Hashmi Kajal Eye Liner in Pakistan

Hashmi Kajal eye liner in Pakistan is world’s best makeup product hands down. If you are a female in Pakistan then there is no way you haven’t heard of Hashmi Kajal. No matter what your age or location or social status is, Hashmi Kajal is a must.

I hate it when people say, “hum toh niqal rahe hain mulk se tum bhi bahir niqal jao” as if it were that easy. bc sar pe maa baap ki koi zimedari hai, bhen bhaiyon ki hai. hum mein se bohat hain jinka jeena marna yaheen likha hua hai. Dania is a victim of not only Aamir Liaquat but also of her parents who knowingly married her off to that monster. It doesn’t matter if she is under 18 or above 18, given the power dynamics within desi households, & between her & Aamir, state needs to take responsibility for her.

But yes it’s banned in many countries for containing toxic levels of lead. Never knew this but it really reacts to my eyes I don’t use it. use Brit highstreet brands like Rimmel as eyepencil which I rarely wear (prefer liquid liner). Ordinary but safer. Every brand from YSL to MAC has kohl. Way better and safe. Begatelle online is one way to get eye liner in Pakistan from anywhere. Hashemi is dangerous because of lead poisoning. Humans lost a lot over two centuries but the recipe to this Product survived & was passed over two centuries and still going on.

Only if a Friend or family coming from Dubai or US they bring my stuff, mostly pages sell fake. Except during the summers when it’s generally smeared all over my face. I haven’t applied it for 3 years hence the romanticism. Long ago, I read an article about high Lead (Pb) content in this mascara and that it has been banned in some countries for this reason. I asked the pukhtoon friend who always wore surma. And she brought me some from her place. It wasn’t hashmi or any brand for that matter. They made their own. Many pakhtun is hilly region made their own but those near or in cities buy this Kajol surma.

I stopped using it ages ago because the lead really hurted my eyes. But New South Wales state government issued a public health alert over the Pakistan-made Hashmi brand products. The kohl cosmetics were found to contain 84% lead, as well as other dangerous metals.

The slightly expensive, steel coloured stick kajal is amazing. Great quality. This one dries quickly. Always wanted to use this. Somehow never did. But it did look gorgeous on friends. I would bring hundreds of these back to the UK every time I went to Pakistan. Tried a lot of different kajals but came back to this one a month back. It is indeed the best. Every time I put this in my eyes, it literally ruins makeup.


Pakistani Middle Class is 1 Hospital Bill Away from Poverty

If you live in Pakistan anywhere and are from middle class then you would relate to the fact that Pakistani middle class is 1 hospital away from poverty no matter whether you live in a city or in a town or in a remote village.

Reasons that I could identify:
1. Unemployment.
2. Affordability.
3. Awareness.
4. OPD expenses are not always covered.

Also, if your employer provides you health insurance, I hope you guys are “adequately” covered. Take care everyone. A healthcare system that prioritises treatments over outcomes, is not really centred on patients’ wellbeing. Nobody is concerned about health insurance. People can buy an expensive mobile phone, but won’t think of health insurance. That’s the tragedy.

Premium grows as you age or claim. Individual Medical insurance is a hoax. Only Employer paid or group ins works. After three premiums of no claim, ur premium will be jacked so much that u will opt out & the co keeps the 3 premiums. Every ins co has a specialized dept that works on this hit job. Live healthy. That’s why the vibrancy over the medical free requirement is becoming a thought process in the Indian politics.

38.8% of Indian population is outside of any insurance coverage,threatening to erode their savings with in a week’s stay at a pvt hospital ICU. AB-PMJAY is doing a commendable job in covering the lowermost 40% of the population,but still this 38.8% needs to be insured ASAP. We r having almost 90% cheaper healthcare expenses in India compares to US, and lot of govt facilities available free for almost all common cases.

