Wine Beer Whisky Vodka in Pakistan Updated

New Record: PTI’s Govt has been issuing 15 licences of beer🍺& wine🍷daily from June 2020 to Apr 2022 in Islamabad. Imran Khan’s Govt issued over 11000 licenses of wine, beer, whisky & alcohol🍷🍺 🥃 during the said period. Who got issued these licenses. Did Aleem Khan amended law defending Ahmedis? Did Aleem Khan proposed or voted for the bill of transgenders? If you are putting all crimes on AK, then you should also accuse AK of siring Tyian Khan as well.

Transgender bill parha b he ? It is about providing them with basic rights mere bahi unlike what your liberal PDMs NGO aunties are doing. As for Ahmedi law, they should be able to Vote as Non-Muslims as a Pakistani it’s their right. I am just asking what was the role of Aleem Khan in all these? What’s so wrong in it ?? Alcohol should be regulated. That will be a real scandal. A question: is there ONE thing that PTI_-Imran Govt did in 3.5 years that was legal and free of corruption. I think that the only people who need to be worried about this are the bootleggers and the police who benefit from the black market.

For comparison purpose, also list how many licences were issued in old Pmln and PPP govts. And how many licences were issued after Imran Khan’govt. Just giving half information to malign one politician will only harm your own reputation. Do Corruption is only linked with PTi or you people are just targeting them I haven’t seen you are doing many other exclusive stories about other institutions & Parties. Hard to see your favourite journalist turned against Partisan. If Rs.1 crore is paid as rishwat per license it would amount to a total of Rs.11,000 crore. Irrelevant when coming from the channel operated by a land grabber himself who when couldn’t achieve his filthy motives joined the gang of crooks who are imposed on people of Pakistan by their enablers. I hope this clears your confusion.

Btw can you interpret the hizyan this Shama lady has written can anyone with a right mind apprehend this? He made cases on the guy, issued red warrant using interpol (phuppo ki company) and forces him to buy something which he demanded 5million and an underpressure guy bargains. Please double verify, if list contains Aleem Khan name you will be fired. PL check my name as well. Everything is possible from your investigation. The Joy-Land is banned on *Joyless-Land* unfortunately. Censored, without watching the Film, what a tragedy for culture and art industry. Hope sanity will prevail and artists will stand united to convince the authorities to get this movie released by Nov 19. Best wishes.

Pakistani alcohol brands are quite few when it comes to beer wine and whiskey in Pakistan and they are very cheap too.



Pakistani Girls on Web Cam Show Live Streaming

These days Pakistani girls cam show are very popular as the girls are live streaming from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and other cities of country. This trend is getting very popular. Most of these girls start from tiktok, twitter and whatsapp and then they move on to other platforms to express themselves.

List of Pakistani girls cam show is growing rapidly. There is lots of money in it and they are safe as they don’t have to leave the comfort and safety of their homes. They just have to perform and thats about it. Some of them show their face but most of them don’t but who is interested in their faces anyway. These are common university or college girls who are just doing this as side hustle and earning even more than their main bread winner of the house as the payout is in dollars. That industry is showing and growing as they are getting more attention than the usual TV and movie stars out there.

Now, why is web cam shows and live streaming so popular among Pakistani girls and boys? What’s the real attraction here and why would they take such a risk? What’s so special? Usually, movies, TV shows, and other forms of entertainment follow a script, which limits what the audience can see and how they can interact with the actors. People can actually live the experiences with creators. This is similar to watching a live match of any sport. you can always watch the highlights, but when witnessed in real-time, they give an immeasurable amazing experience.

Creators also get a chance to interact with their audience. Get feedback & iterate on their content! We all have seen Tanmay, Samay, and Ninja live to stream. We all know it’s more real & interesting than a pre-recorded video. Livestreaming has become an important part of our social interaction but did you ever wonder how big is this industry? Let’s understand more about its Growth, Capital, and Popularity under the thread. Live streaming is becoming one of the most essential services in the entertainment market today. Almost all social platforms have live streaming as an option. Many creators are full-time streamers on various platforms while they live-stream different activities like gaming.

