies in Pakistan. He also performed in some of the internationally produced shows but they were not that popular due to lack of marketing. Tariq Aziz also tried his hands on politics but wasn’t a huge success. Tariq Aziz profile was quite full of everything.

Tariq Aziz death cause is still unknown though he was sick for a long time. Pakistanis are quiet sad on his demise as he was still very popular though was inactive for a long time. His legacy of quiz shows and other sort of TV shows is well and alive. He has many students who are copying his still and he will remain alive through their acts.


List of Areas Sealed in Lahore and Karachi

Here is the updated list of areas sealed in Lahore and Karachi in Pakistan. Acoording to the NCOC, hotspots to be sealed in 20 cities across Pakistan have been identified through trace, test and quarantine (TTQ). Potential areas to be sealed in Islamabad: I-8, I-10, Barakahu, Ghauri town, G-6 & G-7.

Punjab government has announced that it will lockdown these areas of Lahore after midnight:

Nistar Ground
Allama Iqbal Town
Lahore Cantt
Walled City
Shad Bagh

Punjab government decides to initiate ‘selective’ lockdown in #Lahore due to high number of Corona cases. List of areas sealed in Rawalpindi, Multan, Jehlum, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Gujranwala, and Wah Cantt is also being prepared. There will also be restrictions in moving out of these cities after midnight and you would need a permit to move around. Only emergency movement would be allowed under special circumstances.

Things are getting worse in Pakistan as far as Corona is concerned. The wave is jumping higher and higher as the cases keep piling up. The non seriousness of PTI government has really made the things worse. The country saw its deadliest day of the outbreak so far, with 110 deaths taking the toll to 2,897. 4,443 new cases took the total tally to 148,921, of which 60% are active.

Lahoris are a weird creature, for them everything is a joke, they are so Jaahil they dont listen and dont care; no other nation is bigger in jahaalet and stupidity than Pakistanis; Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmin Rashid says #CoronaVirusPakistan. This is the aptitude of a minister.

People are also raising their concerns about this. It would be very difficult for Punjab government to trace the effected areas now because the virus has spread all over districts in Karachi. This action should be taken by federal government in march. But then both are equally incompetent and lazy, and have no clue whats going on. The ministers are taking it so casually that one wonders who they are.


Edmodo Login Sign in Student Pakistan

Edmodo Pakistan has increased in popularity as distance learning and teaching has increased manifolds in recent weeks. Edmodo login sign in student Pakistan is the new normal now.

As Internet availability increases in Pakistan especially in Karachi, Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Quetta and Peshawar and its surrounding areas; more and more students are reverting to online mode of instructions and utilizing the services like Edmodo.

I also tried that out and I think the interface is still very nascent and needs lots of improvement. I also talked with various students and all of them faced issues with Edmodo Login Sign in, and I am not talking about people who have just started using web and computer but also the experienced users are facing lots of difficulties around there.

Also though this is a global network, I still feel that Edmodo Pakistan is not that responsive. Helpline, contact information and FAQ also goes begging. But nonetheless the start is good.

Supporting learning and keeping a sense of normalcy and routine for kids is important, especially during sudden school closures.. Scavenger hunt, resource comparison, and presentation piece activities that you and your students can do all online. But there should be a tour of teacher, student, and parent accounts and shares strategies for teaming up. I specially like the free cost of Edmodo in Pakistan.

One of my friend has her classes suspended in Sindh province of Pakistan. She is based in Karachi. She got a free account and then used attendance, assignments, quizzes and activities there and she was more than happy. She has also used live streaming but it lags a little and may be its her own Internet issue. But staff and students at various schools and universities and colleges are using it.

Remote Edtech is the new name of the game now. This brave new technology has the power to improve education and enrich the lives of everyone in the education community, no matter where they might live, work, or play. We put the needs of teachers and learners first in everything we build and do. Learners can carry on with their studies and teachers can be rest assured that education won’t be interrupted. Parents can also go on with peace of mind.

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