Depends. Like one family I know, had to spend 18 lakhs when a member got Covid. 18 lakhs for 24 days. The person didn’t even survive. Then someone I know, whose father got cancer. Spent 1.2 crs to fail to save him. Even sold one of their house. I guess either you are a college going lad or you haven’t applied for a job where you do get insurance covered by the company bro period. Do you think its fair?



Dania and Amir Liaquat True Story What Happened

Dania is a victim of not only Aamir Liaquat but also of her parents who knowingly married her off to that monster. It doesn’t matter if she is under 18 or above 18, given the power dynamics within desi households, & between her & Aamir, state needs to take responsibility for her.

There is so much that needs unpacking here. Class difference, gender disparity, deprivation, lack of agency to name a few. Sure, she will get away from Aamir, but do we have a mechanism where women can get away from parents who don’t keep interests of their daughters a priority? Why state is responsible for their khula? They themselves are responsible for it and no one else because actions have consequences.

Well the thing is that had her parents not married her to him, then people would had said parents should let the girl use her free-will. Let it be enough tht parents been supportive either way. Stop bringing ones own wrong decision on others. Let the person take his/her mistake with an acknowledgement. What about 11 crore Rs. haq mehr that Amir Liaqat has agreed to give her in case of divorce? If parents are against love marriage, problem. If parents oblige with girl’s choice, again problem. Parents obliged with Danias choice. It was a business deal. Gain gain from both sides. Larki and parents got lottery. Amir got sasti fame and limelight.

She is accusing him of domestic violence that needs to be check immediately. This man is in dire need of help. People please stop speculating nonsense. Does she really strike you as one who would have listened? Innocence? That comes at a terrible price in this world. I agree with a lot of what you said, except that the state needs to be held responsible/accountable. Surprised how they got in contact with aamir liaqat? It was a business deal for her parents.

Well, she was an adult who made a bad judgment; why can’t you just swallow it n hope that she will learn from this mistake n won’t repeat the same mistake again.


Fake Toy Rip Offs in Pakistan

I have stumbled across fake toy rip-offs in Pakistan and it’s the greatest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Let’s analyse. First up, we have your favourite well known space-based characters in the well-known movie series, SPACE WARS. And why is Finn’s beard like a fresh Bradford trim on Eid. HARRY POTTER IS JUSTICE MAGICIAN 😂. Because the two words halalify the context too.

This isn’t Mario, no. This is SUPREME MAORI. The cousin of the famous Nintendo character, from the indigenous group of New Zealand. REVENGERS. The only apt synonym. Even the ‘R’ is ambiguously an ‘A’. They literally went one letter up or down of ‘L.O.L’ dolls to get ‘O.M.O’. Incase you didn’t know Jurassic = Dinosaur era, they made it clearer for you. Please just see the Lego Friends rebranding going on here. FERIMD. Even the names of the characters are great. But this is by far my favourite. They were literally like ‘how can we keep the first 3 recognisable letters of Disney, but also say it’s basically Disney?’

We just go looking in the dictionary! I feel ‘Discern’ also has a deeper meaning. Ah of course, the sequel to the first blockbuster – ‘FASHION: Charm Is Limited’. Basically the thing is, original toys are pretty expensive here in Pakistan, so these brands buy cheap copies & sell them for a fraction of price. As most of our population is middle class, so it’s affordable for them. But they’re Chinese rip-offs, not Pakistani. They just being sold in that market. There are tons of these in Dubai also…this is one of my favorites.

Lol much cheaper actually – unsure re: quality but may pass as lego 😂. This is £13-£14. I’ll try to find the photo I took of “deform robots” for Transformers and “Space Story” for Toy Story to name a few. Omg you need to buy some of these and check if they’re like the original and make a tiktok. This is like genius creativity. I find it very commendable. Well i got the lego set for my kid and the quality is quite amazing. Bro I came across “GTA: Dubai” which was basically a modified version of San Andreas.

They are all very good knockoffs and fraction of the cost of the original lego. Western kids are brainwashed into becoming brand conscious since they are in pram. These toy companies extortionate them and encourage to keep buying and collect stickers etc or different dresses. If these stores selling toys which are low priced with same funny not?