This industry is growing exponentially & is only going to get bigger. In 2019, the global livestreaming market was valued at around 12.65 billion USD & was projected to reach around 30.79 billion USD by 2025, at a CAGR of about 17.5% during the forecast period from 2020 to 2025. This is evident by the amount of investment that is going into the live-streaming industry. Just in the past year, we have seen a lot of companies raise a lot of money to invest in the live-streaming industry. Some of these companies include

Caffeine – $100 Mil
Loco – $42 Mil

Pakistani girls are not only hot but they are truly enterprising and live spirit. Now this is just food for thought for you. Natural killer cells are used to fight against disease causing cells like cancer cells. If you just sleep for 4 hours then they drop by 70% & if you increase sleeping then they become normal in production.


fullymaza fullmaza khatri maza full

Censored movie mein bhi full maza. fullymaza is the way to go these days seriously. Full videos ki layi paid group join kari. Apne aik customer ko video call pe batain kar k maza dete huye. Next part k liye karain full show dikhaoongi. After noon enjoy full maza. Proof Jis ko video call pe maza lena hai kar k inbox aaye payment jazz cash Easypaisa full nangi maza doongi. Mohjy Ase romance karna ha koi ha jo karny wala Mohjy full maza cahye. There are days when I struggle with wanting to be a full-time, stay-at-home mom, and feeling guilty about that because I work.

I would rather love to succeed zainab abbas phirna turna alehda players k interview krna game ko analyse krna full mouj maza i like to give advice without taking its responsibility u know. That is why you need to be more specific and realistic and don’t say useless and baseless thing. I feel so used and I feel like doing nothing and this is where you come in and you need to make sure that you are doing what you supposed to do. Fullymaza is one way to go there, and probably that is the best way to go.

Sahe maza ab KK mein aye ga, Babar is the undisputed champion of Pakistan cricket & given how certain snakes have reacted to his national selections the next season would be full on spice! KK would never let Babar go & Babar should completely put his foot down on retentions. Jin girls aunti ya housewife ko full Maza Lena ho wo dm karo. just came back after watching maula jatt and still in the hangover of it. been more than two weeks since the release and we still had a house full. maza aa gaya. full nangi ho na kabi doggy style me maza a jay. Jisko bv ya maa behen boht rough chudwani dm ao real pic leke dekhao aur chudwao full maza dunga.

I hope you know how much I love and appreciate you💗Our relationship is full of sugar & spice. You know how much I loveee to tease you, irritate you aur tu irritate hoti bhi hai toh aur maza aata hai. I loveee the way you’re soo possessive about me it’s cuteee. Available for Pakistani cam show. Payment jazz cash Easypaisa 500 main 15 min full nangi ho k maza doongi faltu msg nhi jis ko service chahiye inbox aayen proof pin tweet main check kar lain. On one end Anu looking around to see if anyone is listening before flirting with her hubby in Mumbaiyya style and on the other end Ankush taking full ‘maza’ of the hubby-wife convo unbeknown to her.

samjho na guys me ab team/player ki shitty performance pe jhantu *player/team* wala space banao ga aur full cool lago ga sab join karna bara maza ai ga trust me. full maza araha ha aj. itna haseen mausam ha. chokay pe chokay arahe hain. koi bp issues nae hain. snacks bhe loaded hain. match bhe mast chalra ha. life utni set ha jitni ho sakti thi. Main real kisi se bhi nahi milti so please inbox main aa k real milne kaa naa kaha karain aisa karne se ap apna aur mera time hi zaya karenge lekin main miloongi nahi baqi video call pe maza lena hai to aa jayen full maza doongi.






Sitara Malik Video in Theater Leaked Takes Off

Sitara Malik dance leaked videos are everywhere. She has done it again. Sitara Malik is one of the icons in theater. You cannot keep Sitara down as she will always shine and she knows how to grab the attention of audience in Lahore and even in Dubai shows.

Sitara malik bobs show in theater full video ki layi Group join kari. Pakistan’s Prime Minister has given the country’s second highest award for bravery, the Sitara-e-Shujaat, to Malik Adnan – he had tried to stop Sri Lankan national Priyantha Kumara from being lynched and murdered by factory workers in Sialkot on Dec 3. please read this article in prominent paper tomorrow to know the real facts in South Asia. Thank you Quaid-e-Azam for giving us Pakistan nahi tou hum bhi mazay ko majay bol rahe hote.

Those who are accusing Khan of selling Tosha Khana gifts-a legal act after payment of a certain amount-are accused of ILLEGALLY taking things from Tosha Khana. Look at yourselves in mirror before you call anyone chor or corrupt. Your misdeeds are on record. Sorry censorship board for being exasperated earlier, never knew we have this kinda dance, tongue licks & french kisses. Shadiyo ka season or Cousins ke Mazay. Hayee hasratein. told one of my junior that “12th ke baad life mein mazay hi mazay hain” just like once when one of my senior told me the same thing, never gonna let this die.

FBR has suspended SRO 1005 of 2021 regarding POS Prize Scheme till 31st January, 2023 to make it more inclusive and participatory for the public. All invoices verified during intervening period will be included in the next prize draw. A new scheme would be launched very soon. Ye batao when u r gonna join ONLYFANS babe? Ya zabardasti layea jai .

U like Women right ? Sare Tall mardon ke mazay lelo gi aur sare Ameer lodon ko khaa jao gi toh IK hi nazar aaiy ga. LGBTQI jo lana chahte hoo.



Jinsi Novel in Urdu PDF Download Free

Mazay Karo, jinsi novel in Urdu pdf download free and enjoy the kitab as much as you want with photos of hot sizzling stories. What more could you ask for in these cold long winter nights. Just snuggle up and enjoy this hot book in your bed but hey don’t get too naughty.

سوشل میڈیا نے روایتی میڈیا کی اجارہ داری ختم کردی اور بلیک میلنگ کی استعداد کم کردی۔ اسیلیے بعض حلقے سوشل میڈیا کے سخت مخالف ہیں۔ یہ ایک جمہوری پلیٹ فارم ہے جو ابلاغ کی دنیا میں گیم چینجر ثابت ہوا۔

جب سوشل میڈیا نہیں تھا تب لوگ ان چیزوں سے بے خبر رہتے تھے جو ان کی ٹانگیں توڑنے کے لئے استعمال ہوتے تھے، ایک دوسرے کو چور قرار دے کر کئی دہائیوں تک عوام کو لوٹا گیا، پھر خدا کا کرنا ایسا ہوا کہ سوشل میڈیا آگیا اور ان کا کاروبار ٹھپ ہوگیا،

یہ ہیں وہ چند غلیظ شکلیں جس نے لوگوں کو ميڈیا سے اتنا متنفر کر دیا ہے کہ عوام کی اکثریث ان بدبودار اور گھٹیا لوگوں پر تھوکنا بہي پسند نہیں کرتی

حقیقی آزدی ، سائفر ، سازش سب جھوٹ تھا ۔ فتنہ خان کی ہر چیز ایک جھوٹ اور فراڈ ہے، آللہ نے اس فتنہ کو بے نقاب کر دیا ہے

جہاں تک میرا تعلق ہے (امریکی سازش کا بیانیہ) میرے لیے ختم ہو چکا، میں نے اسے ترک کر دیا؛ اس (امریکی سازش) کے لیے امریکہ کو موردِ الزام نہیں ٹھہرایا جا سکتا

ہمیں دو تین پہلے ہی میجر صاحب کے وی لاگ سے پتہ چل گیا تھا کہ اب کُتی بھونکے گی کیونکہ اسے دوسرے کُتوں سمیت بھونکنے کا حُکم اس کے یاروں سمیت ٹھوکو زُبیر نے بھی حکم دیدیا ہے