Job Salary for Primary School Teacher in Pakistan

Interviewed this candidate for a role at our day care centre. She is working as a primary school teacher at a private school. She is paid 8k per month 😳. What barbarity is this. We really do live in a bubble. Imagine how desperate must people be that they are willing to work at such rates. Cruel, cruel world. 500 per 30 days? That is around 17rs per day.

This is atrocious! I have taught at various private schools as a primary years teacher and I can say that even if someone was fresh to this field, they weren’t being paid 8K. Appalled that a primary teacher was being paid, I really find it hard to believe but I guess it is true. Maybe low-cost private schools but I know of a few and they still don’t pay their teachers 8K. Can be the last-tier schools but still sad. Back in 2008 and 9 they were paid 5000 I couldn’t believe even that time also that how can they survive with such low income.

I still know such schools are even in our area there is a school Name DMPHS and they are paying literally 6k, 7k and 10k for those who are teaching from more than 2 years in same school. A top notch private school in chaklala a short time back gave 500 rupees to my relative for working at probation for a month. She didn’t go back of course. Some teachers get Rs. 5000. The intermediate or matriculated teachers teaching Urdu or Islamiat to class 1 in some schools get even less than that. PSRA is toothless while labour department inspectors don’t bother or get paid to look the other way.

I’m being paid 7k per month for teaching chemistry to 4 classes. This is supply and demand. There are more ppl willing to work for same role on lesser pay then the job opportunities. Ofcourse it doesn’t not justify the exploit. The truth is that mostly private schools are giving 6k to 10k maximum pay for teaching Montessori to matric. I visited a private school. M Phil V Principal was taking 15k, MA/MSc teachers 12K, BA/BSc teachers 8k. Highest salary was being given to the security guard i e. 16k.

Why are we worried for our education standards and unrealistic literacy rate. Teachers are one of the more underpaid profession. Majority of teachers are which gender? Primary teachers in Beaconhouse are paid 20K on average a month. Thats what peons and drivers are paid at corporate. Teachers are too undervalued and there is no concept of respectable minimum wage in Pakistan. Most private schools can’t afford to pay since the revenue model is not profitable enough. Though, school tutions are already high with respect to wages earned by parents. The whole cycle is cruel.

Most is the key word. There are private school chain who now own TV channels. They are rolling in cash. This is shocking and sad that in these expensive times, people agree to work at such low wages. This sound lower than the minimum wage.Isn’t there a minimum wage law implemented ? ou work at a day care centre? Also this doesn’t surprise me, private school teachers are considered lucky to get paid 15K. The problem is not with pay , teaching is first priority for jobs for females, narrow minded society let them to have this job, they are not trained in this field.they opt for teaching because it is safe and noble.

Even top private schools which charge a single student 30k a month dont typically pay their teachers over 70k, maybe 80. It’s brutal.


Desi Households and Desi Girls Suffering

Not only across seven seas but even when expatriates come back to Pakistan desi girls suffer in their desi households. This misery takes on various shapes and forms and severity level and is a major cause of depression and anxiety among desi girls.

Women suffer so much in Desi households. I am literally in tears. You’ll be this dope independent lady before marriage and this one man will make your life miserable. There’s one example in my family and there will be hundreds in other hundred families. Hate how everyone ignores. And the fact that a girl leaves her family HER ENTIRE FAMILY and no one gives a fuck and says “har larki ati hai nai baat toh ni hai” no please stfu. There’re also many examples of men who help their wives in working towards their goals in life. It’s about us between the husband and wife not about any one partner. By tarring every man with the same brush you also discredit those men who feel proud when their women excel.