پاکستانی سیاستدان بکے تو ہی امریکی سازش کامیاب ہوئی تو حقیقت یہی ہے کہ ان سیاستدانوں کو پھانسی دینی چاہیے جو امریکی غلامی میں رہنا چاہتے ہیں

بالکل سائفر تھیوری سے اب خان صاحب دستبردار ہو چکے ہیں۔ ایک سیاستدان کو اچھا انسان ہونا چاہئیے اسے جھوٹا نہیں ہونا چاہئیے عمران خان جھوٹ بول بول کر عوام کی نظروں میں ناپسندیدہ ہو چکے ہیں۔

مجھے نکالنے کیلئے امریکہ اپنے مطلوبہ نتائج حاصل نہیں کر سکتا تھا اگر یہاں کے لوگ سازش میں شریک نہ ہوتے، جہاں تک میرا تعلق ہے یہ بات اب پیچھے رہ گئی میں امریکہ کے ساتھ باوقار تعلق رکھنا چاہوں گا-

کاش کسی پڑھے لکھے شخص سے ترجمہ کرا لیتے ۔۔۔۔
“It’s behind me “
یہ اب ماضی کا قصہ ہے
میں اسے پیچھے چھوڑ چکا ہوں.
بھلا کر آگے بڑھنا چاہتا ہوں
اس کے لیے”امریکہ سے زیادہ” اندرونی حلقوں کو زمہ دار سمجھتا ہوں
نہ کہ
” میں نے اسے ترک کردیا ہے”
“ایسا کچھ کھبی ہوا ہی نہیں تھا”

اس تھریڈ میں آپ دیکھیں گے کہ کیسے ہمارا پالتو غلیظ بوٹ پالش جاہل ترین میڈیا جھوٹ پھیلاتا ہے اور اس حد تک جھوٹ پھیلاتا ہے کہ باہر کے ملک کے صحافیوں کو جن کے کالم اور پروگرام پر پروہیگنڈہ اور غلاظت پھیلائی جاتی ہے ان کو خود آکر ہمارے جاہل میڈیا کو بتانا پڑتا ھے

آج نیوز پر اسکے اردو ترجمہ شئیر کرو تاکے ان نالائق ایف اے پاس جرنیلوں کو سمجھ اسکے جنہوں نے اس اناڑی کو پاکستان پر مسلط کیا تھا.

مئٹرل فیل صحافی اگر انگلش سمجھ آتی تو کل سے اس بارے میں ٹویٹ نا کرتے لیکن کیا کرے بدقسمتی ہے اس ملک کی جہاں تیرے جیسے بے ضمیر لوگ ہو۔ گمراہ کرنے کی ناکام کو شش نا کرے کیونکہ ہر کوئی پٹواری نہیں ہوتا۔

ایک سادہ سا سوال ہے کہ جو تماشہ لگایا گیا ادروں کو متنازعہ بنایا گیا پارلیمنٹ، الیکشن کمیشن اور فوج کو گالیاں دی گی بد زبانی گھٹیا ٹرینڈ چلائے گے قوم کو تقسیم کیا گیا کیا ریاست خاموش بیٹھے گی ملکی نقصان جو ہوا اخلاقیات کا جنازہ نکلا اس کو سزا ملے گی کوئی دوبارہ فساد برپا نہ کرے


Urfi Javed Biography Parents Religion Full Story

Is Urfi Javed Muslim? What’s her relgion? Who is Urfi Javed father or mother? Urfi Javed biography is very interesting and spicy. You will be surprised to learn who she really is and from where she has hailed. What’s the real story of Urfi Javed?  Who is Urfi Javed sister? Where does Urfi Javed live? Is she Indian or Pakistani? These are all the questions people are asking on social media as Urfi Javed videos are leaked and getting viral.

The dumb hoe urfi Javed. No Urfi Javed Trolls from my side abhi se. I wasn’t a Salman Khan Fan growing up but then I watched ‘Hum Dil De chuke Sanam’ a Few Years Back and Now I’m a Crazy Crazy Salman Fan” -> Urfi Javed. This insta story of #UrfiJaved sharing. nikhat_zareen’s dream that she recently lived clearly shows #SalmanKhan’s craze amongst young girls.. King of Hearts. Urfi Javed new post is something else. What’s your comment? let me know. Doing the unthinkable again! UJ makes jaws drop as she steps out sporting a body shit with a cutwork skirt. UJ shares a out of the box concept pic that may surprise her fans.

Urfi Javed snapped in the city. Urfi Javed came on the road without wearing a top, seeing people lost their senses. This happened again, our law system is so partial to rapists! Everyday we see rapists getting bail, or getting acquitted or not being arrested at all. What did the famous Pakistani actress write in praise of Urfi Javed? would you like to read too. Splitsvilla 14 contestants shocked to see Urfi Javed, Sunny Leone welcome. Urfi makes an appearance in white at a popular restaurant in Mumbai. It’s AWKWARD! Kriti Sanon, Urfi Javed and more celebs get caught in embarassing moments. Urfi Javed raises the temperature, only wears bandages.

Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor, recently grabbed a lot of attention by wearing a bold royal blue Versace dress, gets trolled and compared with Urfi Javed. Urfi Javed, Indian Actress couldn’t stop herself Adoring Hania Aamir, “Thank you Lovey” Hania responds. Urfi Javed strongly reacts after an FIR is filed against her; ‘This is not Taliban or Afghanistan to control what women wear’. Urfi Javed got angry after receiving threats from Hindustani Bhau, said- ‘I am worried about my security’. Urfi Javed went for a walk wearing a crop top made of transparent plastic foil, but high heels cheated, stumbled and then. Urfi Javed sister Dolly went braless, wore front open top, such actions in front of the camera.

Urfi Javed reacts after an FIR is filed against her; ‘This is not Taliban to control women…’ Urfi Javed got furious with the threat received from Hindustani Bhau, said – I will send you straight to jail – The Facts. Urfi Javed LASHES out at Hindustani Bhau for threatening comments on her clothes; makes shocking claims against Bigg Boss 13 contestant.




Pata Hi Nahi Chala Viral Video Full Uncut

You can watch full uncut Pata Hi Nahi Chala Viral Video here without any obstacle. The girl is really funny and hot. She is not only entertaining the viewers but also making everyone in the room happy and could pass for an actress from Bollywood.

So who is the girl in You can watch full uncut Pata Hi Nahi Chala Viral Video? That question is still unanswered but whoever she is, she has really made the day and got lots of talents. This girl could be the next superstar of the social media and  why not. This part of the world has so much talent and can do anything if they really set their heart into it. That is why I have always believed that this girl will also go places and will be sure surface in other videos too. Just wait for her interview on the social media.

Was driving…Pata nahi chala earthquake ka and na hi chalana hai. Ab nahi chaiye ye sab. Kabhi kabhi aise lagta ki ye vaqt kyu nahi gujar raha aise sochte sochte ek saal kaise chala gaya pata hi nahi chala. pata hi nahi chala ki kya hua, kyun hua aur kaise hua. 15 din ka Diwali vacation kaise khatam hua, pata hi nahi chala. SM pe it’s difficult to comprehend if some1 likes you (romantically) or no coz words cud be deceptive. But ppl in real life who claim arey mujhe to pata hi nahi chala k mai usse pasand hu r downright blind or lying.

Mujhe kuch nahi kahna bs us din ka intezaar hai jab babita ko bd cbd ka sach pata chalega and uske baad jaise hi wo filp karne ki koshish kare raj use 2 thappad jad ke ghar se bahar phenk de ya fir meetwa meety ko leke apni maa se rishta tod ke chala jaaye. sources se pata chala hai ki butler aur hales abhi tak out hi nahi hue hain. oti sardarni pagala gaii ekdm se pata hi nahi chala kyaa hua usko. I literally got lost in this song pata hi nahi chala when it started and ended it’s so beautiful. Literally times flies so fast, last year on 4 oct 2021 she signed the film and today on 11 nov 2022 the film is released omg pata hi nahi chala. Har saal papa 35/40 din k liye aata hain phir chala jaata hain. Jab bhi papa aane ki baat sunn ti hoon bohotttt khush hoti hoon phir jaane k time main bohotttt sad feel hota hain.