Women have to be trained to fight back. I remember reading an interview in which the professional woman said she chose a husband who suited her requirements, he had to be professional and give her the freedom for her own. It was an eye opener for me. If the girl has freedom to choose so should the guy ! Girl should clearly tell about her expectations of independent life, so guy can also decide if he wants to marry her or not and vice versa. Majority does follow cultural norms in our country. And yes! There might be alot unmarried happy people. For me its the other way around. The good thing is society is being moving towards accepting Woman’s positive role very quickly. Rest is education education and education is the only key to lift every segment of society.

The problem is many guys lie and think shaadi k baad kaha hi jaane waali hai. Happened to my sister and so many of my friends. Many girls make it clear of their expectations but most often guys will lie to them. True, this is such a nuanced subject. We lie to children with words like love, duty and other soothing ideas. Whereas actually it’s a contract, a transaction and each party should be aware of their benefit. Then, you’ll have less fancy weddings and more careful agreement. Problems are there in society but there are hundreds in my family who are enjoying good life. One case does not means and it is everywhere. Kindly address the issue by being impartial. Man or lady who so ever is wrong should be highlighted so that he or she may review.

So that’s why I am never gonna get married, why should I sacrifice my dreams and ambitions for living a miserable life with a cringey desi man, while I can live my life in peace. I know married people who dint want to marry or have kids. Wanting no marriage or kids can be said as a joke only or when you too young. Life is boring, lonely and sad without making family and thats a fact, atleast for our culture. But not everyone may think the way you do. Also not everyone follows cultural norms. I know those who actually are unmarried and without kids and perfectly content with their lives as well.

Absoutely agree. Only if the In-laws treat their daughter-in-laws the same way they want their daughter’s in-laws to treat them. Same goes for the guy. The family and husband wants maids & robots with no free will. Though it is traditional (no doubt dark side of Asian Society) mindset. But the reality is with enlightenment of society in every way of life. The today’s women are changing this perspective about them and a husband should support it. It’s a patriachal society. Parents should teach their sons to respect women and also teach their daughters to be strong women. Nobody should dare to take their wives and daughter-in-laws a weaker being. And the whole society should evolve to support it.

More than education, societal consciousness is required. Most of this injustice with women is happening in so called educated families. One’s inner and the Societal consciousness comes only with education. When we say education it also includes Training. Which starts from the mother, who is a woman. Give education, training, freedom and confidence to your women, they will give you Leaders. Let me remind you all. The story i am talking about is of a women who lives only with his husband. No mother-in-law or anyone else.
I am talking about how her HUSBAND tortures her mentally. Just shutup if you’re defending men here because i am in no mood to listen. The worst part is that our generation has girls who understand their worth and would rather choose nobody over a pain in the neck man. Whereas, the boys of our generation have still been raised in the most typical desi way.

The biggest trap of all times is “I love u” trust me never ever fall for that nobody loves you people love the things you do for them the moment you stop doing those things than see the true colors. There is some light at the end of the tunnel. My husband never had expected me to live with in-laws. Him and me both moved out and into our own place a week before our marriage so our friends can come hang out/chill with us. Alhumdolillah has never put anyone before us. I agree with you but not every women suffering from this there are good and bad people everywhere. Everyone talks about women mental health but no one talks about man mental health that’s the double standards of our society.


پرانی شراب اور بڑی عمر کی عورت کا نشہ

پرانی شراب اور بڑی عمر کی عورت کا نشہ ایک سا ہوتا ہے سر چڑھ کے بولتا ہے چاند رات کس کس نے اپنے چاند کے ساتھ گزارنے کا پروگرام بنایا ہوا ہے

ہر زور دار جھٹکے پر
“ہائے میں مر گئی”
صرف درد کی وجہ سے ہی منہ سے نہیں نکلتا،
لذت و سرور ملنے پر بھی یہی کہا جاتا ہے

سر دنوں کی سر راتیں جان نکالنے کا ہنر رکھتی ہیں

کچھ مرد سمجھتے ہیں کہ بیوی موٹر سائیکل پر بیٹھ کر شوہر کے سینے پر ہاتھ رکھ کر اپنی محبت کا اظہار کرتی ہے
یہ بہت بڑا فراڈ ہے اصل میں کسی دوسری خاتون پر نظر پڑنے پر آپ کا دل کتنا زور سے دھڑکا ہے یہ جاننے کے لیے ہاتھ رکھتی ہیں

حیرت تو یہ ہے کہ میری طرح تو بھی کمسن تو نہیں ہے
پھر کیوں میں تیرے ہاتھوں میں کھلونوں کی طرح ہوں!

نہیں کہ صرف رویوں پہ بات کی جائے
مرا خیال ہے لہجوں پہ بات کی جائے

حسین جسم کی رنگت پہ تبصرے سے قبل
اداس آنکھوں کے حلقوں پہ بات کی جائے

تمہیں ایک سزا لازمی دوں گی جب بھی تمہیں میری صورت اور آواز کی طلب ہوگی، تمہیں میں فاقوں سے ماروں گی تمہیں میں کبھی میسر نہیں ہونگی۔🖤🙂💔🤝🏻

جب دل کسی ایک شخص پہ ٹھہر جاۓ نا….!

تو ذہن کسی اور کو قبول کرنے کے قابل نہیں رہتا

خواب آنکھوں میں سجائے ہوئے معصوم سے لوگ. 🙃🥰
زندہ رہنے کی تمنـــــــــــاؤں میں مر جاتے ہیں



عید مبارک

السلام علیکم ۔ عید مبارک۔ اللہ تعالیٰ آپ کو وہ سب خوشیاں دے جو آپ چاہتے ہیں اور وہ سب خوشیاں بھی جو اللہ ان کو دیتا ہے جن کو اللہ خود چاہتا ہے۔ آمین ۔

آپ کو عید مبارک اور آپ کے اہل خانہ کو بھی عید مبارک اور اللہ آپ کو صحت وتندرسی عطا فرمائے اور حاسدین کے حسد سے اور سیا دشمنوں اور شیاطین کے شر سے محفوظ رکھنے آمین

اللہ آپ کو اپنی امان میں رکھے۔ حاسدوں اور شرپسندوں سے محفوظ رکھے آمین

رمضان المبارک واقعی پاکستان کیلئے مبارک بن گیا،ایک بڑا عذاب ٹل گیا۔آپکا صبر و دعا اللہ اپنی بارگاہ میں قبول فرمائے، دعا فرمائیں۔آئندہ پاکستان ہر قسم کے انتشار، عذاب س محفوظ رہے۔۔

میرے ہاتھ میں قلم ہے، میرے ذہن میں اُجالا،
مجھے کیا دَبا سکےگا کوئی ظلمتوں کا پالا،
مجھے فکرِ امنِ عالم، تجھے اپنی ذات کا غم،
میں طُلوع ہو رہا ہوں ۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ تُو غروب ہونے والا !

پاکستان سمیت دنیا بھر میں جہاں جہاں عید منائی جا رہی ہے، سب کو میری جانب سے دلی عید مبارک۔ 🎉

عید کی نماز میں پاکستان کے لیے ضرور دعا کریں کہ اللّٰله پاک ہمارے ملک کی حفاظت فرمائے، اَمن و آمان قائم رکھے اور ہر قسم کے انتشار سے بچائے۔ آمین

میرے طرف سے عید الفطر کے اس بابرکت اور پرمسرت موقعے پر اپ کو اور آپ کے پورے اہل و عیال کو ڈیر ساری خوشیاں مبارک ہوں ۔

اللہ سبحانہ و تعالی آپ کو ایمان، صحت اور سلامتی والی لمبی عمر عطا فرمائے، آمين۔



What Happened to Mustafa Hashmi in DHA Karachi

Just before Eid this Karachi family faced horrendous tragedy in their own home with their own son Mustafa Hashmi. Words really cannot do justice with what happened really in DHA Karachi with Mustafa Hashmi.

17 year old A levels student Mustafa Hashmi died when the roof of his room in Karachi’s DHA fell on him – his father who is an architect said it was a rented house & the landlord had told him to get the renovation done on his own – Mustafa was in the midst of giving A level exams.