Saara pain bhul gayi me, kab 2 km ka raasta pura hogaya pata hi nahi chala, kyunki Mouni dil dimaag har jagah thi toh unko yaad karte karte safar aasaan hogaya. I remember the theatre was 2km far and to save money I choose to walk.Not a normal day but continuosly weather changing and is very difficult to even walk but one thing which boosting up my spirit is “Mouni ko dekhna hai”,kab pahunch gayi pata hi nahi chala. Aap hi mera jiwan aur pariwar de sakte hai mei Noida me job Karta hu 12500selari par lekin Ghar parivaar nahi chala pata hu kyo ki 5000to interest deta hu Karz se Jayda to interest bhar Diya hu Mur nahi de pata hu rakchha karo meri nahi to mot meri pakki.

Kal raat delhi me 5.8 magnitude ka bhukamp aya tha. Mai pata hai mai physical hi par rahi thi waha chapter tha how the earthquake starts mai earthquake bola hi tha ki mai hilne lagi mujhe laga papa or dadu uthaye mujhe sulane deka piche koi bhi nahi pata chala bhukamp hai. ab videos dekh rha hu earthquake ki tab pata chal rha hai kya kumbhkaran hu mai jo mujhe kuch pata hi nahi chala kal jab earthquake aya. tumhari rozi roti hi IK sa lagi hoi log tumha jawab hi isi lia dayta ha in kio us main IK ha warna tumhair kio okat nahi. She cannot move forward, aur jaise hi usko pata chala shiv uska saath nahi dega she is now again with shalin, now her game will be Sumbul again this week.

Main kuch yu is tarah se tere khyalo me khoya Pata nahi chala kab raat hui kab hua savera. Tere khyalo me dub kar kuch aisa sukun paya. Har baar bas tu hi tu pasand aaya. Yahan zindagiyon ka pata nahi chalta kon kab chala jaye hamesha ky liye..phir bhi ham dilon me nafratain le kar bethy rehty hain. Un galatiyon ka kia karain gy jab apny hi nahi hongy. Suttebaazi karte karte kab sattebaazi karne laga pata hi nahi chala bro. Hamesha surprise hi milta hai pehle se pata nahi chala aaj tak kisi ko ki kab mandi aayegi.


Nikal Gaya Kya Viral Video Full Uncut

Watch full Nikal Gaya Kya Viral Video here free and without any issues. Download for whatsapp and Twitter. The hot girl is really welcoming and is quite broad minded and she is totally the girl of this time and age.

Nikal Gaya Kya Viral Video Full Uncut is quite famous and I think its better than bawa g sialkot and other videos. So who is this girl? Some people are saying that the girl is Pakistani and the others are saying that the girl is Indian, but I think that it doesn’t matter because the video was leaked on twitter and other social media accounts and what’s matter is the entertainment factor of this video and the way the girl is handling herself. Very confident and full of life, and that’s the way it should be.

Nikal Gaya Kya Viral Video is also giving some grief to some people. I can’t write, I can’t disclose. I’m just crying tonight. These people still haven’t come to their senses. Thay have nothing in their hands , don’t cry ,game is being decided by fate and the luck. Like everybody else, I am also curious to know what’s happening with you? That’s the question we should be asking really here. If you are crying the definitely something good is going to happen as this could just be a riddle.

And I must inform regretfully there is a severe lack of responsibility & realization, we don’t have someone to rely on, to cry with whom’s shoulder, no one is to reply or respond in a well mannered way with realistic approach, with a clear brighter broader vision. Nikal gaya kya viral video is just a hint of our society and shows that we are not really for the big time. We still need to learn a lot in this digital age.

The nation should be thankful to Maria B, Raja Zia ul haq and senator Mushtaq Ahmed who raised their voices about LGBT and transgender issue and create awareness among masses, trying to protect our generations despite facing alot of criticism from so called woke liberals. Thank you for your efforts for speaking against this FITNAH to protect our beautiful family system. Gender reassignment surgery is forbidden in Islam, you cannot change the gender chosen by your creator. Despite undergoing surgeries u still lack female reproductive system, I strongly condemn this transgender community, there are only two genders that’s it.

If you’re still single,it’s probably because you’re so fkn hot that people don’t ask you out in fear of rejection. I genuinely don’t understand how is it ok for all these uncles to approve movies w item numbers, drinking and all the other haram shit but not ok to show khwajasirra as humans with feelings. Jisko nahe dekhni movie na dekhe, ghar bethe. So honestly for commissions I’m gonna just open two spots for now and one is already taken. Dm me if you’re interested and what you’d like. I’ll check DM’s later today.



Dark Web GB Whatsapp Data Leak Free

Pakistani dark web is an interesting place and getting lots of traction on social media platform especially on Whatsapp. GB data leak is a hot issue in Pakistan these days as more and more people are searching for this data for their lovers, friends, relatives and competitors. Dark Web GB Whatsapp Data 100% authentic data is here.


These are the perils of having an online presence these days and not really worrying about its security. Incidents like these are a reminder to all of us that cybersecurity is paramount and we shouldn’t be taking it literally and for granted. This is high time that we cater to these requirements and make sure that we don’t divulge too much on social media. How do you get to the dark web? Do you just Google it? Is there a password like… welcome to the dark web please enter your username and password? How does it work someone please explain. Dark web is not the part of world wide web. It’s a different entity like deep web.

Kelvinsecurity group has added Norgine Italia S.r.l., a Pharmaceutical company in Milan, Italy to the hackers’ forum for sale. They claim to have 3.15 GB of data which contains 7,386 files of documents. dark web gb data leaked.  Yes its true that dark web gb whatsapp data and videos are leaked and us cert gb videos are also leaked and available here. I dont actually care I was just high and curious I will never use this info thanks.

Han toh GB Whatsapp walo phly sy aram hai. Kiyo ky dark web pr parha tumhara data سرعام hai. ALPHV ransomware group added Bosselman Energy Inc, to their victim list. They claim to have access to more than 900 GB of sensitive data which includes employee personal data, financial info, drawings, etc. kebaya merah video is one example of gb leaked data from the whatsapp and the funky town leaked video. And that browser just knows you want the dark web? Is there a dark google? does regular google work on the dark web? how do you find things there? I have so many questions.

GB Whatsapp data for sale on dark web. Well its not really confined to dark web anymore but you can also find it on the bright web or the normal web or whatever you wanna call it right now. Gb ka data dark web pa chala gya shaid is dar sy. Red Flag 🚩🚩 for those who’re using GB Whatsapp. Priavate Data of GB WhatsApp has been uploaded on the Dark web for sale, Anybody can buy this data by BITCOIN. 80% Private leaked Data comprising of private pictures of Pakistani girls and Indian girls.

GB WhatsApp users’ data available on the dark web 86% female and 14% male data. How to Find Leaked Data on Dark Web? Its actually pretty easy. All you have to do is to search and then use the name of the person. But the question is that do you really want to do that? It’s actually quite funny and amusing that people are asking that is it true that our data is leaked and its available on the dark net? they think people in Pakistan are fool. Most of the bachelor degree holders are sitting free without a job with their BSCS degrees. And they think they can fool em. You meed to install a special browser for it Like Tor and it can be downloaded from google once you install it you get access to dark web . It may compromise your device . So its better to avoid.

So if you are asking yourself that gb whatsapp is selling data or dark web! Are these rumours true? Then yes sir or madam this news is true. Nothing is secure or safe these days. GB Whatsapp walon ka Data ab Dark web per milna shoro Hogya h Jis m 68% female 40% Mal ka Data h Ab Maza Aaiga Bola tha GB Whatsapp use na kro Ab kaha h wo legends. Some people are saying GB WhatsApp is insecure app. That’s why it’s not even available on Play Store. How true is that? And it has also been heard that this app steals your data and uploads it to the dark web Please answer as required.