It looks like a house I rented and left because of the roof in phase 6. I hope who is responsible will pay although the loss of human life is irreplaceable. What a devastating & totally avoidable tragedy. Can’t even begin to imagine what the parents must be going through. Very painful when one looses only child. Inna lilla he wa Inna elahey rajeoon may Allah bless him in peace and Janna and grant strength to his parents to bear this irreparable loss ameen.

There needs to be a law in Pakistan where it should be landlord’s responsibility to fix the property at no cost to the tenant like it is in several countries. I think in this country only 1% people are honest other 99% are corrupt and dishonest. Just look at what happened with Mustafa. I mean no one deserves this within their own home. That’s our safe place.

According to the media reports, Mustafa Hashmi died when a large piece of concrete of a roof broke off and fell on him on main Khayaban-i-Sahar in Defence Housing Authority, Phase-VII, in presence of his parents, who remained miraculously unhurt in the incident. Mustafa was studying in Nixor College DHA and was a very bright student. Everyone loved the good soul Mustafa as he was very charming and nice.

“My son died in sleep as he did not cry or utter any word,” Mr Hashmi, the father of the boy said. Something died with in me. You cannot even imagine the anguish. There still are many houses with substandard construction in the DHA Karachi and across Pakistan and this is high time that government do something about this.


Real Story of Golden Man of Islamabad

Few years ago I was in Kuala lumpur for a conference and went out in the evening on Buket Bintang for a stroll. Amidst other attractions, one thing which really fascinated me was frozen live human performers in golden and silver which made the whole street very interesting. Remember the Islamabad was still a sleep city. That is why the real story of Golden man of Islamabad is so interesting.

Hailing from a poor background he started a menial labour job in Islamabad but then couldn’t make his ends meet. Like many others he used to watch YouTube videos in his spare time on his phone. He noticed a similar golden man in some Western city and thought of becoming one as people also donate money to  them. He started doing that in various markets and roads of Islamabad and became an integral part of Islamabad identity. That really became something for him personally too.

Other day one of my friends met him somewhere in Islamabad and appreciated his work. But I don’t know what’s gone wrong with our people, they can’t see a person earning his living and happiness. Pakistan is hell is for all talented people. No one gets valued here. Whether its the Golden Man or legendary Abdus Salam. No respect for talent and halal ki kamayi. People would fear/respect you when you’re more powerful. I mean what’s really wrong with us after all.

Why they don’t let others live in peace. He is working having halal money making people and children happy like wth man, this world is so cruel. Very very painful to see him disappointed. He faced harsh weather conditions and extreme criticism from people but still went on, but today state itself has abandoned him. Similar artists seen standing near sea view and Saba ave over weekends. These guys are really good and should be promoted. Someone pls get them some spotlight.

I went to this area two days back and Google actually said “straight ahead from the golden man” I swear I didn’t know it was referring to this guy! Thats kind of big. Shame on whoever maligned him like that. Its actually sad what happened to him as these these mimes are unique all over the world. Someone should support him and give him a secure and nice place where educated people can appreciate him.

That’s so sad what is wrong with people the whole nation need anti depressants. Breaks my heart how this country treats creatives/artists. This is exactly!! Why we are not moving forward. We are morally so low as a society. This incident is heart breaking. We are failing as a society. Our moral values are in decay! Humanity tu naam ko nahi hai. Everyone is just busy being busy nothing constructive is happening. It’s just so shameful & really sad! This guy is working & to treat him like that shows how low we are as humans.

“We are failing as a society”, no madam, this is what our society has been. We are refusing to improve. What this guy is saying is heartbreaking but not a surprise at all. The people of Pakistan literally cannot stand seeing someone happy in their identity. Islamabadis are strange too a friend was walking from F11 towards F10/2 and some ghashti ke bache shot him with paint ball gun while passing in car, his back and chest had bruises and red marks.


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