So what exactly is a Pakistani dark web or Indian dark web for that matter? The thing is that i havent used twitter in so long i just considered it as the dark web but ig i’ll use it now. To anyone wanting to know about Dybbuk boxes: It’s not a toy, it’s not a toy. Do Not Open them. And for crying out loud do not get one from the Dark Web. You’re just asking for all kinds of trouble. More than you could possibly handle. Do yourselves a favor – just don’t. All you need to know is that place is a heaven for Criminals and that include ALL TYPE OF CRIMINALS. You need the web address. To my understanding, dark webs have some complicated uncommon addresses, otherwise they are regular websites.

Dark Web is a Hidden Internet World where websites are accessed using Dedicated Web Browsers like ‘Tor Browser’. Just like .com websites are commercial websites, Dark web websites end with .tor domain. Access is free but use is dangerous without proper knowledge. It’s just a browser like Google chrome anyone can go there this ‘dark web” name getting miss used in Pakistan special when you have to toe a line some time. The dark web is a hidden part of the world wide web that can only be accessed using a special browser known as Tor. Dark web pages don’t appear when you look for them in a search engine, so you need to know the exact address of the website you want to visit. 


Who is Jeassna Saad and Real Full Story with Video

People are literally saying stuff about Jeassna Saad because of her insta story what about humayun saeed steamy scenes in The Crown y’all only know how to bring womens down where are your morals when it comes to men. She seems to be too entitled and the truth of the matter is that Learn to take responsibility for their actions.

“You leave Islam slowly, Islam leaves you swiftly.” The negative evolution of Jeassna Saad. Some men here will say shit about Jeassna Saad because she posted a picture of her with a man but will not say a single word about how men harassed a woman who was unconscious after getting into a car accident. Btw no hate to humayun saeed or anything my point is that people react differently when it comes to women and men which is absolutely wrong. Well someone had to, considering the fact that there is big question mark on our society.

if Jeassna Saad is dating this guy taimoor then what was saryam doing in her bed? Jeassna Saad is seeking attention and you guys are giving her. did you all see Jeassna Saad’s story too? Jeassna Saad posts a picture with random dude. mfs who never had any chance. I don’t blame Jeassna Saad I would sit too. I love how, men aside, even women are posting Jeassna Saad’s hijab pictures and then comparing it to her recent story. Woman bringing woman down, DISGUSTING. What happened to your feminism? What happened to “its her life, her choice”? Yall don’t even stand by your own principles.

people be talking about Jeassna Saad and her story but i don’t even know who she is. If Jeassna Saad posted a “weird” story that doesn’t mean y all will take ss and post it here???? some of you all are really obsessed w other people’s life and i can totally see it. And girls posting Jeassna Saad’s fake Instagram story more than guys, shows how insecure women are of eachother and ready to pull eachother down. Yesterday I saw all sorts of women bashing them so idk about that. Your logic is, we shouldn’t condemn either of them if people aren’t equally as harsh on both . Rather condemning both for promoting behayai.

First of all i clearly said that my point is that how differently people react towards both genders. Second in islam you are also suppose to cover others wrong insted of showing it to everyone and plus they are going to be the one answering to Allah for their actions not us. And where are your morals when it comes to men.” You’re trying to justify a woman being beghairat and not getting condemned for it because some people don’t condemn men as harshly as they do women. And yes sister you are right about covering people’s sins, but for that they have to hide their sins.

The truth is that you cant hide the sins of those who sin publicly and try to normalize sins, thats not how it works. But yes if someone is trying to hide their sins, we should cover for them rather than expose them. Which happens alot in our country unfortunately. She did deleted her insta story for whatever reason or whatever she thought but unfortunately people took ss of that story and thought it would be funny to post it and make fun of her and yeh you are right that this happens a lot in our country unfortunately.




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